The Lord Haw Haws of the EU must Go!

Reproduced from the website of UKIP BREXIT spokesman Gerard Batten MEP which was posted earlier today  

The resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers, the UK Ambassador to the EU, is a positive step forward for Brexit.  He realised his position was untenable and he did the decent thing and resigned.

Next, we need to lose our EU Commissioner Sir Julian King.  If he does not want to resign, Mrs May should reassign him or pension him off.

We don’t need and EU Ambassador and or a Commissioner – what we desperately we need someone interfacing with the EU who actually wants to leave and will get on assisting Brexit and not hindering it.

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2016 – Heroes and Villains

As 2016 draws to a close we can reflect on a year of incredible change and hope.

The BREXIT vote on 23rd June, arguably the biggest event of a generation, will be looked on in future years as a pivotal moment in both English and British history. The government has a duty to ensure that it is carried out swiftly and in a way that ensures prosperity for all members of our society, cementing our place as an outward looking, globally trading and free nation.

The Trump victory against the odds in the USA followed, showing a people tired of the political elites and looking to an alternative who promises to ‘Make America great again’. Time will tell whether this is the beginning of a renaissance or a false dawn, but with Republicans now in charge of the Senate, House of Representatives and the White House they will never have a better chance of turning the fortunes of a once great nation around. Irrespective of whether we agree or disagree with Trump, we can only wish our American cousins well and hope that his business experience brings a better future for all.

In London, we saw UKIP take two seats in the Greater London Assembly (GLA) with the election of Peter Whittle and David Kurten. Both are genuinely nice guys who have made an impact already – expect to see much more in 2017!

Looking back over a momentous year, here are my heroes and zeroes of 2016 in no particular order…..

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BREXIT means exit

The following is a guest post by our London MEP and UKIP BREXIT spokesman, Gerard Batten

The 17.4 million people who voted to leave the European Union on 23rd June 2016 expected that to happen without delay.  But six months later Prime Minister Theresa May has done nothing to make it happen.  What is more she does not intend to do anything for another three months, and even then she will not commit to what Brexit actually means.


We have no reason to trust Theresa May.  She was a Remainer in the Referendum campaign, and had Remain won she would be telling us it was the right decision and in our best interests.  Having been on the losing side, she now finds herself in charge of implementing the winning sides decision.  But instead of outlining her EU exit strategy, she merely mouths the slogan ‘Brexit means Brexit’ without explaining what it means.

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