Gerard Batten says “There are signs that Theresa May intends to betray BREXIT”

At least three Tory ‘eurosceptic’ MEPs have been passed over for a winnable seats at Westminster.

For example, Dan Hannan, Syed Kamall and David Campbell Bannerman were prevented from accepting nominations in seats where local Tories wanted them.

One of them told me last week he had been “shafted” by central office.  All they are being offered are unwinnable Labour safe seats. Why would that be?

The answer is obvious. Mrs May does not want them in Parliament. She does not want them arguing for real Brexit from the front or back benches.

If she were serious she would want their knowledge and experience.

The next two years will reveal how Mrs May will betray the Referendum decision. She intends to deliver a Brexit where we leave the EU in name but not in substance.

Only UKIP will be standing up for a real Brexit – unilateral and unconditional withdrawal!

The six key tests of BREXIT

Unveiled in London this morning…….

What we demand: Six key tests to prove Brexit means Exit

Published Mar 27, 2017


1. The Legal Test: 

Parliament must resume its supremacy of law-making with no impediments, qualifications or restrictions on its future actions agreed in any leaving deal. Britain must wholly remove itself from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. No
undertaking shall be given in the leaving agreement that constrains the UK to being an ongoing member of the European Court of Human Rights.

2. The Migration Test: 

Britain must resume full control of its immigration and asylum policies and border controls. There must be no impediments, qualifications or restrictions agreed to in any leaving deal. We must not be bound by any freedom of movement obligation. The
departure terms must facilitate the Government finally making good on its broken promise to cut net annual net migration to the tens of thousands.

3. The Maritime Test: 

Joining the EEC involved a betrayal of our coastal communities at the behest of a previous Tory prime minister. They must not be betrayed again. Leaving the EU must involve restoring to the UK full maritime sovereignty. The UK must resume complete control of its maritime exclusive economic zone – stretching 200 miles off the coast or to the half-way point between the UK and neighbouring countries. We must ensure that no constraint other than its own physical capacity or the needs of stock preservation or replenishment – as decided upon by the UK Parliament – applies to our fleet. This will give our fishing industry a long overdue chance to recover.

4. The Trade Test: 

The UK must retake its seat on the World Trade Organisation and resume its sovereign right to sign trade agreements with other countries. The UK must have full legal rights to set its own tariff and non-tariff barriers consistent with WTO rules. This means
leaving the EU single market and customs union. Continued tariff-free trade, with no strings attached, may be offered to the EU, but if the EU declines the offer then WTO terms are the acceptable fall-back position. Post departure, both sides will have the ability to further liberalise trade on the basis of mutual gain.

5. The Money Test: 

There must be no final settlement payment to the EU, and no ongoing payments to the EU budget after we have left. We must also reclaim our share of financial assets from entities such as the European Investment Bank, in which it is estimated that some £9bn of UK money is vested.

6. The Time Test: 

Given that David Cameron held the referendum so early in the Government’s term of office, it is clearly reasonable to expect the Brexit process to be completed well before the next General Election. To go into the 2020 election with loose ends left untied or an open-ended transition still in progress would risk plunging the country into a new era of uncertainty and emboldening those who wish to overturn the referendum result. That is unacceptable. So Brexit must be done and dusted before the end of 2019.

The Lord Haw Haws of the EU must Go!

Reproduced from the website of UKIP BREXIT spokesman Gerard Batten MEP which was posted earlier today  

The resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers, the UK Ambassador to the EU, is a positive step forward for Brexit.  He realised his position was untenable and he did the decent thing and resigned.

Next, we need to lose our EU Commissioner Sir Julian King.  If he does not want to resign, Mrs May should reassign him or pension him off.

We don’t need and EU Ambassador and or a Commissioner – what we desperately we need someone interfacing with the EU who actually wants to leave and will get on assisting Brexit and not hindering it.

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2016 – Heroes and Villains

As 2016 draws to a close we can reflect on a year of incredible change and hope.

The BREXIT vote on 23rd June, arguably the biggest event of a generation, will be looked on in future years as a pivotal moment in both English and British history. The government has a duty to ensure that it is carried out swiftly and in a way that ensures prosperity for all members of our society, cementing our place as an outward looking, globally trading and free nation.

The Trump victory against the odds in the USA followed, showing a people tired of the political elites and looking to an alternative who promises to ‘Make America great again’. Time will tell whether this is the beginning of a renaissance or a false dawn, but with Republicans now in charge of the Senate, House of Representatives and the White House they will never have a better chance of turning the fortunes of a once great nation around. Irrespective of whether we agree or disagree with Trump, we can only wish our American cousins well and hope that his business experience brings a better future for all.

In London, we saw UKIP take two seats in the Greater London Assembly (GLA) with the election of Peter Whittle and David Kurten. Both are genuinely nice guys who have made an impact already – expect to see much more in 2017!

Looking back over a momentous year, here are my heroes and zeroes of 2016 in no particular order…..

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BREXIT means exit

The following is a guest post by our London MEP and UKIP BREXIT spokesman, Gerard Batten

The 17.4 million people who voted to leave the European Union on 23rd June 2016 expected that to happen without delay.  But six months later Prime Minister Theresa May has done nothing to make it happen.  What is more she does not intend to do anything for another three months, and even then she will not commit to what Brexit actually means.


We have no reason to trust Theresa May.  She was a Remainer in the Referendum campaign, and had Remain won she would be telling us it was the right decision and in our best interests.  Having been on the losing side, she now finds herself in charge of implementing the winning sides decision.  But instead of outlining her EU exit strategy, she merely mouths the slogan ‘Brexit means Brexit’ without explaining what it means.

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The Supreme Court Case on Article 50

Today is the fourth and final day of the Supreme Court hearing over whether or not the Government has the ability to Trigger Article 50 of The Lisbon Treaty to start the procedure to leave the European Union or whether it has to go to a Parliamentary vote.

The Government argue that they do not need to have a vote and can use The UK Royal Prerogative in light of the Leave vote at the referendum on 23rd June, a position that the High Court has already rejected.

The case, brought by Gina Miller, argues that Parliamentary Democracy needs to be upheld and as such the Government should be accountable – indeed, she has painted herself as somebody who is fighting for our democracy.

With that in mind, it is worth both Ms Miller and the judges looking at the following instances pertaining to the European Union –

1972 – UK Prime Minister Edward Heath used the RP to sign the treaty for the UK to join the European Economic Community (Common Market) without prior UK Parliament approval

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“What part of ‘leave the Single Market’ don’t the Remainers understand?”


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The EU and UKIP agree on the Single Market

Published Dec 06, 2016


Gerard Batten MEP


Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, has confirmed what UKIP has been saying all along: to remain in the Single Market we would have to keep open borders and unlimited mass immigration from the EU.

He said that, “The Single Market and its four freedoms are indivisible. Cherry-picking is not an option.”

Gerard Batten MEP, the UKIP Brexit spokesman responded, “This confirms what the then Prime Minister, David Cameron said in June, “the British public would be voting, if we Leave, to leave the EU and leave the Single Market”.

“We in UKIP had made it plain during the Referendum that to control our borders and immigration we would have to leave the Single Market. But in doing so, like every other non-EU country in the world, we would retain access to the Single Market under WTO rules.

He continued, “What part of ‘leave the Single Market’ don’t the Remainers understand? It is always good to be able to agree with one’s political opponents, and Monsieur Barnier has made it plain that there is no point in long protracted negotiations with the EU that will achieve nothing. We have to leave as quickly as possible!

“David Cameron said on 12th June that, “the British public would be voting, if we Leave, to leave the EU and leave the Single Market”.

“Chair of the Vote Leave campaign, Michael Gove, told the British people that, “we should be outside the Single Market” on 8th May. And George Osborne on behalf of the Remain campaign repeated the same.

“Remaining in the Single Market would mean accepting free movement of people, making large contributions to the EU budget and still being under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

“That is not what the British people voted for.”