EU pays jobless migrants to come to Britain


  • EU pays jobless migrants to come to Britain

    Posted on August 04

    su8OU9X-6wmmsFf4gnQvuB5OTcEae9qOt_NuH73_0dE.pngResearch by UKIP has discovered that a jobs scheme which is supposed to help young people from across the EU get work has helped only 25 British people secure work.

    The controversial EURES scheme, which the UK government has tried to secure opt outs on, offers grants and reimbursements for people between 18 and 35 to get jobs or trainee schemes in other countries.

    The findings have been described as “more proof that EU membership is not in Britain’s best interests” by the UKIP’s Employment Spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP.

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Varoufakis faces treason charges


Shock Horror

Yanis Varoufakis, Greece's finance minister, arrives on a motorbike for a government meeting at Maximos Mansion in Athens, Greece, on Sunday, June 28, 2015. Greek bank executives and European officials are warning of an imminent cash crunch or bank shutdown after talks on a new aid package collapsed. Photographer: Kostas Tsironis/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Yanis Varoufakis

Varoufakis faces treason charges

I have been familiar with the ways of the European Union for many years, and I thought myself impervious to surprise at the extraordinary way in which Brussels imposes its will, with plain defiance of democracy and utter contempt for the opinions (and frequently the well-being) of the people.  Does it not routinely ignore the results of referenda, and tell the poor benighted voters that they must go away and vote again, until they get the right answer?  Did it not gloss over the French and Dutch NO votes on the ill-fated European Constitution, and use the disreputable device of re-naming the Constitution a “Treaty”, so skirting the need for new referenda (except in Ireland)?  Has it not twice contrived the removal of democratically elected Prime Ministers (in Greece and Italy) and replaced them with compliant EU apparatchiks?

But even so I was shocked — genuinely shocked — to read that former Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis — he of the saturnine smile, the leather jackets and the Yamaha motorcycle — is facing the threat of prosecution for treason — yes, you read that right, treason — for daring to contemplate a Greek exit from the accursed €uro.

Now you may object that the proposed prosecution has been initiated by private citizens in Greece, and is reportedly being considered by Greek prosecutors.  But it stretches credulousness to breaking point to assume that there has been no input from Brussels.  The Eurocrats are so obsessively committed to their disastrous currency misadventure that they cannot bear to see any challenge — and the man who dares to challenge must be brought down, and humiliated.

You may also object that Varoufakis had, as reported, “secretly planned to create a parallel payment system”, which may sound ominous and ultra vires.  But while you may plan such a system in secret, you can hardly introduce it in secret.  And since such a plan was likely to lead to Grexit, the Greek Finance Minister would have rightly felt a duty to keep such a plan secret, until it had government approval and could be announced and implemented.

I would paraphrase “secretly planned to create etc etc” as “privately weighed up the implications of developing a New Drachma, which could have become the national Greek currency if Greece had been forced (temporarily or permanently) out of the €urozone”.  And I would argue equally that with Greece in the situation it was facing (and will doubtless face again), the Greek Finance Minister had not merely the right, but also the positive duty, in his country’s vital interests, to evaluate all options, including Grexit, and would have been derelict in his duty had he failed to do so.  Arguably treason against the state would have consisted not in evaluating a new currency, but in failing to do so.

I was pleased to see at least that Prime Minister Tsipras stated publicly that he knew of this plan.  So if Varoufakis is guilty, presumably so is the Prime Minister and by implication the government — and possibly the population that elected it.

Let us hope we hear no more of this nonsense.  Who will serve as a government minister in an EU member-state if they can face treason charges merely for doing their duty in a thorough and diligent way, for anticipating problems and designing solutions?  I would disagree with Varoufakis on a wide range of issues, but he was right in this.  And sooner or later Greece will indeed have to leave the €urozone, and create a new currency, and they sooner they do so, the sooner this Greek Tragedy will be on the way to a solution.



“Not the full story.”



John Stewart, the leader of HACAN, an anti-Heathrow expansion campaign group has slammed politicians for being “out of tune” with the public following a recent poll.

The independent survey by Ipsos Mori, published on July 24, revealed a majority of people in the UK want to see more airport capacity in the country, but support for athird runway was the lowest.

With 60% of people in agreement that Britain needs to either build a new airport or runway, a third of people are against any expansion at all.

Of those who favour expansion, 30% believe a new airport should be built, while 24% said Gatwick should be expanded by building a second runway, and 22% want a third runway at Heathrow.

However, when those who oppose all expansion are taken into account, support for a third runway at Heathrow falls to a mere 13%.

“Moreover, this independent poll shows Heathrow-commissioned polls do not tell the full story.”

Noise and environmental concerns topped the list of people’s biggest concerns when it comes to airport expansion making up 69% of the most important issues when considering further airport capacity.

In comparison, the impact of creating more jobs and economic growth struck a chord with only 15% of the people surveyed.

Gideon Skinner, head of political research at Ipsos MORI, which conducted the UK poll, added: “Most Britons want our airport capacity increased, but there is no clear consensus on the best solution – remembering that this poll covered the whole country, not just London and the South East.

“At the moment, the public’s view is dominated by concerns about environmental impact and noise rather than jobs or cost.”

David Cameron and “a couple of Crackers !”


David Cameron has come out with a couple of crackers in the last day or so.   First of all he has reportedly said, “I’m ready to fight IS in Libya and Syria”, and that “dirty money is not welcome in Britain”.

What is he on about?  He won’t be fighting anyone.  It will be our rapidly dwindling armed forces that will do the fighting.  Does he not know that our army has shrunk in recent years from over 100k personnel to just over 80k now?

The armed forces are being continually reduced while stretched to breaking point and yet deployed to fight ill-considered wars with no readily identifiable objective.  We have the fewest number of ships in the Royal Navy and the fewest number of airplanes in the Royal Airforce in our history.

Instead of fighting unwinnable wars in the Middle East Cameron should deploy troops in Dover to defend our own borders.  We are now under siege from illegal migrants.  He should offer to deploy troop in Calais alongside French troops to stem the tide there.  While at it he should offer to go half-way with the French to pay for electrified fencing around the port. 

He should make it plain that illegal migrants detained will not be given entry to the UK, and if they succeed in gaining entry they will be sent back to the country they just  left.  Only when these people know they will not get entry to the UK, and if they do they will get nothing from the British government,  will they stop coming.

Meanwhile he wants to stop “dirty money” coming to Britain.  Really?  Russians  have been turning up in London with suitcases full of cash for years. Even  ‘legitimate’ investors from countries like Russia and China are buying up housing in London in order to stash their cash because they don’t trust their own governments not to steal it from them.  Pandering to foreign criminals and businessmen of questionable ethics is now a major part of the UK economy.

Successive governments have been happy for London to become like Miami in the film Scarface – a gangsters’ and money launders’ paradise.  Today’s Daily Express reports that “over £180 million  worth of UK property  is believed to be under criminal investigation for having been bought with the proceeds of corruption”. Meanwhile dubious foreign billionaires use London as a bolt-hole and are feted as public benefactors and celebrities. 

The truest words spoken this week were by Lord Sewel who said that David Cameron is “The most superficial Prime Minister ever.  He just shoots from the hip.  He makes one-off commitments he cannot deliver”.   At least the cocaine did not affect his judgment.