MEP’s call on Trump to dump the Paris climate deal

MEPs call on Trump to dump the Paris climate deal

Posted on April 20

Twenty Members of the European parliament from six EU member-states have written an open letter to President Donald J. Trump calling for early implementation of his campaign pledge to pull the USA out of the Paris Climate Treaty. In their letter, they say that a US withdrawal from the Paris accord “would effectively neuter it, to the benefit of us all”. They applaud the new and more positive approach which President Trump is taking to climate and energy issues, and say they “are pressing for similar policies on this (European) side of the Atlantic”.

They also raise their concerns about the EPA’s “endangerment” finding with regard to CO2, and urge the President to revisit the issue. They argue that the finding “has no sound basis in science, but provides a pretext for damaging and extreme environmental policies”.

Commenting on the letter, UKIP’s Energy Spokesman Roger Helmer, who set up the initiative, said “It is clear that the EU’s extreme green policies are doing huge damage to EU industry and EU competitiveness, and are driving energy-intensive industries out of the EU entirely, taking their jobs and their investments with them. At the same time these policies have a trivial effect on the climate. Billions spent on “green” investments amount to little more than gesture politics and virtue-signalling from politicians spending other people’s money”.

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Cuts to Children’s Services whilst your money goes to the TOWIE set

UKIP Hillingdon Press release – Friday 10th March


For immediate release

Cuts to Children’s services whilst your money goes to the TOWIE set

Much has been written recently about cuts to services that our Conservative Council brand as ‘efficiency savings’

Amongst those ‘savings’ are the closure of two childrens centres and cuts to transport for youngsters  with learning disabilities.

Yet last year, Hillingdon Council paid £273,625.08 for the upkeep of Lee Valley Regional Park Authority in Essex, with a further £255,316.32 budgeted for this year. *
Commenting on this spending, UKIP Hillingdon Chairman Cliff Dixon stated –

“It beggars belief that whilst cutting services to local residents, Hillingdon Council are sending taxpayers money to one of the most wealthy parts of the East of England, made famous by the reality TV show ‘The Only Way is Essex’.

Whilst I am in favour of upkeep of green spaces for the public good, why are Hillingdon taxpayers doing so for areas away from our borough and perfectly capable of funding such incentives for themselves?

I understand that the money has been mandated by an old Act of Parliament, but why have Hillingdon Council not brought this up and why are the three Hillingdon MP’s who can overturn this legislation in the House saying nothing? “

Once again, Hillingdon taxpayers are not getting value for money whilst our Council sit on their hands and wave such spending through

Press Release Ends


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Hillingdon Council – style over substance?

in-touch-charville-oct-2016I was pleasantly surprised on my most recent walk around Charville Ward in Hayes End to see communication from one of our local ward councillors on the doormats of the residents. This is the first time I have seen this outside of election times – obviously the Conservative polls are telling them that they might have a problem from UKIP at the next local elections as we are visible and helping people!

But let us have a look at what they are actually communicating –



Road safety improvements for schools

The leaflet trumpets that the Council are spending £1.7 million installing cameras outside schools to keep yellow lines clear. We are all for anything that improves safety for schoolchildren but if they are so worried then why have they rejected out of hand residents petitions for traffic calming near the school in Swan Road in West Drayton? Indeed, in Charville ward where these leaflets were put out we are still waiting to hear about the traffic calming petition heard in January for Langdale Drive, although we recently thanked them for putting up a camera there under the scheme – it would appear it is for yellow lines and not speeding cars though, hence their reticence in engagement.

The more sceptical might conclude that they are more interested in traffic fines than slowing the traffic down.

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Powerday – a resident raises pertinent questions

Regular visitors to this site will be aware of the ongoing issue in Yiewsley and West Drayton regarding Powerday looking to expand their waste processing plant at The Old Coal Yard.


Residents Associations and local Labour Councillor Jan Sweeting have submitted petitions and organised demonstrations to protest against the possibility with UKIP Hillingdon in full agreement and helping out with the campaign.

Local resident Vladimir Matveev recently submitted a Freedom of Information request after seeing a number of vehicles rolling in to the existing facility, the reply is posted below

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Rumours of our demise have been widely exaggerated

With the media whipping up a frenzy about alleged rifts in UKIP (they have advertising space/newspapers to sell after all), it is business as usual here in Hillingdon.

Residents have again been getting in touch with issues in the area and to this end our teams have been out following up on the streets and trying to improve the local environment.

Road Damage

Cliff canvassing

Last September, our ward rep contacted Hillingdon council about the poor state of the road surface in Goshawk Gardens and Adelphi Crescent, Hayes. The slabs are breaking apart and moving, with the problem exacerbated by the buses that now use the roads – indeed, when buses travel across the slabs the movement can be felt quite violently by anybody standing nearby. This has led to structural damage on a number of houses with plaster cracking and falling off and residents complaining of vibration throughout their houses.

As the road deteriorates, surface noise also increases and many tales of late night disturbance have been relayed.

The Council maintenance team replied in February that a repair had been booked (Ref 4601969/4601978) but no timescale was given. When followed up and the point pressed that a resurface rather than a repair was needed, the maintenance team confirmed that it would only be a repair and no timescale was given.

With the Referendum and GLA elections out of the way, a petition was organised and the team canvassed the area last Sunday (7th August) garnering treble the amount of signatures needed to force the council to address the issue. (Ward rep Cliff Dixon is pictured above with the petition board)

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Powerday – the threat rises again

PowerdayDespite being rejected twice after representations to the council, Powerday are coming back again to try and expand their operations in a residential area of West Drayton.

Below is an update from West Drayton Councillor Jan Sweeting (Lab) that was sent to the Garden City Residents Association, if you are affected then please read and put in your objections

Dear Members and Residents of Yiewsley and West Drayton

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UKIP Hillingdon Press release – Greenbelt


Tory leaflet April 2016
Cllr Dominic Gilham, the Conservative GLA candidate for Ealing and Hillingdon has distributed leaflets in Hillingdon claiming that among the Conservatives’ priorities are ”more good quality homes built in Ealing and Hillingdon on brownfield not Green Belt land”.
Yet 40% of new homes in Conservative council controlled Hillingdon built in the last 2 years have been built on green belt land – this is the THIRD HIGHEST RATE of any local authority in England. This is reported here in the Uxbridge Gazette
Alex Nieora, UKIP’s GLA candidate for Ealing and Hillingdon has commented in response: 
Alex Nieora
‘Speaking as someone who passionately believes in protecting our green belt this is dishonesty from the Conservatives on a flagrant, shameless and disgraceful scale. For their candidate Dominic Gilham to claim that the Conservatives in Hillingdon are prioritising building on brownfield land when the Council they control has the third worst record in the country for building on greenbelt is quite frankly staggering. John Prescott once said: ”The greenbelt is a Labour initiative and we will build on it” – but the Conservatives have put their foot in it through their acts here as well as their words.’

Save our fish – How the EU wrecks industry, fish stocks and puts up your food prices

The independent campaign group Better Off Out are running a month long campaign to highlight how our fishing industry has been severely damaged by the EU, affecting not just the trawler fleet but the support industries and their jobs too. The upshot is an environmental disaster and higher prices too if you enjoy the traditional fish and chip meal.

Britty Brexit and Mad Captain Cod explain what’s happening….

Britty Fish 1_Layout 1

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The Powerday threat returns

During a Council Planning Meeting on 17th December, Powerday once again submitted an application to develop the site of the Old Coal Yard on Tavistock Road in to a waste recycling centre despite it being close to a major area of housing.

A demonstration was arranged earlier today (30th December) by West Drayton ward councillor Jan Sweeting (Lab) where all members of the local community were asked to attend and show our opposition to the scheme. UKIP Hillingdon agree with this stance and were happy to turn up and lend our support to the protest

Powerday demo 3

If the application is successful, we will see Powerday lorries bringing 450,000 tonnes of industrial waste per year in to the heart of our community and further congestion on both Yiewsley and West Drayton High Streets as well as Swan Road.

The deadline for comments to the Council on the application is 27th January – You can make your voice heard by going to the following link on the Council website

Alternatively, there are a number of petition forms in local shops on West Drayton High Street.

Powerday have been turned down before when they proposed their development of this site – Working together as a community we can make sure they are turned down again


UK Flooding – The causes that the Politicians won’t tell you

The news over Christmas has been full of the wet weather conditions wreaking havoc in the North of England and along the Scottish Borders. Whilst the media is full of talk of the cause being down to ‘climate change’ the reality is somewhat different as laid out here by Philip Walling in an article reproduced from The Newcastle Chronicle –

Amid all the devastation and recrimination over the floods in Cumbria hardly anybody mentions one factor that may not be the sole cause, but certainly hasn’t helped.

That is the almost complete cessation of dredging of our rivers since we were required to accept the European Water Framework Directive (EWF) into UK law in 2000.

Hayes Park

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