UKIP Press Release – Rumours surrounding Uxbridge & South Ruislip Constituency

Reports in today’s papers claim Boris Johnson is considering standing in Uxbridge and South Ruislip in May 2015, after John Randall announced he would be standing down at the next General Election. It would be an unusual decision for Boris to stand in the constituency as he is someone who has nothing in common with local people, no links to the area and has insulted many of the population in the past few years.

Boris Johnson at Talk London event

Boris is fully behind plans to close Heathrow putting hundreds of thousands of jobs directly and indirectly linked to Heathrow in danger (1)


It is based purely on his desire to have his ‘Boris Island’ vanity project driven through rather than delivering economic growth and listening to local concerns. We saw his plans fall apart under investigation this week, (2) costing four times his predicted outlay.


UKIP is the only major political party that supports a more efficient two runway Heathrow whilst rejecting either expansion or closure.


He is in favour of an amnesty for all illegal immigrants in the UK (3) despite local Conservative Council leader Ray Puddifoot already telling local residents that they are struggling to deliver the required amount of school places due to the current levels of immigration (4). With totally open borders to all citizens of the EU and a free pass for all illegal immigrants, the UK would completely lose control of its borders worldwide.

Only UKIP proposes and can deliver an Australian style points system for sensible levels of managed immigration.


Boris Johnson has labelled people who oppose HS2 as “Nimbys who only care about house prices”(5). Although John Randall voted for the HS2 paving bill, allowing public money to be allocated to its construction, Boris is a far bigger supporter of the project. Yet again only UKIP are supporting local residents across the country in opposing HS2 on a national level.


UKIP PPC for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, Jack Duffin (left) says, “Boris has shown time and time again by his words and actions that he has nothing but contempt for the residents of Uxbridge and South Ruislip. A vote for Boris is a vote for destroying Heathrow, creating a further rise in unemployment, continued uncontrolled immigration and the building of HS2. Likewise, Labour have also offered no solutions to any of these problems. I hope I get to face Boris in what will become a two horse race between an out of touch career politician and UKIP’s Common Sense Policies for both our area and our country.”



(1)    Source – Get West London, 21st March 2014

(2)    Report –, 8th July 2014

(3)    Report – Daily Express 2nd July 2013

(4)    Report – Uxbridge Gazette, 10th November 2010

(5)    Report – Daily Telegraph 28th April 2014



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Nigel Farage meets Jean-Paul Junker

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The “phoney war” of the Conservative party

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“Democracy” – European style

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“A B*****t position” says Will Hutton

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Heathrow – ‘Usual Suspects’ are speaking up for us

A report from Heathrow Villages UKIP representative, Christine Taylor….


It’s been another hectic week full of meetings and events but I just had to find time to respond a letter that appeared in the Uxbridge Gazette on 18th June.  My response was printed in last week’s edition. (Reproduced below)





The arguments for a third runway at Heathrow Airport are so weak that Rob Gray, former aviation lobbyist and now running Back Heathrow Ltd, has to resort to making feeble derogatory remarks about politicians and campaigners who do not support his company’s cause.

In his letter to last week’s Gazette, he referred to them as ‘the usual suspects’ (Heathrow group run by usual suspects, Letters June 18)


It is true that many of the people who oppose a third runway have consistently done so for years, if not decades.

This is not because they ‘mindlessly oppose growth and future success at Heathrow’. It is because they keep informed and examine the facts rather than the nonsense of opinion polls, which are funded to ‘prove’ that people living near the airport put little value on their health, home and quality of life.


Back Heathrow Ltd wants us to believe that making thousands of people homeless, destroying historical villages and replacing green spaces with concrete is a better option than the alternative; keeping Heathrow within its current boundaries. Economic arguments don’t stand up either.


Mr Gray tried to belittle elected Members of Parliament, who represent tens of thousands of people, by calling them ‘a small cabal’.

Yet Back Heathrow is so tiny it only has one board member – Mr Gray. He did have a fellow board member, Nathan Fletcher, head of communications planning at the airport, but Mr Fletcher left in April shortly after taking up another post – Head of news at Heathrow.


Our MPs are elected to speak up for us. Back Heathrow exists solely for the benefit of the foreign investors who own the airport. Remember that.


Heathrow 747


I’ve expanded on that letter here:
Rob Gray, former aviation lobbyist and now running Back Heathrow Limited, sneered at politicians and campaigners attending a cross-party meeting, calling them “the usual suspects”.  Frankly, it’s hardly surprising that they have consistently opposed Heathrow expansion because the airport trots out the same old arguments.  If those arguments were unconvincing in 2010 when the runway idea was scrapped, why should politicians be considering Heathrow expansion again four years later?  Residents of Heathrow Villages and people under the flightpaths have had enough of it.  They expect their elected politicians to speak up for them and call a halt to a third runway – For good.
Mr Gray would have you believe that anyone who opposes a third runway, and ultimately a fourth too, is incapable of examining the facts for themselves.  What they need is Mr Gray to tell them that they need a bigger Heathrow.  To “prove” that people living near the airport put little value on their health, home and quality of life, he uses the tactic of funding an opinion poll for use in his publicity material.   The aim is ask the right questions so that it looks like turkeys are voting for Christmas.


Back Heathrow offers one choice – Limitless Heathrow growth with total disregard for anyone affected by that.  It expects to gather support from workers but make no mistake, Back Heathrow exists solely for the benefit of the foreign investors who own the airport.


Heathrow is no longer British.  China, Qatar, Spain, Singapore and Canada will thank you for destroying thousands of homes, historic villages and green spaces to provide them with a tidy profit.  British taxpayers will have to find the money to replace the public buildings, schools and facilities that Heathrow will destroy.  The airport will also expect the government to build and repair roads that will take a battering from all the extra traffic. British taxpayers will also foot the bill for the health and environmental fallout.   When people who were duped into supporting expansion finally wise up they won’t blame themselves, they will blame politicians for not putting our country above foreign interests.


Rob Gray belittles politicians who are elected to represent the public.  So who is Rob Gray?  He is the director of Back Heathrow Limited.  He is the ONLY board member of the company.  Mr Gray did have a fellow board member, Nathan Fletcher, Head of Communications Planning at Heathrow, but he left in April shortly after taking up another job – Head of News at the airport.  Only a fool would think this was a grass roots campaign.


christinetreeIf you want a better future than the one put forward by Rob Gray and his foreign backers, you need politicians who will speak up for you.  Unlike the Conservatives and Labour Party, UKIP is standing up for local residents by opposing a third runway and stating that loud and clear before the next General Election.  






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Decisions made behind closed doors

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Steve Darke – Farewell to a friend

I received the sad news today that branch member, friend and Ickenham candidate in the recent local elections, Steve Darke, had passed away on Tuesday.

steve darke torch

Steve was a two time cancer survivor with a boundless enthusiasm for our area and a passion for helping others – Ignoring his own problems, he helped others facing up to the fight with cancer via his internet page and was always a cheerful and positive influence within the branch.

One of Steve’s proudest moments that always brought a smile to his face when recounting it was his involvement in the Olympic torch relay after beating the evil disease for the second time (Picture above) – Unfortunately, it came back again and this time he did not have the strength left to see it off.

Our thoughts are with his family for the loss of a true gentleman and a very brave man









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” What a shocking display of waste and vanity. “



UKIP MEPs Bill Etheridge and James Carver have today blasted EU bureaucrats after the Parliamentary session was concluded in the time it takes to boil an egg.

In only their third day, the newly-elected MEPs launched a stinging attack.

Bill Etheridge said: “I was shocked and disgusted to hear the President of the European Parliament conclude the day’s session of the European Parliament after no more than three minutes. What a shocking display of waste and vanity.

“I regard this as daylight robbery. It is essentially theft from the taxpayer and I for one will continue to expose the EU´s complete contempt for its citizens.

“This flippant misuse of taxpayers money is the EU all over – stuck in its own lavish bubble detached from reality. It is time to get out of this expensive club and run our own affairs from Westminster.”

James Carver added: “Today’s Parliamentary business was an expensive insult to the electorate. Surely it could have been added to yesterday’s session.

“If this is an example of the EU institutions spend-thrift attitude at a time of economic austerity and despair, is it any wonder that increasing numbers of voters across, not just the UK, but the whole continent are turning their backs on this utopian idea.”



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No No you simply don’t understand, this is democracy EU style !

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