A message from Party Chairman, Paul Oakden

It was with great sadness yesterday that we received confirmation of the death of Dr Raj Chandran, a loyal member of our party who held a position on our National Executive Committee at the time of his passing.

I had known Dr Chandran personally since he joined UKIP in my home region of the East Midlands a few years ago. Since that time, Raj never failed to demonstrate his commitment and dedication to serving our members, whether it be by sponsoring meetings or hosting fundraising events at his own home.
His experience of being a former Mayor and candidate both in Parliamentary and Police & Crime Commissioner elections was invaluable and he was always happy to pass that experience on. Raj was also a former Commissioner for Racial Equality and believed strongly in our party reaching out further to different communities – something he was talking about just a few short days before his death at our candidates training day in Bournemouth last Thursday.

During his time on the NEC, Dr Chandran served our members with honour and integrity and he often spoke of his pride at helping our party by serving on it’s governing body.

On the conference stage in Bournemouth a week ago, I asked for a minute’s applause to celebrate the lives of those members who had worked so hard for our cause and yet were sadly not with us on June 23rd to celebrate our victory. Whilst I’m so pleased that Raj was able to be a part of that historic night, I offer him my own “minute’s applause” for all his efforts in working for the betterment of our party.

Our final thoughts go out to his wife and family as we thank them for sharing him with us over his final few years.


Kind Regards

Paul Oakden
Party Chairman

“UKIP prepared for an early election”

Diane James MEP

UKIP prepared for early election, says Diane James .

Predicting that Theresa May’s government would go to the polls as early as next year, Ms James said she wanted to broaden UKIP’s policy appeal, now that a referendum to leave the EU had been won:

“One of my personal aims in the first 100 days is to update our manifesto, because we are quite frankly looking at a green field out there.”

The new UKIP leader was speaking during a series of interviews to BBC political correspondents from across the UK.

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From Brexit Central


This morning’s newspapers make for a fascinating read. There is widespread coverage of the torrent of good economic news which emerged yesterday, leading with the OECD U-turning on its forecast of an economic shock if Britain voted for Brexit and the Office for National Statistics also weighing in with its assessment that the referendum result has had no major economic effect. With every day that passes, the evidence is piling up to discredit entirely the apocalyptic forecasts offered by those behind Project Fear. Most interesting of today’s papers is The Guardian – a leading cheerleader for the Remain campaign which propagated the forecasts of doom promoted by David Cameron, George Osborne et al in the event of a Brexit Vote. Today the paper leads on its own analysis of a range of economic indicators, admitting that “the picture of early resilience is bolstered” in its first snapshot of post-referendum Britain. The paper will be tracking the economy as the Brexit talks progress and its initial assessment today leads BrexitCentral’s newslinks. Today we publish a piece by Lord Stoddart of Swindon, the veteran eurosceptic and former Labour MP, giving his perspective from the red benches of the House of Lords, where a number of unelected legislators have been threatening to try and obstruct Brexit. He suggests that any attempt to defy the will of the people could conclude with another referendum – on abolishing the House of Lords… For anyone attending the Conservative Party Conference the week after next, we have announced further details of our BrexitCentral/Business for Britain rally, taking place at 5.45pm on Monday 3rd October in Hall 5 of the International Convention Centre. Joining me on the platform will be Daniel Hannan MEP, Theresa Villiers MP and John Longworth – it promises to be a fantastic event! Back to today, and Theresa May will be having talks in Downing Street later with Martin Schulz MEP, the President of the European Parliament. And I imagine lots of you will be interested in the latest TV documentary on the referendum campaign: Brexit: A Very British Coup? airs on BBC2 at 9pm tonight. Jonathan Isaby Editor, BrexitCentral @isaby

Our Peter Whittle speaks out at the London Assembly


(left) Peter Whittle UKIP London Assembly member  and our chairman Cliff Dixon (right)

Disgraceful prejudice and institutional bullying within the Met Police against officers supporting Leave EU.

Ignored by the LibLabCon but highlighted by Peter Whittle, UKIP London Assembly member.


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“Brexit should be swift”

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Peter Lilley::-    Brexit should be swift. Here’s how to do it.

The widespread presumption that everything is a matter for negotiation is damaging nonsense. 

It leads officials to suppose that we can do nothing until we have laboriously assessed what can be traded off against what in a multi-dimensional game of diplomacy.

Once we identify the issues which we can decide, Ministers can start taking decisions.

That immediately reduces uncertainty.  It also narrows the focus for negotiations which will render them simpler.

The first decision we should take is to convert all EU legislation and regulations into UK law.

Parliament can amend, repeal or improve any law subsequently.

It is more or less what countries like India, Canada and Australia did when they became independent: they initially adopted British laws as their own.

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