“A Grand evening” at the Charville meeting on 20-11-14

We had an excellent meeting at the Brook House Football Club yesterday evening, the speeches were outstanding, and the audience most appreciative.DSC_0558 (2) Richard Barnes Former deputy London Mayor, Cliff Dixon Prospective Candidate for Charville Ward, and Gerard Batten MEP  spoke

Christine Taylor ( of Heathrow Villages fame) kindly chaired the meeting most efficiently .DSC_0564DSC_0561 (2)DSC_0566And Cliff Dixon our prospective candidate seemed very pleased .

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UKIP Public meeting in Charville


With the by-election in Charville moving in to it’s final stages, UKIP Hillingdon are running a public meeting in Hayes at Brook House FC on Kingshill Avenue.

Starting at 7pm on Thursday 20th November, speeches will be followed by a question and answer session from the floor where you can quiz the panellists on the issues that affect you.

Headline speakers

Gerard Batten MEPGerard Batten was one of the founding members of UKIP, and has been the MEP for London since 2004.

Formerly our Home Affairs and Immigration spokesman, he has a wide knowledge of law and order issues and has written a number of books on how the EU is eroding our democracy.





Richard Barnes was formerly the leader of Hillingdon council and Deputy Mayor to Boris Johnson on the GLA. He joined UKIP earlier this year

Richard Barnes


Chairing the meeting -

Christine Taylor

A prominent anti-3rd runway campaigner, Christine is a tireless worker for people affected by Heathrow expansion

Christine Taylor

Support speaker

Cliff Dixon is the Chairman of UKIP Hillingdon and our candidate in the Charville byelection. A lifelong resident of the borough, he is a familiar sight on the streets of Hayes

CD at Lee Rigby memorial walk





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Airports commission sets out it’s interim report

Howard Davies has given his interim report in to airport expansion in the south of England, with two Heathrow and one Gatwick proposal on the table.

Here is an overview of the proposals put together by John Stewart of HACAN Clearskies which gives a snapshot of the findings for those who have an interest in Heathrow Expansion

Airbus A380 in flight

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The protest against the European Arrest Warrent (EAW)


David Cameron PROMISED a House of Commons a vote on the European Arrest Warrant last night. Guess what? He lied. AGAIN.

This government has consistently treated the British people with contempt. Even the Conservative Party’s own Members of Parliament accused it of “deception“, and Speaker Bercow, with whom I rarely agree, called it a “sorry saga“. He was right.

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP said it was “fundamentally underhand” while Bill Cash MP said it was a “disgraceful way of going about a very important matter“.

Because the government has acted in this way, the British public will likely be dragged back into the European Arrest Warrant, without so much as a vote for our democratic representatives.

And yet the Tories want you to believe they are tough on Europe.

Watch this video below, and consider donating us £3.70£37, or £370 to represent the scant few Tories who opposed further EU integration last night. You guessed it: there was ONLY 37 OF THEM.


UKIP figures blast European Arrest Warrant shambles

Published Nov 11, 2014

Nigel Farage, Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless have responded to the Government’s failure to offer the Commons a vote on the European Arrest Warrant.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: “The failure to offer the Commons a vote, and thus the British public a say on the European Arrest Warrant, is a farce.
“The Government has treated British democracy with customary contempt.

“It’s difficult to believe a word this Government says on any issue.”

UKIP MP Douglas Carswell: “David Cameron promised a vote on this issue in the Commons. His Whips tried to play it clever and fix procedure. It has backfired spectacularly.

“Government Whips had to summon Cabinet Ministers back to rescue themselves from their own chaos.”

UKIP’s Mark Reckless said: “The Home Affairs Select Committee agreed unanimously that Parliament should vote on an amendable motion when deciding whether to opt in to 35 EU Justice and Home Affairs measures and put the European Court of Justice in charge for the first time. We also demanded that there should be a separate vote on the European Arrest Warrant. The government’s refusal to respect that advice ended in a procedural shambles tonight. It showed contempt for Parliament, the public, and democratic process. Voters in Rochester and Strood will have their chance to give their judgement next week and the country will follow next May.”


Britain is About to Tear up 900 Years of Legal Independence, and No One Has Even Noticed


Conservative MP in talks with Ukip treasurer about blocking …



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Government ‘copy and paste’ UKIP Policy on Shale Gas

Published Nov 10, 2014

tim_.jpgPolicy announced over the weekend is a clear copy and paste of UKIP Energy Policy, sparking outrage from the party’s Head of Policy Tim Aker.

Plans to create a ‘Sovereign Wealth Fund’ from the profits of shale gas extraction were released by the UK’s Energy Ministry over the weekend.

“It’s astonishing that not only are they lifting our policy concepts straight out of our manifesto, but they are not even worried about using our wording. It’s basically a copy and paste!” said Tim Aker MEP, who helped from the policy last year.

“It’s been on the record for well over a year that UKIP wanted to look into exploiting our vast shale gas deposits and would use the profits to shore up a wealth fund for the general public.

“We formally announced this before our Annual Party Conference in London in September 2013.

“The Tories can try to dress up as us and sell our policies to the voter but they should also remind themselves that they cannot focus on shale gas as a fuel for the future while also signing up to the EU carbon targets for 2020.

“We have pushed the agenda on so many topics, from having an EU referendum, to controlling immigration, to blocking intervention in Syria and accepting their refugees, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are taking a leaf out of our book on energy too.

“Perhaps UKIP should stand for UK Innovators of Policy.

“They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. The poor old Conservative Party do not have an original thought in their head.”

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Charville byelection campaign update

Despite the wind and rain, the campaign team were out again in Charville yesterday (Saturday 8th November) delivering our second round of candidate leaflets.


Joined later in the day by London Chairman Roger Gravett, who travelled across London by tube to pitch in, experienced old hands like Ray, Martin and myself were joined by members of Young Independence and new recruits such as Lorraine to get the message out.

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Launch of Stop Heathrow Expansion (S.H.E)

In response to the high profile and Heathrow Airport funded Back Heathrow campaign, local residents have joined together to launch a counter movement opposed to a 3rd Runway.

SHE Launch eventSHE is a non-aligned grassroots movement for all opposed to the devastation that is proposed in the south of our borough and beyond. UKIP Hillingdon support the aims of the group, and would recommend all worried about how Heathrow expansion would affect them to attend this Thursday

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Can you hear the beat of the drum ?

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Nigel Farage speaks at Rochester & Strood

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