“What has become of the promise to care only about the big things?”

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NEW EU Regulations Dictate Height, Stability, And Support Structures Acceptable For… Candles

The European Union’s (EU) member states have voted to enter the essential business of candle regulation, just in time for the Christmas tradition of lighting Advent Candles. The new EU regulations dictate safety standards controlling the height, stability, and acceptable support structures for candles. 

A four page document sets out the new rules “to be met by European standards for candles, candle supports, containers and accessories pursuant to Directive 2001/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on general product safety.”

Essential rules without which the continent could not function include:

  • “The safety of the product shall not rely on complicated user procedures”
  • “Free-standing candles or candles supplied with a holder or container shall remain stable (e.g. not tip over) during burning”
  • “Materials used in or on candles and candle supports, containers and accessories shall not spread or create a secondary flame at any stage during the normal burning of a candle or during its final extinction”
  • “The presentation and illustration of the product as well as any information provided shall not play down risks to any potential user”

Specifically, what looks to be regulation targeted at Advent Candles, or indeed the Jewishmenorah, the document dictates common sense policies such as:

  • ‘Never leave a burning candle unattended.’
  • ‘Burn candle out of the reach of children and pets.’
  • ‘Do not burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire.’

Described as “new Brussels madness just before Christmas” by German website Focus, and illustrated with the headline, “Fire is a Fire Hazard” by one local paper – eurosceptics will finally be able to move on from deriding cucumber length and apple size regulation. Get ready to hear all about the specific safety requirements for candles during the British referendum on European Union membership.

Senior German MEP Herbert Reul, head of Germany’s CDU/CSU delegation in the European Parliament, has recently expressed dismay at the move, reports Bild. He pointed out that: “while Europe’s problems burn, the Commission more cheerfully regulates all the small shit,” he asked: “What has become of the promise to care only about the big things?”

Nothing conveys the magic of Christmas more than an EU-regulated Advent Candle kept away from children.

A “Power Grab”

‘Broken record’ EU repeating itself on UN power grab

Published Nov 24, 2015
A report today passed in the European Parliament has called for an EU seat on the UN Security Council and for the two permanent European members, the UK and France, to promote “common EU positions” on the council. UKIP’s William Dartmouth MEP attempted to enter an amendment in the report calling for the UK’s position on the Security Council to remain untouched. This amendment was circulated to every other UK MEP asking for support but not a single MEP, bar UKIP, offered their backing which led to the amendment being dropped without a vote.

James Carver UKIP MEP and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee commented, “Time and time again we see the EU attempting to erode the UK’s influence on the Security Council. The EU is repeating itself like a broken record and it is time we finally drew a line under this; the UK’s UN Security Council seat is not up for negotiation.

“I’m disappointed to see Labour MEPs backing this report and ignoring William Dartmouth’s amendment. In a particularly sensitive time, it’s shameful that their MEPs have once again put the EU’s neo-colonialist ambition ahead of Britain’s influence and security.”

Watch James Carver MEP’s speech in full below: