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Christine Taylor  and   Bryan Tomlinson 

                                UKIP Representatives for   Heathrow Villages  



Open This Sunday 12th April 11am to 4pm


Historic village threatened by 3rd runway opens its doors to the press and public


The ancient village of Harmondsworth, which originated as a Saxon manor and is now facing demolition if a third Heathrow runway goes ahead, will be staging an Open Day on Sunday 12th April to give the media and members of the public a chance to see what would be destroyed .


The focus of the event is the re-opening of the celebrated 15th-century Great Barn for the first time since the completion of major repairs by English Heritage .

The Barn, described by poet Sir John Betjeman as “the cathedral of Middlesex”, was saved from developers by the intervention of a group of determined villagers, who will be available to talk to visitors.

The Barn is a Grade I listed building. It is essentially unaltered since it was built in 1426 and over 95% of its structural timbers are original. It is owned by English Heritage who bought it in 2011 to add to the National Heritage Collection, and is managed for them by the Friends of the Great Barn.

For more details see: http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/harmondsworth-barn/

A huge mural, especially created for the occasion, will illustrate the proposed airport boundary cutting through the heart of picturesque Harmondsworth.  It will be unveiled at 1.30pm providing a photo-opportunity on the village green outside the historic Five Bells pub.


This will be followed by a visit to the newly-planted trees on the Recreation Ground which demonstrates that the community intends to fight to preserve its historic roots for future generations to enjoy, rather than watch it obliterated by further expansion of the airport . The tree-planting is part of a council-backed project to re-forest the villages threatened by a third runway.  It is a collaborative project between SHE, Transition Heathrow and Harts, the arts network based in the villages .

For more details on HARTS see:    http://www.communityharts.org/



There will be Morris dancing at various times throughout the day .  Datchet Border Morris will be at the Great Barn at 12.00pm; outside the Crown pub at 12.45pm; outside the Five Bells pub at 14.00; and back to the Barn at 14.30pm.


SHE (Stop Heathrow Expansion) worked with the Friends of the Great Barn to organise the Open Day. Neil Keveren, the chair of SHE, said, “This is a great opportunity to see the unique village of Harmondsworth.  But it is also a chance for us to show to the world that we are utterly determined to fight for our homes and our community.  We will not be going anywhere else.”


He added, “We are thankful for the backing we have received from Hillingdon Council and from Harts, the community arts project”.


For further information:


Neil Keveren, 07850904677


Christine Taylor 0208 564 8345  ;  07960490831


Justine Bayley (for info on the Barn), 020 8759 1874








More insults from the Tories against the British people.

Farage is made for bilious Margate | The Sunday Times

Farage is made for bilious Margate

Grubby and stuck in the past, the resort the Ukip leader hopes to represent as MP will suit him to a T, says Camilla Long

Camilla Long Published: 29 March 2015


“The Isle of Thanet is a small nodule of erupted spleen at the eastern edge of England — a little bit of throbbing gristle that, given enough anger, enough bile, enough precision dyspepsia, could suddenly, magnificently, detach itself entirely this election.

For this is where the Grand Hernia himself, Nigel Farage, is standing — making it by definition the most politically vulnerable place in Britain. As I leave Margate station, I wonder: what on earth has South Thanet done to deserve Farage’s tainted love? But immediately, it becomes obvious. Margate is broken.”

I refuse to add to Rupert Murdoch’s billions so didn’t pay for the rest of The Sunday Times article.

We do have a superb comedy link that gives you an idea of who Camilla Long is.



Power to the People.




she header

Heathrow have secret plan to use Sunbury Golf Course for housing

Please take the time to read this article even though it was published as an April Fool.  On the basis that truth can be stranger than fiction, much of the article is actually true.  Land must be found for hundreds, if not thousands, of new homes if Heathrow expansion goes ahead.  Spelthorne, as a council supporting expansion, will be under pressure to provide a large proportion of that land.  The true information is printed in bold type.

Harmondsworth and Longford residents facing the Heathrow bulldozers could be offered new homes on Sunbury Golf Course if a secret plan goes ahead.  Heathrow Airport Ltd are understood to have held negotiations with the Secretary of State, on compulsory purchase of the golf centre site that includes a popular 6,000-yard course.


Politicians in favour of a bigger Heathrow have been concerned that the housing crisis in London and the South East has become a major election issue and is likely to mean that expansion at Heathrow in undeliverable.  The Airports Commission is thought to favour building an additional runway at Heathrow, rather than the Heathrow Hub or Gatwick options, but has been instructed to keep its recommendation under wraps until after the election.  The current prediction for an announcement is late June.

In the meantime, discussions are taking place to see if the occupants of at least 783 homes (Airports Commission figure) could be re-housed within the M25.  Anti-expansion campaigners have always said that the initial figure for demolition will be much higher.  In December 2014, immediately prior to Sir Howard Davies holding a consultation event in Sipson, Heathrow announced that it would offer to buy up to 3,750 properties in villages to the north of the airport if expansion went ahead.

SunburyGC8 hole

It is widely felt that while Longford and Harmondsworth would be totally destroyed, the remaining villages of Sipson and Harlington would be so severely affected by noise and pollution that conditions would only be fit for airport workers and their families, who are thought to be prepared to sacrifice their health for a job.  Heathrow says it will buy the homes from current residents and fit some soundproofing before renting them out to its workers at market value. This happened, minus the soundproofing, to 238 homes in Sipson and Harmondsworth that were purchased by the airport in 2010. (Yes, airport workers and their children are seen as ideal tenants to fill houses rejected by owner-occupiers as too noisy and polluted.) 

Although the Airports Commission consultation closed on 3rd February, its representatives have contacted Heathrow on numerous occasions to request further information.  This has given Heathrow the opportunity to assess areas of concern that may prevent their North West Runway option being favoured.  Issues raised that are stumbling points include the impact on community cohesion caused by the mass demolitions and the lack of suitable affordable housing. Heathrow bosses have been looking at possible solutions and now acknowledge it will be necessary to create entirely new villages within nearby boroughs.    

housing design

Heathrow has been in covert discussions with neighbouring councils during the past 6 months to find suitable sites for housing estates. While some areas south of Heathrow have been ruled out due to planned changes in the road network to accommodate the increased traffic from the extended coach station and freight depot, Laleham, Ashford and Shepperton are thought to be still under consideration.Surrey Future, a group that brings together Surrey’s local authorities and business leaders, has already revealed that it has been working with the Airports Commission to find solutions that will lead to a recommendation favouring Heathrow expansion.

Housing Condy and Lofthouse estate

As a strong supporter of  a third runway at Heathrow, Spelthorne Council has played an important behind-the-scenes role in this search.  It is believed that council officials’ views prompted Heathrow’s current publicity slogan, “Those living around us are behind us” as a means of countering any resistance to development plans. Councillors have been told to deny all knowledge of the plans.  Freedom of Information requests relating to housing have been posted online and indicate that council staff are using delaying tactics to avoid giving a response. Officials are concerned that revealing the high numbers on the housing waiting list just before the announcement of the Sunbury plans could cause a backlash from taxpayers as Spelthorne residents would not be eligible for homes on the new estate.  John Hesbrook, Housing Strategy and Enabling Officer for Spelthorne, has advised people living in Hillingdon borough who wish to apply for a home in Spelthorne to complete the online form at http://www.searchmoves.org.uk/menu.aspx (If Heathrow expansion is recommended by Davies, villages residents should take note of Mr Hesbrook’s advice.)

Spelthorne is currently consulting on the borough’s housing strategy, which includes a warning that in a borough that is 17% water and 65% Green Belt, no site is totally safe from housing development as it needs to build at least 160 homes a year until 2026, even without the need to rehouse those displaced by building another runway.  The Airports Commission states that the lure of new airport-related jobs will bring 70,000 people into the area, who Spelthorne hopes to welcome.

After deciding that Sunbury Golf Course site provides the ideal location to satisfy angry residents forced to relocate, Spelthorne Conservative Councillors have formed a partnership with designers employed by the Chinese Sovereign Wealth Fund, co-owners of Heathrow.  They have been working in secret to build a replica copy of Harmondsworth and Longford to illustrate to the Secretary of State the feasibility and desirability of the plans.

A source working within the partnership, who asked not be named, said “Heathrow will be making a substantial profit for its shareholders once a third runway is built so spending £5 billion on housing in Spelthorne is no problem. We aim to focus on the positives like more jobs in hospitality and construction, faster roads and more flights to India and China.  Everyone will be a winner, even those losing their communities and old buildings will get a new purpose-built estate.  There could be funding from the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF). (Heathrow will not meet the full cost of expansion so money must by found from the British taxpayer or other sources.)


The planning process for this major project is expected to be fast-tracked so that initial work can begin this autumn.  The Sunbury Golf Clubhouse will be commandeered to house some of the senior project management team who will also oversee the brick by brick dismantling and rebuilding of key buildings from Harmondsworth and Longford. This could include St Mary the Virgin Church in Harmondsworth village, where the Great Tithe Barn has just undergone renovations and adaptations to enable it to be moved to the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum if necessary. (It was previously suggested that both church and barn could be moved.)

Recruitment teams will travel to Eastern Europe to recruit some of the 10,000 construction workers who will be needed for the first phase of demolition and redevelopment.  They will be housed in 2,000 Portacabins at Laleham Cricket Club, which will be renamed Heathrow Workers’ City.  This will provide a welcome boost for the local economy, especially Staines Shopping Centre. (T5 construction showed that a huge percentage of construction jobs go to workers who live too far away to commute. Once someone has accommodation in the area they become “local” for statistics.)

An anonymous source at Spelthorne Borough Council said, “We feel privileged to be paving the way for a fourth runway to make Heathrow better AND bigger.  Frankly, when Heathrow’s Chinese and Qatari owners promise huge financial incentives, however implausible, it’s impossible to say no. In a few years time everyone will have forgotten the golf course and the people who used it, they’ll have a whole new development, that’s progress.   Heathrow is promising to end youth unemployment with apprenticeships to teach them how to serve food, sell duty-free goods and make hotel beds.” (All arguments used to justify expansion.)

Kevin Harman, speaking on behalf of Heathrow Hub, told a public meeting that “there will be plenty of jobs in security because there is a lot of money in terrorism”.  (Yes, he really did say this when addressing a public meeting.)

A golfer and retired airline worker who is close to the Sunbury Golf Club Committee stated that he’d been persuaded to wave goodbye to the club by the promise of jobs, jobs and more jobs.  He quipped, “Heathrow replacing beauty with concrete is par for the course.”

Sidney Sciurus, who considers himself a typical Back Heathrow supporter said, “I live far enough away that it doesn’t affect me but I can’t understand why anyone would object to building flats on empty land that is going to waste.  It would solve the housing problem and make way for even more runways.  It’s nuts to oppose Heathrow’s foreign owners just because they don’t live here.  People who complain about being woken up at 4am should get double glazing. The sooner they dig up Sunbury Golf Club the better.  No ifs, no buts, bring on the bulldozers! (All comments made to brand anyone who objects to development as NIMBYs.)

with sincere thanks to      stopheathrowexpansion.co.uk



More details of the flawed and biased consultation on Heathrow expansion. This time it’s the turn of TFL to tell the Davies Commission how wrong they are.

Access to expanded Heathrow would cost £20 billion, TfL warns, £15 billion more from the taxpayer than the Davies Commission estimate.
Transport for London (TfL) has raised “serious concerns” about congestion and the costs of expansion at Heathrow just weeks before the Airports Commission’s final recommendation is due (end of June?). TFL response to APPG on Surface Access Feb 2015   http://tinyurl.com/TfL-response
In response to questions by Zac Goldsmith, TfL said both Heathrow and  Davies Commission had “significantly underestimated” the challenge of improving transport access to the site, with the Airports Commission estimating £5 billion would be enough to make the improvements. TfL believes, to provide an optimal level of service, the figure would be nearer to £20 billion, raising questions about who would pay the additional costs. TfL said population growth of 37% by 2050 has also not been taken into account, with regards to the
increased pressure on London’s roads and public transport infrastructure.
Zac said: “TfL is better placed than any other organisation to understand the effects Heathrow expansion will have on London’s transport network, and it is extraordinary therefore that the Commission never bothered to ask for its assessment.
This raises serious questions about the thoroughness and reliability of the Commission’s work. If TfL is right the taxpayer may end up having to cough up an additional £15 billion to help Heathrow secure its monopoly, in addition to all the associated problems of gridlock and noise.
Daniel Moylan said “The Airports Commission’s assessment of the surface access impacts for an expanded Heathrow does not extend beyond 2030 and assumes a 3rd runway to be barely a quarter full, which is not credible for an airport currently operating at over 98% capacity.” It has not looked at the transport needs by 2040–2050.

Many thanks to our friends at Airport Watch.



Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

January 2015 February 2015
All crime 144 115
Anti-social behaviour 28 18
Bicycle theft 0 0
Burglary 6 7
Criminal damage and arson 8 7
Drugs 4 3
Other crime 1 1
Other theft 23 15
Possession of weapons 1 1
Public order 9 7
Robbery 2 4
Shoplifting 2 0
Theft from the person 1 2
Vehicle crime 25 15
Violence and sexual offences 34 35

Please visit https://www.police.uk/shape/ccPn5L/ for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.

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The information and statistics displayed in this email are for information purposes only and may be subject to change.
Although care is taken when processing and analysing the data, the detail is subject to the inaccuracies inherent in any large-scale recording system.
While the figures shown have been checked as far as practicable, they should be regarded as approximate.


Posted 28th March 2015.

Heathrow cut their UK economy forecast by more than 50% but fail to inform the Davies Commission.

Picture one shows a projection of £211 billion and was taken at T5  today at 2.35pm.backheathrow1
Picture two was taken one minute later also at T5 and shows a revised forecast of £100 billion.backheathrow2

Not read anything about this in the financial press so I assume that Holland-Kaye hasn’t told his foreign investors yet.
A Back Heathrow spokesman said “No comment


Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via Street Champions scheme.

This rubbish is on Cranford Lane on the right from Harlington and up towards The White House. cranfordlanerubbish1
This type of rubbish appears weekly in this area and is mostly cardboard from a corner shop. It doesn’t make sense to leave it there and risk prosecution when every council provides plenty of cardboard recycling areas.
Cheers, Bryan


Is Captain Cash, Heathrow Hub’s social leper, throwing his hand in ??


The guys at Runway Innovations (Heathrow Hub) are worried that their idea for an extended runway will be worthless once the Davies Commission reports so have been desperately trying to sell it to Heathrow in advance.
Sky News has reported that directors of Heathrow Airport Holdings (HAH) have been in secret talks regarding a suggestion that it should acquire the intellectual property rights held by Runway Innovations, the independent group that wants to extend the airport’s existing northern runway so that it can operate as two runways.
The news company states that people close to the discussions said that HAH decided at a board meeting last week that it would not pursue a deal at this time with Runway Innovations (also known as Heathrow Hub), which is fronted by Jock Lowe, a former British Airways Concorde pilot.
Apparently, HAH responded to the Runway Innovations proposal in a letter sent on Friday, which said that it believed the best option for expanding Heathrow remained its own plan for a new, and entirely separate, third runway.
One source has claimed that Runway Innovations had been seeking at least £50m to buy it out, although it was unclear whether this included land options that could be developed to provide new rail facilities if the Heathrow Hub option is selected. The Davies Commission is not considering this part of the proposal.

A spokesman for Runway Innovations told Sky News: “We will continue to maintain a close and cordial relationship with Heathrow as we share a belief that it is the right place for airport expansion in the UK and superior to Gatwick in all respects.”

Not surprisingly Gatwick disagrees.  Responding to last week’s Budget, Stewart Wingate, Gatwick’s chief executive, said: “We have given a guarantee to Government that we will deliver our second runway project by 2025 and we won’t ask for public funds to help us do it.

“In contrast, Heathrow needs more than £5bn from the taxpayer for tunnelling of the M25, major work on the M4 and A4, and many rail improvements.

“The taxpayer is essentially being asked to pay twice for these projects – once through their taxes and then again through the many years of disruption they will cause.”

All three of the expansion options have been assessed by the Airports Commission, with HAH’s standalone third runway plan estimated to cost £18.6bn without factoring in public money for improved road and rail links; the Heathrow Hub plan has been costed at £13.5bn, with Gatwick’s expansion projected to require an outlay of £9.3bn.

It is widely believed that the result of the general election will be crucial to the timing of the Davies Commission’s announcement of its recommendation.  If there is a likelihood of a coalition government, the announcement could be delayed until July.

However, Sir Howard Davies, who is chairing the Commission, is thought to have made his mind up already and is simply withholding the information because the government does not want airport expansion to be an election issue.  Sir Howard Davies will become the new chairman of Royal Bank of Scotland later this year so it is expected that he will be eager to move on.

With thanks to;


Over the past month the four wards of the South Neighbourhood Policing Team have been very busy indeed. Here are just a few stories of things we’ve been up to in March.
Demonstration: On 7th March, the Heathrow Villages team policed a spontaneous demonstration at the Harmondsworth Detention Centre. This protest was conducted whilst a Media News Team was in attendance at the site. By building a good working partnership and understanding with the Site Management, a quick approach to managing the protest was deployed allowing for the peaceful facilitation of lawful protest within the full view of the media.
Off Duty action: PC Walker demonstrated outstanding dedication to his duty when off duty with his family. PC Walker was on his way to a Rugby Match at Twickenham when he came across a female who had collapsed at an Underground station. Nobody at the station was taking any action. PC Walker left his family and moved to assist the woman. Unfortunately the female had become unconscious and had stopped breathing. PC Walker commenced immediate first aid. He gave heart compressions and, despite having no protective safety equipment, he also gave mouth to mouth resuscitation, ignoring the risk to himself. An underground staff member was able to find a defibrillator and PC Walker, having received training, used the equipment and gave several shocks in an attempt to save the woman. Despite his best efforts, tragically the woman later died at hospital. PC Walker’s off duty actions were exemplary and are an example of the quality of officers we have working in our community team.
The engagement initiative where local police will spend short periods at local libraries is being launched in May. The first event will be at Yiewsley Library on the 1st May. If you have pre-school aged children, please come along and I will be reading to the children from 10am -11am.
The South area is a safe place to live and work. This month I met with the four ward panel chairs from the four wards of the South Neighbourhood area: Heathrow Villages, Pinkwell, West Drayton and Yiewsley.  At this meeting, we agreed on the three area priorities, subject to ratification, that I will focus my teams on. These three priorities are, 1) Burglary,2) Street Violence, 3) Theft from Motor cars.
We all look forward to seeing you out and about over Easter.  When you see us do come and say hello. If you’d like to receive a crime prevention visit or need to speak to any of the team do get in touch.  Please feel free to forward this newsletter on to your neighbours, friends & family living in South Hillingdon.
Inspector David B. George.
South Neighbourhood Police Team
Follow us on Twitter @MPSHillingdon
To register for crime prevention advice please e-mail us at – XHMailbox.partnership@met.police.uk


All around the country British people are being attacked by Conservative, Labour and Libdems politicians.

From The Coventry Observer ;

OUTRAGED residents accused of making ‘racist’ comments and being compared with Nazi Germany by Coventry Labour councillors have accused the council and Labour party of kicking their formal complaints into touch for political reasons.

Two residents opposed to housing on Greenbelt in Keresley lodged formal complaints three weeks ago with the national Labour Party and Coventry City Council regarding the conduct of Labour councillors David Galliers and Rachel Lancaster.

The residents now fear the outcome is being deliberately delayed to avoid further political fall-out before elections on May 7.get (7)

As we have reported, they vehemently deny racism, after concerns were expressed about pressures from immigration on public services, housing and the Greenbelt.

A third Labour councillor, Kevin Maton faced a council investigation and issued a written apology to another resident and Greenbelt campaigner for allegedly calling him a ‘stupid ignorant t***’ in off-the-cuff remarks caught on camera by the resident’s wife at a public meeting, and for wrongly publicly branding him a UKIP supporter on Twitter.

The incidents have prompted comparisons with former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s off-mic gaffe in Rochdale in 2010 election campaigning, when he accused pensioner Gillian Duffy of being ‘bigoted’ over her concerns about immigration.

Labour leaders Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and other party frontbenchers have since repeatedly said party members were previously wrong to brand concerns about immigration and pressures on housing and services as ‘racist’ or bigoted.

Coun Lancaster, a council cabinet member, took to Twitter to publicly accuse ‘members of Keresley PC’ (parish council) of making ‘racist comments’. Following the complaints, her tweets have been removed.

Councillor Galliers had written a letter published in a Coventry newspaper which compared Keresley Parish Council chair Sandra Camwell’s views with Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa.

Mrs Camwell had gone further in stating the government should ‘shut the borders’, at least until there was a better understanding of pressure on services.

She said this week: “They seem to be running scared of the issue. What are they afraid of?

“I am offended by these disgraceful accusations of racism and facism and am disappointed with their lethargic reaction so far. It should be a straightforward investigation. The evidence has been published by the Press and reproduced from Twitter.

“People are already judging them over the delay. They now have six weeks before the election. Surely they’re not happy to say nothing for another six weeks?”

Father-of-two Allan Owens, a Keresley community volunteer who is a former parish council member, also lodged official complaints to the council’s monitoring officer Christine Forde and national Labour party general secretary Iain McNicol concerning Coun Lancaster’s tweets, for which he sought an apology.

He said: “I am disappointed that it has taken so long for a resolution. It appears that certain council departments cease to be able to function when ‘people are out of the office’ (the only explanation received by the residents so far).

“It seems they are delaying the investigation so they do not get councillors and the Labour group into an embarrassing situation shortly before the election.

“I find it appalling that two elected Labour party councillors can make allegations about racism within a local Parish Council and it not be treated seriously by Coventry council when complaints are made.”

Dr Walter Milner of Keresley Parish Council had also sought explanation from Coun Lancaster.

A council spokesperson told the Observer this week: “All formal complaints made to the monitoring officer are fully investigated. We are not able to comment on the detail of ongoing complaints.”

A Labour party spokesman said: “We’re still looking into this issue and will respond in due course.

Love Britain. Vote UKIP.



A non partisan message from our friends at SHE.


Please pass this message around everyone that supports the human right of British people to be allowed to live in peace and not constantly under threat of demolition by greedy foreign investors and Establishment politicians.

—————————————————————————————————–she header

On April 12th the Stop Heathrow Expansion group are welcoming all to Harmondsworth to raise awareness of the great threat to our communities. Whilst this beautiful historic village is the one earmarked for demolition, it is merely a focus point to highlight all the villages that would be destroyed or rendered uninhabitable by airport expansion. Tens of thousands that would be adversely affected by noise and pollution might like to stand here and be counted now, prior to the general election, to ensure all political parties know people’s strength of feeling on this issue. Efforts to kick it into the long grass until we have already cast our votes must not be allowed to silence us.


We have a number of photo opportunities on the day including: tree planting for the future on land that would be compulsory purchased, a boundary mural showing where the new airport fence is being forced upon us and the Great Barn, newly restored, will be open to the public for the first time this year. All visitors will be also be able to investigate the other historic and listed buildings, and the threatened natural delights of Harmondsworth Moor, with the help of guides and illustrated leaflets. The two local pubs serve great food and fine beer making this potentially the most civilised opportunity to protest possible.



Neil Keveren

Chairman of SHE



English Heritage open The Great Barn, Harmondsworth on April 12th.

An announcement from Datchet Border Morris Dancers

We’ve visited Harmondsworth, and I’ve spoken with the management at both pubs, and we’ll be dancing on Sunday 12th April – the first open day for the Barn this year.


We’re planning to dance at the Barn (picture getwestlondon)HarmondsworthGV-church-and-barn

around 12:00, outside the Crown at 12:45,crown harmondsworth have lunch and then dance at the Five Bells at around 14:00 before returning about 14:30 for a second spot in the Barn.5bellspub


After that, there should be no-one in Harmondsworth who says “You don’t see Morris dancers any more, do you?”!!!


Hope you are free on the day and will be able to come and watch us. We’ll be at West Drayton May Fair on 2nd May.


(Remember that we dance in the summer at the Magna Carta tearoom, Runnymede, on 1 May at sunrise, which is 05:30 – all are welcome!)



Bagman, Datchet Border Morris






Posted 25th March 2015.
When the Establishment are under threat they can rely on Labour and Green supporters to protect them.Anti-Ukip-protesters-surr-009
Protesters supporting government policy and attacking democracy is a new low for the Lib/Lab/Con/Greens.
The Guardian Letters Page…..24th March 2015.

As a Guardian reader for over 50 years and a Downe resident for over 20 years, including eight years as landlord of the Queen’s Head, I find your article (Big trouble in middle England, G2, 24 March) disappointing, to say the least. This was in no way a political demonstration but an ill-disciplined, attention-seeking rabble with no thought of other people’s safety or enjoyment. They booked the George & Dragon under false pretences for larger numbers and purposes than it is suitable for, thereby ruining normal customers’ afternoon enjoyment.
A large number of families use this pub and the Queen’s Head for a peaceful Sunday lunch and social gatherings. Young children with their parents (including the Farage children) were terrified by these events. Mr Farage remained calm during these so-called demonstrations and certainly had no minders, heavies or aides with him. Your correspondent omits the fact that the driver of the hired coach refused to transport the rabble back to Bromley, worried about their behaviour and no doubt his safety. Also, the article does not take into consideration the damage caused to the business and reputation of these well-run pubs. I’m not, of course, going to stop buying or reading the Guardian, but hope for a return to more balanced and objective reporting.
Alan Dear
Downe, Kent.

Just to show how pathetic these ‘useful idiots’ are, they contacted the police when they received the inevitable backlash on social media.
Keep on speaking for the British people, Nigel.
Cheers, Bryan




Posted 23rd March 2015.
More disastrous PR from Holland-Kaye and Heathrow Airport.



Ascot and Bracknell residents have been vindicated after their claims that flight path changes Heathrow said they were imagining were confirmed this week.  NATS came clean and admitted it HAD made changes – but won’t change them back.  MP Adam Afriyie has insisted the airport itself has been “wilfully misleading or rather incompetent” and demanded the Transport Secretary investigates further.
Residents of Virginia Water, Ascot, Binfield and Bracknell who were up in arms at the end of last year over flight path changes which Heathrow said had never happened have been proved right this week.
Heathrow admitted on Tuesday that it had been “wrongly telling residents in good faith that no changes had occurred following conclusion of the airspace trials in November”.
Absolving itself of any guilt in a statement issued on its website, Heathrow announced simply that it had “secured NATS’ agreement to improve communications about operational changes to air traffic control”.  A press release blames NATS no less than seven times for making procedural changes while neglecting to mention that it had repeatedly dismissed residents out of hand.
On June 27 2014 NATS made a procedural change affecting the Compton route, one of the six departure routes used at Heathrow during periods of easterly winds. The route is used by around 6% of total departures.  Flights previously spread over a 13-mile “gateway” are, instead, now concentrated over just 7 miles.
There is no suggestion that NATS had any intention to mislead; however their failure to identify this change to Heathrow resulted in the airport wrongly telling residents in good faith that no changes had occurred following conclusion of the airspace trials in November.
The airport says that it will “continue to push for greater transparency from the aviation industry to promote trust amongst stakeholders and residents”.  CEO John Holland-Kaye said:
“I am very concerned that NATS made this change without informing the airport or affected communities about its potential impact, particularly given its effects on some of the same areas to the west of the airport that were affected by the airspace trials we ran last year. Because of the assurances we received, we in turn told residents in good faith that no changes had occurred. That is unacceptable and I unequivocally apologise to local residents.”
Mr Holland-Kaye has also written to Windsor MP Adam Afriyie to apologise directly:  “I recognise that as an airport community we have let you down in this instance. We need to do better to be a good neighbour and I would like to unequivocally apologise to you and your constituents.”
Afriyie says the apology does not go far enough, saying today; “What beggars belief is Heathrow’s insulting accusation that residents were imagining the extra noise!”
Afriyie was part of a high profile campaign by Ascot residents last year to get Heathrow to take the matter seriously – at the time the changes were assumed to be related to the airspace trials that were aborted in November 2014 following fierce criticism.  He has been quick to take credit, claiming on his website today that he had been responsible for Heathrow’s calculated apology:
“Following sustained pressure from Adam Afriyie, MP for Windsor, Heathrow finally admitted changes to flight paths that have inflicted more flights and greater noise on residents in Ascot, Binfield, Bracknell Forest, Cheapside, Sunninghill, Warfield and other nearby areas.”
Afriyie added: “I am deeply concerned on behalf of the residents who have suffered from extra aircraft noise without so much as a warning. Heathrow must take the blame for misleading residents and being dismissive of their concerns. I now call on Heathrow and NATS to release all flightpath data on arrivals, which Heathrow is yet to disclose to me.”
Heathrow has either been wilfully misleading or rather incompetent. Heathrow and NATS have serious questions to answer and must be held to account in Parliament. I am writing now to the Transport Secretary so he can look into this worrying development.
Heathrow says it has asked NATS to communicate the change to residents and consider reverting back to the original gateway.  However there appears little chance of either happening:
“We asked NATS to consider this. They have advised us that this change was made to improve the safe and efficient management of traffic departing from Heathrow and are not planning to revert back”.
Flights departing over Colnbrook were not affected but Afriyie says: “This is just a glimpse of the huge disruption that will be faced if a third runway is given the go-ahead. I am not surprised that residents do not trust what Heathrow say”.

Well said Adam.
With thanks to our friends at

. Please check out their website.


The Establishment political parties and their media lackeys will act innocent while their nutjob representatives bring the Conservatives, labour and LibDems to shame.January









Thank you to whoever organised the cleaning of this area in Harlington.cleanup
Next step is that there needs to be a waste bin in this area to stop litter collecting here in the future. Otherwise we will continue to have an overflowing bin at the busy bus stop and pedestrians carrying their litter until they get to this area and then discarding it.
It would be good to find out who has done their job and helped us recently as this is working. Reading this blog and being criticised is definitely getting results for Heathrow Villages.
These problems are easily solved by elected representatives and political candidates doing less talking and actually working to put things right.
Promises mean nothing to us and neither does left/right, blue/red and Conservative/Labour prejudiced and tribal twaddle. We need action not a blame game.
We are not a poor borough and we are living next to a multi billion £££ industry so we deserve to be rewarded with clean streets and above average services.
Cheers, Bryan


These are our villages so lets make sure we are in charge of our future

Heathrow Villages Neighbourhood Planning

Dear Heathrow Neighbourhood Planners,

Firstly, we are sorry we haven’t been in touch for a while.

We have been working behind the scenes, collaborating with University College London students, developing professional support and completing all the tasks required to meet our first year funding targets.

Please note:

·         Since our first neighbourhood forum meeting, we have decided to add another issue ‘health and wellbeing’ to our list of priorities for the area.
(Other issues are housing, transport, enterprise, community spaces, green spaces and heritage.)

·         The picture on this newsletter shows the boundary decided by the neighbourhood forum. We are now planning to get this formally designated by the council.

Looking for roles
* The Forum is missing representatives for two of our issues – enterprise and health/wellbeing.
Do you know someone who could fit either of these roles?
They would need to come to some NP meetings and have knowledge of how the issue is present within the Heathrow villages.

* We also need people to help with online media such as website updates and social media – do you have the skills and could you help?

The year ahead

After piloting our community consultation questionnaire at Grow Heathrow’s 5th Birthday on the 28th March we are planning community consultation activities for the Spring ahead. If you know of community events or activities where you feel this would be relevant, please let us know.

We will also be attending and organising other meetings and events, so we hope to see you soon.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about any of the above.

Please pass this newsletter on!


Heathrow Neighbourhood Planning committee





The council notice board has finally been useful.
It stopped a car from careering in to pedestrians by the Co-Op bus stop.
The vehicle has also jolted the ticket machine out of action.


Posted Sunday 15th March 2015.

Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via Street Champions scheme. Forwarded  to Pearl Lewis, the Conservative candidate liking the vibrancy of Hayes so much, she lives 50 miles away.
Forwarded to John McDonnell Labour MP who criticizes UKIP’S fair immigration policy while supporting Labour’s unfair anti-Commonwealth immigration controls.

Time for Conservatives and Labour to stop playing the blame game and to get something done.
This area is a continual eyesore and has been for years. The bin at the busy bus stop on Harlington Corner is overflowing.rubbisg6
This leads to rubbish being thrown in the bushes on Harlington High Street towards Heath Close and Hall Lane. This build up of rubbish attracts more and more rubbish.
The street cleaner is ignoring it and has done for as long as I can remember. Is this rubbish not classed as street cleaning?rubbish6
We need a rubbish bin in this area and the area needs to be cleared.
Let’s see if the old parties really care of if it’s just more talk before May 7th ?
Campaign to Clean Up Heathrow Villages.



What sort of people claim for a Remembrance Wreath on expenses while troughing a second home allowance ?mp'sexpenses

The same Labour MP that said an attack on the UKIP office in Rotherham by Labour supporters was funny.




We’ve got choices to make on May 7th.

More Labour Rotherhams or a fresh start with UKIP ?




More corporate cobblers from the conniving Conservatives.

As is typical of the weasel wording used by the Department for Transport, the situation over the HS2-Heathrow link is a lot more murky that the written answer would make it appear. With the specific wording, it might be built after Phase 2 is completed. The Department for Transport say the link is not actually cancelled: that decision is still waiting for the Airports Commission report on where to expand airports. But as the Phase 2 route announcement has been delayed from last year to possibly 2016, this could be a long wait.

The day before the fifth anniversary of the original announcement of HS2, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has ditched a commitment from the last Conservative manifesto to link Heathrow to HS2, a proposal which they said at the time would negate the need to expand the airport.

The 2010 Conservative Manifesto (Pg 23) stated:

“Because travel abroad is so important for our economy and for family holidays, we need to improve our airports and reduce the environmental impact of flying. Our goal is to make Heathrow airport better, not bigger. We will stop the third runway and instead link Heathrow directly to our high speed rail network, providing an alternative to thousands of flights.”

However, in a written answer to Beaconsfield MP Dominic Grieve, McLoughlin today turned both of those points on their head:

“I am aware that the proposed Heathrow spur causes great concern to local residents. I would now like to make clear that we do not intend to build the spur as part of Phase 1 or 2 of the HS2 scheme.”

“In November 2014, the Airports Commission published a high-level review of the implications of a HS2 spur on surface access to Heathrow Airport, as part of the supporting technical documents for their public consultation on the three short-listed schemes for airport expansion. This review indicated that an HS2 spur is highly unlikely to be necessary to support any expansion of Heathrow airport.”

Scrapping the link to Heathrow will not reduce the current, yet outdated, £50bn estimate for the HS2 project, as that figure did not include costs for a Heathrow link. Whilst ministers had claimed the cost of linking Heathrow to HS2 would be in the range of £2bn, in 2011 a report from ARUP which was leaked to the Uxbridge Gazette, showed eleven options for the link with a price range of £7.3bn to £8.7bn.

A tweet from HS2 Ltd three years ago, promising plans for the HS2 Heathrow Spur.

Despite the fact McLoughlin was in front of the Transport Select Committee yesterday, this announcement has been quietly released via a written statement, on the very day that the HS2 Hybrid Bill Committee started to hear petitions from residents of Denham, one of the two communities directly affected by the ‘passive provisions’ in the HS2 Phase 1 Bill. Residents from Denham and Ickenham have until now been told that mitigation proposals for their areas have not been possible, as the line has to be designed in such a way as to allow spurs to Heathrow to be added at a later date. Whether this announcement will now allow mitigation in these areas, is yet to be seen.

Stop HS2 Campaign Manager Joe Rukin responded:

“The fact this announcement has been sneaked out the very day people affected by the proposed HS2-Heathrow link started appearing before the HS2 Committee is typical of the attitude the Government have, whereby those impacted by HS2 are always the last to know what is proposed.”

“The Conservatives have completely turned their manifesto promise on it’s head. They said HS2 would mean Heathrow did not need to be expanded, but now they are saying expansion of Heathrow means HS2 does not need to go there. Like when they scrapped the link to HS1, the Government have decided to cut the functionality of HS2 in a desperate attempt to stop the costs going up again. Another justification of the supposed ‘need’ for HS2 has just gone out of the window, but dogmatic politicians are still wedded to this white elephant, no matter little ‘need’ for it remains.”

Penny Gaines, chair of Stop HS2 said

“The original Conservative idea for a high speed rail line was to link to Heathrow and stop the need for expansion of Heathrow.  Their manifesto from the last election was very clear on this issue.  When they came into government one of the big changes to HS2 that the Coalition made was to to add the Heathrow spur.”  

“This latest change to the HS2 plans has knocked out the original Conservative rationale for proposing high speed rail.  The excuse given that the spur is not needed to expand Heathrow, shows that their transport policy regarding rail and airports, was never thought through properly.  HS2 doesn’t link to HS1.  It doesn’t go to the main hub airport. We call on our parties to look at HS2 properly, to look at the massive increase in the budget for HS2 and commit to cancelling HS2 as soon as possible.”




70,000 trees in Harmondsworth Moor and Colne Valley Park face the chop.


Colne Valley Park representatives say Heathrow’s North-West and South-West 3rd and 4th Runways expansion options would “wipe out” the southern part of the Park.
The North-West option which would hit hardest would see Lakeside Education Centre lost along with nearly all of the Green Belt north of the by-pass to Sutton Lane.  Colnbrook West and Orlitts Lake would be filled in, while the Colne Brook would be culverted or diverted along with three other rivers locally.  The M25 would be diverted through Richings Park and the A4 diverted through Poyle.colne-valley-park-full
Harmondsworth Moor would be obliterated, the Colne Valley Trail chopped in half and the Colne Valley Park Circular Walks completely lost.  The ancient villages of Harmondsworth and Longford would be completely destroyed.
“Both the North West and the South West options effectively wipe out the southern part of the Colne Valley Regional Park as a coherent entity. In addition there are proposed railway links to Heathrow through the Colne Valley from the north and the south and other associated infrastructure and developments that are sure to follow.”
The Colne Valley Park covers 43 square miles of countryside right on the edge of London – running from Rickmansworth in the north to Staines in the south, and from Uxbridge in the east to Chalfont and Slough in the west. The Park contains many valuable wildlife habitats and many opportunities to get up close with rare wildlife.
Carol Gibson, Director of the Colne Valley Park CIC, said
“The Colne Valley Regional Park is under siege. It was established 50 years ago when the previous generation saw the potential of the Colne Valley to serve communities of west London and adjacent counties in providing an escape into countryside. Huge areas of this countryside may be about to vanish under High Speed 2, Slough International Freight Exchange, Pinewood Studios Development and now a 3rd – 4th runway at Heathrow, all on Green Belt.
If any of these developments are allowed to go ahead only a comprehensive package to mitigate the impacts on local landscapes, rivers, biodiversity and communities in the Colne Valley Regional Park and to enhance what remains, will ensure that the Park has a sustainable future.
Whilst the wider open spaces of England deserve protection, we must resist the large scale destruction of precious countryside close to urban areas. Build over it and there will be increasing demand not only for development in really rural areas but also for access to more remote areas by people forced to travel further from their homes for recreation.”
Most of the park’s activities to date have centred on countryside activities at Denham Country Park, Black Park, Rickmansworth Aquadrome, Staines Moor, Iver Environment Centre and the Chiltern Open Air Museum.
Colnbrook’s stretch of the Colne Valley, perhaps the most neglected, has hitherto gained little attention from the Community Interest Company; even the threat from the Slough International Freight Exchange received a low key response.
The statement from the Park suggests that Heathrow’s onslaught will inevitably refocus strategy in the period ahead.

With thanks to our friends at Colnbrook Views website.

  Well worth a read.


Posted 11th March 2015safe_imageTFPLVHQN

Good news .

Plans for a new rail link to Heathrow Airport as part of the HS2 high-speed network have been ruled out by the transport minister Patrick McLoughlin.

He was responding to a question by MP Dominic Grieve about the Heathrow spur.

Mr McLoughlin said: “I would now like to make clear that we do not intend to build the spur as part of Phase 1 or 2 of the HS2 scheme”.

HS2 is a planned high-speed rail network from London to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

Previously the government had said any decision about the Heathrow spur would be delayed until the Davies Commission’s report on future UK airport capacity had been completed.

Responding to Mr Grieve’s written Parliamentary question, the minister cited the Airports Commission review findings – published in November – which “indicated that an HS2 spur is highly unlikely to be necessary to support any expansion of Heathrow airport”.

Nick Hurd, Conservative MP for Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner tweeted he was “delighted” the government had dropped the idea and gave “credit to ministers for listening to our argument”.

He said the best way of connecting passengers to Heathrow was via Old Oak Common. He said it also simplified the case for extending the HS2 tunnel to protect Ickenham and Colne Valley.

Paul Prentice, assistant news editor at Rail magazine said it was a “very sensible decision. Bearing in mind there is already a spur tunnel to Heathrow and another western link being built”.

Campaigner Lottie Jones from Hillingdon Against HS2 said the group was “delighted” with the decision but cautious that it was not “just a pre-election sweetener” that might be revoked.




A bit of good news


Before the last Westminster election Conservatives and Labour were too embarrassed to knock on our doors.
If they find the courage to debate their abysmal records in government over the past 18 years please ask them ;
“Why are the Conservative and Labour Establishment  EU millionaires allowing over half a million new arrivals in to the UK every year to make our lives harder”?

I guarantee they will both fob you off with the same lies and nonsense


With thanks to John Stewart and HACAN.

On Saturday 7th March over 30 polar bears invaded Heathrow’s recently opened Terminal Two in a protest against the third runway.Polar-Bears-one
The bears hung banners, played in the terminal and danced to sound systems.  The action, which started on the dot of 11am, lasted about 30 minutes.  No arrests were made as the protesters left of their own accord.
The direct action network Plane Stupid is thought to have been behind the protest which was timed to coincide with the big climate change march that took place in London yesterday.
Rob Gray from Plane Stupid said, “If the Government is serious about tackling climate change, it should not even be thinking about a third runway at Heathrow.”
John Stewart, chair of HACAN, the anti-third runway campaign group, which was alerted to the protest, said, “Plane Stupid played a famous role in defeating the third runway last time round.  This action is a warning that the direct action protesters will be out in force again if a new runway is given the green light.”


she header

A couple of superb pictures of the No New Runways groups at yesterday’s Climate Change March in Central London.SHE Climate March

Plenty of SHE representation.SHE Climate March 2


Thank you to everyone that turned up to help protect the community, culture and heritage of Heathrow Villages.

You all deserve our utmost respect.


Cheers, Bryan.



Posted 6th March 2015.

Meet Sid the Squirrel.

Sid is a new supporter of Back Heathrow. Sid lives in Heathrow Villages and is a local supporter. Sid the Squirrel will be added to Back Heathrow’s list of wallies and will be receiving regular updates.
Think of Sid when Back Heathrow say they have local supporters.
As Sid says, ” If it looks nuts and sounds nuts it must be nuts “.
Too true Sid.


Posted 7th March 2015.

Good morning and welcome to the most read political and community blog in Heathrow Villages.

We’ve had a complaint flood in. A Conservative Councillor representing Aylesbury while living in Milton Keynes is offended by my comments. Apparently being offended is easier than pulling out your finger and actually doing something to help.

The lady is a representative of the Conservative Party that lied about Heathrow expansion, lied about an EU Referendum, lied about mass immigration and lies on a daily basis to protect their anti-British corporate grip on power. On SKY News today, the Conservative Cabinet are even hiding evidence of Establishment historic child sex abuse and even murder. Who are these people and why do they treat us with such contempt ?

At a local level, Conservative Hillingdon Cabinet members have told us that we won’t get looked after unless we have three Tory councillors in a ward. We have none in Heathrow Villages so what chance do we have ??

The Conservative Party are offending millions of Britons and we now expect the EU Tories to have a Grand Coalition with EU Labour and EU LibDems after the General Election. Those rats will do anything to keep themselves at the Establishment trough. As UKIP have regularly stated, there is no difference between Conservatives, Labour and LibDems. Over 3/4 of Britons wanting an EU Referendum and sensible controls on who arrives here means nothing to the Establishment parasites in Westminster. So let’s all be offended.

Back to what really matters. As local dog walkers and fishermen know, we have a really nice Harmondsworth Moor Harmondsworth Moor 2on the eastern border of Heathrow Villages. This is part of the Chiltern Trail that joins us to South Buckinghamshire. Wedged in between the M25, M4 and Heathrow this is a jewel in between the concrete transport links of those passing through.

Previous generations have sacrificed enough for our country and still they want more.

This is where Pearl Lewis, Conservative candidate for our constituency in this May’s General Election can help.

Moor Lane, the road to Harmondsworth Moor towards the allotments, has not been cleaned for years. The pictures show rubbish strewn the whole way along and on both sides. Moor Lane rubbishMoor Lane rubbish 2It is shocking and disrespectful to everyone that loves our community and pays council tax to Conservative Hillingdon Council. Have a look and think, would you like your street in Stoney Stratford to be left in such a state Pearl ?

We all know that after May 7th Pearl, you will be gone and never seen again. While you’re here and having your photo taken why not get Moor Lane cleaned up.  We will all be very grateful because no one else seems to care. Do you care and want to really make a difference or are you a bit underwhelmed with being given a definite loss in Hayes while the Tory posh boys are given safe parliamentary constituencies ??

Prove me wrong Pearl.





Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via Street Champions scheme.


This fly tipping has occurred on The Island in Longford.


It has been dumped by a landlord  that emptied their property after a change of tenants. As you drive on to The Island, next to the White Horse pub, the waste is next to the green council bin opposite the first block of flats and garages. There is a bit more rubbish dumped there, over a small fence next to the stream.





Harmondsworth is one of those scenic villages but residents are working hard to protect its historic buildings and community.
English Heritage has just completed a major restoration of the magnificent 15th-century Great Barn Harmondsworth-4 there, described by Sir John Betjeman as the cathedral of Middlesex.
Please join us at a special open day event on Sunday 12th April 2015.
Harmondsworth Village Green, beside St Mary’s Church, Harmondsworth, UB7 0AQ.
Great Barn open 11am-4pm.
Walking tours of the historic village and Harmondsworth Moor.
Discover for yourself why your efforts to put an end to Heathrow expansion really matter.

‘Cathedral of Middlesex’. A short description by English Heritage.
Rescued by English Heritage after years of neglect, this Grade I listed barn ranks alongside the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey for its exceptional architectural and historic interest. It was dubbed by the late poet laureate and heritage campaigner Sir John Betjeman as the “Cathedral of Middlesex”.

Built in 1426 by Winchester College as part of its manor farm at Harmondsworth, the oak-framed barn is an outstanding example of medieval carpentry and contains one of the most intact interiors of its era. At nearly 60 metres long, 12 metres wide and 11 metres tall, with 13 massive oak trusses holding up the roof, both its size and aisles evoke the space and shape of a cathedral.

Having remained an agricultural barn for almost 600 years, the building continues to feature strongly in the life of the Harmondsworth community. Now under the management of the Friends of the Great Barn at Harmondsworth, visitors to the barn will be able to absorb the awe-inspiring scale of the barn and enjoy this superb example of medieval architecture.


Posted 5th March  2015.

“Oh What A Beautiful Morning”.
I’ve just driven along Cranford Lane and there were a couple of rubbish bags and piles of waste.
Took a couple of pictures then noticed similar neatly placed rubbish along the whole of one side or Cranford Lane. Cranford Lane has been neglected for years and rubbish was encouraging rubbish to leave more rubbish. So;
Hallelujah !!!!!!
There has been a clean up.cranfordln2cranfordln1

I never realised how clean streets would  make you feel so sunny and positive.
It’s the feeling that your council and political representatives actually accept your area deserves to be looked after. A change from bad to good.
Cranford Lane is nowhere near finished yet and it will be interesting to see if the bushes on the blind corner next to the Crane hump back bridge are cleared of litter.
As previously stated, when the work is finished please email me and this webpage will give you the appreciation you deserve. Don’t be shy as there is an election coming up and I’d rather write positive stories than rubbish ones.
Cheers ,  Bryan


An invite from Stop Heathrow Expansion.


Good morning folks , SHE  are arranging a minibus to go from Harmondsworth 11.30am to Covent garden this Saturday 7th of March. Here we will join the Climate Camp march to Westminster. There will be a number of speakers and we will be collected from a location nearby to be heading home 4pm. .Bring a sandwich and enjoy the exercise in our great city.
The mini bus is free and the weather is supposed to be favourable. We had a great Mega Rally in London last night with many cross party speakers assuring us we can win again .We just need to keep pressing this Government and the next that a third runway at Heathrow is  politically undeliverable.
We might not have the  millions of pounds propaganda  budget that Heathrow Airport Ltd are splashing about across London right now but we do have right on our side.
It is insane to be considering making thousands homeless when we already have a long term housing shortage. It is madness to even consider subjecting millions  across London to more noise and air pollution. E.U air quality  targets will not be met by 2030 as it is. It is a total lie to claim that 250,000 more air  traffic movements and all the extra road traffic that it will create, will not impact massively on this area, further a field and ultimately the planet. Politicians  that are hiding behind the Davies commission are trying to bypass democracy. This is  our  chance to be heard.  We have 16 seats I need  to fill.
Who can join us and help save Harmondsworth Village ?


A busy weekend at Cranford Park.

Cranford Park bluebells

Signs of Spring Saturday 7 March, 11am
Guided walk with lots to see as the park bursts into life. Led by the Countryside & Conservation Officer. Free, meet outside the information centre. Tea afterwards in St Dunstan’s vestry.

Secret Garden opening and volunteer session.
Sunday March 8 ,10am – 12 noon (then same time on the second Sunday of each month).
Come and help with light gardening in and around the walled garden (adjacent to the Stables), or just come for a look at the flower beds, pond, vine and well. Jointly with Macmillan Cancer Support.  Please help us prepare the garden for spring, no experience necessary.

www.cranfordparkfriends.org  Also on Facebook



Posted  4th March 2015.
Forwarded to Pearl Lewis, Conservative Candidate for Hayes & Harlington.

Dear Pearl,
Thank you for coming all the way from Milton Keynes  last night to support John Stewart and HACAN’s superb Mega Rally Against the Third Runway. What a great night and every speaker did a terrific job.
Let’s be honest, we need all the help we can get to protect our communities threatened with extinction. We are a non partisan campaign where tribal politics is forgotten and we all join together to fight the lies, greed and corruption of the evil Heathrow supporters.
It’s when a UKIPer will ignore all the undemocratic deficiencies of the EU, mass immigration and No ifs, No buts, No Third Runway Conservatives. It’s a time to make peace, get together and look after the people that really matter, the residents we all hope to represent.
Last night I offered  that hand of friendship to you via your Election Agent Dominic Gilham. Once again I told him that we needed help in Heathrow Villages to clean up our community and asked if we can all meet to solve our problems.
Your boy’s arrogant answer was “You sort out your website and then email me” before he walked past with his head down.
Gilham is doing you no favours with that attitude and that might explain his lack of success, except his own, as an election agent.
The main reason I write on this website is because my friends and neighbours have been let down by Hillingdon Councillors for decades. Sometimes the council blight is as depressing as the Heathrow blight.
To prove this, we have had four Labour and two Conservative Councillors  elected in the past two elections. Only one of the six actually lives in our community and consequently Heathrow Villages is always at the back of the queue for services and funding.
We recently had John McDonnell make a fuss in the local press and in reply Hillingdon Council blamed us. Even though fly tippers and dodgy landlords come a long way to mess up our streets.
Finally Pearl, I will continue to highlight anything that makes my community a worse place to live whether or not it upsets members of the Labour or Conservative cartel. It’s a shame because Heathrow Villagers pay over  £5 million a year in Council Tax and we have to jump up and down to get our highways swept and cleared.
Once Heathrow Villages gets the fair funding it deserves I will have no need to criticise. Until then I will carry on.
Let’s start with CCTV at the dumping areas outside Harlington Hospice Charity Shop and Cranford Lane. We also need a clean up of the verges on Cranford Lane and Harlington High Street at the A4 end.
If you solve these problems I’ll be fair and write a thank you  article here. That’s how I work.
Yours sincerly,
Bryan Tomlinson.

This is a very welcome prompt delivery of crime statistics in Heathrow Villages. Usually we are two months behind but this has been reduced to just over a month.
To those that are new to this information there are links at the bottom to help you keep an eye on problems occuring near your home. This info is available street by street if you persevere with the website.
Cheers ,  Bryan

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Police.uk” <noreply@data.police.uk>
Date: 4 Mar 2015 05:28
Subject: [Police.uk] New data published for January 2015
To: <fixedfareflyers@gmail.com>

New data for your area has been published on Police.uk.


Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

December 2014 January 2015
All crime 156 144
Anti-social behaviour 21 28
Bicycle theft 0 0
Burglary 11 6
Criminal damage and arson 10 8
Drugs 6 4
Other crime 0 1
Other theft 17 23
Possession of weapons 0 1
Public order 7 9
Robbery 1 2
Shoplifting 5 2
Theft from the person 1 1
Vehicle crime 34 25
Violence and sexual offences 43 34

Please visit http://www.police.uk/shape/ccPn5L/ for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.

Unsubscribe from these emails.

The information and statistics displayed in this email are for information purposes only and may be subject to change.
Although care is taken when processing and analysing the data, the detail is subject to the inaccuracies inherent in any large-scale recording system.
While the figures shown have been checked as far as practicable, they should be regarded as approximate.


3rd March  2015
Full house at the HACAN Mega Rally against Heathrow  expansion




A report by Bryan TomlinsonBryan smiling - Copy UKIP  representative for Heathrow Villages
Live at Church House Westminster.
We’ve witnessed another great Mega Rally in support of Heathrow Villagers.
Great speeches by Steven Norris, John Randall, Adam Afriyie and now Andrew Slaughter the MP for Hammersmith  and Fulham.
All are sure that if the Davies Commission are corrupted in to supporting Heathrow  will be the fight of all fights.
All tell us that we will win because all political parties  are fighting together.
Thank you  to  John Stewart  and HACAN for organising such a superb and well attended meeting.
Apologies for quality of some of  the pictures.

for more information on HACAN go to “Campaigns we support ”

and click down to HACAN

hacanrallyhacannoThe audience are all of one mind  “No to Heathrow expansion” 

Cliff Dixon speakingcliffdixonrostrum

Political leaders representing Heathrow Villages unite to condemn the attack on their community.
John McDonnell Labour MP.
Cliff Dixon UKIP Chairman



John McDonnell MP  spoke



Posted 3rd March 2015.

A champion canoeist and former police officer has been named as UKIP’s candidate for Brentford andIsleworth.championcanoeist

Richard Hendron served with the Metropolitan Police for nine years, rising to the rank of inspector, before becoming a barrister.
He is the commodore of Richmond Canoe Club and a five-time winner of the 125-mile Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race, in which some 600 people compete each year.
The 34-year-old, of Ealing, was on the Conservative candidate list, having helped with Oliver Letwin’s successful campaign at the 2010 General Election. But he switched ranks two years ago as he felt the party had lost touch sight of what it stood for.

“I felt the Tories were moving away from their policies and abandoning what they stood for, and I wasn’t particularly impressed with David Cameron’s premiership,” he said. “There are probably two issues most people realise UKIP stands for, which is controls on immigration and withdrawal from the European Union, but they don’t always appreciate the knock-on effect immigration has on so many other policy areas.
“When I was with the Met, I would see on a pretty much daily basis the huge demand for schools, housing and hospitals caused by uncontrolled immigration.
“It’s only sensible you have control over the numbers coming in because otherwise it’s impossible to plan for the impact.”
Mr Hendron grew up in west London and has always lived between Ealing and Richmond. He attended Gunnersbury Catholic School, in Brentford, and West Thames College, in Isleworth, before joining the Met aged 19 and serving on the front line in Southall and Hounslow, among other areas.

We will need to educate Richard into realising the dangers of unnecessary Heathrow expansion but other than that, what a superb candidate.
Good luck,


Join in with the “No New Runways” bloc at the “Time to Act on Climate Change” March in London on Saturday March 7th 2015.No-New-Runways
Meet up in the north east section of Lincoln’s Inn Fields at 12.30pm.
We are joining up with other Transport campaigners, to march with them. The march will set off at about 1pm, and march to Parliament. After speeches  and a mass action – set off your alarm clocks for a wake-up call! – the event will end at about 4pm.

Facebook event page at



Posted 2nd March  2015.
Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via Street Champions  scheme.
This mattress has been dumped on Cranford Lane next to the last house on the right from Harlington High Street.mattress dirty
I was waiting for the Labour Councillors to get it moved but the two ladies from Uxbridge and Hayes only turn up when a camera is about.
Sad but true.
The second picture is of building waste dumped on Cranford Lane on the opposite side to the mattress.buildingwaste
Once again, no sign of any councillors and the rubbish has been there for days.
I note that the family business of the Labour Councillor that lives in our ward is undergoing constant renovation and enlargement and his family home is also having extensive building works.
They seem to be looking after themselves nicely but what about the rest of our community.
John McDonnell MP bleating in The Gazette and blaming others isn’t good enough.


An important reminder for an event tomorrow evening.

Rally Against 3rd Runway.

HACAN host big names speakers in rally to fight the third runway
March 3rd, 7pm Church House Conference Centre, Dean’s Yard, Westminster SW1P 3NZ

As the Davies Commission continues to deliberate over future runways in the south-east, HACAN are hosting a rally in solidarity against the third runway with members from all sides of our coalition in attendance.
Speakers will include;
Vince Cable MP: Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills
Natalie Bennett: Leader Green Party
Steven Norris: Former Conservative transport minister
John Sauven: Chief Executive Greenpeace
Andy Atkins: Chief Executive Friends of the Earth
Ravi Govinda: Leader Wandsworth Council
Manuel Cortes: General Secretary TSSA Union
Chris Baugh: Assistant General Secretary PCS Union
Jill Seymour MEP: UKIP national transport spokesman
Caroline Pidgeon: Liberal Democrat Leader Greater London Assembly
Christian Wolmar: Labour mayoral candidate
MPs Zac Goldsmith, John McDonnell, John Randall, Mary Macleod, Andy Slaughter

This is a great opportunity to show our solidarity and hear from politicians and other groups about why the third runway still needs to be stopped.

S.H.E supports this event and wants all who would like to attend to be able to do so. With this in mind we are providing FREE round trip coach travel on 3rd March from Harmondsworth village. The coach will leave Harmondsworth village centre promptly at 5:30pm.

Places are limited and are offered on a first come first served basis. To reserve your seat contact Neil Keveren by phone: 07850 904677 or via email:   n.keveren@btinternet.com

Stop Heathrow Expansion is an a-political campaign group.



Posted 2nd March 2015
Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via Street  Champions  scheme.
This rubbish appeared yesterday on West End Lane in Harlington, near the High Street end. latestrubbish
Who did this has no respect for their neighbours and our community.
It’s disgraceful.


Plenty to do in the villages on the last day of February.

Cranford Park ‘Tall Tales and Trash’



. Sat. February 28 (11am – 1:30pm)

Hear amazing tales from the park’s past, and learn about its natural history from CP Friends committee members Bob Barton and Billy Coburn cranfordcelebrate


as we conduct a litter-pick, giving the place a bit of a spring clean, removing unsightly rubbish. No need to book – just turn up and join in. Please wear old clothes.
We also have Grow Heathrow’s 5th Birthday Celebration. From 11am – 11pm at Vineries Close off Sipson Lane.
Hope you have a great day.


New data for your area has been published on Police.uk.


Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

November 2014 December 2014
All crime 167 156
Anti-social behaviour 30 21
Bicycle theft 1 0
Burglary 20 11
Criminal damage and arson 23 10
Drugs 2 6
Other crime 3 0
Other theft 21 17
Possession of weapons 1 0
Public order 6 7
Robbery 2 1
Shoplifting 4 5
Theft from the person 1 1
Vehicle crime 22 34
Violence and sexual offences 31 43

Please visit http://www.police.uk/shape/ccPn5L/ for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.

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The information and statistics displayed in this email are for information purposes only and may be subject to change.
Although care is taken when processing and analysing the data, the detail is subject to the inaccuracies inherent in any large-scale recording system.
While the figures shown have been checked as far as practicable, they should be regarded as approximate.


Airport Watch2_0

Compelling evidence that Heathrow’s economic projections are lies and propaganda. Heathrow will suck the life out of the regional UK economy.

Figures show that increased activity from a third runway at Heathrow would be at the expense of surrounding airports.

A new report by a committee of MPs has revealed that figures relating to passenger forecasts in the Airports Commission own consultation document ‘Strategic Fit Forecasts’ demonstrate there would be no overall increase in the number of UK passengers, flights or destinations as a result of Heathrow’s expansion. Instead, the increased activity at Heathrow airport would be fed almost entirely by re-distributing growth from other UK airports and in particular the regional airports.
The report by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) ‘The Wider Economy – Impact of Heathrow Airport’s expansion on the number and distribution of UK passengers and destinations’ contradicts the predictions of growth from Heathrow and raises serious doubts about there being any net benefit to the wider UK economy brought about by Heathrow’s expansion. It suggests expansion of Heathrow could have a significant negative impact on the regions and the overall efficiency of the UK economy.
For this analysis, the APPG looked at the five economic scenarios of Heathrow expansion presented by the Commission in their consultation document. The Committee then focused on creating one average outcome while recognising possible variations around this case. The Airports Commission have not given any probability as to which case, out of the five cases, is most likely.
The results from the APPG analysis of the Commission figures show that with or without an extra runway at Heathrow, the growth rate of the UK passenger market from 2030 to 2050 is predicted to be 1.4% per annum. This raises questions as to whether the expansion of Heathrow will contribute to the wider UK economy.
According to the Commission’s predictions, when looking at the impact of Heathrow expansion on the wider network, it is predicted that a third runway would cause a reduction of 207,000 regional flights a year to and from regional airports by 2050. Aligned with this, the number of destinations served by UK airports could actually increase from 361 in 2011 to 402 in 2050 if Heathrow were not to expand. However, if Heathrow expanded the Commission assumes that the number of destinations will be slightly lower in 2050 with 401 destinations served by UK airports, again due to the reduction in growth from regional airports.
The APPG report also notes that international transfer passengers represent a large incremental addition to Heathrow’s forecast passenger demand but that there is little evidence in regards to their value to the UK economy
The report has been issued the day after the Airports Commission’s public consultation closed. This is the Commission’s final consultation before it announces its recommendation as to whether Heathrow or Gatwick should be granted another runway.
Speaking about the launch of the report, the Chair of the APPG, Zac Goldsmith MP said “figures produced by the Airports Commission itself show that any additional activity at an expanded Heathrow would be at the expense of surrounding airports and wouldn’t be additional. In other words, a third runway would simply centralise activity. The only real effect of cobbling together the old monopoly would be to reduce competition and choice for travellers. It’s hardly a compelling reason to subject an additional 300,000 new people to Heathrow’s noise.”

APPG reports

* All Party Parliamentary Group Wider Economy Report – Questions raised by the APPG on the Airports Commission’s Consultation.

* APPG  – The Wider Economy Report  – Impact of Heathrow Airport’s expansion on the number and distribution of UK passengers.

Members of the APPG on Heathrow and the Wider Economy:
§ Zac Goldsmith MP – Chair
§ John Randall MP – Vice Chair
§ Baroness Hamwee – Vice Chair
§ Jenny Tonge – Treasurer
§ John McDonnell MP – Secretary
§ Mary McLeod MP
§ Bob Blackman MP
§ Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP
§ Lord Chris Holmes
§ Lord True
§ Angie Bray MP
§ John Cryer MP
§ Virendra Sharma MP
§ Andy Slaughter MP
§ Seema Malhotra MP
§ Lord Faulkner
§ Joan Walley MP
§ Kate Hoey MP
§ Baroness Jenny Jones
§ Caroline Lucas MP
§ Dan Byles MP
§ Sir Gerald Howarth MP
§ Lord Soley

With many thanks to Airport Watch.


Captain Cash has a bit of competition.


Runway expansion proposal in patent row

A patent row has emerged over the plan for a stretch and split runway – one of the proposals being considered for Heathrow expansion.

The Heathrow Hub, created by former BA pilot Jock Lowe,Heathrow-Hub-1-Captain-William-Jock-Lowe is one of the options being looked at by the Sir Howard Davies’ Airports Commission to add runway capacity in south east England.

But American airline captain Daniel Gellert claims the £12 billion plan, which includes stretching the north runways and dividing it with a buffer zone to allow simultaneous take-off and landing on both stretches, infringes a patent lodged in 2008, reports the Sunday Times.

Gellert argues his ‘safe runway aircraft arrival and departure system using split runway design’ was granted a European patent in October 2011.

Lowe insists his plans for the Heathrow Hub are original and that he was unaware of Gellert’s plan.


With thanks to Aviation Environment Federation



 and Airport Watch

http://www.airportwatch.org.uk/ .




Heathrow pay for Ken Clarke the awful Conservative EU dinosaur and London business fat cats to visit Colombia, the largest producer of cocaine in the world.

If you are an MP or pro-airport expansion business representative and fancy a trip to somewhere warm in February, it pays to have friends at Heathrow to support your “five-day mission”.
So while most London workers are coping with the overcrowded transport system and icy roads to get to work, a group from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) and Ken Clarke MP are packing their shorts and flying off (first class?) to Colombia.
When they return it will be interesting to learn how much more London has benefitted from this trip compared with usual means of communication.  It seems that Ken Clarke MP, who in the past has been Chancellor and Home Secretary, is still the man of the moment in Latin America.  Our Colombian contacts obviously expect to experience his exceptional charisma first hand before they’ll do any deals with UK businesses.
As for the pro-expansion LCCI, do they ever say anything of interest?  Chief Executive Colin Stanbridge is, as always, available for comment or interview but why does the media bother?  Here’s his quote on this subject:  “We are delighted to be helping businesses to explore this market with Ken Clarke, who brings huge amounts of experience to the mission.”
Still it’s all good for Heathrow’s publicity machine as its press release trumpets the fact it is “supporting the mission”.  By this point everyone should be clear that someone has decided that “mission” is the buzzword and sounds so much more dynamic than trip, junket or jolly.  Is Heathrow’s simply interested in promoting British trade?  Well, by chance, there will be a daily, direct connection from Heathrow to Colombia from March so Heathrow can plug the new service and tell everyone that it’s the UK’s hub airport while keeping its political and LCCI friends happy.
We look forward to hearing about all the new business and jobs that this visit, sorry we mean “mission”, has created.

Recently, the Government included gun running, prostition and drug sales to increase their GDP growth figures so let’s hope that they all sniffed out some decent ‘business’.

Please visit www.stopheathrowexpansion.co.uk to keep up to date with Heathrow shinanigans.



Posted 23rd February 2015.

Air pollution on roads around Heathrow will continue to breach EU limits in 2030 even without a third runway, new figures suggest.
Air quality on the A4 beside the airport will be the third filthiest in the UK in 15 years time, behind only two spots on the A501 at Marylebone, according to latest government forecasts.
Anti-expansion campaigners claim the statistics, published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, could be a ‘show-stopper’ for hopes of a third runway at Heathrow.pollution-generic
The figures suggest average nitrogen dioxide levels at two points on the A4 north of Heathrow will be 48 and 47 micrograms per cubic metre in 2030 – comfortably in excess of the EU threshold of 40.
The A4 and A501 are forecast to account for seven of the UK’s 10 most polluted spots by 2030, including the Hammersmith flyover.
The statistics, published in response to a Freedom of Information request by the campaign group Clean Air in London, were seized upon by the anti-Heathrow expansion pressure group HACAN.
Its chairman John Stewart said: “These dramatic figures suggest once again that air pollution could be a show-stopper as far as a third runway in concerned.”
Annual flights at Heathrow would rocket by more than 50 per cent to 740,000 with a third runway, meaning a big increase in the number of passengers travelling to the airport.
Bosses at Heathrow have proposed new rail and bus links should a new landing strip get the go-ahead and are also considering introducing a congestion charge for passengers coming by car.
A Heathrow spokesman said expansion would only go ahead if strict environmental limits were met.
The UK and other member states face fines if they continue to exceed EU air pollution limits in 2020.
The Airports Commission, which is considering rival bids for expansion at Heathrow and Gatwick, is expected to make its final recommendations in June.



Today in Rochester, UKIP’s Health Spokesman Louise Bours MEP announced our plans for Britain’s National Health Service. What’s clear today is that UKIP has taken a considered approach to our NHS, listening to doctors, nurses and, most importantly, patients, on the matters that affect them the most. We believe that UKIP now has the most credible, costed plans to bring our NHS back to its founding principles. I urge you to read more about it hereand if you like what you see – please SHARE it with your friends.


We have costed proposals for an investment of an extra £130million per year into dementia research, and a EXTRA £3billion into our NHS’s frontline services – without adding to the national debt.

ukip health

We want to reduce middle management and provide 20,000 new nurses, 3000 midwives, and 8000 more GPs. We want to merge social care with health care to help those in need when they need it most. We want to end hospital car parking charges. We want to establish local, accountable NHS health boards. And we want a return of the State Enrolled Nurse, because we believe medical professionals can learn best on hospital wards, not just in lecture theatres. 




A great letter penned by one of our neighbours and printed in The Heathrow Villager.

Heathrow and Tourism
You report (Villager 7/2) that the tourist industry requires  the expansion of both Heathrow andGatwick. This argument that generally promoting the  growth of tourism-related air transport will benefit  the UK economy is spurious. It may be of benefit to the airlines and to the foreign – based owners of Heathrow but in fact it has a negative effect on the UK economy as a whole.
The additional flights that are being called for go in both directions and any such flights would therefore also facilitate the movement of British tourists out of the UK . In 2012 earnings from visits to the UK was estimated to be £18.6 billion, how-ever, expenditure by UK citizens travelling abroad was £32.4 billion.The net annual deficit from tourism in 2012 wastherefore £13.8 billion. Promoting the growth of tourism-related air transport will presumably exacerbate this deficit rather than reduce it.
For example Ryanair is an Irish-owned airline which flies British tourists in American built aircraft to spend their money overseas.  What possible benefit can that be to the UK ?


In between his pet lefty indoctrination projects such as People’s Parliament (Owen Jones) and BBC 3, a message from our Labour MP.John-McDonnell-MP                                                                   John McDonnell  MP
I raised this week’s Hillingdon Hospital CQC report with Cameron at PMQs.
I said “The Prime Minister will have been briefed on the Care Quality Commission report published yesterday into Hillingdon Hospital. The report confirms that we have a hard working, dedicated, professional staff but patients’ safety is being put at risk by critical staff shortages and the fabric of the building described by one consultee as “like something in the 3rd world.”

That’s a bit racist and bigoted John. What’s wrong with the 3rd world and if it’s so bad why are you helping Labour send us there ?
UKIP…..Not right, not left, just common sense.


Posted 19th February 2015.


If there are any Conservatives still in Heathrow Villages I have a question or two;

Are you the last people in our country to realise that the Tories are just another cheek of the Establishment rear ?


Conservatives are enforcing everything that can be done to break our country. Less effective policing, less social cohesion, less chances of youngsters owning their homes, less well paid and secure work, less protection by the armed forces and ever increasing subservience to Germans, global corporations and the EU.

Conservatives were not elected to give our country away and attack the British people. We have continual wars, fragmented communities along ethnic and religious lines, massive tax avoidance by political funders, lower wages, overstretched public services, half a million new arrivals every year, an affordable housing emergency, immoral PC control and constant lies from every Government spokesperson.


Hillingdon Conservatives couldn’t produce one local person good enough to represent the Tories in our constituency. Tory HQ have parachuted in the typical shires ‘Nice smile for the photo’ Pearl Lewis from Aylesbury and Milton Keynes. She’ll be appearing in front of a camera and pretending she knows the place, near us soon.

Pearl has no chance under the guidance of Dominic ‘Jonah’ Gilham. He lost two councillors in Heathrow Villages and supervised the recent loss of Mary O’Connor. He managed to put extra funding in to his own ward and surprise surprise, he won.


So dear villagers.

Who do you trust ?

‘Pippa Photoshoot’, never to be seen again after May 7th representing Establishment anti British EU blue or our nice local man, Cliff Dixon.

Vote Conservative, get Labour.

Vote Conservative, get Brussels.




Emails have already gone out from Grow Heathrow so many of you will have already heard – The Grow Heathrow case has been adjourned for three months so THEY ARE NOT IN COURT THIS MORNING.   


Thank you to everyone who is supporting the group.  There will be an even bigger reason to celebrate on the 5th anniversary.


Cheers, Bryan



There are currently two apprenticeships appointments being made in Hillingdon Council’s Green Spaces Department.hillingdonlogo
Job ref -LBH2007.
Fixed Term/Full time.
Wage = £8426 – £1084824 (please check).
About the job
If you are keen on the outdoor life and think that gardening might be for you, then a London Borough of Hillingdon apprenticeship programme based in our Green Spaces is an ideal way to begin.
This is an exciting career opportunity in the world of horticulture where you will not need to have any formal qualifications to start as full training will be provided.
We are offering a two-year apprenticeship programme that combines college-based learning with workplace training.  Amenity horticulture involves caring for and managing public and private gardens, sports grounds and green communal areas.
At the end of the two years you will be able to supervise and manage people and you should qualify with City and Guilds Levels 1 and 2 in Horticulture.

About the person
We are keen to hear from you, if you have a practical and enthusiastic aptitude for manual tasks,  a passion to pursue a career in Horticulture and the ability to organise and prioritise workloads, meet deadlines and report on progress in a timely concise and effective manner.

Additional Information;
Assessment Centre days are scheduled for Friday 6 March 2015.
If you are successful at the Assessment Centre you will be invited for an interview.
Interviews are scheduled for Wednesday 11 March 2015.

Definitely a great opportunity for a couple of younsters from Heathrow Villages. Better to learn a long term career working outdoors in the fresh air than to accept Heathrow’s polluted and insecure low wage drudgery.

Pull your finger out and get involved. These jobs have got your name on them.
Good luck,
Bryan .



Emails have already gone out from Grow Heathrow so many of you will have already heard – The Grow Heathrow case has been adjourned for three months so THEY ARE NOT IN COURT THIS MORNING.   


Thank you to everyone who is supporting the group.  There will be an even bigger reason to celebrate on the 5th anniversary.


Cheers, Bryan

Grow Heathrow 1


Come and support Grow Heathrow in court this Thursday.
We are facing a legal battle in Uxbridge County Court and we need your support.

Grow Heathrow are undergoing court proceedings this Thursday 19th Februarywith Lewdown Holdings, who claim ownership of the ‘backlands’, the land containing our residents’ dwellings as well as important communal buildings.

We have lived on this land for almost 5 years. It is key to the functioning of the site, which has itself been integral to the ongoing resistance to Heathrow’s plans for a 3rd runway.

The land was previously lying derelict and Lewdown Holdings have expressed no viable intention for using the land. A recent application for planning permission was denied.

We need as many of you – our supporters – as possible to come down on Thursday for a show of solidarity. Court proceedings begin at 10am. We look forward to seeing you there.

Here’s a map to the venue in Hayes.



Airport Watch2_0

With thanks to Airport Watch for collating the various responses to the Davis Commission.

Please read the attached link which is The Mayor of London-TFL’s excellent response to The Airport Commission.


                               TFL   Key findings
  • The Airports Commission’s three shortlisted options
None of the three options is without serious adverse effects. A new runway at
Heathrow will expose several hundred thousand people to potentially harmful levels of noise. Gatwick remains the option with significantly lower noise impacts; but as a nonhub solution, it also offers much lower level of economic benefit.
The Business Case and Sustainability Assessments for all three shortlisted schemes include only a partially completed matrix of benefits, and the costs and the benefits have not been assessed on a consistent basis. For example some of the benefits have been presented under a ‘Carbon Traded’ (more demand) scenario, whilst some of the costs are presented for a ‘Carbon Capped’ scheme. 
  • The Airports Commission’s process
In the time provided, the Airports Commission has made a welcome attempt to assess and present major new infrastructure options. However, the manner of the consultation and the presentation of the material is not easily accessible for members of the public, local businesses or key stakeholder organisations. Of particular concern has been the release of a substantial quantity of new and very detailed data throughout the consultation period.
  • Key issues by assessment criteria
There remain substantial gaps in the appraisal undertaken by the Commission, which precludes a definitive determination of the relative merits of the shortlisted schemes. This risks undermining any future recommendation for an option to take forward as well as hampering the subsequent preparation of a National Policy Statement.
  • Alternatives to the Commission’s three shortlisted options
The Commission’s work must be seen in the context of the alternatives to expanding Heathrow and Gatwick. If its recommendations are to inform the Government’s ultimate decision, the Commission must make clear in its final report the basis on which options have been ruled out, particularly when very different assumptions have been used.

TFL have highlighted AC’s inadequate study of the problems that will inevitably keep Heathrow as a two runway part of the successful London hub.
Stop Heathrow  Expansion, the residents campaign group based in our community, have continually stated the obvious flaws in the aviation industry’s propaganda too. Noise, air, health, housing, flooding, terrorism, air safety,traffic, UK economy, local ec