Powerday – a resident raises pertinent questions

Regular visitors to this site will be aware of the ongoing issue in Yiewsley and West Drayton regarding Powerday looking to expand their waste processing plant at The Old Coal Yard.


Residents Associations and local Labour Councillor Jan Sweeting have submitted petitions and organised demonstrations to protest against the possibility with UKIP Hillingdon in full agreement and helping out with the campaign.

Local resident Vladimir Matveev recently submitted a Freedom of Information request after seeing a number of vehicles rolling in to the existing facility, the reply is posted below

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UKIP’s attempt to lower the EU flag from outside City Hall fails.


UKIP London Assembly motion to lower the EU flag from outside City Hall fails as Labour votes against

4uCGRQnR.jpgToday the London Assembly debated a motion to lower the flag of the European Union from the flagpole outside City Hall, and to replace it with the flag of England, to fly alongside the Union Flag on the adjacent flagpole following the historic EU Referendum. The motion was proposed by UKIP London Assembly Member David Kurten and seconded by his colleague Peter Whittle AM. The motion failed with Labour, the Greens and the Liberal Democrat AM Caroline Pidgeon voting against.

UKIP London Assembly member David Kurten said: “It is disappointing to see that the London Assembly has voted against lowering the EU flag following the historic referendum result only two weeks ago.

“London is not just a great city, but it is of course the capital of England and the United Kingdom. In town and city halls around the world it is customary to fly the flag of the nation you are part of.

“Lowering the EU flag and raising the cross of St George outside City Hall would have been a purely symbolic act, but nevertheless an act which would have humbly recognised that the metropolitan elite must begin to listen to the people of the nation.

“More people in London voted to leave the EU than voted to put Sadiq Khan in office, and many of these voters believe it is a travesty that the EU flag is still flying outside City Hall even after the nation has voted for independence.”

david kurten Uxbridge-stall-PW-May-16-300x199

Photographed at a recent UKIP stall in Uxbridge

from left to right – David Kurten . Peter Whittle , Alex-Nieora  , Cliff Dixon (UKIP Hillingdon chairman)

“The number coming here for employment will be minimal.”


Ever been had ?

Labour, the UCL and their pro EU and pro open borders ‘experts’ were wrong in 2004 and we have had to pay the price of their stupidity.

UCL Professor Christian Dustmann (a German) is the ‘expert’ who predicted that opening UK borders to 10 new EU countries in 2004 would increase the population by only 13,000 a year.

The economist is director of the Centre for Research and Analysis on Migration and has published numerous reports on the impact on the UK of immigration from Europe. (Always in favour and always asking for more).

The University College London economist’s report was cited by Labour Home Office Minister Beverley Hughes in June 2003 as evidence to support her claim that: “The number coming here for employment will be minimal.”

The 13,000 figure became the figure that the then Labour government used to push for increased EU enlargement.

Who can forget Labour’s Keith Vaz MP standing at the airport telling us that only a handful of Eastern Europeans had arrived to work here on the day they were allowed access to the UK jobs market ?

The  reality ;

EU migration: Eastern European workers in UK pass one million – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-37109747

with thanks to B.T.