A message from your candidate for Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner

“Soft Brexit” means fake Brexit. Our vote to leave the EU is in danger of being ignored. It was the most important vote of our lives, and most Tory MP’s did not vote with the majority.

I am the candidate you can trust to make sure that government finally follows the simple instruction given by the British people in last year’s referendum. I have been voting to save Britain from the EU for twenty-five years.

The Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems have conspired for forty-five years to surrender our sovereignty to unelected EU Commissioners on foreign soil.

David Cameron has let slip that the Tories are trying to strengthen their majority in order to deliver fake Brexit. They call it “soft Brexit” to make it sound cuddly, but they mean to keep our borders open to unsustainable levels of immigration. They mean to let foreign courts rule over us. They mean to continue to send your money abroad to pay for corruption and distant schemes we never wanted. They will continue wasting billions on EU vanity projects like HS2 and bureaucratic greed. They have committed to joining an EU army and may surrender our fishing waters.

Locally, the Tory EU policy of mass migration means overcrowding, jammed roads, filthy air, full hospitals and schools, demoralised policing, gang crime, a desperate shortage of housing and cuts to services like children’s centres.

We didn’t vote for any of these things; we voted to Leave.

Your UKIP vote will remind the Tories that any retreat from our vote to Leave will not do. We have been betrayed by politicians for too long. It is time to fight back against this arrogant, protected political class.

Vote UKIP so I can start to give you your country back.

Richard Braine

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