Heathrow Villages Community Notice Board Archive to Oct 14

Both pictures of roads being recycled next week. Summerhouse Lane will take four days.

heathrowvillages notice Bryan smiling - CopyChristine Taylor

  Christine Taylor  and   Bryan Tomlinson 

UKIP Representatives for   Heathrow Villages  


Posted 17th October 2014.
Great news for the residents of Summerhouse Lane and Vineries Close.  We’ve badgered Hillingdon Council into increasing the amount of resurfacing in our neighbourhood and we are seeing positive results in some areas. Summerhouse Lane and Vineries Close.
As part of this year’s road resurfacing programme works are to be carried out next week commencing 20 October 2014. The Council will place notices on the street giving the actual start date. The hours of working will be 8.00am to 4.30pm subject to weather conditions and other unforeseen problems.
This is excellent news for Heathrow Villages and we are fighting to get more roads resurfaced. If you have any concerns regarding these works, please don’t hesitate to contact Hillingdon Council.
Your new councillors promised the resurfacing of Oxford Avenue and as the picture shows, still no sign of any help.
Cranford Cross seems to be forgotten.
Hope you all have a great weekend,


Posted 17th October 2014


British Airways: Heathrow expansion is a ‘lost cause’

Willie Walsh says UK’s political class lacks character to push for third runway at airport.



A plane comes in to land at Heathrow Airport. BA CEO Willie Walsh said that Britain’s political class lacks the character required to push for a third runway. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Heathrow expansion is a “lost cause”, according to the airport’s largest airline, despite a cross-party pledge to make a quick decision on new runways in the next parliament.

Willie Walsh, chief executive of International Airlines Group, the owner of British Airways, said Britain’s political class lacks the character required to push through a policy as controversial as a third Heathrow runway.

“Historically, politicians have not been brave enough and I don’t think they will be brave enough going forward. You need a big shift in the politics of the country,” he said. However, Walsh warned a Conservative or Labour-led government against choosing Gatwick for an extra runway, adding that the case for growing the capital’s second-largest airport is “significantly weaker.”

He said: “The airport does have capacity. You could make a case to build a second runway. The case is significantly weaker – and I don’t care what scale you want to use – than the case you can make to expand Heathrow.” He added that Gatwick did not have the same international attraction. “You won’t find many airlines that say ‘God I’d love to be able to fly to Gatwick’. That’s why this isn’t a business issue, an economic argument. It’s a political argument and the politics of expanding Heathrow are significantly more difficult than the politics of expanding Gatwick.”


Heathrow PR trawling new depths instead of supporting more regional flights.

Heathrow article implies health of Scottish langoustine market depends on 3rd runway ….heathrowexpansion

An article by Bloomberg, put out as part of Heathrow’s attempts to lobby for a new runway, says (I kid you not) that we need a new runway because people have to be able to export Scottish langoustines more easily to Spain and the rest of the world. The claim the Scottish fishermen, who can make plenty of money out of the crustaceans, can’t get the flight connections from Heathrow for their exports.  They claim this high value product is vital for the UK economy, however unsustainable it is to air freight shell fish half way around the globe.  However, the Scottish langoustine exporters have managed quite adequately to use connections via Schiphol – from Inverness – rather than Heathrow. Heathrow cut many of its flights to regional airports, as more profit can be made from long haul flights elsewhere. The   Bloomberg article is largely written for them by  Heathrow, so trots out a lot of half truths and spin.  Not impressive for the local people who  have recently had their peace destroyed by a concentrated flight path trial – one symptom of which was the meeting attended by 1,000 + people in Ascot, leaving Heathrow in no doubt at all about their opposition to a new runway.

London’s Runway Crisis Puts Pinch on Langoustine Export

Restaurants from Spain to Hong Kong clamour for mini-lobsters caught off northern Scotland.

For the fishermen who sell the langoustines live for almost $30 a pound, there’s one problem: London’s overstretched airports don’t offer the flight connections needed to get the crustaceans fresh to the markets where demand is surging.

“It’s a logistical nightmare,” said Ben Murray, managing director at Keltic Seafare, Scotland’s biggest shellfish supplier. “If there was a secure network to the Asias and Dubais of this world from the Highlands it would open up all sorts of options.”

His travails encapsulate the economic stakes for Britain as Prime Minister David Cameron pushes for increased exports and less reliance on the financial industry. Few assets are more important in meeting those goals than a state-of-the-art airport, and London’s Heathrow hub falls short, adding urgency to officials’ expansion plans.

“Low-weight and high-value products like lobster or computer chips have become the modern incarnation of the 17th-century tulip,” said Adie Tomer, a senior researcher at the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program in Washington, D.C. “There is a lot at stake in attracting that freight and making sure it doesn’t rot on the tarmac.”

Missing Link

The problem for exporters is that Heathrow, Europe’s busiest airport, is already at its limits. Increasing capacity by adding a third runway is controversial because it’s enveloped by urban sprawl. Growing Gatwick, London’s No. 2 airport, could dilute benefits of a single hub that make more routes viable, the Confederation of British Industry says.

Now Keltic Seafare delivers 35,000 kilos (77,162 pounds) of fresh langoustines a year to Spain, Europe’s biggest seafood market, via Amsterdam. There are no flights from the local Inverness airport to Heathrow.

Murray said Asian exports would become possible with the restoration of Heathrow services, which ended in 2008 when the former British Midland pulled out of the Scottish route.

Heathrow has flights to just seven other U.K. airports, down from 12 a decade ago as carriers led by British Airways (IAG) assign scarce operating slots to more profitable inter-continental services. Amsterdam’s Schiphol, by contrast, serves 27 U.K. cities including Exeter in southwest England and Durham in the north, as well as Inverness, where KLM passenger planes collect Murray’s cargo.

Cheers, Bryan



Posted 16th October 2014

Please note today’s police mobile drop in centre outside Harlington Co-Op.

Heathrow Villages Safer Neighbourhoods team
Our team consists of police officers and police community support officers (PCSOs) and we are dedicated to making your neighbourhood a safer place to live in, work in and visit. We listen and talk to you, and find out what affects your daily life and feelings of security. Our priorities are then set by the local community and we work with you and other agencies to find a lasting solution.

You can contact us via e-mail or phone. As part of the policing pledge we will respond to every message directed to us within 24 hours. However, we are not a 24-hour response team, so if it is an emergency please call 999.

For more information about local policing visit the main Safer Neighbourhoods section.


  • Anti Social Behaviour – Drugs
  • Burglary
  • Theft from motor vehicles


  • Motor vehicle crime
  • Drug dealing and using

Meet the team

Inspector David Georgeinspector David George

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PC Daljinder Bassi

PCSO Lindsey Prior

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Please support our friends in Colnbrook by attending their meeting

THIS MONDAY. October 20 We’re all in it together.

Public Meeting to discuss Heathrow Expansionheathrowexpansion

OCTOBER 20 @ 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Event Navigation
The Colnbrook Community Association has just announced a public meeting set for Monday, October 20, to discuss Heathrow expansion options and their impact on Colnbrook.

Heathrow Terminal 2 opened in June. Heathrow Airport and Heathrow Hub will be discussing the merits of their proposals for a Terminal 6 in a week’s time.

The long awaited public meeting follows the Davies Commission’s shortlisted options published on December 17, 2013.

It says representatives will be at the meeting from both Heathrow and Heathrow Hub.

The meeting will take place at St Thomas’ Church. An exhibition will begin at 5pm with a Q&A session from 7pm.

Tell your friends and neighbours and help get the word out in time!
Cheers, Bryan
Stop Heathrow Expansion.


Can you help give police information on the latest crime to hit our villages?


At some time between Monday evening and Tuesday morning (14th October) there was a theft at Moor Lane Allotment site.  This was not a bag of lovingly-grown veg, which would have been bad enough, but the large metal gates to the entrance!


Now everything on the site is at risk from further theft or vandalism.  What on earth are we coming to when local residents cannot even enjoy a productive hobby without becoming the victims of crime?


If you saw any suspicious activity or vehicles near the Allotment Site on Moor Lane around the time in question, please ring the Police on 101.



Posted 15.10.14



———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Robert Barton” <secretary@cranfordparkfriends.org>
Date: 14 Oct 2014 17:59
Subject: Fwd: Thames21 Hillingdon Events 18th and 19th October

Cranford Park is part of the Big Tidy Up (a nationwide campaign by Keep Britain Tidy) this Saturday (Oct. 18th) 10am – 12 noon. Please join this friendly community litter-pick if you can. See our committee member Billy Coburn’s message below which gives details on this and related events.

The Secretary

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Billy Coburn <billy.coburn@thames21.org.uk>
Date: Fri, Oct 10, 2014 at 8:12 PM
Subject: Thames21 Hillingdon Events 18th and 19th October
To: Billy Coburn <billy.coburn@thames21.org.uk>
Hello All,


A large selection of events are taking place on the weekend of the 18th and 19th of October.


Firstly we are going to be at Cranford Park as part of the ‘Big Tidy Up’.  This is an event suitable for all and no experience necessary.  If you would like to do some good for the environment at south Hillingdon’s Premier Park, please come and all help is welcome.

Starting Location: Cranford Park Information Centre @10am on Saturday October 18th. Further details can be found, http://www.thames21.org.uk/event/cranford-park-hayes-hillingdon-the-big-tidy-up/


The next event is going to be straight after the above at Cranford Park. Starting at the information Centre again but at 12:15pm on Saturday October 18th. We are going to be completing the Riverfly Monitoring Survey. If you have an interest in the natural environment, this is a great way to learn some identification skills and find out the pressures of pollution on the River Crane. This event will be catered for all ages and families are encouraged to come and attend. Full details, http://www.thames21.org.uk/event/river-fly-monitoring-river-crane-cranford-park-hayes-hillingdon/


If the river fly monitoring interests you, you may also be interested in the following, http://www.getwestlondon.co.uk/news/local-news/vince-cable-chair-meeting-addressing-7904327 Vince Cable will be chairing a public meeting regarding pollution on the River Crane. Please RSVP for the night with the organisers (link is in the article) and if you wish to ask a question on the night you have to post it beforehand. The meeting is going to be taking place October 31st 7-8pm at Whitton Community Centre. I am not the person organising this event so please do not email me saying you wish to attend.



The last event over the weekend is taking place on the Grand Union Canal, Hayes. We are going to be doing a litter pick of the area which is greatly needed as well as cutting back vegetation to increase visibility on the Grand Union Canal. The event is going to be starting at ‘Western View’ at 10:30am on Sunday 19th October and full details are, http://www.thames21.org.uk/event/hayes-hillingdon-grand-union-canal-clean-up-3/


Regarding the plantation and work taking place at Western View, thank you to everyone who emailed me back with their input. I am going to be presenting the information to the Hillingdon Canals Partnership on Friday 17th October.


I am looking for 6 groups to volunteer 2 hours twice per year as a team building day during the weekend or weekday. The aim is to help look after this area by the Grand Union canal, Hayes as it is in desperate need of more long term support. My funding, kindly given by the Hillingdon Community Trust, is going to be ending in September 2015. Thames21 has a training course, Leading a Waterways Clean Up,  which is free and some people in your organisation can put the qualification on their CV as  team management and leadership skills. It will also mean your organisation is fully insured to do such events on any waterway, something which you could add to your sustainability policy even as a Non-Government Organisation. Details of the training course can be found, http://www.thames21.org.uk/training-details/




Posted 14th October 2014.
The Cranford Agreement has ended but easterly takeoffs towards Cranford cannot commence fully until the Northern Runway gets extra taxiways and a holding area at the Longford end.
Longford residents will suffer from  85+ decibels and excessive pollution near the revving up point at the start of the take-off run.
Cranford Cross and Harlington residents will suffer extreme noise and vibration as aircraft use high engine thrust to lift up towards London. On some days and weeks there will be no respite for residents living within earshot of the Northern Runway.
This all shows how ridiculous it is to even think of increasing flights at Heathrow.
Once again, the residents of Heathrow Villages will find their lives deteriorating due to unlawful levels of noise and air pollution. Heathrow have been clever to place any noise and air quality monitoring equipment away from the noisiest and worst polluted parts of our villages and once an aircraft is airborne,  Heathrow will not compensate us for the damage done by their industry against our health.
Heathrow are offering us nothing except a ridiculously small noise abatement wall at the Longford end so I support Ray Puddifoot Hillingdon Council refusing Heathrow’s Planning Application.
I suggest we all send comments to The Planning Inspectorate (address on the attached letter) towncountryexplaining why we will suffer life threatening breathing problems and stress mental health issues if Heathrow start easterly take offs.
While you are at it, add the need for a 10 metre noise abatement wall along the whole length of the Northern Runway at the Perimeter Road and the relocation of air and noise pollution monitoring equipment.
Cheers, Bryan


Posted 13th October 2014.
Email forwarded to Douglas Carswell MP, House of Commons, Westminster,  SW1 .
Dear Mr. Carswell,
Congratulations on your Clacton win and your friends at UKIP Hillingdon were really pleased to come along and help in your successful by-election campaign.
We are a broad church at UKIP and have members from across the political spectrum. Our branch has members that were Tory Councillors and others that have been union reps. The trick is to not come out with dopey remarks that antagonise your own members and colleagues and cause us problems.
For instance,  some of the worst things to say you support is greedy corporate fascists such as Goldman Sachs or that you agree with the tax avoidance of companies such as Google. It’s also not very clever to talk up cheap foreign workers that are using unfair competition and bribery to undercut British tradesmen and women.
You did all of these when you laughingly said that UKIP were the Uber of British politics. You could not have been more wrong if you tried.
Uber are the unacceptable face of Establishment politics and corporations.  They offer nothing to our country except lower and lower wages while the British taxpayers subsidise their drivers with welfare top-ups. Uber cream off 20% of all earnings, run the profit overseas and pay no tax in the UK. Uber use their powerful lobbyists and legal representatives to frighten licensing authorities into submission. Uber use the EU’s and third world unemployed who are desperate and will work for peanuts.
UKIP are the black cabs of politics.heathrowtaxis

Black cab drivers and UKIP are independent, reliable, trustworthy, honourable, pragmatic,  patriotic,  self financing and able to solve problems and overcome adversity on a daily basis.
London’s taxi drivers just want a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. We are constantly undermined by the Establishment political cartel and we expect better from our own UKIP representatives.
We didn’t ride around London in all weathers for 2/3/4/5 years on a moped  learning The Knowledge to be disrespected by our first elected MP.
I’ve taken a bit of flak over this and hope you will send an email to the LTDA and let us know that we can rely on you and UKIP can rely on us.
Thank you Douglas and once again, well done on your re-election.
Yours sincerely,
Bryan Tomlinson


Posted 13th October 2014.
Below are the planning applications in Heathrow Villages ward received by Hillingdon Council between 01-10-14 and 12-10-14 .

27376/TRE/2014/135 75
To carry out tree surgery, including the cutting back of branches to the boundary line, to one Horse Chestnut (T9) on TPO 30.

SNOWBASE EASTERN PERIMETER ROAD HEATHROW AIRPORT Submission of details pursuant to consideration 1 (Gas Protection Measures) and 2 (Contamination watching brief) of GPDO Consultation ref: 45151/APP/2014/1805.

2C CAMBRIDGE CLOSE HARMONDSWORTH UB7 0AN Single storey side extension involving demolition of existing attached garage (Application for a Certificate of Lawful Development for a Proposed Development)
If any of these planning applications affect you please search www.hillingdon.gov.uk/planningsearch .
Cheers,  without prejudice,


Posted 13th October 2014.
When I first read this I thought the Conservatives or Labour were doing a public meeting.

Warning: Zombies in Hayes
In a city ruled by the undead, the story twists and turns via a series of breathtaking circus acts to a flaming, apocalyptic climax

Perfectly normal day on the Uxbridge Road in Hayes.
Why did the zombie cross the road? To get to the Beck Theatre, of course.

Britain’s Got Talent sensations, The Circus OF Horrors, will be in town for one night of the living dead only, on Monday, November 3 at the theatre in Grange Road, Hayes , for a blood-soaked romp through the zombielands of a fantasy London, circa 2020.

In a city ruled by the undead, the story twists and turns via a series of breathtaking circus acts to a flaming, apocalyptic climax, driven by a powerful rock accompaniment of Dr Haze and the Interceptors From Hell.

Tickets cost from £15-£25, with booking fee where applicable. Go to becktheatre.org.uk


From: Bryan Tomlinson
Sent: Sunday, 12 October 2014 15:10
To: ukiphillingdon@tiscali.co.uk




Dear All

An excellent event by the residents of Heathrow Villages showing true community spirit. The WW1 film was an excellent production and we would recommend it. More details on where you can see/ purchase the film will be available soon.

This event was partnered with S.H.E (Stop Heathrow Expansion); S.H.E representatives will be doing a presentation explaining why residents have no option but to vigorously fight this latest set of expansion plans.

There is another showing if the film tonight at 7.30 so come and see it for yourself!


Nice to see the Labour Councillors turning up to the Stop Heathrow Expansion community event.labcounctea

We want local politicians to put that cup of tea and bit of cake down and really get involved. This isn’t just a photo opportunity, this is a life or death situation for Heathrow Villages and we need leafleting and, at a later date, direct action.

Your local Conservative, Labour and UKIP representatives need to meet up and plan a strategy of co-operation against Back Heathrow and Heathrow Airport.

I’m in,





Posted 13th October 2014


I will be contacting Lindsey Prior to get more up to date information on burglaries in Heathrow Villages. warnings like this should be available for all burglaries in our community.

Forewarned is forearmed.



Unfortunately there has been an attempted garage burglary on Hatch Lane which took place on the 7th of October 2014 between 2045 – 2055 hours. Also Zealand Avenue have had a residential burglary where entry was gained through the front door on the 3rd of October 2014 between 1730 – 2330 hours, if any one has information please pass on our number.  






Lindsey Prior

PCSO 7160 XH

Safer Neighbourhood Team 

Heathrow Villages

Metropolitan Police Hillingdon


( Phone:          07917013238 / 0203761265

( Metphone:    711265

2 Fax:              02032761266

:  E-mail:          Lindsey.j.prior@met.pnn.police.uk

+ Mail:             HEATHROW POLICE Station, POLAR PARK SNT, UB7 0DG



Posted 12th October 2014.

This link in The New Statesman offers support for the Stop Heathrow Expansion campaign.                       http://www.newstatesman.com/2014/10/hub-argument-frankly-it-s-wrong


Posted 11th October 2014.
A bit of good news for residents living next to the field between West End Lane and New Road.

No more motorbikes and rubbish tipping because Harlington School have claimed ownership and locked the gates.
Cheers, Bryan


Posted 11th October 2014.
We had a great morning delivering Thank You UKIP leaflets and community newspapers in Harlington.

I suggest that Labour and Conservative Councillors and supporters also deliver THIRD RUNWAY NEWS in their own wards.
Cheers, Bryan .


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Robert Barton” <secretary@cranfordparkfriends.org>
Date: 7 Oct 2014 19:08
Subject: October in Cranford Park

The ‘Autumn Leaf Colour Show’ has begun in the park! Also, this Sunday (Oct. 12) it’s the last scheduled opening of the Secret Garden this year (10am to 12 noon). Please come to meet the volunteers, lend a hand in and around the Macmillan garden, or have a look at our well and vine. It’s situated next to the stables and there are free refreshments for volunteers, tools provided.

On Saturday October 18 (10am-12 noon) Cranford Park is taking part in The Big Tidy Up, a nationwide event. Help us make it the area’s tidiest park – it will be fun and it’s cheaper than going to the gym. Tabards, Wombles stickers, bags and litter pickers supplied to volunteers. Please contact Alison Shipley (AShipley@hillingdon.gov.uk) if you are interested or just turn up. Meet by car park, TW5 9RZ.

On Wed. October 29 (10am – 12 noon): Become a Hallowe’en brickmaker at half term! Your chance to be a Victorian brickie, just like those who used to work around Hayes and Stockley.

Location Stable Courtyard, Cranford Countryside Park, TW5 9RZ. Free, advance booking required. Suitable for children age 5 upwards.

Come along and hand make a clay brick using traditional methods, which will contribute to the London’s Foundations heritage project.  Make a souvenir Halloween clay decoration, and a Victorian toy to take home.  Have your photo taken as a Victorian brick worker, and learn more about this local industry. Contact Dhush Selvarajah: dhush.selvarajah@groundwork.org.uk  07718043105

(Cranford Park Friends/ Groundwork / LB Hillingdon Green Spaces joint event)


The Secretary.

www.cranfordparkfriends.org    Find Cranford Park Friends on Facebook


Posted 7th October 2014.
Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via the Street Champions scheme.
Another day…….Another mattress.cranfordlanemattress
This bed has been dumped on Cranford Lane in the usual area near the No Fly Tipping sign. Apologies for the picture quality but it was taken very early this morning.
I’m no detective but the Hounslow end of Cranford Lane has CCTV and no mattresses while the Hillingdon end of Cranford Lane has no CCTV and frequent fly tipping
Answers in an email to Hillingdon Council please.
Cheers, Bryan


S.H.E. are mobilising to protect our community from destruction by Heathrow’s foreign owners.

We all need to learn how bad Heathrow expansion will be for our villages as well as for the hundreds of thousands of people living under flightpaths in London and the South East.

The S.H.E. website provides the important information you need so please visit our friends at www.stopheathrowexpansion.co.uk



Welcome to S.H.E.

Many residents will be looking at this website for the first time having received one of our leaflets, seen a lamppost sign or read coverage in the press. Welcome.

After a slow start, the Stop Heathrow Expansion campaign is shifting gear and preparing for its official launch in November, preceded by a couple of events to introduce ourselves to local residents.

The two events will take place in St Mary’s Church Hall in Harmondsworth on Friday 10th October. As well as a presentation explaining why residents have no option but to vigorously fight this latest set of expansion plans, there will be an opportunity to ask questions.  The running order includes the first screening of the film shot during this summer’s WW1 commemoration, “Harmondsworth Remembers”. This is a professionally-made film that runs for approximately 30 minutes.

During the afternoon session (at 2pm) there will be a chance for some tea and cake, while the evening session (7.30pm) will have wine too.  Spaces are limited so please just attend one of the sessions to ensure we can fit everyone in.

Both events will follow the same format but HACAN spokesman John Stewart will be a special guest at the evening event.

See you there.








Copied from my Facebook page·

What’s that smell wafting over from the airport ?
Is it tyres burning when landing ? YES.
Is it aircraft fuel ? YES.
Is it corporate bullsh*t ? DEFINITELY !!!!!


Three in five MPs back new runway at Heathrow, new poll suggests

Heathrow hails Ipsos MORI survey but protest group HACAN says the shortage of poltiicians responding means it counts for little

getwestlondon.co.uk|By Robert Cumber



  • Another crooked survey from Heathrow.
  • Only 82 out of 650 MPs support a Third Heathrow Runway..
  • UKIP are against Heathrow expansion
  • Aircraft at Heathrow are only 82% full on average.

Nearly three in five MPs back a third runway at Heathrow, according to the results of a new poll.

Of the MPs responding to Ipsos MORI’s summer survey, published yesterday (Sunday, September 8), 58 per cent said they supported a new landing strip at Heathrow.

That was more than four times as many as the 13 per cent who said a second runway at Gatwick was the best option for solving the issue of hub airport capacity in the UK.

Of the remainder, eight per cent supported a Thames estuary airport, which was last week ruled out by the Airports Commission , four per cent wanted a longer northern runway at Heathrow and 13 per cent said no action was needed. The other four per cent said they didn’t know.

Of those backing a third runway, 91 per cent said they thought it would get parliamentary approval.

Heathrow today hailed the findings of the summer survey, which sought MPs’ views on a wide range of issues, claiming it ‘exploded the myth’ a third runway was politically undeliverable.

The airport’s chief executive John Holland-Kaye, said: “There is growing momentum and support for a third runway at Heathrow. This week alone, Britain’s biggest business organisation – the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) – has come out in support of a hub airport; the Airports Commission has said it recognises the need for a hub airport but has ruled out a new airport in the Thames Estuary; and now this poll shows MPs back a third runway at Heathrow as the best solution for the UK.”

However, anti-Heathrow expansion campaign group HACAN said the poll counted for little as only 143 MPs, or just over a fifth of the 650 sitting in parliament, had responded.

HACAN chairman John Stewart said: “Very little can be read into this poll.  Only 143 out of 650 MPs were polled.  Of those that were asked just 84 supported Heathrow expansion.  That is far from a groundswell of support for a third runway.”





You are invited to the first showing of the WW1 film recorded in Harmondsworth on 10th July 2014,

at 2 p.m. and at 7.30 p.m. in St Mary’ Church Hall Harmondsworth on Friday 10th October 2014



The film is approximately 30 mins long.


There will also be a presentation from Stop Heathrow Expansion ( S.H.E.) The local residents group campaigning against Heathrow Expansion.  Come and talk to them about your fears or express your concerns.


S.H.E. represents residents living around Heathrow directly effected by expansion. 


Refreshments will be available.

Cheers, Bryan


Posted 3rd October 2014.

Why not click on the link and find out what is happening close to your home ?

There is a link to the crime figures for the previous year.

It shows that only 3.76% of crimes ended in either prison, a fine, community sentence, compensation or a penalty notice.




From: Police.uk
Sent: ?Friday?, ?3? ?October? ?2014 ?02?:?04
To: fixedfareflyers@gmail.com


New data for your area has been published on Police.uk.

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

July 2014 August 2014
All crime 151 151
Anti-social behaviour 41 31
Bicycle theft 2 1
Burglary 7 17
Criminal damage and arson 8 4
Drugs 5 2
Other crime 2 2
Other theft 19 15
Possession of weapons 1 0
Public order 12 8
Robbery 1 2
Shoplifting 2 4
Theft from the person 2 1
Vehicle crime 11 19
Violence and sexual offences 38 45

Please visit http://www.police.uk/shape/ccPn5L/ for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.

Unsubscribe from these emails.

The information and statistics displayed in this email are for information purposes only and may be subject to change.
Although care is taken when processing and analysing the data, the detail is subject to the inaccuracies inherent in any large-scale recording system.
While the figures shown have been checked as far as practicable, they should be regarded as approximate.


Posted 3rd October 2014.
Forwarded to Hillingdon Council Planning Department.
Fishy Business did not receive planning consent but the owners are starting work on the restaurant.harlingtonfishybu1
Can the Planning Department do a site visit or contact the owner ?harlingtonfishybus2
A local expert reckons the owner will ignore Hillingdon Council and open the restaurant.  The owner will appeal the Planning Department’s decision and keep trading.
Who controls Planning and Development in the Borough of Hillingdon, shop owners or Hillingdon Council ?
We’re about to find out.
Cheers, Bryan


Good afternoon Sir,
My name is Bryan Tomlinson and I’m one of the UKIP reps in Heathrow Villages.
I’m really sorry to hear that your dad is worried about the refugees and foreign ponces hanging around Longford. I’m worried too as it is unfair to make Longford an open prison for new arrivals and a real prison for the vulnerable British residents.
I witnessed lots of men hanging around Old Bath Road when I recently leafletted the area. Speaking to other long term residents it appears that the multi occupancy houses are being used as short term lets until the new arrivals are bussed to other parts of the country. A resident has confirmed this by chatting with one of their coach drivers.
I don’t know whether these people are arrivals at Heathrow or on release from Harmondsworth Detention Centre but if they have no funds and nowhere to live they should be leaving the country, not living in Longford and definitely should not be a burden on our mismanaged economy.
We cannot afford to look after our own people so we should have no qualms about not looking after the rest of the world.
I’m not surprised that the old fashioned Establishment political parties haven’t replied to you. This disgraceful betrayal of the residents of Longford is their fault. Conservatives,  Labour and LibDems are all supporters of mass immigration and Longford has been sacrificed to house them.
You should start harrassing the Hillingdon Councillors,  Council Leaders and MPs as often as possible and I would like to hear their replies. I can’t see anything changing until we have sensible Britons in positions of authority and start kicking out the anti British Conservatives,  Labour and LibDems.
That’s why I joined UKIP and encourage every like minded person to get involved themselves. Helping UKIP is actually helping yourself and your family and friends. Don’t get mad, get even.
We have a regularly updated blog, internet search….Heathrow’s Villages Community Notice Board and I have a Facebook page, Bryan Arlington Heathrow Villages,  if you want to find out what’s going on locally.
I wish your father and yourself the best of British luck.
Cheers,  Bryan.


LBH civic services

Dear Villagers,
Planning is another area in which our community suffers due to greedy entrepreneurs and lack of enforcement.  Houses of Multiple Occupancy,  beds in sheds and too many absent or rogue landlords can have a very detrimental affect on neighbouring homes.
It’s down to everyone to keep an eye on planning applications that could affect them. The link below is the Planning Search page and it is easy to use. If you have a reference number you’re laughing but if not just put Heathrow Villages in the WARD BOX and a date a month ago and yesterday’s date in the RECEIVED BOX. This will get you to a list of planning applications in our community. Good luck !!!                                             http://planning.hillingdon.gov.uk/OcellaWeb/planningSearch
If anything looks dodgy or contentious we will look into it with you if you contact,bryanukiphillingdon@outlook.com  before the consultation period ends. We can win this fight but we have to be vigilant.
Heathrow Villages Elected Planning Forum.


Posted 2nd October 2014.
Dear Neighbours,
If you still believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa and that Labour are the party for the British working class, please watch this short video.
As Mr. Smilie so eloquently says, “If the grandson of a co-founder of The Labour Party can leave them and join UKIP, so can you”.
Had enough of Establishment wars, bores and corporate whores ???

Blair Smillie great grandson of the Labour party co-founder Robert Smillie has joined UKIP


This is a non political message and the politics, if any, of the youngsters involved isn’t known.

I just thought it was a really nice thing for them to do.

Thank you to them all.

Cranford parkfriends

Well done to the 65 teenage volunteers from The Challenge who spent a day at Cranford Park clearing invasive vegetation from historic features, litter picking and conducting a survey. Thanks too to the members of Cranford Park Friends who got them organised. There is lots of work still to do!





Posted 2nd October 2014


With some selfish MPs and Councillors in Slough and Windsor supporting 3rd and 4th Heathrow Runways it’s time they accepted their share of the Heathrow Expansion plans.

Why don’t they have the incinerator and flood pit in their areas ?


How Will Proposed Heathrow Expansion Plan Affect Pollution Levels? – Sep 30 2014 03:53 PM – Breaking News – Pollution Solutions Online



It’s only fair.

Cheers, Bryan

Stop Heathrow Expansion.







Posted 2nd October 2014.

If you’re reading this webpage and support a 3rd and 4th Runway at Heathrow spare a thought for the innocent villagers of Sipson.

The map shows the intended new boundary which will signal the death of Sipson Village. sipsonvillagedeathofThe economic guesswork and financial fantasies of Heathrow Airport do not justify the removal of thousands of British people from their homes.



Thank you to Cliff Dixon, UKIP PPC for Hayes & Harlington.


Posted 2nd October 2014.

Dear neighbours,

Please use the link below to let our council’s ASBIT Dept. know what your priorities are.

Cheers, Bryan


Sent from Windows Mail


From: Customer Engagement
Sent: ?Wednesday?, ?1? ?October? ?2014 ?12?:?00


Dear Resident


The Safer Hillingdon Partnership would like to consult with residents about what their new policing behaviour priorities should be and the Council would like to consult residents about their satisfaction with the Council’s Anti-social Behaviour Investigations Team.


As a resident that has reported anti-social behaviour to the Council’s Anti-social Behaviour Investigations Team I am contacting you to give you the opportunity to provide your views.


Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


For more information and to complete the survey please click on the link below.


The survey closes at 17:00 on 31st October 2014.




Kind regards


Kim Jones

Customer Engagement Team

T: 01895 250270

E: customerengagement@hillingdon.gov.uk

Address: Civic Centre 3E/02, High Street, Uxbridge UB8 1UW


Posted 1st October 2014.

Richard Barnes, author of the report on the 7/7 London Bombings and the former Deputy Mayor under Boris Johnson, has joined UKIP.

Mr Barnes said: “I am delighted to join a party that says what it does and does what it says. My main reason for joining the party is its wholehearted opposition to the HS2 railway project that was always an expensive bung to the marginal seats in the Midlands, but is a £50 billion white elephant that will have virtually no impact on the vast majority of train users, but will drain transport coffers”.

“UKIP talks to, listens to and speaks for the ordinary men and women of this country in a way that the other parties just cannot grasp. On issues such as education, taxation, immigration and of course the European Union it is UKIP that is speaking for the majority.”

The Hillingdon Conservatives are in disarray. They cannot find any local residents to stand for them in Heathrow Villages,  no one was good enough to fight the seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip in next year’s General Election and now local Conservative grandees such as Mr. Barnes are leaving their old tired elitist Tories and joining The People’s Army.
A great welcome to Richard Barnes and we also welcome any Labour or Conservative voters that wish to join us and become Freedom Fighters to protect our nation from Establishment misrule.
Cheers, Bryan.


Posted 29th September 2014
Who will win the Hillingdon Council Blame Game ?
Good morning neighbours,
Regular readers will be aware of the constant problem of flytipping across Heathrow Villages.
Two of the worst flytipping spots are outside the Harlington Hospice Shop at weekends and at Pinglestone Close, Sipson, in the days before the dustmen arrive.
We know where it’s happening,  when it’s happening and even why it’s happening. What we demand is CCTV to stop it happening. Mattresses are not arriving via the 140 bus, they are being dumped from a vehicle, so CCTV will pick up the vehicle registration number.
We have been informing the current Labour Councillors and we informed the ex Conservative Councillors at every opportunity but nothing has been done.
We have emailed the Conservative Hierarchy at the Civic Centre but have been told by Councillor Bianco that only Conservative areas get ‘looked after’ and Councillor Yarrow says we shouldn’t have voted in Labour. Conservative hangers-on such as Dominic Gilham haven’t even replied.
We’ve emailed Hillingdon Labour Party and received no reply while our Labour Councillors say it’s the Conservatives fault.
So Conservatives blame us and Labour blame Conservatives.
Voting for these parties is a real waste of a vote. If they are not prepared to help us then why bother standing for election ? How many chances do these self serving party placements need before we all see the light ?
I guarantee,  UKIP Heathrow Villages wouldn’t have put up with this nonsensical blame game. I also guarantee that if our petition works and the CCTV does arrive, Conservatives and Labour will be pushing Heathrow Villagers out of the way to get their picture taken.
We would have had CCTV put in weeks ago.
Cheers, Bryan
Campaign To Clean Up Heathrow Villages



Posted 29th September
A non political message from the community.
Dear All,
A big thank you for all the support given to the Macmillan coffee morning last Friday 26th Sep at The Crown Harmondsworth . We raised £577.40 which included a £100 donation from St. Mary’s Church. Special thanks to Ian at the Crown for making and providing all the tea/coffee and lending us his garden, residents who turned up with cakes and those who donated raffle prizes.
It was a great couple of hours and residents from across the villages were able to enjoy the sunny weather and have a good chat.
Thank you.


Posted 29th September 2014.
The Heathrow Third Runway Involves Corporate Killing (TRICK)  Consultation will be making its final stop in Heathrow Villages this Wednesday.
Please visit Sipson Community Centre on Sipson Way between 2pm and 9pm.sipsoncommunity
Don’t forget that Nigel Milton is the smiling face of Heathrow’s PR machine. He’s an ‘I’m alright Jack’ happy to see our community wiped out.
See you there.
Cheers, Bryan


Your UKIP Heathrow Villages representatives have been involved in important  Stop Heathrow Expansion volunteering this weekend so we’ve instructed the Labour Councillors to knock on doors in Sipson on our behalf.

I trust that Councillors Money, Nelson and Khatra were honest enough to mention that UKIP Heathrow Villages got this campaign going. This is all about our representative democracy and not a small minded party political issue.

We have previously reported on the closure of the polling station in Sipson. At present, your polling station is at the Sipson Christian Fellowship, Sipson Lane.sipsonpollingstn The Conservative council are proposing changes that would make it much harder for some local residents to vote in elections. If their proposals are accepted, Sipson residents would need to travel all the way to Cherry Lane School in West Drayton to cast their vote.

UKIP Heathrow Villages and our community are concerned that their only option will be to drive to the new location. Public transport from Blunts Ave will include the following steps. First there will be a 1.2 mile walk to the Sipson Way bus stop, the resident will then have to wait for the 222 bus which can be anything up to 20 minutes, the journey will take 18 minutes to Maxwell Road in  West Drayton and then a further 10 minute walk to the polling station – this whole journey will then have to be repeated on the way to back to their home – We find this absolutely ridiculous and something that will put people of voting.

Currently 901 residents are registered to vote in the Sipson polling station. Not all persons will obviously be using public transport to travel to the new polling station, however the elderly who have a right for a democratic vote and all other residents are more likely to vote in the elections if the polling station is nearby. Whilst some persons are happy to go for a postal vote there are many residents who want to vote for them selves, this obviously includes the elderly and those with disabilities etc.

In Heathrow Villages there was a 32.2% voter turnout for 2014 which is a relatively average number when compared with other wards throughout the borough and even the country. There has overall been a low turnout in the local elections and moving the polling stations further away can only contribute to this. There is no positive reason for this polling station to be moved further way. Residents should be encouraged to vote and this can only deter them.

The council is accepting comments on the proposals from residents and we would urge you to have your say – don’t let the Tories take your polling station away.

Representations can be made in writing (before 30th September) to:

London Borough of Hillingdon – Electoral Services? Civic Centre ?High Street ?Uxbridge, UB8 1UW
or by email at electoralservices@hillingdon.gov.uk



The rubbish bins between The White Hart Pub and Harlington Corner are constantly overflowing with rubbish and we have been constantly complaining on behalf of our community. We didn’t get very far with the Labour councillors as they continually blame the Conservatives and us residents are always stuck between tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber.

Currently the bins are only emptied once a week and this frequency needs to be increased along with street sweeping. Our understanding from previous emails from the Council have stated that litter collection on communal bins are done once a week and are implemented into the plan on a need-by-need basis. As you know, the corner of High Street Harlington up to the White Hart pub sees a large population of airport workers,  Labour voting minicab drivers and bus passengers which are not being taken into account. This makes Harlington High St as busy as a shopping high street.

Can we request that bins on the high street be cleared more than once a week and the high street is also swept more frequently. This is a very reasonable request for a community that pays over £5,000,000 a year to Hillingdon Council in council tax payments.

After complaints to the street cleansing manager we have been assured us that the litter bins will be emptied twice daily and the street cleaner will take more care. The Labour Councillors think this is good enough and their work is done.

I disagree as rubbish bins overflow mostly at weekends when they are not emptied and however nice the street cleaner is, his department is not doing a good enough job along Harlington High Street.

This picture shows a build up of rubbish on Harlington High Street next to Heath Close and very close to the pavement.harlingtonhighst1 This rubbish has been building up for months and the street cleaner has been walking past it.harlingtonhighst2

This may be good enough for Labour but UKIP Heathrow Village’s members love our country and expect our streets to be cleaned properly.harlingtonhighst3 Then again, two of the Labour Councillors don’t even live here so how will they know ?

Cheers, Bryan



The Cast & Production Crew of Wheat to War. An Outline Theatre Production in Cranford Park’s Stable Courtyard this afternoon


Posted 28th September2014


The Conservatives and Labour have sent our country to war again.

Please read the letter below and have a think.clearasmud


Bombing your enemy while allowing their soldiers to live in the UK will be costly to us.




Posted 25th September 2014.


Here’s something that Rob Gray and Back Heathrow don’t like to talk about.
Should we allow a Government that funds a terrorist organisation control of a national asset ?                  http://www.theguardian.com/business/2012/aug/17/qatar-buy-20-baa-share-heathrow

This could be the most important NO THIRD RUNWAY article you ever read.
Heathrow believe they can buy up miles of prime residential, commercial and green belt land in Middlesex and Berkshire on the cheap.
Heathrow have ridiculously allocated only £550 million compensation including £250 million to cover noise mitigation.
Please click on the link to discover a more relevant cost of Heathrow Expansion;                                                                                 http://hylton.altervista.org/3rdrunway/3rd-runway-workers-compensation.htm
The investment arms of the Chinese,  Qatari and Singapore Governments can afford to pay double.

The link below shows the businesses that will have to move or close if Heathrow get their 3rd Runway.

These are the addresses of all the businesses that will be adversely affected by a 3rd Runway at Heathrow. http://hylton.altervista.org/3rdrunway/3rd-runway-businesses.htm
Heathrow will need to increase their pitiful compensation from £550 million to a minimum £10 billion.
This is all great work by a local resident directly affected by the catastrophic 3rd Runway plans.



Posted 26th September 2014.

Cheers, Bryan
Stop Heathrow Expansion.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Robert Barton” <secretary@cranfordparkfriends.org>
Date: 25 Sep 2014 13:26
Subject: Fire at the park but the show goes on
We are sorry to report there was a serious fire in the information centre at Cranford Parkcranfordpark1

in the early hours of Monday (September 22). The building has been rendered unusable and has been boarded up. We have lost the only indoor shelter, toilet (wheelchair accessible) and kitchen in the 144-acre park. We have also lost a collection of exhibits and an 18th century statue, of a woman and child, that is irreplaceable and possibly irreparable. Until the authorities report we are unable to say what caused the blaze. More details below.

Events and activities will continue in the park as advertised and we urge you to support them. Coming up this weekend (Sept. 27 and 28 at 3pm) is an hour-long, open-air theatre show for the whole family. ‘Wheat to War’ will be staged in the stable courtyard and is fast moving, with dance and music, performed by Outline Theatre. Tickets are still available and will be sold on site too. There is free parking and bus E6 stops nearby in Cranford Drive. Details and poster below.
Outline Theatre Wheat to War Travel Through Time!  1780 – 1918

Saturday 27 – Sunday 28 September, 3pm

Rural Life to the Great War. Events that Changed our Community

Open-air show. Outline Theatre takes you on a unique journey through time. Celebrate local life in this hour-long spectacular. Popular songs, dance and drama. Interactive and designed for the whole family, the show features the coming of the canal, the Great Western Railway and a moving tribute to our local Great War Heroes.

A World War One Centenary Production.

Tickets £4 or 4 for £14, Under 5’s free

Book online at www.outlinetheatre.co.uk or Box Office Tel 01895 851936.


Call for volunteers. We are in need of volunteers with some experience of groups to help us with a large party of inexperienced volunteers coming for the day this Saturday (27th) at 11am. Just an hour or two at the start or after lunch would be very helpful. Please reply to this email.


For more on the fire, see this report in GetWestLondon. (Please note I am secretary not chairman of the Friends group as stated.)




This list has been sent to me by a new UKIP member in Heathrow Villages.
Labours whole approach is based on party self interest, nothing to do with governing Britain effectively so it might be useful to see how they did from 1997 to 2010.
– Iraq and Afghanistan
– Rotherham and Mid Staffs
– Policy run by the Unions
– Started HS2, stuffed us with PFI
– Sowed the seeds of the destruction of the Union with lopsided devolution, ignoring England.
– Destroyed the final salary pension system
– Gave away our EU rebate
– Sucked up to the bankers creating horrendous consequences for britain in the global recession taking a generation to fix
– Gave away sovereignty through Lisbon and the Human Rights Act
– Abused state finances with 0.7% overseas aid pledge
– Halved manufacturing from 22% to 11% of gdp
– Abolished Primary Purpose Rule and allowed immediate A8 accession allowing 7
million immigrants into Britain 1997 to 2010 in a deliberate attempt to build its voting base.
– Sucked up to crony public sector Unions by inflating pay and pensions of an unreformed public sector
– Did nothing to invest in our infrastructure
– Imposed postal voting extension open to political corruption.
– Spent so much money on Labour cronies that we had a 5% structural deficit at the height of the boom.
– Impoverished millions with the Climate Change Act of alternative energy zealotry.
– Created the conditions in which thousands died unnecessarily in the NHS
– Created the catastrophe of multicultural extremism.
– Allowed failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants to stay in Britain.
– Sent our military to wars under equipped
– Failed to secure our borders.
– Sold off our gold at rock bottom prices
– Created hundreds of quangoes to carry out Labour ideology and stuffed them with socialist placemen.
– Created welfare as a lifestyle, with the totally dysfunctional tax credit system, and the catastrophe of excessive housing benefit
I am sure there is much more incompetence, self interest and cronyism but who would vote for Labour?
Trouble is tories are just as bad.
Vote UKIP.
I totally agree but forgot to mention……..
Cheers, Bryan


Posted 24th September 2014.

HESA Center
Patients without appointments will no longer to be treated by medical staff once a walk-in service at a Hayes health centre shuts for good

The five-year contract to provide an 8am-to-8pm walk-in service at the Hesa Primary Care Centre in Station Road, Hayes – which enabled anyone to enter off the street and receive attention – comes to an end on Tuesday, September 30.

The two GP practices based at the Hesa Centre – Hayes Town Medical Centre and The Orchard Practice – will continue to see and treat registered patients who book appointments in advance as normal during their opening times.

Dr Reva Gudi, a GP in Hayes and vice-chairman of Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group CCG said: “There are lots of ways people can seek help when they feel unwell, from talking to a pharmacist to calling NHS 111 for advice on local help.

“This means there is no longer the need for the walk in service in Hayes, which was mainly used by people registered with the two practices.

“Our team of local people have talked to more than 1,000 visitors to the health centre to tell them about the different ways they can access NHS services when they feel unwell.

“This includes the minor ailments scheme provided by many pharmacies in Hillingdon to treat people with minor illnesses.

“People can always phone their GP surgery if they feel unwell or call NHS 111 for advice on accessing local health services. Always call 999 in an emergency.”

Hillingdon Primary Care Trust (PCT) carried out a public consultation in 2012 on the proposal to not renew the walk-in service contract when it expired.

It revisited the subject and confirmed the closure on July 23 this year, rejecting a second option to vary the current contract and provide a walk-in service on Saturdays and Sundays for six hours each day to patients registered with a Hillingdon GP.

The preface of the original consultation document explained: “When the ‘HESA’ walk in centre in Hayes opened in 2009, it was envisaged that by providing a service that is open 365 days a year from 8am to 8pm, it would reduce the number of people attending the Urgent Care Centre (UCC) and Hillingdon [Hospital] A&E.

“However, a recent review has found that this is not the case and that attendances at the UCC and A&E continue to rise year on year.

“Patient surveys also indicate that Hillingdon residents are not clear where they should go when they have an unexpected or urgent
healthcare need.

“In addition to this, Hillingdon’s range of services mean that services are duplicated in other settings which can cause delays in patients receiving the right care at the right time.”

Some people who responded to the consultation had concerns about losing the walk-in service but Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the consortium of GPs that manage the local NHS budget, said it was no longer needed thanks to improved access to care elsewhere outside of normal GP hours.

The CCG recommends people instead visit a new Urgent Care Centre at Hillingdon Hospital in Pield Heath Road, Hillingdon – which has been expanded to a 24/7 service – or call the NHS 111 non-emergency telephone service.
Cheers, Bryan


Posted 24th September 2014.

Dear All
There is a Macmillan coffee morning at the Crown in Harmondsworth villagecrown harmondsworth on Friday 26th September from 9.15-11.15. All are welcome to come and enjoy homemade cakes scones and coffee and raise money for this worthwhile charity. If the weather is good we will be outside in the garden.
Look forward to seeing you there thank you.


Grow Heathrow 1

Please clink on the link to see what is happening at Grow Heathrow until the end of October.               .. http://www.transitionheathrow.com/2014/09/shazam-2014-autumn-programme-of-events/
Cheers, Bryan


Posted 23rd September 2014.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Police.uk” <noreply@data.police.uk>
Date: 23 Sep 2014 09:30
Subject: [Police.uk] New data published for July 2014
To: <fixedfareflyers@gmail.com>

New data for your area has been published on Police.uk.

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

June 2014 July 2014
All crime 154 151
Anti-social behaviour 29 41
Bicycle theft 0 2
Burglary 10 7
Criminal damage and arson 13 8
Drugs 11 5
Other crime 1 2
Other theft 24 19
Possession of weapons 0 1
Public order 9 12
Robbery 2 1
Shoplifting 1 2
Theft from the person 3 2
Vehicle crime 15 11
Violence and sexual offences 36 38

Please visit http://www.police.uk/shape/ccPn5L/ for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.


Posted 21st September
More corporate scaremongering from the PR Wing of Heathrow Airport.
Heathrow is growing.  Heathrow is not closing.
I must admit that the more Rob Gray tries to bully local residents on behalf of his Heathrow paymasters the more intransigent our community is becoming.
Cheers, Bryan


Posted 20th September 2014.
We at UKIP Heathrow Villages always read the local press to keep abreast of any news that affects our community.
With the disgusting paedophile gangs prevalent in Labour areas we must protect female members of our community by covering up illicit images, especially where vulnerable ladies and children wait at bus stops. heathrowvillages
Cheers, Bryan
Campaign To Clean Up Heathrow Villages.


Posted 19th September 2014.
Many thanks to the staff at the Freedom of Information and Legal Department of Hillingdon Council.
We hope that all councillors are more democratic and open when handing out our money in future. The ward budget allocations must involve as many Heathrow Villagers and be shared as widely as possible.
A neighbour has asked me who AFC Heathrow are as he’s lived in Harlington for 40 years and has never heard of them. I’ll check out the link that the FOI Dept kindly supplied. Are they an airport workers team or friends of Councillor Nelson ?
I’ll ask June at the next Resident’s/Councillors Meeting.
Cheers, Bryan
Heathrow Villages Ward Budget Steering Group.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “FOI” <foi@hillingdon.gov.uk>
Date: 19 Sep 2014 15:43
Subject: RE: FOI 7110
To: “Bryan Tomlinson” <fixedfareflyers@gmail.com>
Cc: “Residents Services FOI” <ResidentsServicesFOI@hillingdon.gov.uk>
Ref:  FOI 7110


Dear Mr. Tomlinson


I am writing in response to your email dated 21st August 2014.


I understand you are seeking the following information:



  1. We request the details of how much each organisation was given in the Heathrow Villages ward budget area.

This information is already published information as it is contained within published cabinet member reports. For the sake of completeness please see table below which provides the relevant links

Year Date approved Organisation Purpose Amount Link to Decision Request and Cabinet Member Report
2012 25-04-12 Harmondsworth Football Club Grant to purchase new football kit, new nets for the goals and match balls at Harmondsworth FC. £1,000 www.hillingdon.gov.uk/ctteedocs/new_executive_decisions/cab_performance/rep_cab_performance_13apr12.pdf
2012 25-04-12 Com cafe Grant to purchase play equipment for the after school and holiday clubs £1,000 As above
2012 02-05-12 Friends of the Great Barn Grant towards the cost of a Jubilee event (afternoon tea and entertainers in the afternoon/evening of the 4th June). £3,000 www.hillingdon.gov.uk/ctteedocs/new_executive_decisions/cab_performance/rep_cab_performance_24apr12.pdf
2012 19-06-12 Harmondsworth Primary School Grant to purchase new outdoor play equipment including a playhouse, play ship, see saw, outdoor music stand and two large trikes. £2,000 www.hillingdon.gov.uk/ctteedocs/new_executive_decisions/cab_performance/rep_cab_performance_06jun12.pdf
2012 19-06-12 William Byrd Primary School Grant to purchase new sports and play equipment including: – football posts, footballs, rugby balls, hurdles etc. £2,500 As above
2012 19-06-12 Harlington Hospice Grant to run an ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition. £3,180 As above
2012 June Harlington Hospice Grant not drawn down -£3,180 The Hospice were unable to organise the event as planned and asked to revise the proposal  to a smaller scale community event
2012 11-09-14 Harlington Hospice Grant to organise a community event to engage the community, promote the work of the hospice and to raise its local profile £1,992 www.hillingdon.gov.uk/ctteedocs/new_executive_decisions/cab_performance/rep_cab_performance_29aug12.pdf
2013 14-05-13 Harlington Baptist Church Grant to purchase sports equipment for the church youth club to promote fitness and sports activity. £750 www.hillingdon.gov.uk/ctteedocs/new_executive_decisions/cab_performance/rep_cab_performance_02may13.pdf
2013 28-08-13 Heathrow Football Club Grant towards purchasing new kit and equipment. £920 http://www.hillingdon.gov.uk/ctteedocs/new_executive_decisions/cab_performance/rep_cab_performance_16aug13.pdf
2014 31-03-14 Friends of the Great Barn Grant towards the World War One commemoration event to be held in June 2014. £800 http://www.hillingdon.gov.uk/ctteedocs/new_executive_decisions/cab_performance/rep_cab_performance_20mar14.pdf
2014 31-03-14 Harlington Football Community Project Grant towards more football kit and equipment £,1000 As above
TOTAL £14,962 Leaves balance of £38.00 to be added to new allocation of £10,000 confirmed 19-06-14



  1. We insist that the web pages show a contact detail to confirm who received our hard earned council tax.

Please note that this is not a matter that I can respond to in respect of S1 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  However, it is important to note that when responding to requests for information we need to balance transparency with the privacy of individuals.  S40 (3) (a) (i) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides that information is exempt information where it is personal data and where disclosure would breach any of the data protection provisions.  Principle 1 of the Data Protection Act 1998 provides that personal data shall be processed fairly.  Generally this means ensuring that individuals are informed as to how their personal data will be processed or by processing personal data within their reasonable expectations.  In this instance individuals are not informed that their personal data will be published and any such disclosure would not be within their reasonable expectations.


However, the details of the organisation who receives the grants are published.   Cabinet Member reports to formally approve ward budget proposals are published on the council website as are the minutes recording approval of the proposals. We have provided links to these reports within the table itemising each of the Heathrow Village ward budget proposals in our answer above.


Over and above this, we publish information including the name of the community group or organisation who have received ward budget funding and the purpose of the funding, for all 22 wards on the council website at www.hillingdon.gov.uk/wardbudgets



  1. We cannot find any information on the Heathrow Football Club and the Harlington Community Football Project which have received £1,920 in the past 12 months.

Again this is not a matter that I can respond to in respect of S1 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000


The Harlington Community Football Project (£1,000 award) is a football coaching and small team project run in partnership with Harlington Baptist Church, Queens Park Rangers Football Club and William Byrd Primary School. Link to online information which can be found through a usual search engine such as Google, is here



Heathrow Football Club (£920 award) was founded in 1982. They play their home games at Little Harlington playing fields in Sipson Lane. Link to online information which can be found through a usual search engine such as Google, is here



If you have any queries regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you wish to request an internal review of our response you should write, within 2 months, to:

Office Managing Partner, Legal Services, Civic Centre, High St, Uxbridge, UB8 1UW (or via email to foi@hillingdon.gov.uk marked for the attention of the Office Managing Partner).

Please remember to quote the reference number above in any future communications.

If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, you have the right to apply to the Information Commissioner for a decision. The Information Commissioner can be contacted at: Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF.



Richard Ingle FCILEx
Data Protection &
Freedom of Information Officer
Legal Services (3E 04)
London Borough of Hillingdon
Civic Centre
High Street
01895 55(6923)



Posted 19th September 2014.
The Chinese and Qatari Governments have told Robert Gray to send out another crooked survey. I found a copy in a bin near Cranford Cross and it’s important to rebuff Back Heathrow’s lies.heathrowgreed
Robert Gray is the ‘I’m Alright Jack’ Heathrow PR Spokesman based in a Heathrow Airport Limited office block situated on Heathrow Airport Limited land. His wages originate from Heathrow’s owners.
That’s the biggest and most often spouted lie coming from ‘I’m alright Jack’ Heathrow. They are not a grassroots campaign and are fully funded by Heathrow’s foreign owners. When Robert Gray speaks think of Tiananmen Square.
The survey is invalid and should be treated with the contempt it deserves. We’ve already had our survey across all neighbouring boroughs housing millions of people and 3/4 of the residents affected by Heathrow pollution, congestion and noise voted against a 3rd or 4th Runway. Put’s Heathrow’s paltry 35,000 supporters, if they actually exist, which I doubt, into perspective.
Question 2 proves the constant lies that Rob Gray uses in these fake surveys.
According to a recent Heathrow Press Release the airport is already growing and doing very well. Busiest day ever in August and passenger growth of 1.3% year on year.
Heathrow is not running at 98% capacity as the same press release stated that passenger load figures had grown to 83.7% .
So despite Robert Gray whining that the airport is full there is a massive discrepancy in Heathrow’s figures.
Before concreting over our villages and destroying our community Heathrow needs to address it’s own mismanagement.
Flights are nearly 20% empty on average.
Each flight passenger load has grown to 205 on average. With more and more 300 and 400+ passenge aircraft on the market, Heathrow and it’s current two runways and five terminals is a vastly underused airport.
Heathrow will grow if it increses passenger numbers to fill the 20% empty seats per average aircraft.
Heathrow can get  50% growth in passenger numbers by insisting that flights only use Heathrow if they can fill 300 seats.
Heathrow expansion is a corporate land grab offering nothing to local residents. What Heathrow can’t steal today they will steal tomorrow.
If Harmondsworth, Longford and Sipson are destroyed,  next will be Harlington, Colnbrook and Stanwell. The greed of these people will not honour airport boundaries.
That’s why residents of all communities surrounding Heathrow should stand firm and join together against Heathrow expansion. Colnbrook’s fight is Longford’s fight is Stanwell’s fight is Harmondsworth’s fight. As night follows day, Heathrow is coming for all of us.
If Heathrow continue to be such awful neighbours more and more people will want the airport shut. That’s what Rob Gray lacks the intelligence to understand. Nuisance neighbours inevitably get evicted.
Cheers, Bryan
Stop Heathrow Expansion.


Posted 19th September 2014.
Forwarded to Hillingdon Council.
These two mattresses have been dumped on Cranford Lane at the Cranford Park end and just before The Crane Bridge. cranfordmattress
On the Hounslow side of the bridge there is CCTV and no mattresses. Our Labour Councillors say this isn’t happening anymore, and if it is, there’s nothing they can do about it as it’s the Conservative’s fault.
It’s a dangerous place to stop ( I had 2 seconds to take the picture ) so the mattresses could have been carried from a nearby house by a property developer or rogue landlord.
Cheers, Bryan
Campaign To Clean Up Heathrow Villages.


Date: 17 Sep 2014 17:44
Subject: Open House at Cranford Park this weekend.

The Stables, Secret Garden and St. Dunstan’s Church will open as part of London Open House weekend (20-21 September). Our historical exhibition includes a newly donated window shutter from Cranford House,cranfordpark1 reminder of the Earl of Berkeley’s 40-room mansion which was demolished in 1945. Members of Cranford Park Friends will be in attendance. Add your memories of the park to our Memory Wall. On Sunday, classic motorcycles gather in the courtyard.
Where: Cranford Countryside Park, The Parkway (A312), TW5 9RZ . Bus E6 to Cranford Drive/Roseville Road.
When: Saturday 20 Sept. 10:30am – 4:30pm; Sunday 21 Sept. 11:30am – 4:30pm (church later)

Free parking. Free admission. Refreshments available.

Next event: Outline Theatre’s Open-air Theatre ‘Wheat to War’ Sept. 27-28. A local story in drama, song & dance. Tickets £4 each or 4 for £14. Box office: 01895 851936.

The Secretary.


Posted 17th September 2014.
We do it because we care.
The neighbours of 100 Bath Road have one less thing to worry about as the unsightly rubbish has been cleared.bathroad100
Cheers, Bryan.
Campaign To Clean Up Heathrow Villages.


Posted 17th September 2014.
Still no change in Cranford Cross. These two pictures were taken on Oxford Avenuecranfordroad1

yesterday. (It’s a big badge).
Every time you hear “Can’t do that” or “Blame the Tories”, ask them where our funding is going ?cranfordroad We have council tax reinvestment,  Hillingdon Community Trust, Heathrow Community Trust and councillors ward budget but do not receive funding for one flower.
We should have money sloshing into funding but I fear we will have funding sloshing into Moneys. Check out the hastily set up and secretive group of residents that mistakenly think they speak for us , councillors rushing on to planning committees and newly set up building companies.
It always ends in tears.
Cheers, Bryan.
Heathrow Villages Planning Scrutiny Group.


The whole area between Sipson Lane and Harlington Village Green is a disgrace and has been ignored for years.
Christine’s pictures show that The Green is now a public toilet inhabited by undesirables, outside our shops is a dumping zone (pic 1)harlingtondumping and the bus stop area is full of weeds and litter. harlingtonweeds
Councillor Nelson was one Labour outnumbered by two Conservatives four years ago and has publicly blamed them for her own poor performance. I’m sure ex Councillors Brar and Benson will say the opposite. I don’t like to show preference among mediocrity so I reckon they were all as bad as each other.
Now we have three Labour Councillors, who will they blame this time ? Never trust councillors that deliver lies on leaflets to get elected, lie to residents about lack of attendance at community meetings and always blame others for their own inadequacies.
Every small improvement such as cleaning notice boards (pic 2) will be shouted from the roof tops while the essential and more difficult regeneration projects won’t get done.
In four years time, Labour will blame Conservatives and Conservatives will blame Labour while we’ll be stuck in the middle watching our villages deteriorate.
This has to stop.
Support, vote, join UKIP.
Cheers, Bryan.
Campaign To Clean Up Heathrow Villages.



I’ve discovered who waters and fertilisers the shrubs on Harlington Village Green on a Sunday afternoon – and it’s not the council. yellowtoppee Look in all the bins and you spot the reason why the Green is just a sewer these days.


As you can see from my photos, this man in the yellow DHL jacket was happily making a delivery round the back of the benches.  All in a day’s work.  The man in the white top had just stopped to talk to the men yellowtalk (including a man in a pink top, out of shot) having apparently also seen the man with the black top lightening his load.  Pretty sickening.  I just saw him pulling up his trousers and that was enough.yellowtopfinish


There is filth and fly-tipping everywhere.  We don’t just want a few new shrubs, though goodness knows we need some colour in what used to be called “flower beds”, we need a total overhaul of this area.  Cllr Nelson has been working for us for over 4 years but the situation has got worse during that time.  No wonder Cllr Khatra didn’t even come down from Uxbridge last Saturday for the councillors’ open surgery.  What is Cllr Money doing, he lives virtually next door?  When he first got elected I asked him what he planned to do about the High Street and the Green.  He said he couldn’t see a problem.  I think UKIP’s blog has opened his eyes.  Let’s hope for some results.




Posted 15th September 2014
UKIP Heathrow Villages reps have contacted Hillingdon Council LBH civic services


because we are unhappy with the staffing levels at the street cleansing department. We need improvements and more street cleansing workers in Heathrow Villages.
The current schedule is as follows;
Recycling and refuse= CRANFORD CROSS and HARLINGTON on Mondays. HARMONDSWORTH,  LONGFORD and SIPSON on Thursdayvarication and more action. That’s why UKIP Heathrow Villages support more controlled parking for longer hours and the increased parking enforcement will pay for itself. This will have a positive affect on our community, for both businesses and residents.
We’re still waiting for long term improvements in Sipson Rec. This has been passed from the HCT pillar to the Chrysalis Fund post. HASRA has asked for exercise equipment for the more mature villager to help not just the young but also the young at heart too.
Back to Harlington and the councillors are aware of the lack of waste bins and street cleaning from the A4 and up the High Street towards Hall Lane. The bus stops at Harlington Corner are some of the busiest in our borough and the Council must increase street cleaning in the area. If I had a £ for every time I’d mentioned this I could buy a house in a Conservative area.
The bus stop opposite the Scout Hut on the High Street needs a new red road surface that was removed during resurfacing. Bus drivers are not stopping as the bus stop is not visible enough. This is another problem that is often mentioned but not solved.
The Ward Budget Steering Group has encouraged a more open and democratic system of allocating funding. Instead of the secrecy of the past we now have councillors asking for our opinion. The Harmondsworth Scouts have asked for ward budget funding because they have lost their chairs and need replacements.  What do you think ?
There is a Hillingdon Community Care Trust survey asking about our relationship with Hillingdon Hospital.  Please go to the CCT to take part.
The Friends of the Great Barn are having their AGM on Monday (tomorrow) the 15th September.  It starts at 6.45pm at Harmondsworth St. Mary’s Church Hall.stmaryschuch
The Brotherhood have invited us to their Community Centre on Sipson Lane on Sunday the 28th September.  All are welcome from 10am to 1.30pm for a nice bit of social cohesion.
All that from one meeting so well done everyone.
Cheers, Bryan.


Posted 11th September 2014.
The next showing of ‘Rabbits In Headlights’ (cert.X), will be this Saturday the 13th September at St. Mary’s Church Hall in Harmondsworth. stmaryschuch
The councillors/residents meetings are always a fun packed occasion so please come along between 10am and noon.
See you there.
Cheers, Bryan


Posted 11th September 2014
We live next to a massive wealth generator for the UK and we have a Hillingdon Community Trust, a Heathrow Community Trust and councillors ward budgets.
All that money sloshing around and we can’t get a winner or a decent entry in the Hillingdon in Bloom Competition.
That has to change.
Well done to the Cranford Park volunteers for receiving the acknowledgement they deserve.
Let’s start working towards the 2015 competition.
Cheers, Bryan

Posted 11th September 2014.
Considering that we live next to



Good luck to Transition and Grow Heathrow. 
Is inclusive the Establishment buzzword for open or everyone welcome ?? 
Sometimes rebels don’t realise they are parroting the language of the rich and powerful !


Save Grow Heathrow

Grow Heathrow is under threat of eviction. Since 15 Aug 2014, bailiffs may arrive unannounced at any time. This will be the same long term, unless the landowner lets us buy the land.
What’s the Latest?

grow heathrow


hillingdon council notice

Bryan Tomlinson
Heathrow Villages Community Notice Board
Our Ref: 42416/APP/2014/2318Date: 09 September 2014Dear Sir/MadamNOTIFICATION OF DECISION OF PLANNING APPLICATION
The Council has recently made a decision on a planning application relating to :-THE HARLINGTON TANDOORI, 316-320, HIGH STREET HARLINGTON The application proposes:-Single storey detached outbuilding to rear for use as a storeThe above application was Approved and the Decision Notice was issued on 9 September 2014.A copy of the decision can be viewed on-line.
Click here to view the decision notice
Alternatively you can make an appointment to inspect the file, by contacting our Planning Reception on the telephone number below. We are open between the hours 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and until 7.00pm on Thursday (except Bank Holidays).
James Rodger
Head of Planning, Green Spaces and Culture
Residents Services
Planning Section
Tel 01895 250230
London Borough of Hillingdon
3 North, Civic Centre, High Street, Uxbridge UB8 1UW


Posted 10th September 2014.
Harlington Compensation Consultation Meeting.
Apologies for the quality of the pictures but we were delivering No Third Runway/Hacan newspapers and chatting to local residents until gone 9pm.
People are shocked that the Heathrow PR machine don’t know what they are talking about.heathrowex1
Residents are angry that Heathrow’s 3rd Runway will make life in what’s left of our community unbearable.
Residents are overjoyed and supportive of the Stop Heathrow Expansion, Hacan, Grow Heathrow,  Hillingdon Council and assorted environmental groups that are mobilising to fight for Heathrow Villages. heathrowex2
Residents beat Heathrow last time and nothing has changed except worse air pollution, worse congestion and increased stress and lung problems in our community.
Cheers, Bryan


Posted 9th September 2014.
Dear villagers,
Has anyone got any knowledge of the Heathrow Football Club that is on the link ?
According to the link, Heathrow FC play in North Hayes but there doesn’t seem to be any information in Heathrow Villages.
There is nothing on any notice boards or on any adverts or flyers asking for engagement with our community. The phone number on the link doesn’t work.
As one of my neighbours spotted, if it wasn’t for Councillor June Nelson giving them £920 of our money via the ward budget scheme, we wouldn’t know that Heathrow Football Club existed.
Hopefully the FOI Request will tell us what’s going on.hillingdon council notice
Cheers, Bryan.
Heathrow Villages Ward Budget Steering Group.


Posted 8th September 2014.
Reminder.  Don’t forget to have your say on Heathrow’s local compensation proposals.
If you live in Harlington your house will lose value, the noise will be unbearable and the air will be unbreatheable.heathrowforeign
The compensation pot will be empty and living in Harlington will be a nightmare.
The Heathrow Destruction Roadshow will be visiting the Harlington Baptist Church tomorrow the 9th September between 2pm and 9pm.
Get stuck in !!!
Cheers, Bryan
Stop Heathrow Expansion.


Posted 7th September 2014.
Stop Heathrow Expansion.
These pictures show three areas of outstanding beauty that will suffer if Labour and the Conservatives support a 3rd and 4th Runways after the next election.
Virginia Water,virginia water Hampton Court Palacehamptoncourt and Harmondsworthnaming1 need protecting from Heathrow’s land grab.
Cheers, Bryan


Posted 7th September 2014.
Forwarded to Hillingdon Council.
This overflowing rubbish bin happens every weekend and has been reported countless times to our councillors with no action taken.rubbish heath close
The whole area between the A4 and Heath Close is a rubbish strewn disgrace because the bus stops are incredibly busy all weekend but no street cleaning or bin emptying is taking place.
This problem is easily solved by putting another bin by the bus stop and another bin before Heath Close. This area definitely needs some TLC and a person with a broom.
Cheers Bryan.
Campaign To Clean Up Heathrow Villages.


Posted 6th September 2014.
2pm on a nice Saturday on Hatch Lane.
You wait  years for a councillor to turn up and then three turn up at once.

Our Campaign to Clean Up Heathrow Villages means that there is now a petition for CCTV in Pinglestone Close and outside the Harlington Hospice Shop. 
This means that CCTV at these hotspots must be debated in the council chambers.
Don’t forget who started this campaign when others jump on the bandwagon.
Peace and love, Bryan



Posted 6th September 2014.
With friends like Rob Gray, Back Heathrow and the Chinese and Qatari Governments……..
Who needs enemies ?????harmondsworthprimaryschool
Power to the People,
Cheers, Bryan

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Rob Gray” <rob@backheathrow.org>
Date: 5 Sep 2014 18:04
Subject: POSTPONED: Back Heathrow Family Fun Day Not Going Ahead Tomorrow
To: “Bryan Arlington” <fixedfareflyers@gmail.com>

Back Heathrow


Dear Friend,Just in case you had not seen the email that I sent out to you two weeks ago, I thought I should send out a final reminder that the Back Heathrow Family Fun Day has been postponed and will not be taking place tomorrow.As previously stated, this is due to reasons beyond our control as Hillingdon Council took the extraordinary decision to ban our family fun day which was due to take place tomorrow at Minet Primary School. We were shocked that a democratic authority in Britain today would feel so threatened by ordinary members of the public enjoying a day out with their families that they felt the need to use their legal powers to ban the event.Despite this unnecessary decision by the Council, we have been touched by those of you who have already contacted us to send your kind words, but also to express your anger at this move. What is becoming clear is that Hillingdon Council’s actions have backfired because far from gaining support from residents, their heavy-handed response has shown that their opposition to Heathrow does not have the support of thousands of people in the local area. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have written to Hillingdon Council and the local papers expressing your anger. Actions like this when combined with others will make the difference in the long term.We know that you will be as disappointed as we are by this decision, but I also wanted to assure you that we will be holding the event at a later date. We’ll keep you posted!Best wishes,


Rob Gray, Campaign Co-ordinator


hillingdon council notice


Posted 4th September 2014.
Forwarded to  electoralservices@hillingdon.gov.uk  in response to Hillingdon Council’s polling district and polling places review.

It is important that we protect our democracy by opening more polling stations instead of closures. Sipson Polling Station must be kept open and Cranford Cross Polling Station must be re-opened.
Short term cost savings will lead to long term decline and abuse of our democracy.
Removing the polling station at Cranford Cross allowed a political party to offer a lift for vote service to the polling station at Harlington during the recent Local Election Polling Day. Some election officials were inside the polling station busily folding ballot forms incorrectly while not seeing the vehicles and nods and winks greeting the owner of a car emblazoned with Labour signs parked outside.
Some parts of our community bring their discredited political practices to our country and allow our democracy to be hijacked.
Closing polling stations allows this to happen.
Cheers, Bryan


Posted 4th September 2014.
Forwarded to Street Champions and ASBINT at Hillingdon Council.
This rubbish dump is situated on Old Bath Road in Longford.  oldbathrd1
Like a lot of things around here it has been allowed to grow unnoticed for years and typifies the neglect we suffer in Heathrow Villages. oldbathrd2
The dump is behind gates on the airport side and is on the left before the Special Needs Farm if you drive from The White Horse.
Cheers, Bryan.


Posted 4th September 2014.
Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via Street Champions scheme.

Our friends in Pinglestone Close Sipson would like to see this problem solved.pinglestonclose After years of inaction they suggest CCTV in this area.
Cheers, Bryan



This is an exciting month in Cranford Park.

We are celebrating the world’s biggest coffee morningCoffee Morning invitation 2014

in one of the smallest gardens (Sunday 14th September, 10am – 12 noon). The event is in the Secret Garden (near the information centre and stables) as part of Macmillan Cancer Support’s ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’. We would be grateful if you could invite friends, make a cake or help on the day. There is an invitation attached.

On 20-21 September, the Berkeley stables, Secret Garden and St. Dunstan’s Church open their doors as part of London Open House weekend. There is an exhibition in the stables and members of the Friends will be in attendance to answer questions and collect memories. Sat. From 10.30am. On the Sunday (from 11.30am), classic motorcycles gather in the courtyard. Refreshments available, admission free.


Booking has opened for an open-air theatre production on 27 and 28 September (3pm). Poster attached.

Outline Theatre’s ‘Wheat to War’cranfordWheat to War Poster Cranford Front JPEG is a celebration of local life and history, using song, dance and drama. Suitable for the whole family, the show features the coming of the Grand Union Canal, the building of the Great Western Railway and World War I, paying tribute to local heroes. Produced in partnership with the Imperial War Museum.

Tickets are £4 (four for £14, under fives free) via  www.outlinetheatre.co.uk, or tel. 01895 851936.


Cranford Park is served by bus E6, road access is beside M4 junction 3/A312 on The Parkway. Parking is free, satnav TW5 9RZ.



Posted 3rd September 2014
We will be highlighting any airport matters that affect Heathrow Villagers and will always put people before profit.
A new group of residents is organising against the continual attempts at the bulldozing of our community.
Please visit    www.stopheathrowexpansion.co.uk    and support this new grassroots campaign.
It’s a new group and the website will improve if we all help by adding comments and suggestions.
Cheers, Bryan




ITV has just rung to say that they are coming at 1.30pm to Harmondsworth.  BBC rang yesterday to say they’re coming too.  Gazette as well.  Hopefully we can get some photos to send to Villager and eventually put on the website!

We need as many people as possible to come down and tell people what they think of the news that Sir Howard Davies is now focussing on Heathrow and Gatwick.  Are we surprised?  How do we feel about the threat to
our villages increasing?  Sir Howard Davies has stated that building an airport in the Estuary will be “difficult” so does he see destroying our villages as the easy option?




New data for your area has been published on Police.uk.

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

June 2014 July 2014
All crime 154 151
Anti-social behaviour 29 41
Bicycle theft 0 2
Burglary 10 7
Criminal damage and arson 13 8
Drugs 11 5
Other crime 1 2
Other theft 24 19
Possession of weapons 0 1
Public order 9 12
Robbery 2 1
Shoplifting 1 2
Theft from the person 3 2
Vehicle crime 15 11
Violence and sexual offences 36 38

Please visit http://www.police.uk/shape/zyP2kF/ for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.



Posted 1st September 2014.
That nice chappie Nigel Milton will be visiting St Mary’s Church Hall in Harmondsworth tomorrow from 2pm to 9pm.

It’s like a bad episode of Bargain Hunt. The Chinese owners of Heathrow say our community can be bought as “cheap as chips” but like a Ming vase, our community is priceless.


No compensation for ground noise pollution or aircraft flying 100 feet above your home according to Heathrow’s plans.
Have your say.
Cheers, Bryan


Posted 1st September 2014.
There is massive unfairness in the reporting of Back Heathrow PR projects and no one is speaking up for Heathrow Villagers.

UKIP Heathrow Villages support our community against foreign occupation by Heathrow’s foreign owners and will be taking them on to protect our villages.
Back Heathrow are not a grassroots campaign. Back Heathrow is run by ONLY two men in a small office within a Heathrow building. These two insignificant but noisy PR bullshitters are paid for by Heathrow Airport Holdings.  HAH is owned by the Chinese, Qatari and Singapore Governments as well as the Quebec Pension Funds and Ferrovial, the massive EU infrastructure conglomerate.


The only howls of protest were the howls from Rob Gray and his corporate paymasters upset that their secretive plan didn’t work.
Always remember that every word that Rob Gray spouts is because he gets paid to say it. If we could pay him more than they do, Rob Gray would be against Heathrow bulldozing our community.
Rob   is only obeying orders..
Cheers, Bryan
Stop Heathrow Expansion


Posted 1st September 2014
Our Campaign To Clean Up Heathrow Villages is getting a positive reaction at the Civic Centre.
Every little helps so well done for getting the waste collection day signs put up.

Cheers, Bryan


Posted 1st September 2014
Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via the Street Champions scheme.

This rubbish dump is situated within view of Harlington High Street between Heath Close and Hall Lane. rubbishharlingtonhighstreet
It’s been growing there for more than six weeks and has been reported to both Labour and Conservative Councillors on Hillingdon Council.
They don’t care about Heathrow Villages so please send your clean up crew there.
Cheers, Bryan


Grow Heathrow 1

Posted 23rd August 2014.
Our friends at Grow Heathrow are still holding firm.
If Mr Malik and any bailiffs do turn up it will create such a disturbance it will put back the Heathrow expansion campaign by decades.
Keep up the fight,
Cheers, Bryan


Posted Thursday August 28th

Sent to me by a local campaigner – Cheers – Bryan



Dear Harmondsworth Residents


I have once again been making efforts to get a Neighbourhood Watch set up in Harmondsworth and I am asking for your assistance in making this a success.  All you need to do is to contact your local Met Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team, or I would be happy to pass on your details, to  confirm that you would be interested in joining a Neighbourhood Watch.  We all have concerns about safety and security and a NW can only be of benefit to us all!


You will have recently received a letter from PCSO Prior, a member of your Heathrow Villages Safer Neighbourhoods Team, which I have copied below:


Dear Neighbour


Invitation to Join Neighbourhood Watch


I would like to inform you that I am currently looking to initiate a Neighbourhood Watch in the area.


Neighbourhood Watch is a community activity in partnership with the police and associated agencies.   It is a useful deterrent to reduce crime and the fear of crime.


It’s your property, your community – help to make it more secure


At its most basic level, Neighbourhood Watch consists of a group of like-minded neighbours getting together to help reduce crime where they live and making their communities safer.  It promotes community cohesion, improves awareness of crime prevention creating clear lines of communication to and from the police.  It may also give you the opportunity to claim a discount on your household contents insurance premiums.


You can make a difference


If you are interested in being part of the Neighbourhood Watch organisation, by joining your local watch then, please contact us by phone or email.



PCSO Prior 7160XH

Heathrow Villages Safer Neighbourhoods team

020 8721 2557      heathrowvillages.snt@met.police.uk



I look forward to hearing from you with any comments or questions you might have, which I will pass on to our local SNT Police officers, together with confirmation that you would be interested in joining a Harmondsworth Neighbourhood Watch.


May I ask that you chat to neighbours who are not on e-mail, about the proposed NW, and ask their permission to pass on their details if they would like to join.


Let’s all make this a success and join together to look after ourselves and our community.


Thank you.


Eilish Stone

Hatch Lane Resident



Posted 25th August 2014
Roadworks in Sipson causing a problem.

H Villages 26th Aug 2014
If you haven’t already noticed, there are 3 way temporary traffic lights at the King Willy roundabout. They are definitely best avoided during the morning and evening rush hours or if you’re in a hurry.
The SSE roadworks are due to be finished before the schools reopen around the 4th September.
Cheers, Bryan

H Villages 26th Aug 2014 no 2



Posted 23rd August 2014.
Our friends at Grow Heathrow are still holding firm.

Grow Heathrow 1
If Malik and any bailiffs do turn up it will create such a disturbance it will put back the Heathrow expansion campaign by decades.
Keep up the fight,
Cheers, Bryan


Posted 23rd August 2014
Are Hillingdon Conservative Council punishing Heathrow Villagers ????

H Villages 23rd Aug no 1
Before the recent Local Elections, Heathrow Villages had two Conservative Councillors and one Labour. After a terrible and accident prone campaign the Conservatives lost their two councillors and we now have three Labour Councillors.
When we had two Conservative Councillors I would report important problems of flytipping,  planning irregularities and rubbish dumps and the problem would be resolved within days.
Now we have three Labour Councillors the problems are not being tackled, skips are not removed and rubbish is not being cleared. I’ve even bagged the rubbish up in one area and it just needs removing.
Conservative Councillor Yarrow did criticise the voters of Heathrow Villages for voting Labour recently –  Is this payback time ??
It’s disgusting treatment of the residents of Heathrow Villages.
I’ll keep reporting the problems and pass them on to the readers of this blog. Please get involved.
Cheers, Bryan…..bryanukiphillingdon@outlook.com
Resident’s Campaign To Clean Up Harlington.

H Villages 23rd August No 2


Posted 22nd August 2014.
Little Britain starts returning to good health.

I’ve always had a soft spot for this pretty lake in Cowley and have been sad to see it suffer due to neglect, flooding and new arrivals eating carp and chips.
As the pictures show, contractors are aerating the lake and the duck weed is reducing so if you’ve got a spare seeded loaf, this is the place to go.bryanlittlebritain2 Especially now as there are plenty of ducklings and cygnets needing help.
Cheers, Bryan


Posted 22nd August 2014
Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via Street Champions scheme.
This rubbish has been fly tipped on Cranford Lane, 300 yards on the right from The Red Lion Harlington. rubbishcranfordlane
Cheers, Bryan


hillingdon council notice

Posted 21st August 2014.
Dear Christine and Richard,
Freedom of Information Office, Hillingdon Council.
Thank you for your previous emails and today’s phone chat. The   hillingdon.gov.uk/ward-budgets-in-your-area  webpage now show which organisations received money from the Heathrow Villages ward budget.  Consider FOI 7025 as closed so thank you.
This is a new and different FOI Request on a similar topic.
We request the details of how much each organisation was given in the Heathrow Villages Ward Budget area. You and the councillors have this information and my neighbours want to see it displayed on the hillingdon.gov.uk/ward-budgets-in-your-area webpages. My neighbours worry that secrecy in ward budget allocations by hiding financial amounts COULD encourage corruption and does not represent open democracy.
We would also like this FOI Request to insist that the webpages show a contact detail to confirm who received our hard earned council tax.
Looking at the list of ward budget allocations, most have an obvious address but two stick out as unknown.
Both allocations were sponsored by Councillor Nelson and we cannot find any information on the Heathrow Football Club and the Harlington Community Football Project which have received £1,920 in the past 12 months.
This new FOI Request should furnish us with the correct information.
Yours without prejudice,
Bryan Tomlinson
Heathrow Villages Ward Budget Steering Group.


The last weekend of August is fast approaching so maybe it’s time to plan to take that unwanted rubbish to the Civic Amenity Site.   Please spread the word to your neighbours as there are many complaints about rubbish that is being fly-tipped and dumped in our streets.

Civic Amenity Site:

Railway Siding, Tavistock Road, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 7QT


Please remember to take you HillingdonFirst card with you to allow you access to the site.

Selected weekends only – waste and recycling weekends

Selected weekends (Saturdays/Sundays) only:

Date Month Times
30/31 August 09.00 – 17.00
27/28 September 09.00 – 17.00

Its quick and convenient, with assisted unloading available on site. There will be strictly no admission to vans or commercial vehicles.

No trade waste is accepted at this site.




Posted 20th August 2014.
COMMUNITY MATTERS. ….Dates for your diary.

Ever decreasing policing as recorded crime increases and police numbers are cut.
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