Third Runway update


Report from Bryan Tomlinson, UKIP Heathrow Villages ward representative…..

A message from Harmondsworth.

Dear Friends and Neighbours

It is expected that the press will descend on the village from about 6.00 am on Tuesday so if you’re an early bird you might like to take a walk to the hub of activity on The Green in Harmondsworth Village.

It is half term week so hopefully many residents will be free to attend at various times throughout the day.

Please tell your neighbours who do not use email and social media. I need your help in getting the message to other residents.

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Heathrow – Taxpayers to stump up for expansion plans?

A special report by Heathrow Villages ward rep Bryan Tomlinson.


Shame on John Holland-Kaye – as Heathrow’s profits take off, their pension fund crash lands and payments to HMRC are aborted.

Heathrow has reported a plunge in profits and a £474m loss in its pension fund as its campaign for a third runway reaches a climax.

In its financial results for the nine months to September 30, Heathrow reported a pre-tax loss of £293m, compared to a £552m profit in the same period a year earlier.

Its pre-tax profit showed an 11pc increase to £202m. Revenue edged up 1.2pc to £2.1bn.

Meanwhile, the pension fund of Britain’s largest airport dropped from a surplus of £104m on December 31 to a deficit of £370m in just nine months — a £474m loss. The company attributed this decline to “financial volatility” and falling corporate bond yields.

Heathrow’s debt also grew. Consolidated net debt was £12bn, up 2.3pc from the same period last year.

With another year of non payment of Corporation Tax, Heathrow do not deserve any tax payer subsidy to upgrade Heathrow expansion infrastructure.


Hillingdon Council – style over substance?

in-touch-charville-oct-2016I was pleasantly surprised on my most recent walk around Charville Ward in Hayes End to see communication from one of our local ward councillors on the doormats of the residents. This is the first time I have seen this outside of election times – obviously the Conservative polls are telling them that they might have a problem from UKIP at the next local elections as we are visible and helping people!

But let us have a look at what they are actually communicating –



Road safety improvements for schools

The leaflet trumpets that the Council are spending £1.7 million installing cameras outside schools to keep yellow lines clear. We are all for anything that improves safety for schoolchildren but if they are so worried then why have they rejected out of hand residents petitions for traffic calming near the school in Swan Road in West Drayton? Indeed, in Charville ward where these leaflets were put out we are still waiting to hear about the traffic calming petition heard in January for Langdale Drive, although we recently thanked them for putting up a camera there under the scheme – it would appear it is for yellow lines and not speeding cars though, hence their reticence in engagement.

The more sceptical might conclude that they are more interested in traffic fines than slowing the traffic down.

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“Model of a successful export business”


The whingeing Establishment subsidy junkies at the CBI have lost an influential member.

This is due to the CBI replaying the EU Referendum on a daily basis and continuing to talk down UK businesses and the UK economy.

MP Jacob Rees-Mogg praised JCB on its decision saying, “I’d like to congratulate JCB on its decision.”

“It is a model of a successful export business around the world and a representative of entrepreneurialism rather than stodgy protectionism.”

“In contrast, the CBI has an amazing record of getting everything wrong, whether it is opposing Brexit or promoting the euro. I can see why some industrialists think they no longer want to spend the money on the subscriptions when they are so badly represented.”

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Fake Hate Crime


A great piece by Douglas Murray on the absurdity and divisiveness of the hate crime industry.

Why are some trying to turn life into one big hate-crime?

More likely is that these figures are another part of that growth industry of pressure groups now intent on proving that Britain is the world’s most vile and intolerant country.

Not content with claiming that we are a nation of racists and ‘Islamophobes’ they have also decided that we are homophobes, probably misogynists and doubtless kick people with guide dogs too.

Full article in spectatorThe Spectator ;

Rumours of UKIP’s demise are greatly exaggerated

The following article is the opinion of the author and does not necessarily represent the official view of the party

DSC_0404It is often said that a week is a long time in politics – with the events of the last seven days it has certainly seemed that way!

Following on from the surprise resignation of leader Diane James MEP after just 18 days in the role, we have now seen media headlines surrounding an altercation between two of our MEP’s in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg.

The Party is currently investigating what actually happened and as such it would be wrong for me to speculate before that investigation is concluded. I feel sure that we all wish Steven Woolfe MEP, a personal friend and a thoroughly decent man, a speedy recovery.

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