What has the EU done for us?

Alex NieoraSent to me today by UKIP Ealing’s Alex Nieora, this piece looks at some of the claims from the Remain side about positive changes to life in the UK brought about by our membership of the EU



Think the EU is responsible for banning roaming charges? Clean beaches? Workers rights? Health & Safety?

Here are the real facts.
In the famous scene from the film “The Life of Brian” The question was: What have the Romans ever done for us? It turned out that all the things citizens took for granted were actually given them by the Romans. In the case of the European Union, however, it’s the other way around. The long list of things that the EU claims to have done for us, were actually done by others.


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BREXIT – What will it mean to your home’s value?

There has been much scaremongering about the aftermath of leaving the EU, including a claim from the government that house prices will suffer.

I received a newspaper from leading local estate agent, Gibbs Gillespie, earlier this week and this is their independent take on the matter – 


On Thursday June 23rd, the nation heads to the polling booths to decide whether or not the UK stays part of The European Union.

It’s been dubbed the “Brexit” debate and both sides of the discussion have plenty to say for their respective points of view.

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“We the people”

The noble words of the American Constitution  turn to dust in our mouths when we consider the complete lack of independence in the anti democratic European Union

We have the power to free ourselves from the shackles of the EU..

And the choice  is ours on June 23rd

And from Guido Fawkes (for whom many thanks)guidofawkes-masthead-transparent (1)



Christine Lagarde is making yet another doom-mongering ‘major intervention’ at 10am, with that €400 million fraud trial still looming over her. The IMF chief will again warn against Brexit during a meeting with Osborne at the Treasury, a geo-political courtesy return favour to the Chancellor, who campaigned hard for her to get the job. Like pretty much every group Remain have wheeled out, the IMF has received funding from the European Commission. Pro-Remain groups which have made referendum interventions have received €160 million from the Commission in the last nine years:

PwC warned leaving would cause a “serious shock” – no kidding, they’re bankrolled by the Commission to the tune of €16 million. LSE say we’re better off Remaining – they certainly are having received €18 million. The WWF says EU membership“benefits our environment” – it benefits theirs by €46 million.

Remain have barely named a group supporting them which hasn’t received huge amounts from the Commission. He who pays the piper…