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Chairman – Cliff Dixon


Phone: 07939223659

Membership Secretary & Treasurer – Martin Shelvey

Address: 43 Crosier Road, Ickenham, Middlesex. UB10 8RR



Press Officer  – T.B.A.

UKIP Head Office

Address: UKIP, Lexdrum House, King Charles Business Park, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 6UT


Phone: 01626 831290 

7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello Hillingdon,
    I notice on your Blogroll a link to EUReferenum hosted by Dr Richard North.
    Over the last year or so, his site has become increasingly hostile to the UKIP. Supporters leaving comments have been insulted, ridiculed and even banned. It is a great shame actually as in the past he has posted up some excellent articles.
    This mornings offensive attack was to liken us to the BNP. viz.
    In fact, so complex is the subject that only racist zealots such as Nick Griffin, have easy answers. Back in 2012, he was content to say that: “The mass street grooming of young girls from the English community is only being carried out by Muslims. All the paedophile groomers in this particular sort of crime – on the street, in gangs – are Muslims. That’s the common denominator”.

    “You only have to read the Koran or look at the Hadith – the expressions of what the Prophet did in his life – to see where Muslim paedophilia comes from”, he continued. “Because it’s religiously justified so long as it’s other people’s children and not their own”.

    Startlingly, between this and the more extreme Ukip rhetoric, there is not even a fag paper. The Griffin line has been adopted almost to the letter. This is not so much “BNP-lite” as BNP replacement, naked in tooth and claw.
    I would not want to be associated with, or even link to, a site that publishes such totally false and prejudiced statements.
    I realise that this is your site and your decision. Just thought I’d bring it to your attention.
    Regards Bernard

  2. Hello Bernard, I have put EUReferendum on our blogroll, for some considerable time now,and also occasionally placed his blog pages into “Blogs that might interest you”.
    I found Richard North the editor to be very anti Nigel Farage but very much for Brexit . I thought that to show some of his blogs would be
    Also showing a general wider span of diverse opinion for exit from the EU.
    One of his ideas is not to vote for UKIP, but instead go online to show your disapproval of the EU !!!
    How on earth we are ever supposed to extricate ourselves from the clutches of the anti democratic EU by simply “going online” is completely beyond me !
    I hope that this explains the situation

  3. Dear Martin

    Thank you for your email. We would like to become members of UKIP, as we voted the party yesterday. However we are a married gay couple, does that prevent us both becoming members? Media make out that UKIP is homophobic and anti same sex marriage, although we have ignored the trashy remarks newspapers have made, and be choose to put our faith in our gay and straight friends, who have told us that these allegations are completely untrue and unfounded. Please can you put our minds at ease and confirm that the press are just going out of their depth.

    Kindest regards
    James and Gary .

  4. Hi James.

    As you suspect, the media have misrepresented UKIP in this area. We have a thriving LGBT group within the party and a number of our party officers and one of our MEP’s are openly gay.

    In UKIP, everybody is treated on merit rather than their gender, religion, racial make up or orientation.(Which is why we don’t have counter productive quota systems for candidates)

    Look forward to receiving your membership applications!

  5. Just thinking aloud. You need donations as all parties do. I am a UKUP supporter. Asking for donations is fine I understand that but people just feel that their donations are anonymous and go nowhere. My thoughts are maybe you could be more specific. ask for a donation of £100 that would pay for % of leaflets or £50 that would pay for something smaller. I just would feel like donating more to something more specific. I am just an average earner, probably on the low side but would feel more inclined to help with something specific 🙂 I would give a months salary to help Nigel become the UKIP leader again 🙂

  6. Many thanks for your input Gerry,
    The “specific donations” idea is something that we will mull over and then organise our “JOIN UKIP HERE” to suit

  7. What can we do to get Andrea Leadsom as next priminister ?
    We need her to lead us out of Europe and not Teresa May

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