The European Court of Human Rights – More Government bluster

The following article was recently sent to me by Professor Tim Congdon CBE, former economics spokesman of UKIP (Pictured below)


It is reproduced here with his kind permission


Prof Tim Congdon


1.   Theresa May and Chris Grayling, and the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights


Theresa May, the Home Secretary, and Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, have let it be known that they want the UK


i.              to repudiate or anyhow ‘to disapply’ (a new word intended to be more polite, I suppose) the European Convention on Human Rights and

ii.             to withdraw from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights.


The ECHR has used the Convention to justify such monstrosities as voting rights for prisoners and the prevention of extradition on the grounds that notorious criminals have ‘family rights’.


It seems that May and Grayling did not understand that the UK cannot disapply the Convention or withdraw from the ECHR’s jurisdiction, and still remain in the EU. I am not joking. If it staggers you that they did not understand the current legal and constitutional position, well, it staggers me too.


A few searches in Google would have established the matter, but the key change was in the 2009 Lisbon Treaty. Article 6(2) of that treaty says that the EU shall accede to the European Convention on Human Rights. The Convention – which falls under the jurisdiction of the ECHR – then applies to all EU member states. The fact that the ECHR is not, strictly speaking, an EU institution is neither here nor there. (Needless to say, Article 6[2] is immediately made ambiguous by a protocol – Protocol [No. 8] – which says that application of the Convention must not undermine specific characteristics of EU law. These lawyers have a lot of fun, don’t they?)


Anyhow the civil servants have now told May and Grayling the truth. This is that the only way that the Convention can be disapplied, and for the ECHR’s judgements to be rendered inapplicable/ineffective on British soil, is for the UK to leave the EU. Does that mean that May and Grayling want the UK to leave the EU? After all, that would be the logical implication. No, it does not. Almost certainly, it means that they want David Cameron to include the subject in his renegotiation agenda, so that the UK can discuss a new UK-EU relationship after – or rather in the unlikely event that – the Conservative have won the next general election.


What does all this mean for UKIP? I now have it on good authority that Philip Hammond’s 20th July statement on the Andrew Marr show (that he would want the UK to leave the EU if the status quo were to continue) had been cleared with David Cameron, the Prime Minister. (This is just what I thought.) I also have it on good authority that the May/Grayling repudiation of the Convention/ECHR had not been cleared with Cameron. (A bit of a surprise to me.) However, Cameron did force Dominic Grieve, the former Attorney General, to resign. Grieve, by all accounts a nice and clever man, was a Europhile who fully appreciated that – because of the Lisbon Treaty – the UK had to accept ECHR’s verdicts on such issues as votes for prisoners, no extradition if criminals have families, etc.


One has to wonder quite what game May and Grayling think they are playing. May fancies herself as Prime Minister and seems to be trying to position herself on the Eurosceptic side of the Conservative Party. (Admittedly, it is entirely likely that she is fed up, even furious, with the ECHR.) I am 100% certain that most of the Thatcherite, Eurosceptic, so-called ‘right wing’ Conservative MPs can’t stand her, and that her prospects of support from such MPs are more or less zero. But the larger message – as I said in my last e-mail – is that the Conservatives, including Cameron, will be falling over themselves to make Eurosceptic noises in early 2015. Even if Cameron’s position is not being coordinated with his ministers, the Conservative Party will claim in the general election campaign that, ‘if voters want the UK to leave the EU, they should vote Conservative’.

Euro parliament chamber

UKIP must emphasize that the Conservatives are not to be trusted on this issue. It is the Conservatives?


i.              that took the UK into the EEC (as the EU then was) in 1973,

ii.             that passed the Single European Act in 1986, and

iii.            that broke a cast-iron guarantee to hold a referendum on the 2009 Lisbon Treaty.


The Conservatives have lied repeatedly about the UK and the EU; they have betrayed the British people and indeed large numbers of their core traditional voters. They are not to be trusted, and UKIP must say so loud and clear.

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Our ancient liberties should be protected



UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has urged the Government to consider blocking the return of UK nationals who have gone to fight for Islamic State militants in the Middle East.

The UK Government can and should strip militants who hold joint nationality of their UK citizenship. Jihadists whose only nationality is British could have their passports withdrawn and those who do not hold UK citizenship but have been granted the right to live here should immediately have that right revoked.

Nigel Farage said “The Islamic State Militants are a group like no other. The sheer barbarism we are witnessing in countries like Iraq is without precedent in the modern era. It would be totally unforgivable and unacceptable for UK nationals who have made the decision to go and fight for Islamic State militants in the middle-east to be permitted to return to the UK and quietly slide back into our communities to take advantage of all that modern Britain has to offer.

“We simply cannot have a situation where militants return and benefit from NHS treatment, welfare benefits, council housing and so forth when they have chosen to go abroad and fight western values in the most appalling way possible. We also cannot risk these militants coming back to the UK and bringing with them their ideologies and barbarous practices.

“I would say that in choosing to quit the UK to fight abroad, they have rendered themselves effectively stateless by conforming to an ideology of wanting to create a terrifying caliphate. If they choose to leave the UK they simply should not be allowed to return. Where intelligence identifies UK nationals fighting for IS their repatriation absolutely should be blocked.”

The Government needs to amend the Foreign Enlistment Act so that it includes not merely Britons who fight against our interests for foreign states, but also those who fight for non-state actors, such as those on the proscribed Terrorist organizations list.

The Government’s changes to the Immigration Act 2014, that try to address this problem, fail to provide due process and would give far reaching arbitrary power to the State. UKIP’s proposals, whilst being robust with the terrorists, would still ensure that our ancient liberties are protected.

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Goody bags


Dear Everyone

Request For Help From Volunteers...

Please put this date in your diary and publicise it to everyone on your local branch lists.   We need a team of volunteers at Lexdrum House (UKIP Head Office) to stuff Goody Bags for the forthcoming Doncaster Annual Conference on 25th September 2014.

The dates we need the volunteers are on Thursday 18th and (possibly) Friday 19th September.     There will be 2,000 bags with various items that need to be included, such as the programmes etc.  and it’s vitally important that we get the bags stuffed and then delivered to Doncaster in plenty of time before all the delegates turn up on the day.

It would be useful if you could confirm that you’re ok to come to Lexdrum but if you’re not sure whether you can make it please just turn up on the day.  The more the merrier.

Oh, and I nearly forgot.  Lunch is provided.  Pasties, sausage rolls, quiche, lardy cake, sandwiches, salad, fruit, nuts, cheese…    If that doesn’t drum up a good attendance then I’m not sure what will.

Thanks in advance

David Challice
UKIP Head Office

Tel 01626 830630

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If we knew then what we know now

ukip daily

The Lies and Delusions of 1975

This morning I received a limited eMail circulation from Iain Mckie, who is UKIP’s PPC for the Isle of Wight next year, which contained the two flyers you can see in the article’s headline picture. As someone who had voted in 1975, 39 years ago, it brought back some memories of a dim and distant, but momentous and damaging, moment in our history. How many of the nation’s 45 million or so voters today were over 18 then, 10-15 million of us, perhaps?

I fear that, as well, that I am guilty of having the wool veritably pulled over my eyes by Harold Wilson, Ted Heath and their “Yes” campaigns. For that I humbly apologise, but I was young and relatively uninformed – also there was no internet, no alternative media, no other choice than to believe what the media and politicians told us, and most of them seemed to think it was a “good thing”.

Let’s have a look at some of the statements made on the two posters and consider them with the perspective of our history:

For Gran – a share in a peaceful and united Europe’s higher pensions.

  • The first promise – peaceful and united. Not any more now that the EU has managed to stir up war in Ukraine with its expansionist dreams, and the potential for civil war from mass immigration of people’s with alien cultures.
  • The second promise – take a look at this table and judge for yourself (
  • pension-table World

For Dad – a bigger say at work with a share in his firm’s profit.

  • The EU has introduced yards of legislation, but none as far as I am aware that enforces participation in profit sharing schemes. With things like zero hours contracts, and dropping labour rates at the lower end of the scale (due to mass immigration), many are now worse off.

For Mum – A rising standard of living with secure food supplies at sensible prices, equal pay for work of equal value.

  • The price of an average shopping basket actually rose massively following EEC accession. Take a look at this RPI table for the 1970s, bearing in mind we were actually taken into the EU in 1973:
  • Year Increase % Index (Jan 1987 = 100)
    1970 7.9 19.2
    1971 9.0 20.9
    1972 7.7 22.5
    1973 10.6 24.9
    1974 19.1 29.6
    1975 24.9 37.0
    1976 15.1 42.6
    1977 12.1 47.8
    1978 8.4 51.8
    1979 17.2 60.7
    1980 15.1 69.9
  • In a speech, Enoch Powell (who campaigned in the “No” campaign quite vociferously) quoted this statement by the Consumer’s Association in 1976:

“Butter in the E.E.C. is 270 per cent of the world market price, skimmed milk powder 330 per cent, beef around 200 per cent and wheat around 150 per cent”

For the Kids: A great future, in a Europe offering more opportunities and a better way of life.

  • Really, when youth unemployment is at its highest ever? In UK we are relatively fortunate, compared to Southern Europe, but that then increases the pressure on their youth to move to Britain – more mass immigration.

But the statement from the Isle of Wight MP, Steve Ross, really takes the biscuit in terms of delusions rather than lies:

“I do not believe that as an offshore island with a population of 56 million either should or even could consider going it alone”

So, when that nation was 6 million people in 1700, 16 million in 1800 and 41 million in 1900 it built the largest Empire the world had ever seen! Even when that Empire crumpled owing to our bankruptcy from getting involved in 2 European wars (that became World Wars), and the pressures for independence from the indigenous peoples, we had good enough relationships to maintain a Commonwealth that thankfully still exists, despite the slap in the face we gave it in 1975 on affirming our EEC membership.

Out of the EU, the United Kingdom can turn its focus out to the world again, rather than the crumbling Europe. We can forge our own trade deals, we can revitalise our relationships with the successful and growing nations of the Commonwealth, and we can look forward to a brighter future for us, our children and our grandchildren.

Brian Otridge
About Brian Otridge

Brian Otridge has a number of roles in the party. He has been an aircraft engineer, currently works in the IT Industry, but also enjoys writing on a wide variety of subjects. Contact: Twitter | More Posts

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An EU identity card via the backdoor

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Guess the year

ukip daily

The ‘heir to Blair’

Imagine you’re Marty McFly.  You’ve travelled through time and arrived at the end of a UK parliamentary term. Sadly your DeLorean is a bit faulty (aren’t they always) and although you know it’s May, you’ve no idea what year it is.

But there’s some clues. Everyone you meet is talking about the upcoming election, and complaining about a Government which has:

  • Widened the gap between rich and poor
  • Borrowed hundreds of billions of pounds to make ends meet, but has no hope of paying it back, and consequently has a National Debt which is just getting bigger and bigger
  • Increased the level of taxation on those who earn the least (either through raising income tax or VAT), but then also given billions to bail out bankers, ensuring they still get their bonuses
  • Deployed UK troops into an unwinnable (and possibly illegal) war, with no clear plan or exit strategy

There are also millions of young people unemployed and the Government’s failure to stand up to the EU has made the situation far worse.  Hundreds of thousands of unskilled immigrants from Eastern Europe are still arriving each year without any entry criteria or background checks.  This has undercut the native workforce and driven down wages.

Have you guessed the year?   Is it May 2010 at the end of the Blair / Brown era or May 2015 at the end of the Conservative led coalition?  Impossible to say really isn’t it – and therein lies the problem. 

I’m going to let you into a secret that politicians from the the old parties don’t want you to realise: There is no left & right in politics any more.  There is no difference between blue and red.  The old idealogical differences were blurred into obscurity with the rise of New Labour.  It’s time the UK electorate to woke up and smelled the coffee.

Of course it wasn’t all New Labour’s fault.  The problem was compounded when David Cameron became Conservative leader and embarked on an ill-fated agenda to detoxify the Tory brand by aping Tony Blair and destroyed the Tory grass roots in the process.  I’m not sure exactly when the  Conservative party stopped being the party of small government and fiscal responsibility, but I bet it was around about the same time Labour stopped being the party of the Working Man, and focussed on the ‘Shirking Man’ instead.  What we’re witnessing is two teams swapping shirts at the end of the match!

So how similar are New Labour & ‘Blue Labour’ (aka the Conservatives?).  Well, Both parties want us to be governed by the unelected EU.  They both have identical economic polices of amassing gargantuan levels of debt, then passing the responsibility of paying it back onto future generations.  So it’s fair to say that both of them have philosophies which are financially and morally bankrupt – not to mention anti-democratic.

The Labour party widened the gap between rich and poor, and the Conservatives continued to run a huge deficit and add billions to the national debt to pay for social engineering projects.  How do we tell the difference between the two largest parties?

What happened to left & right – or even just right & wrong?

See Martin’s Facebook page

Martin Houlden
About Martin Houlden

Martin is the UKIP PPC for Bournemouth West. He’s a local businessman as well as a husband, father and dog-owner. Contact: Website | More Posts

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Mark Carney “baffled”



UKIP economic spokesman Patrick O’Flynn today criticised Bank of England Governor Mark Carney for appearing baffled by what Mr Carney confessed was “remarkably weak” wage growth in the British economy.

East of England MEP O’Flynn said: “The Governor seems baffled that steady economic growth is not being accompanied by better bargaining positions for workers and hence long-awaited wages rises and rising living standards.

“But the explanation is staring him in the face. Our EU membership means there is an almost unlimited reserve army of cheap labour available to big employers. That means any vacancies can be filled without raising wages.

“The EU has created a single European labour market. So long as this persists it means that there will be a long-term tendency towards pay rates converging across different EU countries.

“For a relatively wealthy, high living-cost country like Britain, this means wages are bound to stagnate and fail to keep up with living costs, reducing living standards over time for the majority of people while helping big multinational companies increase their profit margins even further.

“Working people in our country have been betrayed by the LibLabCon political class by being left exposed to this situation. With the eurozone once again in a tailspin we can expect matters to get worse as even more so-called “eurozone refugees” head in our direction, making it even easier for big business to keep rates of pay screwed to the floor.

“We are stuck in a form of capitalism that no longer tends to deliver living standards increases for most hardworking people in the long-term. The only solution is to leave the EU and regain control of our borders and access to our labour market. Otherwise more and more people will be left with no stake in our economic system, producing dangerous social instability which one day everyone could live to regret.”

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In this shop we are selling HOPE !

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UKIP give £28,000 to Christian and Yazidi charities

breitbart header


The UK Independence Party has today announced that it will refuse a donation from a deceased, UK terror convict who left the party nearly £30,000 in his will,Breitbart London can exclusively report.

The bequest, as found on the Electoral Commission’s website, came from Allen Boyce, who was a British National Party (BNP) supporter, and who was convicted in 2006 of sending bomb-making instructions to BNP activist Terry Collins.

UKIP has a policy of refusing former BNP members, as well as British nationals who have been members of far right organisations such as the National Front, British Freedom Party, British People’s Party, English Defence League, Britain First or the UK First Party.

As such, the party will not be putting Boyce’s money to use. UKIP has revealed toBreitbart London that the party intends to give the £28.416.84 to a charity helping Christians or Yazidi minorities who are currently suffering at the hands of ISIS in Kurdistan.

According to the BBC, Boyce was sentenced by Lewes Crown Court to serve two years in prison, and placed him under a two-year supervision order.

The move by UKIP will raise questions of other political parties who continue to accept donations from ‘dodgy’ sources. Earlier this summer, the Conservative Party was the focus of attention following their insistence on accepting a donation from oligarchs close to Vladimir Putin’s government in Russia.

In 2009 the Liberal Democrats accepted £2.4m from one Michael Brown who was later convicted of fraud and sentenced to serve 7 years in prison.

The story was originally meant to be reported by the Mail on Sunday, tomorrow. But UKIP has acted quickly upon learning of Boyce’s background.

Andrew Reid, UKIP’s acting Treasurer told Breitbart London: “We are pleased that theMail on Sunday has brought this to our attention and are horrified at the provenance of this money. To that end we will decide on which charity, either one helping those Christians and Yazidi suffering in Kurdistan and/or those who have been victims of racist and anti-Semitic abuse in this country”.

UKIP’s Head of Press Gawain Towler spoke exclusively to Breitbart London: “It will be good to give a racist’s money to the victims of racism. At least in UKIP when a criminal’s money is given to us, we refuse it”.

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That “Cast iron Guarantee “

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