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We apologise for the delay, it was beyond our control, but to try and make up for it here is the UKIP election broadcast :-

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David Moyes to join UKIP ???

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We stand up for the normal British citizen

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“He will crumble under the slightest bit of scrutiny” !!!

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When I check on my eldest daughter after putting her to bed, I often find her under the duvet, damp with sweat. She is hiding from the monster beneath the bed, she tells me, closing her eyes tightly and hoping that it will go away. She reminds me of David Cameron.

He has his own monster to hide from. It’s big, purple, and it’s coming for his job.

Cameron’s problem is that he has nowhere left to hide. He can’t move any further left and he doesn’t want to go any further right. The ‘heir to Blair’ is stuck, and so he pretends that the problem doesn’t exist.

Most of the time he refers to UKIP as ‘that party’, just as Bill Clinton referred to Monica Lewinsky as ‘that woman’. The man is in denial.

The establishment that Farage rails against brought this on themselves. They have underestimated him for too long. In the early days of this parliament I asked a Lib Dem cabinet minister what he thought about the UKIP leader. “He’s very charming. But just wait until we get him into a television debate. He will crumble under the slightest bit of scrutiny.”

That went well, then. …(The article continues,but for more please go to “BreitBart London ” in our blogroll)

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36,015 !


UKIP membership hits a new record high as the party goes from strength to strength in advance of next month’s European and local elections

UKIP is today delighted to announce that the party’s membership has topped 36,000 – with a new surge of applications having followed Nigel Farage’s televised debates against Nick Clegg.

The confirmed membership now stands at 36,015, with staff at the party’s headquarters in Newton Abbot, Devon, still working around the clock to get through a glut of applications.

UKIP Director of Communications Patrick O’Flynn said: “This is more superb news for UKIP. On present trends we will overtake the Lib Dems in terms of membership figures before the general election – just as we have already overtaken them in terms of opinion poll support.

“Nigel Farage’s performance and the arguments he advanced in those televised debates have certainly been key factors behind yet another UKIP membership surge.

EU Reporter’s James Drew talks with UKIP leader Nigel Farage about the upcoming European and UK elections.

Read More http://aandelen-beleggen.com/nigel-farage-looks-to-the-future/comment-page-1/

“When Nigel asked people to come and join the people’s army at the end of the second debate there were viewers from all over the country who decided to do just that.”

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Vast resources under our feet.


A message to the miners

Wytch Farm Oil Well

I was talking to a UKIP activist in Derbyshire recently, and he asked (rather wistfully) if we could make a UKIP commitment to seeking to re-open the remaining deep coal mines in the Midlands which are currently scheduled for closure.  It would win a lot of votes (he said) in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

Believe me, I should like nothing better than to re-open the mines, and to restore a once-great British industry.  But the offer wouldn’t be credible.  The hard economic fact is that British deep mines are uncompetitive.  We could buy American coal at a fraction of the price — and all the more so since demand for US coal has nose-dived in the face of the shale gas revolution.

All is not entirely lost.  There are techniques of Underground Coal Gasification which recover gas and energy from mines where the coal seams are too shallow or otherwise difficult to access, without actually going down and carrying the coal back to the surface.  Moreover there are huge areas extending under the North Sea where this should be viable.  It could become a major industry in future decades, and as such it would reduce our dependence on imported fossil fuels, reduce our balance of payments deficit, and provide jobs for British workers and revenues for the British Treasury.

Companies like Cluff Natural Resources are working on projects in this area, and deserve three cheers from all of us.

But coming back to the East Midlands: suppose we could go to the former miners and mining communities of the region and offer them a new energy extraction industry, which would deliver economic benefits — and jobs — comparable to the coal industry, but would be cleaner, safer (and in all probability deliver cheaper energy) than coal?  An industry that would not require men to work for forty years in darkness and coal dust.  That would not carry the risk of pneumoconiosis and other lung diseases.  And yet an industry that could transform British economic prospects, perhaps on a scale that coal did in the 19thCentury?

And by the way, (if you care about CO2 emissions) it’s an industry that could dramatically reduce emissions by replacing coal for electricity generation.

Of course there is such an industry.  It’s called shale gas, and we’re sitting on reserves that may amount to 264 trillion cubic feet.  That’s a central estimate for the Bowland shale    Conservatively, that could supply the UK’s gas needs for 25 years.  Many in the industry believe we should be looking at much larger figures.

We will, of course, get the chorus of disapproval from Big Green — environmental NGOs often subsidised by us as tax-payers through the European Commission.  But I’ve actuallybeen to the US, where they’ve been fracking for fifty years, and frankly the black propaganda is absurdly exaggerated.  There have been a few minor problems, as there are with any industry (hundreds of thousands have died in coal and hydro — but very few in the nuclear industry, or in shale gas operations).  The operators are learning all the time, and safety standards are constantly improving.  Any shale gas drilling in the UK will be very tightly controlled and monitored — as well as scrutinised by hippies in GreenPeace T-shirts.

But the clincher is surely this.  At Wytch Farm in Dorset in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and close by Poole Harbour, they’ve been fracking for years.  And local people seem not to have noticed.  200 wells over forty years, and no adverse consequences.  And closer to home (for me at least) they’ve been fracking for fifty years at Beckingham Marshes in Nottinghamshire.  Again, until the latest furore, local people were not concerned, and indeed few knew about it.

We have to have energy to run our economy.  We have to get a grip on security of supply, and on the balance-of-payments damage from relying too much on imports.  It would be nice to be able to offer former miners a new, 21st century energy opportunity.  And it would be wholly irresponsible to ignore the vast resources under our feet.

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“UKIP is of little to no importance” says Louise Mensch

ukip daily

Ex MP in anti-UKIP rant

Louise dismisses party as ‘having no support’

Former MP Louise Mensch went on an anti-UKIP frenzy on Thursday when she participated in a Google Hangout with Tim Stanly and Benedict Brogan of the Telegraph.  As so typical of the political establishment, Mensch went on a rampage about how in her eyes UKIP is of little to no importance, since she sees UKIP as a single-issue party which has no policies worth mentioning, and that we shall not have any support worth speaking of come the 2015 General Election.  This should be of no surprise to anyone, given the fact that Mensch represents the mantra of Tory elitism that plagues the Conservative Party, and has significantly contributed to a mass exodus from what was once a party that was immensely popular throughout Britain.
According to Mensch, UKIP “will strengthen the moderate right” and contribute to the Conservatives when it comes to renegotiation, for the Tory leadership will supposedly rally behind Cameron in ensuring that powers are brought back to the United Kingdom. Interestingly enough, she made sure to leave out the fact that all twenty-eight member states of the European Union must concur to any renegotiations. As so typical of Mensch, she lacks any intelligence in regards to the EU, which she showed time and time again when she continued to rabble on about her fantasy by saying that UKIP voters will buy into this so-called renegotiation, which will in turn benefit the Tories in the 2015 General Election.
Such a ridiculous statement truly is astonishing, for one would expect that someone with such an educated background would have the common sense to realise that the vast majority of UKIP supporters have no intention of ever voting for the Tories. Then again, we have observed how the Oxbridge elite have utter contempt for anyone who votes for parties that are not a part of the political class.
After such nonsensical statements, one would hope Mensch would say something not degrading of those who vote for the party of common sense, though she made sure to continue in her ruthless attack by saying that UKIP voters only cast their vote for UKIP because it’s nothing more than a ‘none of the above’ party, which in her eyes has no significance outside EU elections, even though we know that’s an outright lie given that UKIP took an average of 23% of the vote in the UK County Council elections.
The former disgrace of an MP went further by saying that “UKIP is not a national party” and that UKIP doesn’t have a remote chance of winning a single MP in a General Election. Evidently she is lying or utterly incompetent, for Survation polls in individual constituencies show that UKIP has a realistic shot of winning at least a handful of seats in the 2015 General Election and that UKIP won in a dozen UK parliamentary constituencies in the 2013 county council elections.
Interestingly enough, Mensch did mention something most people don’t know, which is that Boris Johnson is a Europhile who voted for Ken Clarke in the 2005 Tory leadership election. For this reason, Mensch is of the opinion that Boris will never be the leader of the Conservative Party. On this I certainly concur with her and it most definitely is a blessing for UKIP, and not for the Tories.
Without Boris as the next leader, expect the Tories to anoint a nonentity who will preside over a Conservative party whose membership will fall below the one hundred thousand mark as it further becomes irrelevant in the eyes of the electorate. Without Boris in the way, with the Tories imploding and with the LibDems sinking faster than the Titanic, it is certain that UKIP is the only alternative to Labour in 2020. When that General Election comes around six years from now, anything could happen and UKIP may benefit more than anyone in the political establishment could possibly imagine … especially Louise Mensch.

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Oh, What a good idea Ryan !


  UKIP Hillingdon does not necessarily endorse or support the views from the sources  shown here,they are included as additional reference material only and are not an official representation of the views of our branch or our Party  they are displayed for our readers benefit . We thank the authors of these blogs most sincerely.  You will find them all on our blogroll, simply click on the headline or blogroll link to access them. (mjs)

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It is my experience that in private, you would scarcely find a woman within the Conservative Party who bangs the drum for female shortlists. Sorry, I mean you will scarcely find a conservative woman within the Conservative Party who bangs the drum for female shortlists.

But I suppose the female quota brigade has to have its cheerleaders, and you find them in the most vacuous MPs and public faces. “Wimmin need a leg up, because they can’t make it on their own!” is basically what they’re saying.

There is no greater pom-pom wielding, giggly, teenage politico (although I think he’s 30 now) than Ryan Shorthouse, former advisor to the disgraced Tory MP Maria Miller. Shorthouse leads a ‘think-tank’ called Bright Blue. I say ‘think-tank’ because I don’t believe anyone in there has read a book since leaving university, let alone had a unique thought. They’re in the Sunday Times (£) today calling for every Tory parliamentary shortlist to have “at least one woman and one man” on the roster.

It sickens me. Why? Because what about the quota for transgender people, Ryan? Fascist! Or Asian people, like me? Racist! Or black people? Double-racist! 

Where’s the quota for bald people. (The article continues….. please go to “BreitBart London ” in our blogroll for more.)


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” I can scarcely believe how stupid these people are “

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