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Your candidate for the 2017 General Election is Elizabeth Kemp


Uxbridge stall PW May 16


A message from your Parliamentary candidate, Elizabeth Kemp

My name is Elizabeth Kemp and I would like to offer you a choice in the Uxbridge & South Ruislip constituency.

The Conservative government have made swingeing changes to many areas of the benefits system but at what price?

Are these modifications efficient or cost effective?

Have they shown how these changes have made things better?

Many of these benefits are for those on low wages in vital public services , how can it be right to hit these hard working people? Their use of private companies such as ATOS and Capita have also hit the vulnerable and the disabled.

The Government say they are now for leaving the EU but two thirds of Conservative MP’s, including the Prime Minister herself, backed the Remain side in the Referendum – It was only the electoral threat of UKIP which forced them to hold it in the first place.

We need a strong UKIP presence to watch how they handle the talks and stop them backsliding – already we see the government stating that open door migration will continue for at least five years, that we will remain subject to rulings from the European Court of Human Rights (Hindering us in dealing with criminals and terrorists) and that they wish to keep The European Arrest Warrant, an affront to our civil rights going back as far as the Magna Carta.

UKIP are ready to be a strong opposition – WE are ready to support YOU.

Are any of the other parties?

We have seen a massive increase in the numbers of food banks – WHY?

We are not a poor nation but we have working people that can’t afford to eat while The Prime Minister states that we will continue to spend billions in foreign aid.
Our NHS is over worked and what are they doing to help? We spend money anywhere but on our own services.
As for our defence, it’s been cut over and over – Our armed forces are not given the support and respect needed.

The Police Force face further cuts and have an ever increasing workload – How can they do their job without the man power?

We need to give them the backup and resources they deserve.

These are the priorities we hear from ordinary people on the doorstep – if you elect me as your new MP, I will make them MY priorities too.



Yiewsley Ward Update

Posted on 29th December 2016 by Cliff Dixon

Flytipping is becoming a problem again in the ward. Whilst assisting our ward reps on the latest round of newspaper deliveries, this was evident on the Harlington Road where Yiewsley boundaries with Botwell.

This has been reported to the council maintenance team and they have logged it for clean up on reference 5574410.

Our thanks for their prompt attention



Brunel Ward Update

Posted on 20th October 2016 by Cliff Dixon

The state of the pavements in Cowley has been a cause for concern for some time with residents making numerous complaints.

After our successful petition to resurface the road in Worcester Road and Maygoods Close in 2013, new ward rep Avril McGrath has filed the following with Council maintenance for urgent attention –

nine-elms-avenue-kerb-1nine-elms-avenue-kerb-2nine-elms-ave-pavement-1Nine Elms Avenue (Above) – Council reference 5442807

Maygoods Close (Below) – Council reference 5442783

maygoods-close-pavement-1These kerbs and pathways are a serious hazard and we will be keeping an eye on the situation to make sure that the issue is resolved promptly



Yiewsley Ward update

Powerday – a resident raises pertinent questions

Regular visitors to this site will be aware of the ongoing issue in Yiewsley and West Drayton regarding Powerday looking to expand their waste processing plant at The Old Coal Yard.


Residents Associations and local Labour Councillor Jan Sweeting have submitted petitions and organised demonstrations to protest against the possibility with UKIP Hillingdon in full agreement and helping out with the campaign.

Local resident Vladimir Matveev recently submitted a Freedom of Information request after seeing a number of vehicles rolling in to the existing facility, the reply is posted below

Re: FOI 5267250

Dear Mr. Matveev

I am writing in response to your recent request.

I understand you are seeking the following information: 

Can you inform me which contracts Hillingdon Council has had with Powerday plc from 2010. 

Please also quantify the annual amounts paid to Powerday from 2010.

Hillingdon Council has had one contract with Powerday PLC from March 2013 to March 2016.

Annual amounts paid to Powerday including VAT:

2010 – £605,411.89

2011 – £297,718.50

2012 – £220,399.07

2013 – £528,701.44

2014 – £1,774,571.19

2015 – £2,581,201.28

2016 – £1,556,352.69

If you have any queries regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact me.

Commenting on the response, Mr Matveev told me the following –

“Powerday has been operating in West Drayton for over 6 years without planning permission. Despite receiving thousands of complaints from residents, the Council all this time has been paying millions of pounds to Powerday for bringing their waste to West Drayton.
This demonstrates how the Council could be perceived to be operating against the interests of residents and questions need to be asked over the award of contracts to Powerday who had no planning permission to be in West Drayton.
I call upon all residents of Hillingdon to hold their Councillors to account during the next local elections, particularly the Leader of the Council who, after all, holds the final responsibility in matters such as this”.
Some interesting questions are being posed here and they are ones that UKIP Hillingdon will be working to get the answers on. Whilst Hillingdon Council has thus far rejected the Powerday planning requests, they keep coming back with new plans and this FOI request sheds some light on the relationship between the two organisations. I will leave the final word again to Mr Matveev –
“How is it possible that the Council had awarded a multi million pound contract to a company that had no planning permission to operate on the site?”

Yiewsley Ward

Powerday – the threat rises again

PowerdayDespite being rejected twice after representations to the council, Powerday are coming back again to try and expand their operations in a residential area of West Drayton.

Below is an update from West Drayton Councillor Jan Sweeting (Lab) that was sent to the Garden City Residents Association, if you are affected then please read and put in your objections

Dear Members and Residents of Yiewsley and West Drayton


Just when we had all thought that we may have a few month’s respite from the fight against Powerday’s plans for the Old Coal Yard site Yiewsley/West Drayton we have been advised that the company has submitted an application to the Environment Agency for a change to their current operating licence for the yard.  The company’s present licence allows it to deal with waste from the ‘Golden Weekend’ Civic Amenity site activities and on the back of this licence it has allowed the company to bring other waste onto the site which is then transferred to other Powerday vehicles.

However, the licence they wish to be granted by the Environment Agency would allow the company to undertake all kinds of waste recycling operations which would be associated with the site if planning permission was granted.

As the new licence would indeed bring the company closer to its aim of developing the Coal Yard site for industrial waste recycling and due to the significant concerns over Powerday’s proposals for the Coal Yard site expressed by local residents and others, the Environment Agency is conducting a consultation on the details of the new licence.

I would therefore ask you to contact the Environment Agency to express your concerns.  These should focus solely on Health and Safety and Environmental concerns.  These could include issues relating to noise, dust, smells and proximity to residential amenity.  In addition the fact that the site is elevated so making it more likely that all of these hazards will affect more people could also be mentioned.  Unfortunately issues relating to traffic are not the concerns of the Environment Agency and will not be considered as relevant.

Those living close by the Coal Yard could comment on the way in which they are already being disturbed by the relatively small scale activities currently being undertaken by Powerday.

The timescale for comments is short as the Consultation period lasts until 10thAugust 2016.  You can submit your views to the Agency in the following ways:

By email on pscpublicresponse@environment-agency.gov.uk and using the Application number EPR/LB3530RA/V002 or 

By post at Environment Agency

Permitting and Support Centre

Land Team

Quadrant 2

99 Parkway Avenue

Sheffield S9 4WF

This is a very important consultation please take part for if the company is given this licence it is likely that the site will be used more extensively even though planning permission has not been granted

Please be assured that the Committee of the Garden City Residents Association will be submitting comments on this application but we need you to submit yours, for if we can stop this licence being awarded it will be a great step forward in stopping industrial waste coming to our area in its hundreds of thousands of tonnes each and every year.

Best Wishes David Andrew for the GCERA Committee


You could also contact the Council to ask it to comment as well as MPs John McDonnell and Boris Johnson

Yiewsley ward

Protest against Powerday – 30th December 2015

During a Council Planning Meeting on 17th December, Powerday once again submitted an application to develop the site of the Old Coal Yard on Tavistock Road in to a waste recycling centre despite it being close to a major area of housing.

A demonstration was arranged earlier today (30th December) by West Drayton ward councillor Jan Sweeting (Lab) where all members of the local community were asked to attend and show our opposition to the scheme. UKIP Hillingdon agree with this stance and were happy to turn up and lend our support to the protest

Powerday demo 3

If the application is successful, we will see Powerday lorries bringing 450,000 tonnes of industrial waste per year in to the heart of our community and further congestion on both Yiewsley and West Drayton High Streets as well as Swan Road.

The deadline for comments to the Council on the application is 27th January – You can make your voice heard by going to the following link on the Council website http://w10.hillingdon.gov.uk/OcellaWeb/planningDetails?reference=18736/APP/2015/4457&from=planningSearch

Alternatively, there are a number of petition forms in local shops on West Drayton High Street.

Powerday have been turned down before when they proposed their development of this site – Working together as a community we can make sure they are turned down again


Yiewsley Ward

The Spectre of Powerday Looms again

Cliff Dixon – 7th September 2015

The following was distributed this morning by The Garden City Resident’s Association. With thanks to Cllr Jan Sweeting


In my last newsletter, I mentioned that Powerday had appealed against the Enforcement Notice issued to the company by Hillingdon Council.This Enforcement Action was required as Powerday was using the Coal Yard site Yiewsley/West Drayton for 24/7 working. This meant that residents living close to this site were continuously being disturbed by noise, pollution and by movements of heavy lorries. Indeed, it is likely that many of you have noticed laden skips and large double trailers going in to the site at all hours of the day and night. It was in order to stop these activities happening at night that Hillingdon Council issued the Enforcement Notice.

The Powerday appeal means the issue will now be considered by the Government Inspector, who will look at all of the evidence provided from both sides. This will include evidence local people can provide who have been affected by noise, out of hours working and pollution. Unfortunately the timescale for any evidence being submitted is very short. The evidence must be presented to the inspector by 17th September 2015 at the latest.

This information can be presented in the following ways :

1.  By using the planning portal at www.planningportal.gov.uk/planninginspectorate

2. By emailing teame1@pins.gsi.gov.uk

3. By sending 3 copies by mail to Opirim Agala, The Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/23, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol BS1 6PN

All representations must quote the Appeal reference which is APP/RS510/C/15/3129089

Please try to include within your evidence information on any occasions where noise has disrupted your sleep, or has disrupted your normal living conditions within your home, your garden, or in your neighbourhood. We need to ensure that information provided to the Government Inspector is as accurate and informative as possible. That information can include the many instances where Powerday Lorries, skips and trailers have trundled through the streets of Yiewsley and West Drayton contributing heavily to noise, pollution and traffic gridlock.

Those people living closest to the Coal Yard site in both Yiewsley and West Drayton may have the most evidence to support the Council’s case. However, I believe we can all call upon instances where we have been concerned at the bulk and high volumes of heavy lorries from this company travelling to and from this site at all times of the day and night. As much of this information as possible needs to be submitted to the Government Inspector.

Please note that if the Inspector finds against the Council it will of course leave the door wide open for Powerday to continue its 24/7 operation and we will all feel the effects of this.

The inquiry will be held in public at The Civic Centre in Uxbridge.I will inform you when we have information on the date and time.

Please be aware that without evidence from all of you, the case which the Council will make will be much weakened. So I must emphasise the importance of any information you are able to provide. That will, indeed, make a vast difference to whether this appeal is overturned, enabling the Council to put in place legal restrictions on Powerday’s working hours.

Best Wishes

David Andrew

Chair, Garden City Estate Resident’ Association

If you are affected by the Powerday lorries, please make sure you take part in the survey.


Brunel Ward

Kingdom Way, Cowley  – Update Aug 2015

Below is a transcript of emails I have sent in an attempt to tidy up unsightly land in the ward which is a hazard to pedestrians……

Back when I was a councillor I reported a site that was annoying residents of Maygoods Green, Cowley, whose gardens back onto the site.

It is (as it was then), covered in bramble, other wild vegetation & fly tipped rubbish.

The situation has worsened in that the fence bordering Kingdom Way (public right of way) has long since collapsed & there is a steep drop onto the site where a small child could fall & get trapped in the brambles.

When this was drawn to my attention at the time, I notified the council’s housing department as it was not fair on their tenants & leaseholders, but history indicates no action was taken.

Therefore would you please seriously consider tracing the owner for the service of a section 215 (untidy sites) notice?

The easiest way to see this offending piece of land is to approach Kingdom Way from Peachey Lane/New Peachey Lane. The site I refer to will soon become evident to your left.

Regards Geoff

Good Afternoon,
Thank you for your recent email.
I apologise for the delaying in responding to you.
This has been logged to our Planning Enforcement team to look into and deal with.
Service Request: 4542270
I will keep you all updated of any action forthcoming – Geoff Courtenay, Brunel Ward representative, UKIP Hillingdon.
Uxbridge South Update

30th July 2015 – Cliff Dixon – Dangerous pathways

A report has been put in to the Council regarding a dangerous missing manhole cover on The Greenway that could potentially injure an unsuspecting pedestrian.

Cllr Tony Burles (Lab) followed up for us and this has now been logged for urgent investigation under reference SR 4537788

Our thanks to Cllr Burles for his assistance




When I first got elected to the London Borough of Hillingdon Council in 1998, with a strong personal vote, I came away from the Civic Centre with the thought “I  am just one of 69 (there’s just 65 now) councillors, how the hell can I get anything done”

I was amazed how much I got done, not only in my own ward, but also in other wards at the request of their elected councillors.

Tho many councillors seem to do very little, especially those on special responsibility allowances & only attending about 12 meetings per year, I was constantly busy & it became part of my way of life.

Much of what was to be done was similar to things done in the legal professions, as when on one of the 21 or so committees that I served on, I was examining evidence & professionals opinions in making a decision, even more so on planning committees than elsewhere.

Other times I was representing people with problems or issues & helping them to prepare evidence, including attending  Criminal Injuries Appeal & my efforts getting the decision of a £2K award for an assault victim.

Another one that stands out is when  a sheltered housing scheme had had an illegal entry through a bedroom window, I got window restrictors fitted.

I  walk around the area & get a feeling of satisfaction seeing things (far too many to list) that had been achieved to make the area neater, safer & more user friendly.

It is however disappointing to see how uncared for the area has become now, with alleyways blocked with vegetation, roads potholed & un-swept, council grass as high as an elephant’s eye (Oklahoma), rotting leaves from two autumns un-cleared from pathways &  other evidence suggesting that our council doesn’t care.

With other Hillingdon UKIP representatives we have achieved a number of significant things, including pot-holed roads in Cowley resurfaced  & the Rat infestation in Yiewsley Recreation Ground dealt with. These were done with a resident’s petition sponsored by us & show what residents & UKIP can achieve in Hillingdon, by working hand in hand.Geoff Courtenay potholes

The Good news for our residents is on the 22nd May, in addition to the largest Contingent of UKIP MEPs, you have the opportunity to elect a UKIP councillor in just about every ward in Hillingdon including me again in Brunel Ward  in which I live.

Yiewsley update – Autumn 2013

After the earlier success of our branch sponsored residents’ petition getting badly cratered roads in Cowley resurfaced, we can report a further resident’s victory with a branch sponsored residents’ petition to deal with the long standing mega rat infestation on Yiewsley Recreation Ground.

The park is now closed for 3 weeks for “Intensive Baiting” to take place.

These are just two examples of local UKIP dedication in working with residents.

Many of our ward representatives are also ‘Street Champions’ reporting defects/issues direct to the council for action.

If you have an issue in your part of Hillingdon, please feel free to ask for our help or advice,

Regards  – Geoff Courtenay



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  1. Jack,

    Well done – 14% is a great share of the Vote.

    Boris was destined to win, the Press did not want to tell the truth that Labour voters would switch to UKIP and many UKIP supporters voted Conservative to have a chance of a EU referendum.


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