A message to the voters of Uxbridge & South Ruislip

National and local newspapers said last week that we would not be standing a candidate in Uxbridge & South Ruislip and would be backing Boris as a ‘Brexiteer’. That was never going to happen as not only does Boris have a chequered history on the subject, there are many areas where the Conservatives will do harm to our local community with their policies.

Here, our candidate Elizabeth Kemp explains why…..

My name is Elizabeth Kemp and I would like to offer you a choice in the Uxbridge & South Ruislip constituency.

The Conservative government have made swingeing changes to many areas of the benefits system but at what price?

Are these modifications efficient or cost effective?

Have they shown how these changes have made things better?

Many of these benefits are for those on low wages in vital public services , how can it be right to hit these hard working people? Their use of private companies such as ATOS and Capita have also hit the vulnerable and the disabled.

The Government say they are now for leaving the EU but two thirds of Conservative MP’s, including the Prime Minister herself, backed the Remain side in the Referendum – It was only the electoral threat of UKIP which forced them to hold it in the first place.

We need a strong UKIP presence to watch how they handle the talks and stop them backsliding – already we see the government stating that open door migration will continue for at least five years, that we will remain subject to rulings from the European Court of Human Rights (Hindering us in dealing with criminals and terrorists) and that they wish to keep The European Arrest Warrant, an affront to our civil rights going back as far as the Magna Carta.

UKIP are ready to be a strong opposition – WE are ready to support YOU.

Are any of the other parties?

We have seen a massive increase in the numbers of food banks – WHY?

We are not a poor nation but we have working people that can’t afford to eat while The Prime Minister states that we will continue to spend billions in foreign aid.
Our NHS is over worked and what are they doing to help? We spend money anywhere but on our own services.
As for our defence, it’s been cut over and over – Our armed forces are not given the support and respect needed.

The Police Force face further cuts and have an ever increasing workload – How can they do their job without the man power?

We need to give them the backup and resources they deserve.

These are the priorities we hear from ordinary people on the doorstep – if you elect me as your new MP, I will make them MY priorities too.

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