Trigger Article 50 now

Many of you will be aware of a petition on line to call for a second EU Referendum.

This petition is being heard at Westminster this coming Monday (5th September)


To counter that message and remind the MP’s that the people voted to leave the EU, a demonstration has been arranged by Brendan O’Neill and the Team at Spiked Online entitled ‘Invoke Article 50 now!’. Having already staged a successful picnic at Green Park (Pictured above), we now need to press home the message.

Full details can be found via the following links –

We hope to see you there!


Labour voters supporting UKIP

This is why

Labour’s pro-EU stance is recruitment agent for UKIP

Gisela Stuart, the chair of  Labour Leave, believes that Labour voters will struggle to understand how the party’s leadership can appear to offer tacit support to the austerity policies being visited on peripheral European countries, including Spain and Greece.

As the Greek government legislates for the latest set of tough spending cuts and reforms demanded in return for continuing to receive bailout funds from its eurozone partners, Stuart said: “I find it extraordinary that the left in particular is almost prepared to say: 50% youth unemployment is a price worth paying for EU integration.”

“The southern Mediterranean is in the process of sacrificing an entire generation of their youth for something which may not work.”

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