Britain votes to leave the EU , today is Independence Day !




Statement by our chairman Cliff Dixon

They said it couldn’t be done. We were told we were lunatics, fruitcakes and closet racists. We were abused, derided and accused of being short sighted. But today, England and our UK partners are free of the undemocratic, short sighted and damaging European Union. The vision of a small group of patriots who wanted the best for our country and who recruited people to the cause have fought the battle against the odds. Today is Independence Day – a victory for our country and those who battled the seemingly impossible. I have worked alongside some of the best people I have ever met, both in Hillingdon and in UKIP as a party. Some deserve special mention for going above and beyond – Martin Shelvey, our branch rock. Jim Cassidy, our street campaign dynamo. Jason Pontey, the founder of our branch. Jack Duffin, now a councillor in Thurrock, who learned quickly and then went on to lead the professional re-alignment of our team – the pupil who grew in to a leader. Then there were the inspirational people at the front of the national party – Gerard Batten, our London MEP, founder member of UKIP who put so much in to this campaign as he has done for us over the years and is always on call to help the branch. Steven Woolfe




statement of John Major unearthed

The hypocrisy of John Major laid bare

Huge thanks to Patrick Nicholls who managed to unearth this statement from former Primer Minister John Major, who has intervened on behalf of the Remain side several times throughout this campaign. Strange that, because here’s what he said in 1995:

“The often unspoken fear of many people – we should address it honestly and clearly and examine it–is that Europe might develop into a super-state, an overarching Government with no national veto, no control over our own borders, prescriptive decisions, a single currency imposed and the nation state retreating to a wholly subordinate role. That fear exists out there… and we should recognise the fact that it exists… I for one would find such a Europe wholly unacceptable for this country. I do not believe that it is remotely likely, but, if that were to be the future, it would not be a future that would be suitable for this country.”– [Official Report, 1 March 1995; Vol. 255, c. 1062.]