UKIP’s “Positive message”

We welcome the chance to put UKIP’s positive message to the electorate on June 8

Posted on April 18

Paul.jpgFollowing the Prime Minister’s announcement of a General Election on June 8, UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said: “We welcome the opportunity to take UKIP’s positive message to the country.

“However, we believe that the Prime Minister’s decision to call this election is a cynical decision driven more by the weakness of Corbyn’s Labour Party rather than the good of the country.

“There is also the prospect of a slew of Tory held by-elections caused by the seeming systematic breach of electoral law at the last election, predominantly in places where UKIP were pressing the Conservatives hard.

“We are in the midst of Brexit negotiations so this election will provide a perfect opportunity for the 52% to vote for UKIP the only party wholeheartedly committed to a clean quick and efficient Brexit.”

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Trigger Article 50 now

Many of you will be aware of a petition on line to call for a second EU Referendum.

This petition is being heard at Westminster this coming Monday (5th September)


To counter that message and remind the MP’s that the people voted to leave the EU, a demonstration has been arranged by Brendan O’Neill and the Team at Spiked Online entitled ‘Invoke Article 50 now!’. Having already staged a successful picnic at Green Park (Pictured above), we now need to press home the message.

Full details can be found via the following links –

We hope to see you there!