More Brexit Bounce

More Brexit Bounce as mergers and acquisitions increase by  eightfold after the EU Referendum win

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Overseas buyers lured by a plunge in the pound are looking to snare British companies on the cheap, ensuring a steady flow of deals since Britain voted to leave the European Union and defying expectations of an M&A drought.

Almost 60 transactions totalling $34.5 billion have been struck by foreign companies for British firms since June 23, according to Thomson Reuters data, compared with 79 deals amounting to $4.3 billion in the month leading up to the vote.

This activity – dominated by Japanese group SoftBank’s $32 billion swoop for chip designer ARM Holdings – has defied warnings that dealmaking could dry up for a period if Britain backed Brexit, given uncertainty surrounding risks to the economy and access to the EU single market.

The list of British takeovers could grow after the summer, according to bankers who say they are working on possible bids on behalf of foreign companies interested in UK targets.

The SoftBank deal was hailed by the government as a sign of UK economic resilience, prompting new Prime Minister Theresa May to declare the country “open for business”.

“Clearly this is a buying opportunity,” said Ben Ward, head of UK corporate at law firm Herbert Smith Freehills. “People with strong currencies – dollar, renminbi, yen – will no doubt be interested in acquiring sound sterling-denominated assets.”

There have been dozens of other deals since the referendum.

South African retailer Steinhoff agreed to pay nearly 600 million pounds for British-based discount chain Poundland on July 13, for example.

It came a day after AMC Entertainment Holdings – an American company majority-owned by a Chinese conglomerate – said it would buy London-based Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group to create the world’s largest cinema operator, in a deal valued at about 921 million pounds.

Surveys conducted in the run-up to the referendum had warned a Brexit vote would threaten M&A activity.

A study released on June 16 by Merrill Corporation, a provider of technology and services in the M&A industry, and market intelligence firm The M&A Advisor found a Brexit vote would have a “negative and tangible” near-term impact on UK dealmaking, with British companies becoming less attractive to overseas buyers.

A survey of 1,500 global dealmakers published the same day by technology provider Intralinks suggested a decision to leave the EU would lead to dealmaking “chaos”, driving down M&A levels in Britain as well as the rest of Europe.

But the M&A drought has yet to materialise.

The sectors with the highest concentration of foreign takeovers in the past four weeks were technology, consumer, industrials and media, with an overall 37 sales valued at $33 billion. Industry sources said some had roots in discussions that began well ahead of the June referendum……..

It seems that all the scaremongering doom and gloom ‘experts’ were wrong.

Martin Schulz – “Scotland MUST Leave the EU Along with the UK”

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During a recent meeting between Scottish UKIP MEP David Coburn and European Parliament President Schulz, the EU President stated that Scotland will have to leave the European Union along with the rest of the UK, once Article 50 is triggered, and the 2 year leaving process begins.

The outcome of this will likely put an end to any halfway compromise which had been suggested by SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon.

During this meeting, it is also noted that the President Martin Sculz had only met with Nicola Sturgeon, out of “one of his duties” of meeting other heads of Government. He confirmed that if Scotland wish to be members of the European Union in future, that they must do so by becoming an independent nation, and reapplying for membership. In which case Scotland would need to adopt the Euro as per the rules of any new country now becoming EU members. Scotland would also need to become part of the Schengen ‘Visa Free Travel’ zone.

Nicola Sturgeon had suggested a Veto on the result to destroy any chances of Brexit for the entire UK, but this would only be able to happen had the EU accepted Sturgeon’s suggestion of the rest of the UK leaving whilst allowing Scotland to remain.

Mr Coburn said in a statement: “President Schulz is no more interested in ‘Balkanising’ the UK than Great Britain is in ‘Balkanising’ the EU – especially Spain and the Baltic States.”

He said: “Scotland voted to Remain in the EU voting as the United Kingdom. We knew there would be a pan UK vote on Europe when we voted No in the [2014 independence] referendum. 

“More Scots voted to Remain in the UK than voted to Remain in the EU and uncomfortably for the First Minister a third of SNP members voted to Leave the EU.”

He added: “She has no mandate for a second independence referendum and the SNP would undoubtedly lose.”

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From Roger Helmer MEPRogerHeaderRoger-Helmer-portrait

IMF now ditches gloomy forecasts after Brexit

Project Fear continues to unravel today with the IMF admitting their grim forecasts for the UK after Brexit will not actually materialise after all. So just this week we have both George Osborne and Christine Lagarde, two of the main Project Fear evangelists now fiercely back-pedalling from where they stood less than four weeks ago. Funny that. You have to wonder what other lies that we were told pre-June 23 will be exposed next. Both Roger Helmer and Greg Heathcliffe have some further thoughts…

Sturgeon’s dream in tatters

As we have said all along – Scotland will have to leave the EU along with the rest of the UK. Today’s Daily Express reports that Nicola Sturgeon’s hopes of Scotland being able to veto the Brexit vote are in tatters! The paper says it has learnt that a meeting between Scottish UKIP MEP David Coburn and European Parliament President Martin Schulz has confirmed that Scotland will have to leave the EU with the rest of the UK ...more>

IMF admits the economy is growing

The papers are also full today of reports that the IMF has been forced to admit the economy is growing, despite the doom and gloom of ‘Project Fear’. Officials are facing a humiliating climbdown after claiming Britain would face a recession if the country opted to leave the European Union ...more>

Article 50

It is now looking likely Article 50 will be triggered early next year  The Guardian, for one, reports Theresa May will warn  Angela Merkel that she needs time to prepare for Brexit, as she heads to Berlin for private talks with the German chancellor. The new prime minister will fly to Berlin after facing her first prime minister’s questions on Wednesday  ...more>

Dear Sir,

It is hardly a month since the IMF were telling us that voting to leave the EU would be a disaster but they have now admitted, as we who advocated Leave have said all along, that they got their sums wrong. They were not alone and many other predicted ‘disasters’ by the Remain side, such as three million jobs lost, our being isolated and friendless, no inward investment and much else, have not happened either.

New predictions from the IMF now show that our economy will have grown outside the EU by 1.3 per cent by the end of this year, and 1.7 per cent in 2017. This will be outpacing both France and Germany. How much faster still it will grow once we are truly free remains to be seen, but the signs for continued success are excellent

We have many new trade deals in the offing, including the USA who were telling us we’d be ‘at the back of the queue’ for trade shortly before we opted for Brexit.

The Scots have been told that they can not stay in the EU in the way the SNP want but, if they leave the UK, they can apply for membership as an independent country. However it will mean no ‘opt outs’ and having to accept the failing euro currency. I can’t see Nicola Sturgeon ‘selling’ that to her electorate and the same rule will apply to Northern Ireland, thus the future of the UK as a single body is secure.

The Commonwealth, our true friends, are gathering around in welcome and support despite predictions that they wouldn’t. Australia, New Zealand, Canada and India have trade deals worth billions of pounds each just waiting for us to leave the EU so as to implement them. While we remain in the EU these new deals can not be implemented due to the restrictions imposed by the Treaty of Rome.

Inward investment is continuing with Siemens and Boeing both building new facilities here.

In short the country is recovering far faster than even we who advocated Brexit were anticipating, and things can only continue to improve.

Despite these facts we still see some of your regular contributors pleading to ‘reconsider’ the vote and now there are even steps being taken to prevent us triggering Article 50 via legal action despite it being the clear will of the majority of the electorate and stated aim of the government.

Why some people want to surrender all these massive advantages and steady improvements of being out of the control of Brussels only to return to the calamity of a dictatorship called EU, which is failing and self destructing, is beyond me.

Yours faithfully,

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Owen Smith “pledged a second referendum”

guidofawkes-masthead-transparent (1)with many thanks to Guido Fawkes (see our blogroll for more)

UKIP Seeking to Take Advantage of “Oily” Smith

UKIP are rolling their tanks onto Labour’s lawn after Owen Smith said he would try to block Brexit if he becomes leader. Yesterday “Oily” Smith went viral after he pledged a second referendum and admitted it was “tempting” not to trigger Article 50. UKIP leadership frontrunner Steven Woolfe tells Guido such a move would turn the north purple:

“Owen Smith’s disdain for his own voters is frankly disgraceful. My message to the millions who have been left behind by Labour’s sneering and condescending political class is simple – UKIP will speak for you. We are your new home.”

Smith’s rhetoric might appeal to Europhiles in the PLP, but 70% of Labour MPs represent seats which voted to Leave. This graph from Professor Matthew Goodwin shows the Leave vote in Labour areas:


A new, northern, working class UKIP leader versus an oily, Surrey-dwelling Europhile Labour leader? It’s obvious who UKIP want to win the Labour leadership – Owen Smith is the kamikaze candidate…