Fat Cats avoid the cuts

Press ReleaseThis morning saw the release of a report by The Taxpayers Alliance highlighting the amounts paid to council executives across the country.

Our council here in Hillingdon were shown to have 19 executives paid over £100k per year, ranking number 17 on the list for the highest paying boroughs across the country.


Commenting on this, UKIP Hillingdon Chairman Cliff Dixon (Pictured) said –

“Once again, our council are exposed as using taxpayers money in an inappropriate way.

Large numbers of staff on council maintenance teams have been laid off over the last few years leading to crumbling roads, overgrown verges and rubbish problems that have made Hillingdon the rat capital of London.

Meanwhile, senior officers are enjoying levels of pay and generous pension arrangements paid for by the people of Hillingdon who are seeing cuts to services dressed up as ‘efficiency savings’.

How can Council Leader Ray Puddifoot justify such largesse whilst children’s centres are cut, the disabled are hit with withdrawal of council tax benefit and his administration continue to ship our money to projects such as the Lee Valley Park outside of our borough? “


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Cuts to Children’s Services whilst your money goes to the TOWIE set

UKIP Hillingdon Press release – Friday 10th March


For immediate release

Cuts to Children’s services whilst your money goes to the TOWIE set

Much has been written recently about cuts to services that our Conservative Council brand as ‘efficiency savings’

Amongst those ‘savings’ are the closure of two childrens centres and cuts to transport for youngsters  with learning disabilities.

Yet last year, Hillingdon Council paid £273,625.08 for the upkeep of Lee Valley Regional Park Authority in Essex, with a further £255,316.32 budgeted for this year. *
Commenting on this spending, UKIP Hillingdon Chairman Cliff Dixon stated –

“It beggars belief that whilst cutting services to local residents, Hillingdon Council are sending taxpayers money to one of the most wealthy parts of the East of England, made famous by the reality TV show ‘The Only Way is Essex’.

Whilst I am in favour of upkeep of green spaces for the public good, why are Hillingdon taxpayers doing so for areas away from our borough and perfectly capable of funding such incentives for themselves?

I understand that the money has been mandated by an old Act of Parliament, but why have Hillingdon Council not brought this up and why are the three Hillingdon MP’s who can overturn this legislation in the House saying nothing? “

Once again, Hillingdon taxpayers are not getting value for money whilst our Council sit on their hands and wave such spending through

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Source *  – http://www.leevalleypark.org.uk/en/content/cms/corporate/business-finance/funding/

A reply to Cllr Janet Gardner


In the Uxbridge Gazette on 23rd November, Cllr Gardner wrote in to the letters page with a piece called ‘Remembrance and our town’s solidarity’. I reproduce the letter below –

I would like to thank PC Emma Reed and her Police colleagues for organising yet again an event in Hayes for the community that live in Hayes and to again prove to the narrow minded critics of Hayes that rather than be a fragmented town as is often claimed, we are in fact ‘in solidarity’.

The event was conducted on the frontage of the Social Centre in Botwell Lane with prayers said by some of the local clergy and a PCSO, the local faith centres were represented by members of their congregations – Christians,Muslims,Buddhists,Sikhs,atheists, all observed the two minute silence.

Over 100 people attended the event, some with their little children,in remembrance of those who have died and are still dying in wars all over the world, and of course with emphasis on those who are affected by wars, many of who live alongside us in the community that is Hayes. Something we all tend to forget.

Children from the local school attended and I am sure some have family members who know first hand the horrendous effect of war.

So again I would like to thank the local Police teams and Emma especially for their ability to make many of the cynics realise that people who live in Hayes are all part of one community and not just many diverse groups living in isolation.

Firstly, can I express my whole hearted agreement that we are all one community – indeed, I have said as much on leaflets we have put out across Hayes. My grandfather served in the Western Desert and Italy during World War 2 and fought alongside Australians, Sikhs and Gurkhas to rid us of the Nazi menace – brave men all.

But a number of things about her letter have caused me to write this reply.

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Hillingdon Council – style over substance?

in-touch-charville-oct-2016I was pleasantly surprised on my most recent walk around Charville Ward in Hayes End to see communication from one of our local ward councillors on the doormats of the residents. This is the first time I have seen this outside of election times – obviously the Conservative polls are telling them that they might have a problem from UKIP at the next local elections as we are visible and helping people!

But let us have a look at what they are actually communicating –



Road safety improvements for schools

The leaflet trumpets that the Council are spending £1.7 million installing cameras outside schools to keep yellow lines clear. We are all for anything that improves safety for schoolchildren but if they are so worried then why have they rejected out of hand residents petitions for traffic calming near the school in Swan Road in West Drayton? Indeed, in Charville ward where these leaflets were put out we are still waiting to hear about the traffic calming petition heard in January for Langdale Drive, although we recently thanked them for putting up a camera there under the scheme – it would appear it is for yellow lines and not speeding cars though, hence their reticence in engagement.

The more sceptical might conclude that they are more interested in traffic fines than slowing the traffic down.

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Rumours of UKIP’s demise are greatly exaggerated

The following article is the opinion of the author and does not necessarily represent the official view of the party

DSC_0404It is often said that a week is a long time in politics – with the events of the last seven days it has certainly seemed that way!

Following on from the surprise resignation of leader Diane James MEP after just 18 days in the role, we have now seen media headlines surrounding an altercation between two of our MEP’s in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg.

The Party is currently investigating what actually happened and as such it would be wrong for me to speculate before that investigation is concluded. I feel sure that we all wish Steven Woolfe MEP, a personal friend and a thoroughly decent man, a speedy recovery.

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Powerday – a resident raises pertinent questions

Regular visitors to this site will be aware of the ongoing issue in Yiewsley and West Drayton regarding Powerday looking to expand their waste processing plant at The Old Coal Yard.


Residents Associations and local Labour Councillor Jan Sweeting have submitted petitions and organised demonstrations to protest against the possibility with UKIP Hillingdon in full agreement and helping out with the campaign.

Local resident Vladimir Matveev recently submitted a Freedom of Information request after seeing a number of vehicles rolling in to the existing facility, the reply is posted below

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A special report from Heathrow Villages

With the threat of a Third Runway, issues surrounding litter and private hire drivers, HMO’s with unscrupulous landlords in parts of the ward and crumbling road surfaces, there are lots of issues in Heathrow Villages that should keep the councillors very busy representing their constituents. Unfortunately, this is the reality as exposed by UKIP ward rep Christine Taylorheathrow-plane

When you attend a councillors’ meeting or surgery you expect to find at least one thing – councillors. On Saturday 16th April we didn’t get a single one.  Not one!! None of our councillors, paid over £900 a month each for the part-time job, could be bothered to turn up or even to send apologies.heathrowvillagescouncillors So about 17 of us sat in a circle and talked amongst ourselves.

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Working together as a community, we can get things done

During the many leafleting sessions that UKIP Hillingdon carry out, our ward reps are encouraged to keep their eyes open for issues in their area including damaged roads, flytipping and overgrown and dangerous undergrowth.

Langdale drive 2Back in late summer, I was out leafleting in Charville ward and noticed the terrible condition of the road surfaces in Langdale Drive. Some of the cracks and emerging potholes were deep enough to almost swallow a credit card (Pictured) and with Winter on the horizon and a recent history of flooding it was a concern that water would get in, freeze and break the whole surface open.

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The Powerday threat returns

During a Council Planning Meeting on 17th December, Powerday once again submitted an application to develop the site of the Old Coal Yard on Tavistock Road in to a waste recycling centre despite it being close to a major area of housing.

A demonstration was arranged earlier today (30th December) by West Drayton ward councillor Jan Sweeting (Lab) where all members of the local community were asked to attend and show our opposition to the scheme. UKIP Hillingdon agree with this stance and were happy to turn up and lend our support to the protest

Powerday demo 3

If the application is successful, we will see Powerday lorries bringing 450,000 tonnes of industrial waste per year in to the heart of our community and further congestion on both Yiewsley and West Drayton High Streets as well as Swan Road.

The deadline for comments to the Council on the application is 27th January – You can make your voice heard by going to the following link on the Council website http://w10.hillingdon.gov.uk/OcellaWeb/planningDetails?reference=18736/APP/2015/4457&from=planningSearch

Alternatively, there are a number of petition forms in local shops on West Drayton High Street.

Powerday have been turned down before when they proposed their development of this site – Working together as a community we can make sure they are turned down again