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Bryan smiling - CopyChristine-Taylor


Christine Taylor  and   Bryan Tomlinson 


UKIP Ward representatives – Helping our community



A message from our Local Police Safer Neighbourhood Team

Dear all,

We have had a recent rise in theft from motor vehicles on Heathrow Villages ward. Please can everyone make sure that they are not leaving any items of value on display and make sure your vehicle is secure.

If anyone is seen acting in a suspicious manner then please call Police either 101 for non emergency or 999 for emergency.

Kind Regards


PCSO 7160 Lindsey Prior
Heathrow Villages Safer Neighbourhood Team
Tel – 020 8721 2557



Posted Sunday 12th July 2015.

Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via the Street Champions scheme.


There is a problem with bins being emptied at the start of the weekend.
Three bins are full to the brim along Harlington High Street. The overflowing beer cans are making the area look really scruffy.
The picture shows the result of  Friday and Saturday outdoors drinking that occurs on Harlington Green.

Cheers, Bryan

Clean Up Heathrow Villages Campaign.


Climate change runway protest at Heathrow airport closes north runway.

A group of climate change activists have gained access to the north runway at London’s Heathrow Airport to launch a protest.climatechnge3rd
Posts on social media appeared to show several activists chained together and being spoken to by police officers.
A spokesman for direct action group Plane Stupid said a dozen demonstrators cut through a fence and entered the runway at 3.30am.
He said the protesters were campaigning against airport expansion and would stay on the runway for as long as possible.
A spokesperson for Heathrow Airport admitted that the north runway is currently closed, but there is no major impact to flights yet:
A group of people have breached the airport perimeter fence and are currently staging a protest on the Northern Runway.
We are working closely with the police who are dealing with the incident. The Southern Runway remains open.
Our priority remains to ensure the safety of the airport community, including passengers, employees and protesters.
The Metropolitan Police confirmed that some of the demonstrators had chained themselves together using a contraption described as a “tripod”.
A spokesman said: “At approximately 3.45am officers were alerted to a number of protesters who had made their way airside at Heathrow Airport.
“A small number of these protesters are believed to have chained themselves to a ‘tripod’.

Please visit Plane Stupid twitter for more photos and on the spot comments.



History of Airport expansion;

Provided by a local historian.


1946: Government gives approval for construction of a third runway at Heathrow.


1952: Project abandoned by incoming government.


1971: Government rejects recommendations of the Roskill Commission for construction of a new airport at   Cublington and decides instead to build it on the Maplin Sands. Preparatory work on this project begins.


1974: Project abandoned by incoming government.


1993: RUCATSE Committee ( Runway Capacity to Serve the South East ) recommends construction of a third runway at Heathrow.


1994: Recommendation rejected by the government.


2003: Government White Paper announces intention to build a third runway at Heathrow and this becomes official government policy.


2010: Project abandoned by incoming government.


2015: Davies Commission recommends construction of a third runway at Heathrow.


2020: Recommendation rejected by incoming government ????



A beautiful day at the Hayes Carnival and a busy SHE display in Barra Hall Park.



We have plenty of support in our fight to protect our human right to live in peace, in our homes, in our community.
Please meet Lord True, Leader of Richmond  Council and Gareth Roberts, Leader of Richmond LibDems. lordtruegarethroberts

Council leader Lord True launched a scathing attack on the “wretchedly predictable” Davies Commission recommendation for Heathrow expansion at Tuesday’s council meeting, and called for a cross-party campaign against a third runway.

The £20m commission, chaired by Sir Howard Davies, recommended the west London airport for expansion last week after three years of debate and research.

Jul 1: Davies Commission report “beggars belief”, say anti-expansion campaigners

Lord True cited failures to address noise pollution, air quality, security issues and a “questionable loading of the economic dice in favour of big Heathrow” in the “deeply flawed” report and said Richmond Council would never accept expansion in any form.

He said: “They will have to abolish this council first.”

The leader lambasted the “contemptible” attitude of Davies committee members and quoted from a section of the report that claimed the negative effect of aircraft noise on people’s happiness was less than the negative effect associated with living in social housing.

He said: “I am not sure whether that shameful comparison actually says more about the commission’s disregard for the impact of noise or the snobbish people who must be in and around the commission.”

Lord True called for a “fighting fund” to be set up to legally challenge expansion and, referring to the incident in June that saw a stowaway fall from a plane on to a Richmond office block, he highlighted security issues that would be exacerbated should the number of flights over London be increased.

He said: “Let’s pray that person or successful trespasser on a far away airport is never a bomb-placer or suicide bomber.

“I am going to pick up on that case to try and highlight the security point to send a strong message to the airlines and aviation authorities we are exploring precisely how to take legal action against those who fail to protect the borough.”

Leader of Richmond’s Liberal Democrats, Gareth Roberts, said he was delighted to second a motion calling for a special standing committee to fight expansion.

He said: “On this issue which poses a genuine threat not only to the health of local residents but also to their quality of life it is only proper that the two parties on the council set aside their differences and unite in the face of a common threat.

“Furthermore the opportunity to work with other, similarly opposed local authorities will ensure that we are not a lone voice fighting against the power and influence of the money men lurking in the shadow of the pro-expansion camp.”



Not everything flying around here is noisy and polluting.


crown harmondsworth

What’s On……a reminder of somewhere to go after Hayes Carnival ;

The Crown Public House in Harmondsworth Village is having a BBQ on Saturday 11th July 2015 to raise money for Cancer Research.  The BBQ is from 4 – 8pm.
Everyone is welcome and its for a great cause.


Grow Heathrow 1

Please contact Grow Heathrow and offer any help you can.
Heathrow do not want GH
and local residents uniting against the corrupt airport expansion.

High court bailiffs and police officers have attempted to evict climate activists and local residents squatting within Heathrow Airport’s potential third runway zone. on Wednesday, July 8.

The community garden, Grow Heathrow, in Sipson, has been occupied since March 1 2010 and is one of many spaces that could be demolished if the third runway goes ahead.

On Wednesday (July 8), around five High Court bailiffs, seven police officers and the landowner visited the site, according to Transition Heathrow.

The community gardeners, who are blocking the runway, peacefully made themselves difficult to remove by climbing onto roofs, climbing up a tripod of scaffolding poles and locking their bodies to structures on site.

Campaigner Jack White, 25, who locked his body to the site office on Wednesday morning, said: “We are armed, only with peer-reviewed science.

“We’re continuing to negotiate to buy our community gardens instead of having bailiffs at our home.

“We’re going ahead with our plan today to paint a mural at the local primary school as part of a local arts project.

“Millions of people like us shelved plans for a third runway in 2013 and we’ll do it again, because the climate science still rules out airport expansion.

“If not now, then when? If not you, then who?”

A local resident who has lived in Sipson for more than 17 years, said: “Of course Grow Heathrow and other residents aren’t going to let themselves be evicted to make way for climate crimes.

“We will not let over 700 of our homes be evicted and my kid’s school bulldozed for a climate change factory that could emit 11.7m tonnes of CO2 – more than the whole of Kenya.”



A new ‘Heathrow Garden City’ in Hounslow is not dependant on a third runway being built, the Hounslow Council leader has insisted.

Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye this week claimed expansion could pave the way for regeneration around the airport, including the creation of a garden city with 9,000 new homes in Hounslow.

Hounslow Council has been working with Heathrow on proposals for the new development, though details of where it might be built have yet to be released and council leader Steve Curran said it was “very early days”.

Hounslow Council remains opposed to the airport’s expansion, with its official line being that it wants a “better not bigger Heathrow”
The promise of 9,000 new homes would help the Labour Council fulfil its pledge to secure 3,000 new affordable homes in the borough by 2018.

Mr Curran said: “The garden city plan is extremely conceptual at this stage and includes ideas for better transport links to the airport, as well as significant new commercial and residential development that could be facilitated by this infrastructure. It would bring massive regeneration benefits to the west of the borough.

“It is not dependant on a third runway, and could work with the existing set up. However, it is critically dependant on better public transport infrastructure.

“Heathrow and Hounslow Council are both supportive of the Southern Rail Access and this new infrastructure needs to be on an alignment that connects Heathrow with Feltham and Bedfont Lakes with two new stations that allows increased development density.”

He added that the next step would be to work with residents, stakeholders, neighbours and the Greater London Authority on the ideas within its “masterplan”.

So, once again, John Holland-Kaye uses the compliant mainstream media to spread his lies and PR nonsense. On Monday, Airtopia could only be built after Heathrow  expansion. The homes were needed to house aspirational low wage workers living in Southall and Feltham.

Steve Curran the Hounslow Council Leader disagrees.


What’s On………..this weekend.


Hayes Carnival.

The parade route will be the same as 2014. The carnival begins at 12.30pm at Pump Lane, and ends at approximately 1.30pm at Barra Hall Park.

Free events in Barra Hall Park will begin at 1.30pm with the main stage showcasing the parade prize giving ceremony, Jack Walton from the X Factor, the winner of Hillingdon’s Hidden Talent competition Ethan Beer, 1950s/60s soul singing trio The Estrellas, the Schools Community Choir and the Lighthouse Chapel International Gospel Singers.

This year’s carnival will celebrate the vibrant history of Hayes and its diverse community through the decades.

Enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of these vibrant cultures as they unite to create a spectacular carnival. Be dazzled by the parade, soak up the atmosphere in the park and sample a wide range of activities.

The main stage will showcase a range of music and classic tribute acts, while elsewhere you will find a food court, play zone, sports activities, a funfair, traditional community stalls and much more.

Please note there will be some road closures and parking restrictions on carnival day.

Free Blue Badge Parking at Barra Hall House. Free bike parking also available.

With thanks to GET WEST LONDON,



A Harmondsworth resident was “incensed” after receiving a letter reminding her of a compulsory purchase order on her home – just 90 minutes after the Davies recommendation was announced.

Armelle Thomas, of Cambridge Close, is in a “fighting mood” after the news that the Airport Commission, led by Sir Howard Davies, has recommended a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

Mrs Thomas and her husband Tommy, a 93-year old WW2 veteran, face their homes being bulldozed if the north-west runway goes ahead.

She says there is “no way” they’d consider leaving the village her husband “fell in love with” when he first moved there in 1964.

Speaking to getwestlondon, Mrs Thomas said: “It’s not so much the letter which I found shocking, it’s that they delivered it in 90 minutes to our door. The letter has probably gone worldwide now because I was so incensed it was all over the media.

“If they actually try to bulldoze, my husband – who by then will be 97 – will be standing outside and we’ll see what happens. We have no intention of moving.

“My husband has the right to die in this house and I promised him as much as I can he will die in this house. A promise made is a promise kept.”

French-born Mr Thomas volunteered at RAF Uxbridge aged 17 and renounced his dual nationality to fight for Great Britain during WWII in the 161 Special Duties Squadron based at Tempsford.

He was awarded the Légion D’honneur for courage by the French government in 1991.

Mrs Thomas said: “It’s very easy to remember the dead but not the living. My husband is a veteran who fought for this country and now he’s going to lose his home.

“It’s on his mind all the time. He’s already had a heart attack and two strokes due to pollution, noise and stress and it’s destroying the quality of life that he deserves – there isn’t one day when we don’t mention it.”

A spokesman for Heathrow said they were pleased following the announcement by the commission, and said it was a “significant milestone” for the airport.

He added that the report recognises the benefits such as 80,000 new jobs as well as the downsides.

Matt Gorman, sustainability and environment director, said: “The point of writing [the letter] was to acknowledge the uncertainty around the announcement and reassure residents potentially directly impacted that we will stay in touch – as we have done throughout this process.

“For those living close to the area who face losing their homes, we take this very seriously and have offered a very generous compensation package.

“We have offered to buy properties at 25% above market value and many local people have welcomed this.”

But Mrs Thomas says Heathrow’s claim is “rubbish” with each house being independently assessed and feels the people of Harmondsworth have been blighted by noise and pollution.

She said: “We’ve never gained from the market because we’ve always been blighted and that’s never been recognised by Heathrow Airport. So when they say that they’ve been very generous it is a lie.”

John Stewart, chair of HACAN, said: “It was very insensitive to send letters to residents within hours of the recommendation. Particularly when the Government has still to make a final decision.”

Hayes & Harlington MP John McDonnell says the Davies Commission has “absolutely failed” to take account of the “heartbreak” caused by its recommendations.

He said: “So many local families are now in the appalling situation of facing the loss of their homes and community.

“Teachers and children at our village primary schools are at risk of losing their jobs and their school places. The threat of this upheaval is devastating.”

Mr McDonnell has convened a public meeting for residents at 7.30pm on Thursday (July 9) at Heathrow Primary School, Sipson.


Posted 9th July 2015.
Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via the Street Champions scheme.

This household waste has been dumped on Cranford Lane. It is positioned where the fields start on the right from Harlington High Street.cranfordlnfields

Clean Up Heathrow Villages Campaign.



A very depressing view of the world by Stewart Lee copied from The Guardian. 

Please note the following ending involving the preserving of Harmondsworth.

Bearing this in mind, I finally find myself reluctantly agreeing with the business community. There is no time for delay. Let’s build the runway. Let’s choke the Earth. Let’s get this damn thing over with, for what can be avoided, whose end is purposed by the mighty gods of business? Hasten our demise, let our children be the last of their sorry line, and spare their unborn descendants any further suffering. We will not save the rhino. We will not even save the hedgehog. How can we save the world?

But, if you can purge cheap sentiment from your mind, how exciting and fascinating it will be to watch as the world becomes uninhabitable. It’s almost worth going on a health kick to survive another 60 years and see everything immolated. How many humans have had the awe-inspiring opportunity to witness such spectacle: the end of all that is?

But something of us should be preserved, I think, for posterity. Perhaps the village of Harmondsworth and its residents, instead of being demolished and paid off at 125% of their homes’ market values, should be sealed within a vast dome and shot spacewards, to drift on the solar winds as a museum of mankind, saving something of our society at the point where it finally became unsustainable.



Great letter in today’s Gazette.
Thank you for your support.
The Villagers.


Plane coming into Heathrow at night

Why night flights will never be banned.

500,000 Hong Kong travellers a year may be affected by proposed night-landing ban at Heathrow

Half a million Hong Kong travellers a year may be affected by a proposed night ban on landing at Heathrow, which could kick in if the British government approves the airport’s long-awaited third runway.

Four of Hong Kong’s eight daily departures to London now land between 11.30pm and 6am.

The proposed ban stems from the planned runway’s ability to accommodate the dozens of overnight flights now arriving before 6am – and is meant to make noise pollution in the middle of the night a thing of the past.

However, a third runway, if realised, is still a decade away.

Britain’s Airports Commission released its findings on building a new airstrip in southeast England only on Wednesday. “A third runway would create the opportunity to end night flights before 6am,” it said. “This opportunity should be taken … There should be a ban.”

It said passengers in transit to continental Europe on morning flights could seek alternative connections from rival European or Middle Eastern airports.

Hong Kong tops a list of cities that are set to be affected by the ban. The city alone flies up to 480,755 people overnight to Heathrow a year, amounting to 53 per cent of scheduled seats, day and night. Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are the next two heaviest routes affected.

Of the eight daily direct flights from Hong Kong to London, five are taken up by Cathay Pacific. British Airways flies twice a day, while Virgin Atlantic operates one service.



Plane Stupid campaigners burst into a conference dinner seconds after Sir Howard had finished a speech on airport expansion

Eight environmental protesters from campaign group Plane Stupid burst into a conference dinner on Monday night seconds after Sir Howard Davies, the chairman of the Airports Commission, finished giving a speech on his controversial recommendation to build a third Heathrow runway.

Five of the protesters, who were carrying banners opposing airport expansion, were dressed as polar bears and chanted “we don’t want no runway” to conference delegates before they were ejected from the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London by security. Runways UK, which supports new aviation capacity in the South East of England, was holding a two-day conference at the hotel discussing Sir Howard’s Heathrow decision.

Lord Digby Jones, who hosted the dinner, also attempted to calm the situation and police were called to the scene.

The protesters stormed into the dining room just after Sir Howard finished a speech in which he assessed political and media reaction to the commission’s recommendation last week that a new, £17.6bn runway be built at Heathrow. Opponents of the proposal, which is being examined by the Government, are concerned about the air pollution and noise it would cause to local communities.

Sir Howard said he took a “dim view” of Zac Goldsmith’s assertion that he had decided to back Heathrow expansion before the commission had even begun, which he said was untrue. Mr Goldsmith, who is the MP for Richmond, is vehemently against the runway being built.

Sir Howard also lambasted Boris Johnson’s claim that the Heathrow runway was “the sort of thing you could have got away with in China in the 1950s”. He said the massive expenditure and disruption that would have been caused by the Mayor of London’s unsuccessful proposal for a Thames Estuary airport was more akin to fifties China.



From The Guardian 16th June 2012.

This is relevant now as Sir Howard Davies and The Airports Commission have stipulated that Heathrow cannot buy any houses in our community until a definitive decision has been made.
The Conservative Government are not guaranteed to accept Davies’s recommendations. If they do we will have a decade of court proceedings and appeals up to EU level.
This will mean no Heathrow homes buy up until 2025 if ever.

Sipson was the village whose perseverance and determination stopped the relentless growth of Heathrow airport and persuaded the government to rule out the construction of a third runway.

But now Sipson’s capacity to resist new attempts to approve the runway has been almost destroyed after BAA, the owner of Heathrow, went from being the village’s greatest enemy to its biggest property owner.

Worn down by more than a decade of protest, at least half the long-term residents of Sipson have sold their homes to BAA and those that remain are disillusioned and bitter.

As the Department for Transport prepares to launch a consultation on the future of airport connectivity in the UK, David Cameron refused to rule out a U-turn on the decision not to permit a third runway at Heathrow, telling MPs that they should not be blind to the need to expand airport capacity.

The re-emergence of the threat to Sipson was met with resignation rather than defiance in the village. Gerald Storr, the local butcher, said: “There’s an almost tangible feeling of doom and desolation. People have given up and moved away.”

The village, which sits on an island surrounded by the M4, M25 and Heathrow and its slip roads and hotels, is visibly distressed. Most of the gardens are unkempt, driveways are cracked and house exteriors have been neglected. There is a feeling that more than 1,000 years of the village’s history – it was listed as Sibbwineston in the Domesday Book – is coming to a close. Its current mood of resignation is in contrast to the refusal of residents to allow it to be absorbed by Heathrow in a battle that began in 1998.

Then, the villagers marched, organised petitions and gained the support of MPs and celebrities such as Emma Thompson and Alistair McGowan.

But just before the 2010 general election, BAA announced that it would buy Sipson homes at 2002 prices under a bond agreement it had previously offered villagers. By the time the government decided against the third runway, the exodus from the village was already under way.

At first, very few people agreed to sell to BAA, according to Jacky Clark-Basten, who was born in the village and is its only hairdresser. “There was a ripple effect. One person would agree and then the neighbours would change their mind, not wanting to wait and see what would happen to the empty house next door. I was surprised how quickly people went,” she said.

Clark-Basten says that there are about 540 postal addresses in the village and only about 80 long-term residents remain. BAA has bought 225 homes and the rest are social housing or owned by property companies.

Joan Willoughby, who has lived in the village for 34 years, comes into the hairdresser for her monthly hairdo. “We didn’t sell our house because my husband is still working but if the new runway is approved we will be happy to go. People are fed up living under a cloud. BAA have killed the village. It’s not a village any more – it’s just roads and houses,” she said.

The salon has survived. But a neighbouring garden centre, which supplied plants and garden ornaments to the village’s enthusiastic gardeners, has gone bankrupt. The post office and village shop is for sale. On the window a notice advertises a house clearance sale.

Next door, at the butchers, Storr said: “My customer base has gone. The new residents come from everywhere, Somalia, Poland. As soon as I get to know them they are gone. It’s depressing. Only the old have stayed. It used to be a friendly place. You couldn’t walk down the street without talking to loads of people. Now no one knows anyone.”

Residents say that crime has increased, as if thieves have sensed a vacuum in the village. They say that in the past a stranger would be noticed immediately; now it’s unusual for them to see anyone they know.

The opposition that remains has been galvanised by the establishment of a community of environmental activists in the village, Grow Heathrow. The group took over disused land two years ago and built shelters and workshops and started farming but faces eviction. The group’s aim is to strengthen the local community and provide support for resistance to a third runway.

James Reynolds, who has lived at the Grow Heathrow site for two years, said: “This project developed out of the issue of the third runway but it is also about encouraging people to take control over their own lives by taking control of their food and energy supply by growing their own food and by forming community networks. An individual in this society has little power but in groups people can stand up for themselves.”

Taylor and other residents welcome the energy that Grow Heathrow has brought to Sipson but after 14 years of protest many feel too tired to fight any more.

Clark-Basten said: “The buyout has caused degeneration and lot of bad feeling between those that took it and those that stayed. It’s all people have talked about for years and everyone is just exhausted by the subject.”

Save Our Heritage.


Andrew Neather: Heathrow runway would see our air pollution take off.


Following the Airports Commission’s backing for a third runway at Heathrow, the battle lines are drawn.

Among would-be 2016 mayoral candidates, Tory Zac Goldsmith is against. On the Labour side, Sadiq Khan is against, David Lammy in favour and Tessa Jowell presumed to be pro. Heathrow isn’t, in fact, a decision over which the Mayor has control. But a new runway would have a major impact on one area where the next mayor will be under real pressure: air quality.

In April the Supreme Court threw out as inadequate the Government’s plans to cut air pollution, demanding that ministers present new ones by the end of the year. The Mayor’s figures show that more than 4,200 Londoners die prematurely each year from dirty air. Our air breaks EU legal maximums for nitrogen dioxide, and as the Airports Commission report this week concedes, even without airport expansion, it is forecast to do so still in 2030.
With a new runway, Heathrow’s air traffic would rise by more than half, with an increase almost as large in the NO2 and particulate matter — tiny specks of soot — from jet engines. The commission ignores pollution from planes flying at over 1,000 feet. But even more NO2 would be added by increased ground traffic.

Today’s 73 million passengers a year would rise to more than 100 million by 2030, and 130 million by 2050. Taking out transfers, more than 50 million people now start or finish their journeys at Heathrow; in 2050 the commission says it would be 100 million.

Around 60 per cent of them now go by car or cab, another 12 per cent by bus or coach. Meanwhile more than 84,000 people work at the airport or in businesses directly related to it; nearly two-thirds of airport staff get to work by private transport, and more than 85 per cent by road. A 2009 study also estimated that Heathrow generated around 1.9 million one-way freight and service-related trips a year.

Not all of those road journeys pass through London, though much of their pollution, borne by prevailing winds, does. But the commission looked at air quality only within a 2km radius.

The report breezily forecasts that 53 per cent of passengers will get there by public transport in 2030 — up from 41 per cent now — without explaining how London’s transport system will cope. Crossrail will make some difference but not a lot, since it replaces Heathrow Connect. And all the capacity on the upgraded Piccadilly line will by then have been taken up by the capital’s growth.

The commission concludes that this vast increase in air and road traffic will have only a negligible impact. It asserts that air quality is “a manageable part of a wider problem that Government is now obligated to address”. Ministers need to come up with a new plan, and “expansion at Heathrow should be capable of being incorporated into that plan without delaying compliance” with the Supreme Court’s ruling. In other words: your problem, minister, not Heathrow’s.

Even with the Mayor’s modest plans, we will struggle to bring air pollution within legal limits. With a new runway at Heathrow, we can forget it. It’s hard to see how any mayoral candidate who supports expansion can really be serious about cleaning up London’s filthy air.



Cranford Park’s Family Day is later this month (Sat. July 25th) and there will be lots going on, from ferret racing to falconry, from duelling knights to an animal farm – admission is free. Please see the poster attached and display it to the public if you can – we don’t have a publicity budget!  We are looking for more volunteers to help on the day (no previous experience is required). Please reply to this email for more details. Donations of cakes, plants etc on the day itself will also be appreciated.

The next Secret Garden opening in the park is this Sunday (July 12) from 10am-12 noon. It is situated beside the stables. Come and help the volunteers, or just to have a look at the wild flowers, vegetable plot and old well.

On Sat. July 18th there’s an opportunity to don thigh waders and help us clear up the River Crane. Billy Coburn of Thames 21 will be be at Cranford Park starting at 2:30pm. We are going to be meeting in the car park near St Dunstan’s church and finishing at the same location at 4:30. Full details for the event can be found here:
http://www.thames21.org.uk/event/cranford-park-hillingdonealing-boarder-thigh-waders-clean-up-and-invasive-species-removal/ .
The main activity will be moving litter from the river in thigh waders which has built up due to a fallen tree. If you don’t wish to be in waders, your help will still be needed.

After the Cranford park event Billy will be demonstrating how invertebrate sampling can inform us about our river’s health.  The sampling is part of a scheme carried out regularly along the whole River Crane. Please stay after the event above or email/phone him saying you wish to come to this activity. billy.coburn@thames21.org.uk Tel. 07557 970812.

Bob Barton -Secretary.

Also on Facebook

Please read the comments below that have been sent in by a Friend of the Villages.

“It is just shocking.

The high handedness of the man is stunning.backoffheathrow

There is more here;                          http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/transport/11721603/Heathrow-boss-Airports-Commission-does-not-understand-our-environmental-measures.html

It is as if it is Heathrow that dictates terms to government, not the other way around.

Maybe he hopes that if he is arrogant enough, implying that he is at liberty to accept or refuse conditions set for the public good, then the government will allow Heathrow some more leeway.

It is a bit like applying for a driving licence, and saying you will consider whether or not you will obey the rules of the road, like speed limits and displaying a proper number plate.   Or applying to build an extension on your house, and saying you may or may not bother to comply with local building control standards (in which case, the local authority would be at liberty to get the extension demolished).

Or maybe he will then look as if he has made a big concession, in then agreeing to the conditions – implying what a huge sacrifice Heathrow is making in agreeing to these terms, and how stunningly green it is.

Like its ludicrous ‘garden city’. Talk about putting lipstick on a pig ”  (apologies to the pig for the insulting comparison)”.


Let’s Pretend ……….presented by John Holland-Kaye.aerovillage
Today Johnny builds an aero village.

Heathrow plans for 9000-home new garden city



Dear Local Resident / Local community leader

Please find attached to this email the June Newsletter for the South Hillingdon Community Police Team. Please feel free to forward this email on to your neighbours, friends and colleagues living or working in South Hillingdon.


Over the past month the four wards of the South Neighbourhood Policing Team have been very busy indeed and I have a bumper newsletter for you. Here are just a few stories of things we’ve been up to in June.

Pinkwell Team Strike at local criminals:
Sgt Craven and her Pinkwell team have had an outstanding fortnight fighting back against criminals committing crime in the community. Two weeks ago two male suspects were caught red handed by my community officers in Seaton Close having committed a residential burglary. The officers caught the burglars running from the house and recovered the stolen property! One of the officers involved was one of my volunteer Special constables MSC PC Kissane.
Then last week responding to a call from a local resident, the community team arrived at another house, this time in Pinkwell Lane. Upon arrival the officers found two more burglars still inside a house. They were both arrested.  That’s four burglars banged up.

Cycling on Footpaths.
PCSO Jeff Jacob the dedicated ward officer for West Drayton has been on the war path over irresponsible cyclists weaving along busy pavements. Responding to complaints, Jeff has stopped over 40 cyclists in the past month and issued 5 fixed penalty tickets. His focus on this issue is set to increase over July!

Hayes Radio:
Two of our team launched their media careers this week! PS Luke Mooney and APS Ash Webber appeared live on Hayes FM 91.8. The broadcast lasted 45 minutes with Ash providing some great crime prevention tips on motor vehicle, burglary and violent crime whilst using his session as an opportunity to recruit for the police cadets and MSC ranks.
PS Mooney discussed the emerging threat of Cyber-crime and the efforts that Hillingdon have taken to pioneer a prevention program for the elderly.  A great way to engage with our community.

West Drayton Primary School Open day:
The West Drayton Team arranged a day back at school last week. Officers from the community team were joined by specialist officers from Traffic and Dog Units to meet the kids, demonstrate the different Uniform, Equipment and answer any of the children’s questions.

Heathrow Farm Special Needs fun day:
On Friday 26th June the Heathrow Villages team attended Heathrow Farm Special needs open day to help out, and get involved. None of the officers got a chicken on their shoulder though!! Great engagement with a local business and local community. Big Thank you to our colleagues at Heathrow Police for supplying vehicles for the attendees to look at.

I have had a very busy June. As a team we identified that there is a historic peak in Robbery offences in West Drayton & Yiewsley areas in June. This “June” peak goes back some years and this summer we as a team were determined to stop these horrid offences. We did our homework and made sure we understood the problem. Over May and June we have deployed using a variety of tactics. We engaged with local businesses in the community gaining their support. Coming to the end of June, having now done the year on year comparison, I am very pleased to announce that we saw no robberies in June in the target area. That’s a 90% reduction on last year. Outstanding results by the team. I have made two superb formal visits. Firstly I was invited to speak at Friday Prayers at the West Drayton Mosque in the run up to Ramadan. I gave a short talk about community inclusion, hate crime, and the community police team.
( The police should visit the latest victims of hate crime, UKIP. In the run up to the recent General Election I guarantee there was more cases of UKIPerphobia than Islamophobia ).

I then visited Hillingdon Manor School in Harlington Road. This is Europe’s largest bespoke school for children with Autism. The local police team will be working closely with the school to improve officer’s awareness of autism issues and encouraging young people with autism to see the police as people to go to if they feel in danger. My time at the school was inspirational and I hope to arrange further partnership activities with the school.
Finally I spent a frenetic two hours on patrol with Cllr Shehryar Wallana from Yiewsley ward, we even had a short chase of a suspect!  We patrolled the streets together discussing local issues, ways to resolve problems and ensuring the police understand the local concerns of the community.

Yiewsley Library Reading:
A/Sgt Webber launched the “copper reading initiative” with pre-school children at Yiewsley library in June. Ashley spent an hour reading short stories with the under 5’s, making “police shields” and meeting the youngsters. This initiative will run once a month – for dates please see poster in the library foyer.

Finally I’d just like to take this opportunity to give a gentle reminder. Remember to LOCK your doors and windows when you leave the house. The usual summer weather gives opportunities to thieves. Don’t make it easy for them. Remember to lock up. If you’re out the back, in the garden, enjoying the sunshine make sure the front is locked up! Together we can reduce burglary even further.

Inspector Dave George david.b.george@met.pnn.police.uk
South Neighbourhood Police

Thank you.

PS Barinder Gill 9XH
Heathrow Villages – South Cluster Team 1
Hillingdon Borough (XH)
Telephone – 02032761265

Heathrow Police Station,
Polar Park, Bath Road, West Drayton, UB7 0DG.
E-mail: Barinder.Gill@met.pnn.police.uk


flowersSave Our Heritage.


Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via the Street Champions scheme.

Davies on a Wednesday and flytipping at the weekend.
Are you getting a sinking feeling ?

This household waste has been dumped on Cranford Lane cranfordlane1 in the usual area.

Clean Up Heathrow Villages Campaign.




Posted Monday 6th July 2015.
Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via the Street Champions scheme.

Still no CCTV at the Harlington Hospice Shop so it is still the worst fly tipping area in Harlington.harlingtonhospice4

Labour Councillors promised CCTV at high crime areas to get elected but we’re still waiting while the rubbish builds up.Lazy Labour

They take the money while the Clean Up Heathrow Villages Campaign do their job for them.


I really like the views of Peter Hitchens.

His comments on Heathrow expansion and electrifying our railways make total sense. So does his attack on political nonentities dumbstruck by Middle Eastern hate, sectarianism and barbarism.


Why do we need a new gigantic airport?

I still don’t understand why we need a gigantic airport sprawled across South East England. What does it gain us, compared with the misery of noise, pollution and congestion it causes in our cramped country? Would it really be so bad if we had to take a train to Paris or Amsterdam to fly to the USA?

Why the obsession with grandiose projects, such as new runways and the mad, useless HS2, when the shocking scandal of the broken promise on electrifying our decrepit, low-speed railways passes without scandal? The abandoned plans were specifically promised in a Tory manifesto published only a few weeks ago (pages 11, 13 and 14, if you want to check).

I know politicians lie habitually, but this is surely the most blatant false prospectus of modern times. Yet nobody has even resigned.



Politicians react to terrorism much as parents might respond when their lisping tiny offspring come home from sex-ed classes and ask them to explain what lesbians do. They panic.

They have no idea what to say and they are terrified of committing themselves, rightly suspecting that their answers will be stored up and embarrassingly remembered years later.

But they have to pretend to know. And so they talk drivel.

I have watched this for years, with growing, grim amusement. But last week they outdid themselves, churning out gallons of swirling hogwash.

The most ridiculous of all was (as usual) the comically unqualified Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan. Attempting to explain the latest goofy, futile plan to root out extremism in the classroom, she groped for an example.

How could teachers spot a potential fanatic, who was in danger of rejecting British values and might end up waving an AK-47? You could almost hear the poor woman’s brain flapping wildly from side to side.

Then she reached for the one thing that absolutely everyone is now compelled to agree on, if they don’t want the thought police and everyone on Twitter to think they are an extremist.

‘Sadly, Isis are extremely intolerant of homosexuality,’ she gabbled.

Alas, until quite recently, Ms Morgan took a position which could, in these days of sexual liberation, be viewed as ‘extremely intolerant’ of homosexuality.

‘Marriage, to me, is between a man and a woman,’ she said in February 2013, after voting against same-sex weddings. This view, she argued, tied in with her Christian faith.

She has since had the politically correct technicians in to adjust her brain, and said in October last year that she had changed her mind, though it wasn’t quite clear how she had done this. The fact is that, in her previous state of mind, she could quite easily have been reported to the police by some zealous sneak, under her own guidelines.

Even more hilarious (if you find this sort of thing funny) is the fact that homosexuality is now officially a fundamental British value.

It’s true that the French have always claimed this was so, especially in the upper reaches of our ruling class, but I have never before heard it confirmed by a Minister of the Crown.

This was followed closely by a widely publicised attempt to spread fear and despondency, by mocking up a gun battle in the middle of London, in which men dressed up as terrorists ran about shooting off blanks, and a woman lay groaning in the street.

I can think of few ways better designed to help Islamic terrorists in their task of frightening us all into a state of quivering funk.

Then there was the Prime Minister’s weird attack on the BBC for using the term ‘Islamic State’. This was very ungrateful, given the Corporation’s huge efforts to rehabilitate the Tory Party, after it turned liberal and decided that homosexuality was a core British value.

If we can’t use the term ‘Islamic State’, on the grounds that it’s not Islamic or a state, then surely we can’t use the term ‘Conservative Party’ either. It certainly isn’t conservative, and I’m not sure it has enough members left to be called a party.

But our glorious rulers were not done yet. To crown a week of wild floundering, the Government announced that our few remaining bombers will soon be fighting alongside President Assad of Syria.

Two years ago they wanted to use the same aircraft to bomb Mr Assad.

Four years ago they did use them to overthrow the Libyan government. As a result Libya is now a failed state, where the man who murdered 30 British men and women in Tunisia is said to have been trained. Had our Prime Minister not bombed Libya, Seifeddine Rezgui could not have been trained there.

I can think of no simpler way of explaining what a stupid mistake this action was. Yet the man who made it still sits in Downing Street posing as a world leader.

Our Government do not know what they are doing. Let us hope that they all calm down before they do any more damage.




WWF political

The World Wildlife Fund support our fight against Heathrow expansion. 


WWF comment on proposed third runway at Heathrow

1 July 2015

Chief Executive David Nussbaum said:

“UK aviation has a serious emissions challenge.  Runway expansion would make the problem worse and the solutions tougher.  The Prime Minister should consider that ordinary families, businesses and our environment will gain little from a new runway.  Expanding Heathrow would be the worst outcome for the environment.  It would lead to the greatest increases in noise, in air pollution, and in climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

“Expanding runway capacity will not make Britain more prosperous, but it will make it impossible for the aviation sector to play its proper role in meeting the UK’s emissions targets, to which the Prime Minister and Climate Change Secretary are committed.  The greater the emissions from aviation, the greater pressure there will be on other businesses to reduce their CO2 emissions even further.  If the Government supports the Davies report, they will have to present a plan how these reductions will be achieved elsewhere – and at what price to the UK economy and people.

“The green growth the UK needs would be better served by investing in low carbon technologies and making intelligent use of alternatives to flying.  Businesses are already doing this – with increased demand for airport expansion largely coming from a small proportion of the population who take repeated leisure flights each year.”
Expanding Heathrow’s capacity would be the worst choice for Britain, with major impact on air quality, CO2 emissions and environmental disturbance.  In choosing this most damaging option, the Government would jeopardise any claim to international leadership on carbon emissions or sustainable development, and place an additional responsibility on other businesses to cut their emissions further and faster.

With all other sectors cutting emissions, all aviation needs to do is limit emissions increases. With airport expansion, the sector will fail to do even that. The aviation sector must play its fair share in tackling climate change.

Having agreed to airport expansion, the government must now set out how they will make up for these additional emissions. Otherwise they  will not be able to show leadership at UNFCCC and ICAO and will not be able to meet our existing Carbon Budget.

Business demand for air travel is falling (DfT)  as companies are making increasing use of low-carbon alternatives. In 2011, 61% of FTSE 500 companies expected to travel more by train and 87% expected to use more videoconferencing in future (WWF-UK) . Videoconferencing saves time and money as well as CO2 (WWF-UK) . Business travel has fallen both in percentage terms and in absolute terms over the past 15 years (AEF)  .

Many flights do not fly at full capacity, and many regional airports have spare runway capacity. Making better use of existing capacity, both on-board planes and in regional airports, would significantly reduce the need for expansion.

Expansion will not drive economic growth. The correlation between aviation capacity and growth is strong in emerging economies and regions but weak in developed economies (like the UK) and regions (like the south east) (WWF-UK/CE Delft) .

The main driver of aviation demand is not business or family holidays, but a small and wealthy subset of the population who take several leisure flights per year. This group, 15% of the UK population, takes 70% of UK flights (Fellow Travellers) .







Setting up at Heathrow Primary School Summer Fair 2015.
Come and say hello.


Heathrow Primary School Harmondsworth Lane UB7 0JQ                                           Thursday 9th July 2015 at 7:30johnmcdonnelsletter

Stopping Heathrow expansion is an issue bigger than petty political tribalism.
Please attend John McDonnell’s meeting this Thursday.


A bit of fun from The Daily Mash.

HEATHROW’S third runway will be discreetly hidden inside a cliff face with palm trees that fold down when planes launch.dailymash

Following opposition from environmental groups, plans for the runway have been revised to include an artificial mountain and tropical theme.

A spokesman for the Airports Commission said: “Passengers, rather than going through the messy shuttle bus process, will simply stand against a wall, be flipped upside down onto specially-adapted baggage carousels and taken direct to their seats with a Mai Tai in their hand.

“The mountainside will then open up, the palm trees will fold to the side revealing a runway, and a bit at the end will lift up to provide a ramp, which most runways don’t have but we thought might come in useful.

“After a plane has taken off, the palm trees will go back and the cave close up until the next flight is ready to depart, approximately 120 seconds later




Please sign the e-petition at the bottom of this post copied from Street Life.

I am concerned about the increase in noise levels and pollution if Heathrow gets the go ahead for a third runway. The beautiful village of Harmondsworth will be removed and all the residents uprooted from their homes.
I have started a petition to prevent Heathrow expansion. Please sign it and ask all your friends to sign it as well. Please forward the link to as many people as you can. Here is the link…


Thank you.



Heathrow Villagers fighting for their homes, heritage and culture…….heathrowvanprotest


foreign investors buying our infrastructure on the cheap, importing a low wage economy while exporting profits ?

Ferrovial Spain 25%
Qatar Holding 20%
Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec 12.62%
Government of Singapore Investment Corporation 11.20%
Alinda Capital Partners 11.18%
China Investment Corporation 10%
Universities Superannuation Scheme 10%


Dear all,

The Crown Public House in Harmondsworth Village are having a BBQ on Saturday 11th July 2015 to raise money Cancer Research.  The BBQ is from 4 – 8pm everyone is welcome and its for a great cause.



PCSO 7160 Lindsey Prior
Heathrow Villages Neighbourhood Policing Team
Email – HeathrowVillages.snt@met.police.uk
Tel – 020 8721 2557.



PCS will fight Heathrow airport expansion
3rd July 2015

A message of support from the Public and Commercial Services Union.

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) is one of the largest trade unions in the UK, with around 240,000 members

PCS will be at the forefront of a massive campaign of opposition to the building of a third runway at Heathrow, following the Davies Commission recommendation made public  (1 July).

The commission, headed by Sir Howard Davies, concluded that expansion of Heathrow was the best option available to ensure the UK remains ‘competitive’ in the global market. But we argue, best for whom? Not communities like Harmondsworth and Sipson that face demolition to clear space for the runway.

Not other local residents who, despite the conditions placed by the commission, will face the increased noise and reduced air quality that250,000 additional flights will bring.

Supporters will cite the estimated addition of £150 billion to GDP over 60 years and the creation of 70,000 jobs as positive reasons why the government should accept Davies’ recommendation and press ahead. PCS rejects the validity of both these claims.

The beneficiaries of £150bn to UK GDP are more likely to be the large corporations already exploiting emerging countries for their own benefit and contributing to the £119bn UK tax gap every year.

More work, fewer staff
PCS members in the aviation industry have seen little evidence that their sectors will see any increase in jobs. Our employers, backed by Europe-wide consolidation plans, will seek to run 3 runways with fewer staff than they currently employ for two. And under this government we know that jobs will be low-paid, zero hours, temporary and outsourced.

PCS demands that the same resources be redirected towards permanent jobs aimed at more sustainable transport, run on renewable energy, and servicing our communities rather than helping to destroy them.

In environmental terms, no matter what restrictions Davies seeks to impose, it’s unlikely that European standards can be adhered to. Local air quality is set to deteriorate still further as a result not only of the additional flights, but the increased traffic that will come to the area.

We need to fight demand in aviation not add to it. It is notable that CO2 emissions, the fundamental driver of global climate change, is completely absent from Davies’ recommendations. The statement that there can ‘never be a fourth runway’ implicitly acknowledges that this is a bad decision for the climate.

We now expect to join a range of pressure groups in a huge campaign to prevent this folly from seeing the light of day. In David Cameron’s words: “No ifs, no buts we will fight airport expansion at Heathrow.”

MP John McDonnell, chair of the PCS parliamentary group, whose Hayes and Harlington constituency includes Heathrow, Sipson and Harmondsworth has consistently campaigned against expansion. In a statement published today he pledged to continue to fight it: “My community has been absolutely betrayed by David Cameron. We will fight with every mechanism available including political lobbying, legal action and where necessary direct action to save our homes and community.

“The Davies proposals will result in 4,000 homes being demolished or rendered unliveable by air and noise pollution including the demolition of schools, community centres and places of worship.

“The Davies proposal for a third runway at Heathrow will provoke the biggest environmental campaign UK and Europe has seen. The fight goes on.”



Local residents fire a warning shot over the bows of Heathrow Airport. Tunnel blockade brings Heathrow to a standstill.


Posted 2nd June 2015.

A massive THANK YOU to everyone from all the Radio and TV Channels that came to visit us yesterday.

We hope you found the people of Harmondsworth and Heathrow Villages worth fighting for.

You are all welcome to visit us again at any time.

God bless you all.



PR – Not Heathrow Airport’s strong point ?

Heathrow comp purchase letterWith The Davies Commission Report launched at 7am yesterday morning, Heathrow’s PR team swung in to action and barely an hour later had letters going through the doors (Pictured, with address details removed) of local residents in Harmondsworth whose homes have been earmarked for compulsory purchase to make way for the proposed runway.

At least one resident, already worried by the news, has been reported as collapsing with shock at receiving the communication so close to the announcement.

In my opinion, this shows a remarkable lack of sensitivity on behalf of the Airport and it’s owners when dealing with people who are facing losing their homes. It is also somewhat premature, with the Government stating they will consider the report but are not going to make any final decision for some months yet and there being no guarantee that they will come down in favour of Heathrow Expansion.

Is this just another part of the Heathrow PR blitz, with the Airport thinking they can present the Third Runway as a done deal and browbeat local residents in to accepting it as a fait accompli ? If so, such behaviour will just make opposition to the project even more determined than it is now

Aircraft (4)





Residents still working hard after 12 hours of media interviews.media1 media2





Posted D-Day minus one.

The Davies Commission is due to report at 7am tomorrow morning.

Members and supporters of SHE Stop Heathrow Expansion will be on all channels during the day tomorrow.

In Harmondsworth Village we will have BBC TV,  Radio 4, 5Live, ITV/ITN, Good Morning Britain and C4 doing live feeds to a worldwide audience.

We will have residents and campaigners from all political parties,political as the demolition of thousands of Heathrow Villagers’ homes is more important than tribal politics.

This leads me to a very upsetting problem I’ve just come across. We have a rat in our community. The rat has managed to climb our community mural and nibble at the UKIP rosette that was placed by our friend Cliff Dixon.ratnibbling

Amazingly the rat ignored the rosettes of the pro Heathrow Labour Party and the “No Ifs No Buts” pro Heathrow Conservative Party and only damaged the pro villages UKIP rosette.

I know that rats can’t read, but just in case, I wish the rat to know that UKIP members and supporters are working their nuts off to save our community from demolition.

I have hundreds of UKIP rosettes and it will be replaced if necessary.

Cheers, Bryan


Will Wednesday 1st July be the UK National Fudge Day ? Fudge

A report in The Telegraph

The Airports Commission will “fudge” the decision on where to locate Britain’s new runway by leaving all options on the table – paving the way for ministers to oppose expansion at Heathrow.

While the independent body is likely to recommend Heathrow as the site for expansion it is understood the group will not rule out building at Gatwick.

The move comes amid reports George Osborne would consider backing a new runway at Gatwick despite being a previous proponent of Heathrow expansion.

It comes with the Conservative Party split on a long-awaited report about how Britain can “maintain its status as an international hub for aviation” due out on Wednesday.

At least five Conservative cabinet ministers represent seats that would be affected by Heathrow expansion including Theresa May, Phillip Hammond, Greg Hands, Justine Greening and Theresa Villiers.

David Cameron previously pledged to block a third runway, overturning planning permission in 2010, while Boris Johnson has promised to oppose any plans for expanding Heathrow.

The Commission is now expected to leave the door open to Gatwick expansion by not categorically ruling out any of the three options on the table.

The news will be welcomed by those at the top of the Conservative Party who hope to continue campaigning for an alternative to Heathrow whatever the recommendation.

Patrick McLoughlin, the Transport Secretary, is expected to comment on the report on Wednesday but a formal government position will not be announced until later in the year.

The time gap will allow politicians and businesses to be lobbied over the summer as the race to win the government investment continues unabated. ( They mean taxpayer subsidy ).

It comes after heads of both rival camps pledged to carry on campaigning whatever decision is taken by the Airports Commission.

MPs and Lords have been bombarded with requests to back either side, with Westminster underground station plastered with adverts from both campaigns over the last six months.

The war of words between the two camps has become increasingly bitter in recent days as the date of the recommendation has approached.

Stewart Wingate, chief executive of Gatwick, warned last week that backing Heathrow would be a
“retrograde step” and “politically undeliverable” due to senior Tory opposition.

“We’re expecting that Davies, rather than making the same mistake as in the past, which saw a report gathering dust, will choose the only deliverable option,” he said.

Ministers ready to back Gatwick runway with Airports Commission expected to ‘fudge’ decision


As the media world descend on Heathrow Villages for Wednesday’s Heathrow expansion decision…………this from the F.T.


via John Stewart.


Anti-Heathrow campaigners are planning a big rally in central London this autumn in the event that Sir Howard Davies recommends expansion at the UK’s biggest airport in his independent report due to be published this week.


John Stewart, head of Hacan, said the aim would be to unify protest groups in a public show of opposition to influence the politicians who will decide by the end of the year whether and where to build an extra runway in the southeast of England.


“Davies is not the final word,” he said. “We will be lobbying quite hard at the political level more than at the grass roots.” Hacan is planning to hold fringe meetings at the Conservative party conference in October and will prepare briefing notes for key members of parliament.

Alongside the rally, anti-Heathrow campaigners are also preparing to launch a legal challenge against a new runway at Heathrow on air pollution grounds with MPs, local councils and environmentalists involved in putting together a programme of action, according to one senior political figure involved.

“We will almost certainly mount a legal challenge because Heathrow is already breaching pollution limits,” said the figure. “If Davies recommends Heathrow there will be hell to pay.”

Sir Howard is expected to issue his recommendation on Wednesday after a three-year inquiry into how the UK can maintain its status as Europe’s most important aviation hub.

In an interim report, Sir Howard’s five-person committee found there was a clear need for new airport capacity and shortlisted three proposals: two at Heathrow and one at Gatwick.


Overall parliamentary support for expansion at Heathrow versus Gatwick is evenly divided between the two airports, according to a survey.

However, on the Conservative benches opposition to Heathrow is more prevalent and includes several influential figures who represent constituencies under the airport’s flight path: Justine Greening, the international development secretary, London mayor Boris Johnson, and backbencher Zac Goldsmith, a frontrunner to win the Conservative nomination as London mayoral candidate to succeed Mr Johnson.

Close to a third of Tory MPs prefer expansion at Gatwick, against 20 per cent who favour Heathrow, according to a survey of 100 MPs by ORC International on behalf of MHP Communications, the public relations company. Close to 40 per cent backed expansion of both airports. However, among Labour MPs, twice as many favoured Heathrow as Gatwick.

Opponents to expansion at Gatwick are also planning a rally if the south coast airport is chosen, said Brendon Sewill, chairman of the local campaign group GACC, but they will continue to fight even if Heathrow is picked as there is no need for new capacity. That is because carriers are using larger aircraft and the availability of take-off and landing slots at other airports such as Stansted and Luton, he said.

“If this recommendation is ever implemented it would be an environmental disaster for the southeast — more noise, more pollution, more climate change damage, new flight paths, large scale inward migration, multiple traffic jams and a worsening of the north/south divide,” Mr Sewill added.

GACC is considering legal action if Gatwick is chosen, though this is unlikely without wider support given the heavy legal costs.





Posted Monday 29th June 2015.

Heathrow is killing us.heathrowdemo

How might exposure to NO2 affect human health?
Inhalation of higher than average environmental levels of nitrogen dioxide  (found around Heathrow and it’s congested urban roads for example) can cause respiratory problems, particularly in sensitive individuals such as asthmatics. Similar problems are experienced by sensitive individuals such as asthmatics after inhalation of ozone (which is formed using nitrogen dioxide). Nitrogen dioxide also affects the cardiovascular (heart and blood circulation) and immune (disease protection) systems and leads to a shortening of life.

As previously reported, six air quality monitors in the Heathrow area show NO2 levels unlawfully high and breaching safe levels of 40 microgrammes per cubic metre of air

A recent air quality check made for Hillingdon council showed a regular reading of more than double the 40 mcgs  at 90 mcgs.

The highest recorded reading of nine times the safe limit at 324 mcgs  proves that Heathrow expansion is deadly and undeliverable.

Cheers, Bryan

This has been passed to us by John Stewart of HACAN.

HEATHROW’S emissions of toxic nitrogen dioxide would rise by more than 40% if it were allowed to build a new runway, according a preliminary report from the Airports Commission.

The commission’s external consultants found that NO2 gas from aircraft and other airport sources would increase from 5,850 tons a year to 8,300 tons under the favoured northwest runway scheme.

Another 4,000 tons would be emitted by traffic on nearby roads, much of it generated by vehicles travelling to and from the airport.

Heathrow and its surrounding roads already generate a sixth of all the NO2 produced by London within the M25, according to the government’s National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory.

These emissions, produced in a relatively small area, explain why Heathrow and surrounding boroughs such as Hounslow and Hillingdon are among the UK’s worst air pollution areas, with residents exposed not only to NO2 but also high levels of particulates.

European air safety directives say average annual NO2 levels should not exceed 40 microgrammes (mcg) per cubic metre of air but monitors around Heathrow show this is routinely exceeded.

On Friday, supposedly a low pollution day, a monitoring station in Hillingdon showed NO2 levels above 90mcg for most of the day and peaks of 324mcg. In January, the same monitor recorded levels as high as 921mcg.


Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via the Street Champions scheme.

We pay over £5 million a year to Hillingdon Council so cleaning our streets is the minimum requirement.
Six o’clock on a Saturday evening and the Co-Op parade in Harlington is a disgrace.
Overflowing bins and litter strewn everywhere.wastebin
It will worsen during Sunday and Monday until the street cleaner turns up.


Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via the Street Champions scheme.

This household waste has been in the front garden of 89 New Road Harlington for about three weeks.89newroadharl
It’s time the owner got it removed as it’s upsetting the neighbours.
It also encourages other selfish idiots to treat our streets as rubbish dumps.
No wonder long term residents are leaving Heathrow Villages.

Clean Up Heathrow Villages Campaign.



Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via the Street Champions scheme.

Still no CCTV outside the Harlington Hospice Shop.harlshoprubbish
Time the Labour Councillors either honoured their pre-election pledge to install CCTV at high crime areas or they stopped taking their councillor’s allowances.Lazy Labour
They definitely aren’t earning it.



We are only days away from Davies reporting ;

The vast majority of Londoners think the capital already has an adequate level of airport capacity for a major global city, new opinion research has found.
A poll by ComRes found that only 24 per cent of people living in London believe the capital’s airport capacity is inadequate, while 63 per cent say it meets or exceeded their expectations.
The new research, commissioned by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, found that all age groups, social classes, genders, and regions of London believe that capacity was in line with their expectations.
In a parallel survey, most London businesses also believe that airport capacity met their expectations, albeit by a smaller margin of 52 per cent to 37 per cent.
The same poll found that the sufficient availability of housing was by far the bigger investment priority for Londoners, with 70 per cent of residents and 74 per cent of bosses saying it was important.
Local transport infrastructure was also a far greater concern than airport capacity.
Around 11 per cent of flights abroad are accounted for by business travel; London has the largest airport system of any city in the world, with passenger traffic outstripping New York and Tokyo by millions every year.
It is currently served by Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted and London City airports, with a new terminal and extended runway already built at Southend in recent years.

More proof that Heathrow expansion is not wanted and not needed by Londoners.



Posted 25th June 2015.

I’ve got a bit of bad news for the  Heathrow expansion supporters that believe a payday is beckoning.Heathrow-Hub-1-Captain-William-Jock-Lowe

Next week, according to insiders, Davies will be publishing his attempt to push unnecessary airport expansion at Heathrow and/or Gatwick. The PR machines of foreign investors and the aviation lobby have spent £10s of millions to bypass democracy and put profit before people.

Whatever he reports will then lead to years of fighting, continued pleading from the losing airport and legal manouvering through the court systems up to EU level.

Anyone thinking that Heathrow compensation will turn up any day soon will be sadly disappointed. Whatever Davies decides will mean nothing changes in Heathrow Villages for at least a decade while the rest of us fight to keep our air breathable and our community intact.

Don’t believe me ?
Read the words of Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye in The Guardian;

http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jun/25/heathrow-gatwick-airport-campaigns-continue-davies-commission-report   .

PS…..Where’s Wally ? Jock Lowe is on the missing list.



Please visit;

Saturday 27th June.
1pm to 4pm.

Harmondsworth Summer Fair @
St Mary’s Church Hall

Free entry.
Stall & refreshments.


Saturday 27 June 2015.


07:30 to 09:30pm. .

St Peter & St Paul’s Church Hall,
St Peter’s Way, Harlington, UB3 5AB.

With your COMMUNITY CHOIR & “THE HURBS” -(Harlington Ukulele Rainbow Band).

Entrance £5 includes refreshments

So come along to an evening of fun, entertainment and enjoy the summer stalls.




As David Cameron prepares to decide whether to expand Heathrow Airport, a tree he once sponsored in Sipson to signal his opposition to a third runway is dead and the orchard where it stood is covered in weeds.
Cameron joined a campaign by the environmental pressure group Greenpeace in 2009 to plant an orchard and set up community gardens on a field north of the airport that would be destroyed under one of the runway proposals.
At the time he was leading the Tories, then in opposition, into the 2010 election and was seeking votes in west London.
“The trees all died; they didn’t look after them, they weren’t watered or anything so they all just expired,” Michael Aslam, who owns the land the orchard was planted on, said in a telephone interview this week. “Everything that was there has been removed.”
Zac Goldsmith who helped fund the orchard, has said he’ll resign from the House of Commons and force a special election if Cameron backs expansion. His Richmond Park constituency is directly under the Heathrow flight path.
Boris Johnson, who returned to the Commons last month to represent Uxbridge and who takes part in meetings of the P.M’s Cabinet urged reporters at an event last week to “find the tree” that represented Cameron’s opposition.
“Be in no doubt, there will be a very, very frenzied lobby to get this through,” Johnson said of the proposed third runway. “There will be a huge struggle, but we can win and we will win.”
There are now no trees left in the former orchard behind the King William pub. Only chest-high weeds remain of the community planting venture.
Back in October 2009, Cameron told a public meeting in Richmond that “the third runway at Heathrow is not going ahead, no ifs, no buts.”
A month later, Cameron “adopted” a tree in the Sipson orchard, Greenpeace announced in a press release, joining other MPs and celebrities “to show their opposition to expansion at the airport.”
The Tory manifesto for the 2010 election pledged to block a third runway at Heathrow and stop the expansion of Gatwick and Stansted, London’s other main airports.
In September 2012, the prime minister announced a review of British airport capacity, pushing back any decision on Heathrow until after the 2015 election. The party’s program for the vote in May said only that it would “respond to the Airports Commission’s final report.” Cameron’s office didn’t immediately respond to a request for a comment on Wednesday.
The symbolism of the tree’s demise has not been lost on campaigners against the expansion of the airport, especially as it was one of a series of stunts, including putting a wind turbine on the roof of his home and dog-sledding in the arctic, that Cameron used to demonstrate his environmental credentials after taking over as party leader in 2005.
“There’s a lot of symbolism. When he said ‘no ifs, no buts’ people took him at his word, there were no caveats, then months after his election as prime minister he introduced the caveat that the commitment was just for one Parliament,” John McDonnell, the opposition Labour Party MP who represents Sipson, said in a telephone interview. “Just like the tree’s withered and died, so did his promise, it’s angered a lot of people.


heathrow-planeExcellent work from our fellow campaigners in Richmond.

Heathrow Factsheets

The Airports Commission led by Sir Howard Davies is due to submit its final report shortly. Last Wednesday, the Richmond Heathrow Campaign launched a set of factsheets about Heathrow expansion. In summarising facts and evidence they expose several myths that have not been addressed.

In short, the facts are:

(1) The UK Economy: the Commission’s own figures show that Heathrow expansion would not add significantly to the UK economy or add further connectivity to the UK as a whole. Instead it would artificially stoke overheating of the South-East at the expense of the rest of the UK.

(2) Deliverability: Heathrow expansion may require £54 million or more of funding. State aid would be difficult to justify given the spare capacity at other airports and the prevalence at Heathrow of transfers and leisure passengers from the UK, which provide little benefit to the UK economy.

(3) Carbon: It is very likely that Heathrow airport’s growth will be constrained even more than currently predicted in the Airports Commission’s modelling by the impact of carbon emissions, rendering a third runway uneconomic.

(4) Air Quality: Given that existing airport operations already result in a breach of legal air pollution limits, it seems unlikely that a third runway could be built while remaining within the law.

(5) Noise: Heathrow expansion is likely to expose several hundred thousand Londoners to aircraft noise for the first time and the uncertainty of flight paths may blight parts of London for several years.

(6) Local Economy: The local economy will grow whether or not Heathrow expands. Moreover, it has not yet been shown how sufficient housing could be provided to support Heathrow expansion.

(7) Surface Access: Transport for London (TfL) has calculated that an investment of up to £20 billion will be needed to support a third runway at Heathrow. The consequences of inadequate investment would be poor travelling experience on public transport and increased resort to road transport, generating more air pollution and traffic congestion.

(8) Safety: Proposals for steeper flight paths on landing and for curved approaches to reduce noise raise new safety concerns. The multi-use of a single extended runway for take-off and landing has not been tested at any airport in the world, let alone one as busy as Heathrow.

Over the coming weeks we will be socialising these messages with journalists and decision-makers. If you are able to help in the process, please contact us at……..


Lazy Labour

Some roads in Ickenham get a pre-election resurfacing despite not needing it.
Oxford Avenue in Cranford Cross must be the worst road in the whole of the borough oxfordavdespite our Labour Councillors pledging to improve the amount of road repairs in Heathrow Villages.
Easy words to get elected but as with the promised CCTV, the Lazy Labour Councillors are not doing their job.


Well done to Hillingdon Council for improving and upgrading Berkeley Meadow berkeleymeadow and it’s children’s play area.berkeleyplayswings
Do the kids know the work has been completed as at 4pm on a week day there were no children and two guys drinking alcohol.
There also needs to be regular bin emptying.


Heathrow City Village ??

With thanks to the informative SHE website;
www.stopheathrowexpansion.co.uk  .

The question that Heathrow and pro-runway politicians can’t answer is where will all the residents displaced by a third runway find a comparable home?

You could even go as far as to ask where they will find ANY home?

George Osborne stood in for the Prime Minister at PMQs on 17th June and said:

“Of course we are aware there is an acute shortage of housing in London, which is why we need to build more homes.”

No mention of the thousands of homes that he is plotting to bulldoze near Heathrow.

Labour’s Lord Adonis was very keen on a third runway at Heathrow when his party was in power. They had no idea what to do with people forced from their homes either.

However, Lord Adonis has been thinking about the housing crisis in London in the intervening years. Although his latest plan is not specifically for people made homeless by a third runway, it may be put forward as a solution.

Lord Adonis has been looking at public buildings on prime sites in London. He thinks we could knock down large buildings and replace them with even larger buildings. What a cracking idea!

He’s particularly got his eye on local authority housing estates, which he suggests could be demolished and new high-density estates (high-rise flats) built on the site. This way, social housing could be increased and, according to Lord Adonis, more private housing could be crammed in to fund the project. He calls these new estates, City Villages.

Lord Adonis has clearly identified that we all love a village, unless it has existed for centuries and sits on land you have earmarked for a new runway.

The peer doesn’t see anything remotely odd in promoting his City Villages as “dealing with the housing crisis and building a better society”. Surely a society that destroys communities for profit is not a better society it’s simply a greedier one.



Heathrow Airport’s plan for a third runway would cost £500million more than estimated because of the amount of potentially contaminated landfill that would have to be treated, according to a new report.

The report from environmental consultancy RSK Group was submitted to the Airports Commission. The report claims that Heathrow would have to launch one of the UK’s largest land clearance operations ever if it was allowed to expand by building a third runway.

It claims the cost of excavating and clearing up to 9million cubic metres of potentially hazardous landfill would add £500million to the cost of the scheme, which the commission already reckons will cost £18.6billion.

Any operation to treat the landfill could not only risk releasing hazardous gases and other pollutants, but would also encourage vermin and birds – a key concern since this would take place near the existing airport.

Heathrow Airport said all its proposals were fully costed: ‘Any brownfield development must meet stringent environmental standards. Heathrow’s proposals for expansion includes a detailed and privately funded remediation plan which meets the Commission’s sustainability requirements, whilst providing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to put the land to safe and productive use.’

Who do you believe?



Below is the press release sent out from HACAN following the letter and article – see link below – in The Guardian and Observer.

HACAN backs Frequent Flyers Levy to replace Air Passenger Duty as “both green and equitable”

Campaign group HACAN has given its backing to the plan for a Frequent Flyers Levy to replace Air Passengers Duty.  The proposal, released this weekend (1) and based on reports from the New Economics Foundation and CE Delft, suggests that each person is given one tax-free flight a year (if they want to take it) but that the tax rises with every subsequent flight taken (2).

Just days before the Airports Commission is due to publish its recommendation on whether a new runway should be built at Heathrow or Gatwick, the New Economics Foundation report suggests that no new runways would be needed if a Frequent Flyers Levy was introduced.  The growth in aviation would be curbed sufficiently to allow existing runways to cope with future demand.

The backers of the Frequent Flyers Levy argue that 85% of the British public would benefit from it:  Last year:

52% of us took no flights

22% took one flight

11% took 2 flights

Less than 15% of people took 3 or more flights

15% of people took 70% of flights.  These are the people identified as the frequent flyers. Their defining characteristics are that they earn more than £115,000 a year and have a second home abroad. Most of them come from the City of London, Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea and Surrey.  And their most popular destination is tax havens!  These are predominately not business flights.  Business travel by the UK population is declining.  It is now just 12% of all flights.  It is leisure travel, particularly by the frequent flyers, which has soared.

Work commissioned from the Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC) found that over 50% preferred the Frequent Flyers Levy to Air Passenger Duty

HACAN chair John Stewart said, “The beauty of this proposal is that it ticks both the equity and green boxes. It is a way of controlling the growth of aviation but still allowing ordinary families a holiday in the sun.”

Organisations backing the Frequent Flyers Levy include the Campaign for Better Transport the New Economics Foundation, the Tax Justice Network, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.




Posted 22nd June 2015.

The Friends of the Great Barn at Harmondsworth harmondsworth-barn are holding their AGM in St Mary’s Church Hall at 7pm this evening. Followiing the business meeting there will be an illustrated talk by Justine Bayley on the repairs that were carried out on the Barn in 2014.


The centenary of RAF Northolt

Uxbridge will see 170 armed service personnel march through it’s town centre to mark the centenary of RAF NortholtRAF

The spectacular and colourful event will coincide with the start of Armed Forces Week tomorrow Monday June 22.

The Central Band of the Royal Air Force and a full Guard of Honour, provided by the Queen’s Colour Squadron, will also be part of the Freedom of Hillingdon parade.

Boris Johnson, MP for Uxbridge & South Ruislip, will hopefully not tell anyone to “ F#%$ off and die”, especially the hundreds of ex servicemen that now drive London taxis. Leader of Hilllingdon Council, Ray Puddifoot, and war veterans will be admiring the show.

Council Leader Raymond Puddifoot, a representative of the Conservative Party that has decimated our service personnel numbers, supports an EU Army and refuses to build a memorial to Lee Rigby, said ;

“Here in Hillingdon we are extremely proud to support the Armed Forces and ensure their commitment is recognised. Many of the borough’s residents are former or serving personnel, volunteer reservists and war veterans. I would encourage people to come to Uxbridge to enjoy the parade and pay tribute to the strength, valour and dedication shown by RAF Northolt personnel over the last 100 years.”

You can’t argue with that.

The parade will be from 10.40am until 11.40am. Military personnel will march from Harefield Road, through Uxbridge High Street to the Civic Centre forecourt.

If you are travelling in Uxbridge on Monday, bear in mind the following road closures and disruptions to transport:RAF-parade-map

Road closures

Closed between 8am and 12pm:

  • Windsor Street by NatWest Bank (between number 53 and High Street)
  • Bakers Yard (between Bakers Road and High Street)

Closed between 8am and 4pm:

  • High Street (between Vine Street and Hillingdon Road)
  • Vine Street (between High Street and Cricketfield Road)

Parking restrictions will also be in place, and the taxi rank outside Uxbridge Underground Station will be suspended between 6am and 12pm on the day.

Uxbridge High Street and Vine Street bus routes will also be diverted.


If you are travelling in Uxbridge on Monday, bear in mind the following road closures and disruptions to transport:

Road closures

Closed between 8am and 12pm:

  • Windsor Street by NatWest Bank (between number 53 and High Street)
  • Bakers Yard (between Bakers Road and High Street)

Closed between 8am and 4pm:

  • High Street (between Vine Street and Hillingdon Road)
  • Vine Street (between High Street and Cricketfield Road)

Parking restrictions will also be in place, and the taxi rank outside Uxbridge Underground Station will be suspended between 6am and 12pm on the day.

Uxbridge High Street and Vine Street bus routes will also be diverted.

Lazy Labour

Labour councillors promised to install CCTV in the Villages to combat fly tipping. A year on and we are still waiting – Meanwhile, more mattresses pile up near The Harlington Hospice Charity Shop (Below, earlier this week)

HV rubbish June 2015

When will they get around to doing what they promised?


Clean Up Heathrow Villages Campaign.




I found this email from a concerned Heathrow Villager in my in-box.:-

You should all be made aware that Longford Village has become a halfway house for the Home Office.UKBA

Although we do have a problem with illegal immigration into the UK it is hard to see the size of the problem.  However, it is clear that the government is struggling to find places for all the immigrants who are playing for transportation to come to the UK yet, once here, claim they have no finances to support themselves but are not able to return to their country of origin – or anywhere in between.

I don’t think we are talking about illegal immigrants since these people are known to the authorities and are being permitted to stay.  I saw a report on BBC last week that did a feature on the number of asylum seekers from places like Sudan being placed in the north west (such as Liverpool).  While local people are keen to say that they understand why these people have come to the UK and are sympathetic they are concerned about the weight of numbers and the impact on their services etc.

The worrying thing about Longford, here in the Heathrow Villages, is that it has been blighted for so long by the airport that it has become fair game for people who worry that they might get opposition to their schemes anywhere else.  So many tenants, landlords and transient people are in the village that most long-term residents are too demoralised to argue.

For a long time we have been hearing about groups of immigrants wandering around Longford and sitting in groups on low walls etc.  It sounded bizarre and some residents complained to the neighbouring residents’ association, police and councillors.  It got worse when a soup-kitchen-style van would turn up to feed the immigrant population on the street.

One of the problems raised by residents was anti-social behaviour, which seemed to be down to the immigrants not understanding British culture and what is appropriate behaviour if you want to get along with your neighbours.  They had no respect for property boundaries, created noise, disruption to residents, spitting etc – all fairly low-level irritations in themselves but long-term residents in the village were appalled at the way the village was being run down.

Local police tried to smooth the waters but said that once they had explained things to one set of immigrants, those were bussed out and a new set of immigrants were brought in.  Apparently the busses take them to more long-term placements elsewhere in the country.
It is starting to look like Longford was being tested to see what people would tolerate.  Now the government wants the properties to be officially registered as houses in multiple occupancy – presumably to enable this arrangement to become permanent.  it is feared that Longford will be a holding station for even more immigrants as alternative accommodation is in short supply.

Sadly, the council has also decided to remove the little children’s playground in the villages.  It looks like this is to save money on maintenance although this is probably just grass cutting.  I’m not aware of any consultation with the villagers but families appear to be discouraged to live in the village so maybe those that have children are a tiny minority.
It feels like Longford is slowly being killed off and left to immigrants, landlords, hotels, hire cars and transient airport workers who use the free bus to T5.  There are residents, including people who work at Heathrow, who care about Longford village and would like to see it thrive but they are fighting an enormous battle.


My view is;
Please complain to your councillors and MP. Being Labour they will call you names and put the needs of the new arrivals first in return for future votes.
Then contact the Conservative  Government and the Home Office. Tories now let in more new arrivals than Labour but for a different reason. Tories love a low wage and high profit economy. Millions of new arrivals make their backers rich and millions of workers poorer.
Your only real options are to join UKIP and contact the letters pages and social media as often as possible.
Tell everyone that Longford is not an open prison and  Longford must return to residential use.

Cheers, Bryan


Posted 20th June 2015.
Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via the Street Champions scheme.

This bed and mattress has been left outside the maisonettes at the corner of Pennine Way and Quantock Close in Harlington.penninerubbish
I’ve driven past it for a week fully expecting the landlord or tenant to take it to the dump.
Sadly, they are either selfish, lazy or waiting for the flytipping fairies to clear up their mess.

Clean Up Heathrow Villages Campaign.


Posted 20th June 2015.
Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via the Street Champions scheme.

This rubbish has been dumped on Sipson Lane just past Hudson Road and before the last two cottages on the right from Harlington.


Clean Up Heathrow Villages Campaign


More over development planned for our area

Date:18 June 2015

Dear Bryan Tomlinson,



Proposal: Change of use from Offices (Use Class B1(a)) to provide a 159 bedroom hotel (Use Class C1) and the  erection of a new single storey side extension, car parking and landscaping.

Thank you for your representations sent via email on the above planning application. Your comments were:-

This will increase traffic, noise and pollution in Heathrow Villages.

There are already enough hotels.

No more airport hotels should be built in our community.

These have now been attached to the Application and you will be notified of the decision when the application has been decided.

In the meantime you are welcome to follow the progress of the application via the website or contact Karl Dafe the officer dealing with this application on 01895 250230.

Yours sincerely

Head of Planning and Enforcement

James Rodger




Harmondsworth finger point sign

Copied from Street Life ;

The flower baskets in Harmondsworth need volunteers to help keep them watered. They have a reservoir to hold water. There is a small hole on the top of the troughs. If anyone passing could help to top them up we can keep them looking beautiful all summer.
You cannot overfill them as they have drainage holes.




Hundreds of thousands more London residents would find themselves under new flight paths should Heathrow be expanded, a cross-party group of MPs and Lords has warned.

Senior Tories including Justine Greening and Boris Johnson joined Richmond MP Zac Goldsmith in the Commons on Wednesday to launch a campaign alerting people to the potential impact on neighbourhoods across the capital as the airports commission prepares to deliver its recommendation for a new runway at either Heathrow or Gatwick.

Flanked by a map depicting what he claimed would be newly overflown regions of the city, Goldsmith said Heathrow was “already the biggest polluter in Europe by far”. Additional noise was just one of the reasons to oppose expansion. He said a third runway would mean “unmanageable congestion”,while the “economic case had entirely crumbled” and reinforcing Heathrow would see UK aviation “reverting to a taxpayer-funded monopoly”.

Johnson reminded the prime minister of his former unequivocal pledge to oppose Heathrow expansion, including a tree adopted by David Cameron on the site of the last planned third runway. He said: “I think that everybody remembers the manifesto that we ran on in 2010.

“It was a very clear campaign, it was the right campaign. I think the prime minister should stick with it. No ifs, no buts, no to a third runway, he said. He was right then and he would be right now.”

Although Johnson has promised to lie down in front of the bulldozers should a third runway be approved, he ruled out resigning as either an MP or from his increasingly intermittent role as mayor of London.

The senior Conservatives were joined by council leaders and MPs from constituencies neighbouring Heathrow – including Labour’s John McDonnell and Ruth Cadbury and Liberal Democrat Tom Brake. Green peer Jenny Jones said her party opposed expansion at either Heathrow or Gatwick.

Goldsmith said: “We’ve been given a choice by the commission which is not one I’d set myself. I recognise by piling pressure against Heathrow expansion, I make it more likely that you have Gatwick expansion, but my first priority is to stop Heathrow expansion, it has to be.”

Johnson said: “We don’t think that Gatwick is optimal either.” But, he added: “The reality is that on any utilitarian calculus or environmental calculus of damage done to human life, Heathrow would be far, far the worse option.”

The Conservative Party are totally split on Heathrow expansion. The Cabinet Members and big hitters will be a massive reason that foreign investors will not be bulldozing our villages.

If the politicians fail it will be the green light for direct action.

Cheers, Bryan


hillingdon council notice

Here are two important planning applications that will affect either Harlington Village Conservation Area or Harmondsworth Village Conservation Area.
Hillingdon Council await you response at www.hillingdon.gov.uk/planning  .

Received 28-05-15.
Installation of a 13.8m high telecommunications monopole supporting 6 antennas and 2 new equipment cabinets .

Received 29-05-15.
2C CAMBRIDGE CLOSE HARMONDSWORTH UB7 0AN Double storey side extension involving demolition of existing garage to side (Resubmission) .



What’s on in or near Heathrow Villages this Saturday …

com.cafe family fun day.

10:00 – 15:00 (5 hours).
60-62 Byron Way, West Drayton UB7 9JD
Family fun day including stalls and refeshments, bouncey castle, music , raffles communety information ect
Contact: 01895430751
Bokwa dance fitness.

10:45 – 11:45 (1 hour).
Every Saturday
West Drayton Community Centre.
Harmondsworth Road,
West Drayton UB7 9JL.

Sweat the alphabet and draw the digits! A new type of dance workout that’s simple to learn but mighty effective.
Interested in dance-based fitness and keen to try something new? If words like ‘workout’ and ‘exercise’ give you the shivers, or you think you can’t dance, try this as an antidote.
Bokwa hails from Africa and is aerobic exercise in an easy-to-learn dance format that makes a great workout yet leaves you buzzing for more. Very adaptable to suit your style and capabilities.
Price: £5 per class. learningmoves@hotmail.co.uk; 07771872592.
Homework Help.

11:00 – 13:00 (2 hours).
Harlington Library & Learning Centre
Pinkwell Lane
UB3 1PB.

Need help with your homework? Help is available on Saturday mornings at the drop in sessions.
Hayes Beck Theatre. Please visit the Beck’s website for more details.

Fusion Street Dance presents high-energy performances with its annual dance showcase. The show features the work of students from the Hayes, Uxbridge and Chertsey groups.


Children £6.00*
Concessions £1.00 off

A £1.00 per ticket booking fee applies, capped at six per order. Fee-free booking for Premiere Card Members; Groups of 10+ please call 020 8561 8371 to buy fee-free.
Second Neighbourhood Forum Meeting

Thursday 2nd July, 7.30pm.
Local people are creating a neighbourhood plan for the villages, so people can have more of a say in future planning and development decisions.
The second neighbourhood forum will be on Thursday 2nd July, 7:30pm, please join us.
For more information visit;

This is the local Heathrow villages Neighbourhood Planning email list, for anyone who wants to be updated about local planning developments in the area and how you can get your voice heard.
Our mailing address is:
Heathrow Villages Neighbourhood Planning Team
Grow Heathrow,
Vineries Close,


A message from Bob Barton @ Cranford Park.

Unfortunately the Butterfly Walk at Cranford Park scheduled for this Saturday (June 20) has had to be postponed. A new date will be advised.

Looking further ahead, see information attached for the Family Day in the park on July 25. Please put it in your diary!

www.cranfordparkfriends.org    Also on Facebook




Shock as Top Secret Heathrow plans for further environmental damage are passed to us by a Back Heathrow insider.

If you thought a 3rd Heathrow runway was disastrous enough, here are Heathrow’s plans for a 4th runway.Heathrow-fourth-runway-options-

Heathrow Airport’s July 2013 submission to the Airports Commission sets out its plans for a 4th runway.
Options 1 and 2 require building over reservoirs to the South West at Stanwell Moor.
Option 3 involves building the runway on top of The Great Barn and St. Mary’s Church and Cemetery between their proposed 3rd Runway and just below the M4.

Among  other comments in the Heathrow proposal, on the 4th runway, Heathrow says:

“Our initial analysis shows that it would be possible to have four runways at Heathrow, while still reducing the total number of people within Heathrow’s noise footprint compared to today.


They also say, of the 4th runway:
“As an example of this further optimisation, we are already investigating a revised
version of our North-West option which moves the new runway further south to its minimum spacing. This serves a double purpose – to allow the potential future addition of a fourth runway in the north-west and to minimise the impact of a third runway in that area. Initial analysis shows that this new third runway location will preserve the most important heritage sites in Harmondsworth – St. Mary’s Church and its cemetery, the Tithe Barn and the village green and its surrounding properties.
It would also avoid the need to rebuild the M4 / M25 junction. We intend to continue to explore this variation, which we have included in Appendix A, with our
other option plans (entitled 3R North-West: Potential Optimisation) and will share this
information as it emerges if requested to do so by the Commission.”

Give Heathrow an inch and they will take a mile…….or ten.

Cheers, Bryan.


A quick snippet from the F.T.
This includes a hilarious statement from the liars at Heathrow PR. The masters of scaremongering and misinformation are complaining that proven evidence against Heathrow is scaremongering and misinformation.
Heathrow even have the audacity tm sag that the Airports Commission is independent and not an aviation industry mouthpiece ignoring illegal air pollution ????

Over to the F.T.;ft
The UK’s Airports Commission hasn’t even delivered its final recommendations yet but already Conservative party heavyweights, including Zac Goldsmith, Boris Johnson and Justine Greening, are parking their tanks on Heathrow’s runway to prevent the West London hub from expanding.

Mr Goldsmith, MP for Richmond Park, who is in the race to become London’s next Mayor, is launching a new anti-Heathrow expansion campaign at the House of Commons on Wednesday, arguing that more than 1m people will be affected by noise if the airport is allowed to expand to three runways, writes Nathalie Thomas.

Mr Goldsmith, Mr Johnson and Ms Greening, Secretary of State for International Development, have all been long-term opponents of a third Heathrow runway.

They are making their latest move as the Airports Commission prepares to deliver its verdict on where additional runway capacity should be added in the south east of England. Heathrow is in a two-horse race against Gatwick for the right to build an additional runway. The commission’s findings are expected before the end of the month.

Mr Goldsmith said:
“Implacable opposition to Heathrow expansion stretches from the affected Boroughs to the very heart of Government, and as countless hundreds of thousands of new residents are made aware of the threat they face, the campaign can only grow. We have won the arguments on pollution, congestion, cost and competition, but the bottom line is that politically Heathrow expansion is undeliverable”.

A spokesperson for Heathrow dismissed the claims as “scaremongering”.

“This sort of scaremongering and misinformation is unhelpful to local residents and does nothing to move the debate forward. On this subject, the Independent Airports Commission, made up of objective, technical experts has made its views clear – Heathrow expansion can take place while reducing the number of people impacted by noise”.

The are no guarantees that the commission’s findings will be adopted by the Government. As the FT revealed, ministers are unlikely to provide a formal response to the commission’s recommendations before the end of the year.


A bit of fun from The Daily Mash.

JEREMY Corbyn is fighting to secure the 35 nominations he needs to fail in his leadership bid.

Corbyn Hezbollah flag

With Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall already confirmed as candidates to end Labour’s 115 year existence, Corbyn had hoped to be the last MP in the party to use the word ‘socialism’ in public.

Corbyn said: “I want to bring something different to the leadership debate, a sort of last-gasp, dying-of-the-light motif if you like.

“It’s one thing to know that the party’s ideals are being massacred by a procession of vaguely human-looking quotebots but I think it’d be nice for the party faithful to actually see it happening live.

“I don’t want to pre-judge things but I reckon the last flicker of hope will go out somewhere around the seventeenth use of the phrase ‘balance the books’.”

Several MPs have suggested they will nominate Corbyn despite having no intention of backing him for leader, insisting they enjoy the idea of a ‘fair society’ in the same way as they enjoy Star Wars.


Well done to Ray, Murray, Helen and everyone at CAIAN for organising this ASBO for John Holland-Kaye.
Also thanks to Sarah Clayton @ Airport Watch for the excellent journalism.

Residents from a raft of communities to the west of London have served Heathrow with an ASBO in protest at the increase in aircraft noise generated by new flight paths implemented for Heathrow by their partner NATS (National Air Traffic Services).

Members of Communities Against Increased Aircraft Noise (CAIAN) took the mock anti-social behaviour order to Heathrow to draw attention to the serious impact recent flight pattern changes are having on the ground across Surrey, Berkshire, and parts of west London.ASBO-with-judge

The umbrella organisation represents local action groups based in Ascot, Bracknell, Binfield, Crowthorne, Chavey Down, Eton, Oakley Green, and Sandhurst in Berkshire, Bagshot, Englefield Green, Wentworth, Virginia Water, Lightwater, and Windlesham in Surrey, Teddington and Twickenham in south-west London which have joined forces to challenge new and altered arrival and departure routes imposed without warning or consultation.

CAIAN spokeswoman Helen Hansen Hjul said: “We are serving this ASBOASBO on Heathrow today because the airport is the source of the flights and as our neighbour must take responsibility for the anti-social noise nuisance and blight being generated by these new paths.”

The mock ASBO accuses Heathrow Airport Ltd of “breaches of common decency”, specifically for running an airport “with general disregard for neighbours and the environment, that allows excessive noise for 17+ hours a day, and which contributes to high local air pollution”.

Among restrictions the campaigners are demanding of Heathrow are:

Putting a moratorium on new runways until noise and pollution from the existing two are properly addressed
Ensuring all aircraft are on maximum continuous ascent until at least 10,000ft to protect communities from unacceptable levels of noise
Stopping night flights to allow residents the sleep they need to contribute positively to the UK economy.
The ASBO goes on to warn Heathrow management that “failure to comply will result in further campaigning to reduce your flight capacity and stop future development, increase demands for aviation fuel tax, and increase calls for independent assessment of aviation practices in relation to noise and pollution on the ground”.

Heathrow and National Air Traffic Services provider NATS – now the airport’s close partner work with airlines to increase profit – both consistently refuse to acknowledge that changes to established flight patterns have been made following controversial trials run last year, despite a significant increase in recorded noise complaints.

NATS director Juliet Kennedy did concede in a BBC Radio Surrey interview that one route, -Compton – had been modified but insisted no other routes had been changed. and that NATS could do what they want with the airspace. (see below for reference)

“When we complain, we are fobbed off with standard emails; told nothing has changed and that we are over sensitive to or imagining the noise,” said CAIAN spokeswoman Ms Hansen Hjul.

Another resident who has been subjected to the increased noise, Murray Barter added: “We are being newly disturbed by two recent NATS projects; one is “Continuous Climb Operations” which only ‘continuously climb’ for 4,000ft amsl, then flatten off their ascent to unnecessarily cause and spread noise over a much wider contour area than is being recognised on current outdated noise metrics. The second is “Performance-Based Navigation”, (PBN) which fires aircraft like a laser beam along newly created noise ghetto corridors where EVERY aircraft follows a precise departure route, whereas previously the disturbance was at least spread around, which was much fairer. ”

He continued: “PBN would be more accurately described as ‘Profit-Based Navigation’ as routes are now determined by airline profitability rather than any consideration for the tax-paying and law-abiding UK communities surrounding the airports for up to 30 miles who are suffering as a consequence.”

Heathrow handles around 1,300 flights a day, with the first arrivals touching down at 4.30am and the first departures taking off around 6am. The final departure is scheduled to leave at 10.50pm, but this curfew is frequently breached with aircraft flying low over residential areas past midnight.

Ms Hansen Hjul said:  “We will keep up the pressure for both Heathrow and NATS to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions and we are campaigning more widely for far greater accountability across the aviation sector,”.

“Today we are celebrating Magna Carta, 800 years of this country’s proud democratic legacy, yet two companies — Heathrow and NATS —are able to jeopardise the health and well-being of many thousands of people without being subject to a full and proper independent planning and consultation process with our communities.”

More information about CAIAN at  www.caian.co.uk



A message from our villages’ community worker. The Southlands photography group were very helpful during a recent Stop Heathrow Expansion event in Harmondsworth.

Hello all,

It’s year 3 of SouthlandsLIVE, West Drayton’s family friendly music festival, in a few weeks. The organisers send the villages a warm welcome. Tickets are going well (and we have a strict cap of 499 tickets) so they advise to get tickets online at an early stage to avoid disappointment.

Any queries please contact  Harvey Home on harvey.vasey@hotmail.co.uk

Southlands address;
75 The Green,
West Drayton,
UB7 7PW.

Saturday 20 June, 11am.
Butterfly Walk: Cranford Park.

Join Countryside and Conservation Officer Alison Shipley for a guided walk around the park looking for the beautiful butterflies of Cranford Park.article-1319038-0B8A0276000005DC-412_634x724
Meet at Cranford Park Information Centre




Sadiq Khan , Labour MP for Tooting and London Mayoral hopeful, joins the fight against Heathrow expansion.

Labour mayoral hopeful Sadiq Khan today came out against a third runway at Heathrow, saying that London’s premier airport should be made “better but not bigger”.
His move opened clear air between him and Labour rivals Dame Tessa Jowell and David Lammy. He branded the pair “ultra-Blairites” for backing the extra runway pushed a decade ago by former Labour premier Tony Blair.
“Tessa and David will argue Heathrow’s case, but I am arguing London’s case against its expansion,” he said. “People must ask themselves who best represents London’s interests.”
Announcing his stance in an exclusive interview with the Evening Standard, Mr Khan said he believed a bigger Heathrow should be ruled out on the grounds of “awful air quality”, noise and inadequate infrastructure. “I cannot wait for battle to commence.”
Mr Khan’s interview also pre-empted the looming report by Sir Howard Davies’s Airports Commission. Mr Khan said he could think of nothing the commission might say to change his mind.
“I’ve seen independent evidence that up to 4,300 people are dying prematurely because of air quality,” he said. “I’ve spoken to experts who have told me that children’s lungs are under developed because of air quality. I’ve spoken to residents in the parts of London affected who have told me about the consequences of noise pollution.
“I cannot agree with Tessa and David that the benefits of expanding Heathrow exceed the costs to Londoners.” Of the other Labour would-be mayors, both Diane Abbott and Christian Wolmar are against a third runway at Heathrow.
Mr Khan’s said he had “thought long and hard” about the aviation capacity crisis. He stressed he was “not anti-aviation”, but thought jobs and an economic boost could be achieved best through a second runway at Gatwick and a high-speed rail link between the two airports. It would allow more flights and passengers could check in at either airport and transfer between them quickly.
“I’m not saying we should expand Gatwick at the expense of Heathrow – it’s really important to make Heathrow better,” he said.
Asked how he would respond if Davies recommended Heathrow expansion, he declared: “I’m a fighter.  I would fight to make the government rejects it.”
Asked about the rumoured proposal for an independent noise monitor, he said: “I’m not sure how that can address the issue of teachers in West London having to stop teaching when an aircraft takes off.”
Mr Khan was a Transport Minister under Gordon Brown when the third runway was Labour policy but he said things had moved on with the recent Supreme Court ruling that the UK was breaching air quality limits.
He agreed that Heathrow expansion was a “Blairite policy”, saying: “I suspect that’s why Tessa and David are in favour of it. As ultra-Blairites they will have to argue why they think Runway Three should go forward.”

Well done Sadiq.





Posted 16th June 2015.
Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via the Street Champions scheme.
Thanks for removing the dumped waste on Cranford Lane.
We now have two areas in West End Lane Harlington that need a clean up.westendrub2WESTENDRUBB1
A new area is dumped household waste outside number 101.
An old area which has household dumped furniture on view in the garden of number 98 West End Lane. This is on the corner of The Crescent.

Cheers, Bryan.
Clean Up Heathrow Villages Campaign


In the run up to the EU Referendum every Establishment Tom, Dick & Harriet will tell us we cannot afford independence from Brussels.
What they will always fail to mention is that their snouts are in the EU trough. When they trot out their euro-waffle remember that the louder they squeal the more EU funding they receive.
Over to Paul Nuttall ;Paul-NuttallUKIP1

UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP has today written to Lord Hall, Director-General of the BBC, pointing out that the corporation does not disclose in its coverage of the EU the tens of millions of pounds which it receives from the European Commission: “An examination of the European Commission’s website discloses that between 2007 and 2013 the BBC received €30.2m, approximately £22.1m, from the commission. Millions more have been paid since.”

“The debate on the referendum of Britain’s membership of the EU is clearly one in which the BBC has a duty to observe impartiality in its coverage. I am concerned however that the BBC, should it continue on present form, will fail in this duty.”

He went onto say: “There are too many examples of the failure of the BBC to disclose to their audience the financial links between those being interviewed and the largesse of the EU institutions.”

In particular, the UKIP deputy leader is concerned about the large number of representatives of universities, trade and industrial organisations which receive millions in funding from the EU and are invited by the BBC to broadcast their support for the UK’s continued membership, yet whose payments from the EU are not disclosed.

“There is also the conflict of interest of BBC contributors who have been either European Commissioners or who have in the past been employed by one of the EU institutions. The EU pension rules state that if anyone in receipt of a pension fails to demonstrate loyalty to the EU can be ‘deprived of his right to a pension or other benefits.”


The history of Heathrow Airport, by Heathrow Airport.

In 1930, British aero engineer and aircraft builder Richard Fairey paid the Vicar of Harmondsworth £15,000 for a 150-acre plot to build a private airport to assemble and test aircraft. Complete with a single grass runway and a handful of hastily erected buildings, Fairey’s Great West Aerodrome was the humble precursor to the world’s busiest international airport, Heathrow.
During World War II the government requisitioned land in and around the ancient agricultural village of Heath Row, including Fairey’s Great West Aerodrome, to build RAF Heston, a base for long-range troop-carrying aircraft bound for the Far East. An RAF-type control tower was constructed and a ‘Star of David’ pattern of runways laid, the longest of which was 3,000 yards long and 100 yards wide.
Work demolishing Heath Row and clearing land for the runways started in 1944. However, by the time the war had ended the RAF no longer needed another aerodrome and it was officially handed over to the Air Ministry as London’s new civil airport on 1 January 1946. The first aircraft to take off from Heathrow was a converted Lancaster bomber called Starlight that flew to Buenos Aires.
The early passenger terminals were ex?military marquees which formed a tented village along the Bath Road. The terminals were primitive but comfortable, equipped with floral-patterned armchairs, settees and small tables containing vases of fresh flowers. To reach aircraft parked on the apron, passengers walked over wooden duckboards to protect their footwear from the muddy airfield. There was no heating in the marquees, which meant that during winter it could be bitterly cold, but in summer when the sun shone, the marquee walls were removed to allow a cool breeze to blow through.
By the close of Heathrow’s first operational year, 63,000 passengers had travelled through London’s new airport. By 1951 this had risen to 796,000 and British architect Frederick Gibberd was appointed to design permanent buildings for the airport. His plan saw the creation of a central area which was accessed via a ‘vehicular subway’ running underneath the original main runway. The focal point of Gibberd’s plan was a 122ft-high control tower.
There was also a passenger terminal called the Europa Building and an office block called the Queens Building.
By 1961 the old terminal on the north side had closed and airlines either operated from the Europa terminal (later renamed Terminal 2) or the Oceanic terminal (now Terminal 3).
Terminal 1 opened in 1969, by which time five million passengers a year were passing through the airport as the jet age arrived with Boeing 707s, VC10s and Tridents taking travellers from Heathrow to and from all parts of the world.
The 1970s marked the decade when the world became even smaller thanks to Concorde and wide-body jets such as the Boeing 747. As the decade drew to a close, 27 million passengers were using Heathrow annually. Demand for air travel also created the need for another terminal, Terminal 4, which opened for business in 1986.
Today Heathrow is one of the world’s busiest international airport and the hub of the civil aviation world. Over 67 million passengers travel through the airport annually on services offered by 90 airlines travelling to over 180 destinations in over 90 countries.
By the time Heathrow celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2006 it had handled around 1.4 billion passengers on over 14 million flights.
The start of operations at Terminal 5 in March 2008 marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Heathrow. Further developments include the construction of Terminal 2A to replace Terminals 1 and 2 and the redevelopment of Terminals 3 and 4.
Key milestones
1944: Construction of London Airport’s runways begins.
1946: London Airport officially opens.
1955: Her Majesty The Queen opens the Central Terminal Area and Control Tower.
1957: The first non-stop flight to California sets a new record for distance and time.
1964: The Beatles are mobbed at London Airport.
1966: The British Airports Authority is created. London Airport is renamed ‘Heathrow’.
1969: Terminal 1 is opened and existing buildings renamed Terminals 2 and 3.
1976: Concorde makes its first passenger flight.
1977: The London Underground link is opened.
1986: His Royal Highness Prince Charles and Princess Diana inaugurate Terminal 4.
1987: The British Airports Authority is privatised as BAA plc.
1997: The Terminal 5 public planning inquiry ends – the longest in UK history.
1998: The Heathrow Express rail service is launched.
2003: Three Concordes make their final touchdown at Heathrow.
2006: The Airbus A380 makes its first UK landing into a newly built Pier 6 at Terminal 3.
2007: A new air traffic control tower is operational – the tallest in the UK.
2008: Terminal 5 is officially opened by Her Majesty The Queen in March; The first commercial A380 flight arrives at Heathrow.
2009: Terminal 4 underwent a major refurbishment to improve facilities.
2010: Demolition work started on Terminal 2 to make way for its £1 billion replacement.
2014: The brand new Terminal 2  : The Queen’s Terminal opened for business on 4 June. The first airline to move in was United Airlines. Fixed a local election for Labour by scaremongering that voters only had seven days to save Heathrow by voting Labour .
2015: Wasted tens of millions of pounds on dodgy surveys and adverts full of ridiculous projections of future growth and jobs. Funded Back Heathrow, a corporate aviation pressure group masquerading as a local campaign group.
2016: Rob Gray counts his winnings and goes back to chasing foxes on behalf of the Countryside Alliance. John Holland-Kaye leaves Heathrow on a flight to Shanghai, gets the chop and is never seen again. (OK,  I added the last couple).

Cheers, Bryan


Heathrow Airport expansion legal action threatened

Well done to the Teddington Action Group.


Heathrow PR tell us that passengers won’t fly from other airports.
Manchester Airport prove Nigel Milton and Rob Gray are being economical with the truth as always.manchesterap

LONDON (Reuters) – The owners of Manchester Airport plan to invest 1 billion pounds over 10 years to upgrade Britain’s third largest airport and help it compete harder with Heathrow for passengers.
Manchester Airport has been expanding its long-haul routes, giving passengers an alternative to travelling south to Heathrow.
“Over the next 10 years, the airport will continue to develop as a global gateway for the UK,” Manchester Airport Group Chief Executive Charlie Cornish said on Tuesday.
Manchester Airport grew passenger numbers by 6 percent in its last financial year and expects to add another 5 percent in the 2015-16 period. The 1 billion pound investment programme would ensure it can handle more flights and passengers.
The airport expansion also fits in with efforts by British Finance Minister George Osborne to improve road and rail links between northern English cities like Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds to create a conurbation with the scale and resources to compete with London.
“All the research we’ve done is that passengers are looking to ideally travel from their local airport,” Cornish said.
He said the airport was bringing in more longhaul routes, including to the U.S. and the Middle East, where airlines like Emirates [EMIRA.UL], Etihad and Qatar Airways had added capacity in the last few years.
The investment, funded by a combination of improving cashflow and some additional debt, will involve expanding the main terminal building and improving another terminal, said the airport.
Manchester and Stansted, Britain’s fourth largest airport, are part of Manchester Airport Group which is owned by an Australian pension fund and a group of regional councils around Manchester.


These are the two most recent planning applications in Heathrow Villages according to;  www.hillingdon.gov.uk/planning  .

Received 03-06-15
Single storey detached outbuilding to rear to be used as a playroom Involving demolition of existing outbuilding to rear.

Received 02-06-15.
To carry out tree surgery to one Robinia (T5) and one Cedar (T8) on TPO 337.

Considering how poverty stricken a lot of our community is, there is an abundance of back garden sheds converted to brick outbuildings, games rooms and play rooms.
This doesn’t happen in the more affluent parts of our villages.

Without prejudice,


Posted 15th June 2015.



Residents living in pro Heathrow expansion Spelthorne Borough Council  are having to turn their telly up every now and then and it’s a bit annoying. Spelthorne’s pro Heathrow expansion MP Karsi Kwarteng was keeping his head down.                                            The piece below has been copied from pro Heathrow expansion Get Surrey website. .http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/  


Residents in Spelthorne have complained of flights being ‘really low and really loud’, keeping them awake and ‘destroying’ weekends and bank holidays.
Heathrow Airport has pledged to analyse whether the use of a flight path has changed since the 1960s after Spelthorne residents complained of ‘illegal’ flights heading over their homes.

Following a report in the Surrey Advertiser last month, in which a resident of Staines Road West claimed the airport was sending aircraft through an ‘illegal’ flight path, more residents have come forward.

Kevin Young, 50, does not live under a flight path but has been complaining about low-flying aircraft flying outside of the Compton Route and over his home for two years.

The Ashford resident alleges planes have been directed above his home on a regular basis and without public consultation.

While claiming the routes have remained the same since the 1960s, Heathrow bosses have admitted long-standing issues with track-keeping on the Compton Route on easterly operations, with fewer than half of aircraft on the route tracked in April this year.

A spokesman from the airport said they are working with the government to modernise airspace and improve tracking.

“Track keeping – the amount of time aircraft stay on defined departure routes – on the Compton route on easterly operations has never been as good as in others,” she said.

“Ever since the route was designed in the 1960s by the government, it has involved a steep 180 degree turn, which makes navigation much more difficult.

“In the meantime, we have agreed to carry out some analysis to show whether there have been changes to the use of the route over the past few years.

“This will form part of the work of the Heathrow Community Noise Forum, which brings together representatives from DfT, CAA, NATS, British Airways, noise community group HACAN and local authorities.”

After a period of respite, when the airport was operating on westerly operations, from May 4 the flights started going over Mr Young’s house again at 6.30am.

‘MP should be doing more’

Despite having email correspondence with MP Kwasi Kwarteng, Mr Young said the Spelthorne MP has failed to raise the matter in parliament.

“Kwasi should be taking ownership,” he said. “The secretary of state Patrick McLoughlin should be acting now to tell them to stop and if they do not he should remove their licence.”

Michele Gibson, 56, from Thames Side, in Staines, said despite Heathrow finishing their flight trials in November 2014, a high frequency of planes have continued over her home.

“Weekends and Bank Holidays are destroyed – it’s a constant flow of flights,” she said, having moved to the area just over a year ago.

“As far as we are aware this isn’t supposed to be normal. We don’t get any sleep. It’s changed our lives.

“How can they think people are stupid enough not to realise what they’re physically experiencing?”

Pensioner Shelagh White, who lives off Staines Road West, contacted the Surrey Advertiser to express similar concerns.

“I totally agree with Mr Young in that for many years, it was very rare that I might hear the distant sound of an aircraft, perhaps late in the evening, on a still night,” she said.

“I have noticed myself that, more recently, aircraft do pass overhead at times.

“They are low enough to be seen in detail, and so loud as to make conversation impossible.

“As a disabled pensioner, I do watch more TV these days than I usually like to admit to, and when these planes fly over, I have to reach for the remote to increase the volume.”

Heathrow claims it does not have a quota on flights flying outside of noise preferential routes.

Mr Kwarteng was contacted for a comment………………ends.

If any Heathrow Villager wishes to add to my comment on this, please Internet search……
Heathrow bosses to analyse flight path usage after ‘illegal’ flight claims …. to visit the Get Surrey Web page.



Please read this very good piece by Jeremy Warner printed in The Daily Telegraph.

It’s time to bite the bullet and opt for Gatwick over Heathrow