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UKIP Ward representatives – Helping our community



Why stay in the Calais ‘jungle’ in cold and wet muddy conditions ?

These guys can go to the Heathrow minicab ‘jungle’ situated in Harlington and Stanwell. They can sit in the dry in a nice warm car with the engine running, throw their food wrappers on the street and use gardens and bushes as toilets.

They may have to take multi millionaires to London a couple of times a day for poverty wages but providing no one notices them going up streets the wrong way or driving at 5 miles an hour looking at their Sat Nav., they will be fine.

Their new gang masters, Goldman Sachs, the billionaire Global EU/US financiers, will take 25% of all fares taken.

Credit to ITV.com;

The Port of Calais was forced to close after migrants made their way onto the P&O ferry.

A “shocking breach of security” allowed migrants to storm a ferry in Calais on Saturday, the chief executive of the Road Haulage Association said.

Richard Burnett said that the incident was the latest in a string of instances at the Port of Calais and called for the French military to intervene.

He said: “This shocking breach of security clearly shows that the migrant mayhem in and around Calais is not being tackled.

“This latest episode has made the headlines, but the many incidents of attacks and intimidation faced by our British drivers on a daily basis are going unreported as, depressingly, they are now being regarded as routine.

“It is now time for the authorities to acknowledge and meet our demand for the French military be deployed to secure the port and its approaches.”

Mr Burnett said immediate “decisive action” was necessary, warning that it is “only a matter of time before our worst fears become a reality and a UK-bound truck driver is killed”.




“Silent night, holy night,
Villagers quake at the sight,
600 tons, no mitigation,
Chain linked fencing won’t stop pollution,
Christ, our eardrums are torn,
Christ, they treat us with scorn.”

Let’s all ask Santa for noise and pollution suppression walls along the Northern Runway.

If Heathrow cannot do this simple task now with two runways, they cannot be trusted to reduce noise and air pollution with three and four runways.




New data for your area has been published on Police.uk.


Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

October 2015 November 2015
All crime 159 173
Anti-social behaviour 17 33
Bicycle theft 2 0
Burglary 6 9
Criminal damage and arson 10 19
Drugs 3 5
Other crime 4 1
Other theft 36 15
Possession of weapons 1 0
Public order 8 9
Robbery 4 1
Shoplifting 1 3
Theft from the person 1 1
Vehicle crime 20 37
Violence and sexual offences 46 40

Please visit https://www.police.uk/shape/zyP2kF/ for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.


Another letter in the Standard written for Heathrow’s CEO and reproduced via the SHE website.hheathrowteadrinker


The Heathrow hierarchy and their political and business partners are showing Grade 1 signs of psychopathic tendencies.

Compulsive lying, no empathy for their victims, grandiose plans, parasitical nature, manipulatuon and many other disturbing traits.

Forget the aviation lobby’s constant “Let’s get shovel ready” nonsense.

Is their medication ready ?



Embarrassment for Sir Nigel Rudd as he fails to hand a multi billion taxpayer subsidy to Heathrow’s offshore owners.


Rudd epitomises the entitlement culture of the CBI and IOD by criticising our democracy and ignoring deadly Heathrow pollution.

Twice he has attempted to buy a Heathrow 3rd Runway and twice he has failed.


The list of British assets sold by Rudd to foreign financiers is a disgrace. Rudd does nothing for the UK economy as each business has taken their taxation abroad and cut wages in the UK.



Shock as passenger buys a knife airside at  Heathrow T5 departures and stabs himself.

A Heathrow spokesman said;
“The passenger appears to have picked up the knife in one of the airside departure lounge shops”




When you are as well connected as Zac Goldsmith it’s possible to debate Heathrow expansion with honestly, common sense and integrity.

Unlike the legions of brown envelopers crying for Heathrow, Zac doesn’t need the money.

From Zac in the Evening Standard;

“London’s prosperity depends on it being connected to the world — particularly those emerging markets where new business and jobs will come from. That is not best achieved by creating a monopoly on one edge of our city. We need competition and choice.”




More stick for Dodgy Davies and the Airports Commission after their flawed attempt to scam £40 billion out of the UK taxpayers.

This time from Steve Cowans the CEO of Hammersmith and Fulham Council.



A bit of common sense from the CEO of Edinburgh Airport.


“Regardless of the merits of its case, we have long believed that a new runway at Heathrow is undeliverable and would in any case be a poor choice for Scotland.”

Call for Scotland to ‘rethink’ relationship with London airports – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-35087308


hillingdon council notice

Good news for Sipson as the over development of the Sipson Garden Centre site has been refused.

Our Ref: 67666/APP/2015/2413

Date: 14 December 2015

Dear Sir/Madam

The Council has recently made a decision on a planning application relating to :-


The application proposes:-

Mixed use development comprising up to 53 residential units (Use Class C3/C2) and associated private and public open space, pedestrian and vehicular access and parking, including demolition of garden centre (Outline application).

The above application was Refused and the Decision Notice was issued on 14 December 2015.

A copy of the decision can be viewed on-line.
You can make an appointment to inspect the file, by contacting our Planning Reception on the telephone number below. We are open between the hours 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and until 7.00pm on Thursday (except Bank Holidays).

James Rodger
Head of Planning and Enforcement



Imagine your worst nightmare.

A highly ranked member of the LSE Politburo with Howard Davies, a leader of Labour’s opinion formers in support of wars in the Middle East and a staunch supporter of China and Qatar demolishing British villages.


Merry Christmas from Heathrow Villages.



Hold your noses.


A fair piece against Heathrow expansion by Caroline Pidgeon on the LibDems Voice website.



Only two senior politicians have visited Heathrow Villages during our current fight against Heathrow expansion.

Astonishingly, no Boris, no Zac, no Green, no LibDems, no Greenpeace and no Friends of the Earth have made the short journey on public transport to Harmondsworth or Longford.

Probably not groovy enough on the Piccadilly Line when world wide travel and global selfies are up for grabs. In Zac’s defence I’ve never seen him gurning in China so well done Zac.

Jill Seymour MEP, UKIP’s Transport Spokesman was given a guided tour of Harmondsworth earlier in the year.Jill Seymour MEP UKIP

We were impressed by Jill’s empathy for our struggle to protect our heritage and culture against the greed of Heathrow’s Chinese and Qatari owners assisted by the Establishment’s “I’m alright Jacks”.


Thank you Jill.


Imagine living in Colnbrook under Labour’s jackboot.


It’s astonishing that Slough Borough Council ‘think’ Heathrow’s low wage jobs are more important than thousands of homes under threat of demolition and toxic air pollution putting millions at risk of early death.




In depth analysis and comments on last night’s Government decision to relook at Heathrow’s damaging environmental challenges.

With thanks to the excellent Airport Watch website

Airport Watch2_0





Congratulations to Stop Heathrow Expansion, Hacan and people all over London and the South East that have mobilised to put the Heathrow runway decision on hold.

The corrupt aviation lobbyists nearly got away with it. Dodgy Davies and his myopic Committee of biased economists have lost. The London centric CBI and IOD representing all that is bad in the British Establishment have lost. The evil management and PR liars of Heathrow Airport Holdings have lost.

Now we will hear the true story of why Heathrow expansion is undeliverable and unsustainable.

Heathrow expansion will not happen despite Heathrow paying for the support of business groups and MPs across the UK.

Let’s have our long awaited discussion on deadly air pollution, the excessive noise suffering of a million residents and the real need for a UK wide aviation policy that spreads the gains and pains of aviation growth around all UK regions.

Some real snides are upset that their plan to bypass democracy has been stalled. Leaders of the CBI and IOD are spitting their dummies out as people power and common sense prevails.

Their multi multi million pound PR propaganda war chest has been wasted and Heathrow’s Chinese and Qatari owners should sack Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye and his Board.

Well done everyone that stood up for innocent Heathrow Villagers. You are all superb.

Heathrow Airport expansion: Why the renewed delay? – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-35011620



Tut tut !!

Another Heathrow ad banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.



taxi roundal_reasonably_small

TfL under fire as Leytonstone terror suspect with mental health problems is a licensed Uber driver.



Carol/church services at St. Mary’s Harmondsworth


coming up soon.

Thursday 10th December Heathrow School 09.30am

Sunday 13th December church carol service 6.30pm

Wednesday 16th December B.A. Fellowship 12.45pm

Friday 18th December Harmondsworth School 09.30

Everyone is welcome at any of the above services hope to see you there

Happy Christmas


The CBI represent the entitlement culture that is widespread throughout the Establishment and epitomise all that is wrong with the unholy alliance between Government and corporations. cameron-cbi-confer_2402850e

When George Osborne attacks excessive welfare spending he ignores the facts that tax avoiding and low wage CBI members are the biggest cause of welfare dependency.

To add insult to injury, the CBI bleat on about Heathrow expansion while acting like subsidy junkies desperate for a £20+ billion taxpayer fix.

The CBI is more akin to an Establishment protection racket than a sensible business group. They are holding our country to ransom by scaremongering that the UK economy will suffer unless we fill their pockets with our hard earned taxes.

The whole of the UK needs a fair share of aviation and infrastructure growth and shame on Northern Labour MPs with their snouts in the Heathrow trough.

I have to agree with Stop Heathrow Expansion’s spot on analysis of the CBI. Please read the link below;



The ridiculous Heathrow 3rd and 4th Runways decision is inevitably kicked in the short grass until after next year’s Mayoral Election.heathrowride

As night follows day, the rapid expansionists continue to parrot every nonsensical piece of Heathrow propaganda that has been produced in the Compass Centre sewers.

Please read this excellently chippy response on the Stop Heathrow Expansion website.


Well done SHE .bryanholdingshe



Another superb piece by Gareth Furby and colleagues for the BBC.

Heathrow in my backyard: Living in the shadow of a new runway – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-34884697


backoffheathrowletterThe big question that could leave us with Cameron’s legacy of more deadly air pollution and more excessive noise suffering.

“How do you make sure Heathrow sticks to its promises, not just now but in the future?”

Heathrow Airport expansion: The environmental challenges – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-34988449

Heathrow have never kept to any promise, pledge or commitment in the past but will break with tradition with John Holland-Kaye’s guarantee to cut airport worker’s wages by 30% in 2018.


Christine Taylor representing Heathrow Villagers versus Rob Gray representing the Chinese and Qatari Governments.christinetaylor

Good v evil.



It’s Deja Vu all over again !!!


David Cameron proves he’s the Establishment’s heir to Blair by abusing his opponents, scaring the public and disseminating dubious intelligence to attack the Middle East.

Simon Jenkins gives “No ifs no buts ” a roasting in today’s Guardian.

“Cameron’s relentless deployment of the politics of fear makes him terrorism’s “useful idiot”.



———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Police.uk” <noreply@data.police.uk>
Date: 3 Dec 2015 12:16
Subject: [Police.uk] New data published for October 2015
To: <fixedfareflyers@gmail.com>

New data for your area has been published on Police.uk.


Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

September 2015 October 2015
All crime 137 159
Anti-social behaviour 23 17
Bicycle theft 0 2
Burglary 11 6
Criminal damage and arson 12 10
Drugs 5 3
Other crime 1 4
Other theft 24 36
Possession of weapons 0 1
Public order 4 8
Robbery 1 4
Shoplifting 3 1
Theft from the person 2 1
Vehicle crime 18 20
Violence and sexual offences 33 46

Please visit https://www.police.uk/shape/ccPn5L/ for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.

No 3rd Runway Protest ADVAN comes to HARMONDSWORTH Village Green.
12:30am this Friday 4th December 2015she

JOIN US – Find out the truth about the Heathrow proposals

A coalition of No Third Runway groups have come together to sponsor a protest Advan. The Advan is travelling from Hammersmith for three days of protest

The Advan, with enormous No Third Runway messages on each side will be met by supporters of Stop Heathrow Expansion

The Advan is driving along the proposed route of flightpaths and devastation should a third runway be built.

The government is about to make an announcement that could change the lives of thousands of people

Don’t sit back and do nothing – Stand up for yourself!

A third runway will bring devastation to the Heathrow Villages,
with Longford, Harmondsworth and Sipson being wiped off the map or left on the boundary

People in other areas such as Harlington, Cranford and West Drayton would suffer more noise, more pollution, more traffic, more misery

(If you have earplugs, you might need them on Friday!)

The Advan moves on to Colnbrook for 2.30pm where it will be met by Adam Afriyie MP for Windsor



The very fair views of Harry Cockburn on the London Loves Business website.

Londonlovesbusiness.com: London Business News …


Environmental impact

Environmentally, this is, by any measure, catastrophic. Each aeroplane is a massively inefficient machine.
According to figures from engine maker Rolls-Royce, a fully laden A380 uses as much power as 3,500 family cars.
High-octane jet fuel, which is burnt tax-free, is highly toxic and produces phenomenal amounts of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide as well as cancer-causing toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde.

Toxic air deaths: 9,500

Overall, it is estimated that air travel contributes over 5% to global climate change. But for cities like London, the most immediate impact is on air quality.
Airports are very hostile areas for mammals dependent on aerobic respiration.
Nearly 9,500 people die each year due to London’s increasingly toxic air.

MPs contribution

The Commons environmental audit committee has now spoken up on the issue, saying that Heathrow must prove that it can expand but remain within legal air pollution limits and introduce a night time ban on flights.
“Expand, but don’t pollute”, they are effectively saying. It’s a ludicrous Catch-22, and the airport has not committed to a ban on night flights.

Cameron’s promise

Construction of the new runway will also require a major act of betrayal on David Cameron’s part. In 2009, Cameron ruled out expanding Heathrow saying “no ifs, no buts, no third runway”.


But not all of Cameron’s party are on board. Most notably, MPs in the area – Mayor of London Boris Johnson, and London mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith – oppose the plans.
Speaking to London Loves Business last month, Goldsmith said: “Heathrow expansion would be catastrophic from an air quality point of view and a noise pollution point of view. It would cause unbearable gridlock to west London’s road infrastructure, and it would be bad for competition and do damage to the competing airports, and all that for what? 12 extra international routes, we’re told by the airports commission. It just seems like an awesome price to pay for such small upsides.”



As David Cameron aims to destroy another country in the Middle East on behalf of the US and EU corporate and banking conglomerates, we ask;

“Who scares Heathrow Villagers the most, the Conservative Government or ISIS ?”

We are all disgusted as ISIS wreak havoc across Iraq, Libya and Syria. ISIS has no regard for heritage and culture in the territory they control and have demolished 2,000 year old relics and historically important sites.( see pic )relics

Cameron will be showing his own weakness and lack of any ability to protect his country in two ways very soon.

To bomb Syria when he has no idea who actually lives in the areas about to be attacked will make him complicit in a crime against humanity.

We all know that any innocent Syrian that is killed will be classed as collateral damage and quickly forgotten in the west’s quest to divide and rule the Middle East.

This war torn region of our planet is already divided enough and needs strong dictatorial leaders more than it needs Goldman Sachs, Halliburton and Ferrovial.

Every bomb that will land in Syrian will further splinter the sects, cults and religions that unleash murder on each other whenever a power vacuum occurs.

Every bomb that lands on a school, hospital, wedding or innocent family home will empower terrorists to avenge their loss by attacking targets in Europe.

Has any other country or region ever waged war against an undefined enemy while their politicians hold up stupid signs saying refugees welcome ?

As bombing increases so will the amount of strong young men leaving in boats via Libya to land in the EU. ( see pic ).muslim-immigrants

Our governments have been delivering weapons to every bunch of crackpots in the Middle East for decades and if a million men can arrive across the Med., so can a million Kalashnikovs.

Despite this, Heathrow Villagers have more to fear from the Conservatives than they do ISIS.

Being a victim of ISIS is due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
There are no ISIS warlords planning to target anywhere in Longford, Sipson, Harmondsworth or Harlington. We have more chance of a Heathrow aircraft crashing on to us.

Being a victim of the Conservative Government and some dismal Labour collaborators is due to MPs having their hands in the till and putting the profits of tax avoiding foreign investors ahead of protecting innocent Britons.

As you read this, Conservatives and their aviation industry paymasters are plotting an outrage on their own people worthy of any ISIS cultist.

The Conservatives are planning to erase a thousand + years of heritage, culture and history represented by the thousands of innocent Heathrow Villagers.

As Cameron and Osborne grandstand with their weasel words of fighting against oppression and terrorism, they are disgracefully leading the oppression and terrorism of us.

In some ways ISIS and the Tories are similar. Both represent extremes of outdated ideologies prepared to destroy villages in the name of prophets/profits. It’s always weak men that target women and children.

In answer to our own question,
we fear Cameron, Osborne and the Conservative Government more than we fear ISIS.

Bryan Tomlinson

Don’t blame me, I voted UKIP.



Can that be our own Christine Taylor being interviewed, and who is that person standing next to her, could it be ……….  ??  (mjs)

A nice piece on the community activists at Grow Heathrow in Sipson.

With thanks to Al Jazeera;


A message to Heathrow expansion supporters living in the north of our borough from a Heathrow Airport spokesman;RAF_Northolt_station_entrance

“Using Northolt would be an interim solution to the capacity constraints at Heathrow”

Heathrow want Northolt Airport to be Heathrow’s new Third Runway.


Commercial flights increase proposed for RAF Northolt – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-22351621

A bit of karma heading towards Back Heathrow cultists in Hillingdon and Ruislip.


More Heathrow expansion good news from the Environmental Audit Committee and MPs.


Heathrow expansion is a sham, a snare and a delusion and it will not happen. The Prime Minister was right when he said, ‘No ifs, no buts, no third runway’.”
Boris Johnson

Huw Irranca-Davies, the Labour MP who chairs the EAC, said: “To defer dealing with the environmental impact of a third runway would be irresponsible and could lead to legal challenges as a result of the potential damage to public health from increased air pollution and noise.



With thanks to John Stewart of HACAN and the good people on the Environmental Audit Committee.houseofpLogo


A report in today’s Financial Times by Tanya Powley, Transport Correspondent.

MPs raise environment concerns over Heathrow expansion

The government should not back a third runway at Heathrow until environmental conditions such as air quality can be met, a group of MPs have warned.

The Commons environmental audit committee said Britain’s largest airport must prove it can expand within legal air pollution limits and commit to introducing a night flight ban before the government gives final approval for the scheme.
The report comes amid growing speculation that David Cameron will shortly make a long-awaited decision on whether to back Heathrow’s expansion — as recommended by an independent commission and many business leaders — or plump instead for a second runway at Gatwick to the south of London.

A decision was expected to be made after the government’s aviation committee meets on Tuesday, but this has now been postponed to next week.

The environmental audit committee said the government needs to set out concrete proposals for mitigation of environmental concerns against which performance can be measured.

“To defer dealing with the environmental impact of a third runway would be irresponsible and could lead to legal challenges as a result of the potential damage to public health from increased air pollution and noise,” said Huw Irranca-Davies, chair of the environmental audit committee.

It added that it “strongly” supported a ban on night flights — one of the airport commissions’ four main conditions and one Heathrow has been reluctant to accept — and called on the government to set up within the year a community engagement board to improve relations between local residents and the airport.

The committee’s report could prove a blow to Heathrow, piling pressure on the government to block the building of a third runway at the UK’s biggest airport. It has come under increasing scrutiny on air pollution grounds, with some anti-Heathrow campaigners believed to be preparing a legal case if the government does give its backing to the commission’s recommendation.

It follows a summer in which Gatwick has mounted a fierce fightback after being relegated in the race in July by Sir Howard Davies’ Airport Commission. It called the commission’s traffic projections “flawed”, while accusing it of having “largely glossed over” the difference in the impact of noise levels on local communities.

Meanwhile, Mr Cameron has packed his aviation committee with supporters of a third runway at Heathrow, providing further signs that expansion of the west London airport is likely to get the green light.

The group, which will debate capacity in the south-east and be chaired by the prime minister, includes the two strongest advocates of the third runway: George Osborne, chancellor, and Sajid Javid, business secretary. It also includes Patrick McLoughlin, transport secretary.

Ministers have pledged to indicate a preference for the location of a new runway in the south-east before Christmas, despite speculation that Mr Cameron could delay a decision because of the political challenges it presents.


A different approach to airport expansion provided by Flybe.

No need to demolish Heathrow Villages if domestic flights moved to Northolt.

Via today’s The Times;

FLYBE has stirred the debate over new runways in southeast England by asking for permission to operate from Northolt, the RAF base usually reserved for VIPs.

The regional carrier has applied to the MoD for clearance to fly twice a day to five cities. The move will reawaken the debate about whether Northolt could be used to relieve pressure on Heathrow. A cabinet committee meets this week to debate controversial plans to build a new runway at Heathrow or Gatwick.

RAF Northolt is just 15 miles northwest of central London and 10 miles north of Heathrow. About two-thirds of its current air traffic is business jets, with the rest RAF and government flights.

Flybe is understood to have told ministers that opening up Northolt to commercial flights would ease fears that cities, such as Liverpool and Newcastle, were gradually losing their air services to London airports.



Back Heathrow;
The multi million pound Heathrow funded PR company that can only scrape together two nearly identical letters to push for expansion.heathrowemployees

With thanks to the Richmond & Twickenham Times.




The Conservative Party are rocked by allegations of bullying, harassment, assault and attempted blackmail.

The organisers of Roadtrip are accused of using Twitter and social media to target young male activists.

From the BBC website;

Tory ‘bullying’ claims: Cameron promises ‘proper’ inquiry – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-34950785


A message from Bob Neill, MP for Bromley and Chislehurst



A message from John Stewart and HACAN.

That was the day that was!

It started with Plane Stupid blocking the tunnel to Heathrow for nearly 3 hours causing traffic chaos and generating massive publicity.

It then moved on to the debate in the House of Commons. I think you will be able to catch it on the Parliament Channel on i-Player.

It ended with Boris’s People’s Question Time in Hayes, where he posed with me and the ‘No ifs, no buts’ plane and then, quite astonishingly, led all the GLA members in a chant of ‘No if’s; no but’s, no 3rd runway’ at the People’s Question Time.Boris and GlA chant no if s, no buts

In between, the letters written at the excellent packed meeting in Chiswick the evening before were delivered to MPs Ruth Cadbury and Rupa Huq on College Green before the debate.


A message from the Heathrow Villages Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team.


Security lighting
Lights can be used in a variety of ways to deter burglars at night. Exterior lights will make it more difficult for burglars to stay undetected when they’re trying to break in. Make sure they’re designed to be tamper-proof or at least positioned where it’s difficult for intruders to reach them. As a further deterrent, you can also leave interior lights switched on or use timer switches to make it look as if you’re at home – even when you’re out.

In most cases, the preferred and cost-effective security lighting option is low wattage bulbs activated by photo-electric cell which will automatically switch on from dusk till dawn. The alternative of passive infra-red lights can be accidentally triggered by pets or wild animals and must be thoughtfully positioned to avoid annoying your neighbours
For a good overview of all your options visit the Institute of Lighting Professionals – see related links
Lighting – Interior
A sensible arrangement of leaving lights switched on inside the house while the house is unoccupied can help to give the impression to a passer-by that the house is in fact occupied. It is sensible to use a downstairs room with a drawn curtain and sufficient light inside to suggest that the room is occupied. A light should not be left on solely in the hall – a thief may guess that the premises are unoccupied as it is not normal for the occupants to spend all night only in the hall!
There are many automatic devices available – simple and extremely sophisticated – that will turn lights on and off in random fashion and may even be set to control other electrical appliances such as the radio or television. Automatic switching will help to convince the casual thief that the house is occupied.
Most of the time security lighting will be all that is necessary to scare off a potential intruder. But do remember, lighting cannot work miracles. It is sensible to make sure that your physical defences – the locks, the bars and window bolts – will resist attack. Let your neighbours know that you are out, and if you are a member of your neighbourhood watch scheme so much the better. You can also inform your local police station that you are away.


PS 9 Barinder Gill
Heathrow Villages Neighbourhood Policing Team
Email – HeathrowVillages.snt@met.police.uk
Tel – 020 8721 2557


When the Government work for foreign investors and not for the British people, direct action is inevitable.


Heathrow Airport tunnel blocked by activists in protest over ‘third runway’ plans – ITV News



Travel chaos as Heathrow protesters blockade tunnel leading to airport – Telegraph.




With thanks to Gwyn Topham at The Guardian.guardian-header-636x337

Heathrow21 (2)

As the world becomes less secure why allow an extra 260,000 flights per year flying over London and the South East?

“in a poll conducted for Balpa, half of all the pilots in his union had reported a laser attack in the last 12 months”



. Lydd Airport support Heathrow.

More propaganda from Bore Heathrow.

The Regional And Business Ignorant Dullards (RABID), representing some UK airports, have all decided that concreting over miles of West London is ok because they all live a long way away.

“32 regional airports have written to Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin MP calling for expansion at Heathrow to help better domestic connections. The group of airports also called out opponents of expansion at Heathrow for misrepresenting the findings of the Airports Commission regarding domestic connections”

Shame on RABID.


With thanks to Gwyn Topham, The Guardian’s excellent Transport Correspondent.




More air sickness from The Airports Operators Association Conference 2015.

Us consumers pay for every £ that goes in the pockets of every AOA member. Be it the cost of airline tickets, the price of imports via freight goods or the welfare subsidy that increases profits due to excessive use of low wage workers.

Corrupting democracy  is never enough for these people. Now they want Toll Roads to pay for their vanity project.

Willie Walsh and Heathrow Board Members don’t pay tolls. It will be another cost paid by the minority once a year flyers while the 70% multi flyers will pass off toll charges on to their businesses at no cost to themselves.

Over to The Guardian;



With thanks to Ian Taylor at Travel Weekly.




As Heathrow’s expansion cost overshoots, Willie Walsh’s support comes crashing down to earth.

Heathrow should not get a third runway if the Airport Commission’s calculation of the cost of building it is correct, says Willie Walsh.

Walsh, chief executive of British Airways’ parent IAG, told the Airport Operators’ Association in London: “The commission got its figures wrong – they are over-inflated. If that is the cost [of a new runway], it won’t be a successful project.”

He described the assumption that airlines would pay for the new runway through increases in fares as “outrageous”.

The government is poised to announce its decision on whether to accept the conclusion of the Airport Commission, published this summer, which was that Heathrow should get a third runway.

BA is by far the biggest carrier at Heathrow, with 55% of the airport’s take-off and landing slots.

Walsh told the AOA: I have concerns about the level of cost associated with the main recommendation and the expectation that the industry can afford to pay for Heathrow’s expansion.

“We believe it’s outrageous and can’t believe it is justified. If the cost of using an expanded airport significantly exceeds the costs of competitor airports, people won’t use it.”

He insisted: “I don’t believe the figures in the Commission’s report are realistic. If the industry is to spend this money, it will want to see a return. You have to see it in terms of return on capital.”

Walsh pointed out Heathrow ‘s Terminal 5 cost about £5.2 billion to build and the Commission put the bill for a new Terminal 6 “at over £8 billion”. “The cost has gone up by almost £3 billion,” he said. “How many chandeliers can you have in an airport terminal?

“Either the figures are inflated or you are building inefficient infrastructure. I do not endorse the findings. I definitely don’t support the costs of building a runway. If those costs are real, we should not build it.”

He dismissed the idea of building new runways at Heathrow and Gatwick, saying: “There is a case for one new runway.

“The economic argument for Heathrow is much stronger than for Gatwick, but only if the the runway is built in an efficient manner. If you build runways at Heathrow and at Gatwick you will have wasted capacity.”

Walsh added: “There is a long way to go [on this].

“The economic argument is very much in favour of Heathrow. The political argument favours Gatwick, and I don’t believe we have brave politicians.

“Boris Johnson [who opposes Heathrow expansion] is a very influential figure in the Conservative Party. There is a lot to play out.”

Walsh said IAG would be expanding it’s transatlantic flights from Dublin following its takeover of Aer Lingus in July, arguing: “The Irish government has a progressive attitude to aviation tax and to developing infrastructure



Still looking for Christmas gifts.  Come and visit the Christmas Market, St Mary’s church hall on Saturday 28th November from 1-4pm.

Father Christmas will be there along with Punch and Judy to entertain the children.
Along with Christmas gifts there will be a raffle, tombola, homemade cakes, books, bric-a brac, games, Christmas cards, tea coffee and hot food. The afternoon will close with carols and the lighting of the Christmas tree on the green.

We hope we will see you there to enjoy the coming of Christmas.
Thank you


Flash mob protests against third runway at Heathrow Terminal 2


Residents against the expansion from the Heathrow Villages, Chiswick and Hammersmith joined a whole host of local and national organisations

“No ifs, no buts, no third runway!”

A flash mob of protesters descended upon Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 2, to show the community “will not go away” regardless of the Government’s decision on a third runway.
Over 50 people, from both local and national campaign groups, turned up at the busy terminal revealing red t-shirts and chanting their slogan of “No Third Runway.”

Protesters arrived at around 11am on Saturday, November 21, and could be seen and heard by passengers throughout the terminal.

John Stewart of Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise (HACAN) represented one of the many groups.

He said: “The timings were to send a strong message to Heathrow Airport and to David Cameron, that if the green light was given for a third runway, there will be continual protests from the community.
“Whatever decision the Government make about the third runway, the local community is not going to go way and believes that it can defeat the proposals, as it did 10 years ago.”

Other groups showing their support for the cause included: Plane Stupid, Chiswick Against the Third Runway, Communities Against Increased Aircraft Noise (CAIAN), west London Friends of the Earth and residents from all boroughs surrounding the aiport.

Christine Taylor, a Stop Heathrow Expansion campaigner whose home in Harlington will be lost under a third runway, said: “From all aspects it was a successful flash mob.
“It was simply to remind people that, with everything else that’s in the news, we are still fighting to prevent the airport from expanding and we’ll continue to fight until the Government sees sense and rules out a third runway at Heathrow.




British Prime Minister David Cameron  is getting his own ‘Air Force One’ to fly the world working for Mrs Merkel and global business interests.

Air Force One, the call-sign given to the President Obama’s Boeing VC-25A jet draped in patriotic paint, is one of the most enduring symbols of American power.

Now, British Prime Minister David Cameron will get his own ministerial plane and will no longer have to charter privately-owned aircraft.

Prime Minister Cameron’s new plane will be an Airbus A330MRTT Voyager, the BBC reported.

The aircraft, which belongs to the Royal Air Force, will be converted from its current fuel tanker configuration to ministerial transport.

The conversion for ministerial duties would include the addition of 158 passenger seats and an advanced secure communications system.

As usual, the money grubbing Westminster Tories dress this £15 millions refit to a £200 millions aircraft as a cost saving.

A real cost saving would be making those global businesses pay more tax in the UK and to break the corrupt relationship between politics and business.

This is another case of austerity for us and welfare handouts for the entitlement class.






The people of the UK have had enough of student politics.




hillingdon trailasign

This is a reminder that the AGM/QGM of Cranford Park Friends is this Thursday (19th) at 7:30pm. Come and hear the latest news about your park and contribute to the debate. Tea/coffee served. The location is Crane Community Centre, Fuller Way, Harlington UB3 4LW. (Bus E6). All welcome.

On Saturday (21st) the Countryside & Conservation Officer will be leading a free Autumn Walk around the park, enjoying the sights of this lovely season. Please meet 11am at the park Information Centre.





More punishment for Heathrow from the experts at TfL.

No fair minded person believes anything that John Holland-Kaye says anymore.




According to the logic of Heathrow and their dull expansion supporters, let’s have a runway down The Mall and a heliport in Hyde Park.

Please read the excellent link written by Simon Jenkins and produced via The Standard.





We have the result from The Telegraph on-line survey.

It is 51% NO Heathrow expansion.

Cameron and Osborne cannot risk a damaging split in their Conservative Party just to appease Heathrow’s Chinese and Qatari owners.


An email has flooded in…….

The prime minister has made a decision to suspend flights to and from Egypt as he has taken seriously the potential threat to the lives of British citizens.  He has listened to the intelligence and made the best judgment he can given the evidence before him.

I trust he will listen to the intelligence  here  and make equal sound judgment to protect the health of residents at home.

Pollution and noise are a  proven threat to life around Heathrow and he must not increase the risk by breaking his “No ifs, no buts, no third runway “promise. 5438




The powerful and corrupt aviation lobby are using the corporate revolving door between the Dept of Transport and Heathrow to push through Runways 3 and 4.

Please read the links provided by Stop Heathrow Expansion and PR Week.



The good news just keeps on coming.

From today’s The Times;



You’ll love this.

A fine piece of journalism from John Kay of The Financial Times.ft




As John Holland-Kaye and Howard Davies prepare to hoodwink the Parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee today, damming pollution evidence from Open Sensors.

With thanks to HACAN and The Times.



With thanks to the Colnbrook Community Association website.




New data for your area has been published on Police.uk.

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

August 2015 September 2015
All crime 153 137
Anti-social behaviour 34 23
Bicycle theft 2 0
Burglary 9 11
Criminal damage and arson 22 12
Drugs 3 5
Other crime 0 1
Other theft 22 24
Possession of weapons 0 0
Public order 10 4
Robbery 0 1
Shoplifting 2 3
Theft from the person 0 2
Vehicle crime 7 18
Violence and sexual offences 42 33

Please visit https://www.police.uk/shape/zyP2kF/ for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.





With thanks to the Stop Heathrow Expansion website.




Heathrow relies on our silence. If Heathrow aircraft noise upsets you, make sure you let them know.




All those that support open borders and uncontrolled entry of millions of foreign workers should be ashamed of themselves.

The winners of this undemocratic policy are corporations that lower wages by tilting the jobs market in their favour.

Who’d have thought that lefties were doing the dirty work of Thatcherite Conservatives.

The losers are explained by The Equalities & Human Rights Commission via the BBC below;

Prospects for young people ‘have worsened’ says report – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34674276



John Holland-Kaye and Back Heathrow thank all their supporters by ransacking their pension pots and slashing their wages by 30%.

Wake up Heathrow workers. You’re being mugged by chancers working for offshore investors.




You are invited to the AGM and Quarterly Meeting of Cranford Park Friends which will be held on Thursday 19 November at 7.30pm. It is at our usual venue,  the Crane Community Centre, Fuller Way, Harlington (Bus E6). Come and hear the latest news and discuss plans for next year. Refreshments will be served. I am attaching an Agenda.

Non members are welcome to attend, but if you would like to join the Friends I’d be pleased to send an application form.

Apple Day / Macmillan Coffee Morning / Guided walks
Our first Apple Day, held on October 17, was a great success, with a large turnout of visitors, a copious harvest of apples and £260 was raised for Macmillan Cancer Support through the sale of refreshments in the Secret Garden. Thank you to everyone who supported this and/or made cakes for the day.

Final events this year are a guided Autumn Walk at 11am on Sat. November 21 and a Winter Tree Identification Walk at 11am on Sat. December 5. Both are free and depart from the Information Centre.

Bob Barton



Dear Ward Member,
Please find attached a link which takes you to “the little book of scams”. In essence this is a useful document aimed at creating awareness around fraud with in its many different forms. It also includes useful information to prevent fraud type crimes.
I hope you find the attached useful, and please pass it onto anyone you feel may benefit.
Many Thanks
PS 9 Barinder Gill
Heathrow Villages Neighbourhood Policing Team
Tel – 020 8721 2557




With thanks to HACAN.

BA flies into Heathrow runway row.

BRITISH AIRWAYS quietly cut flights on its lucrative New York route over the summer, in a move that appears to undermine arguments for a third runway at Heathrow.
The airline, which has more than half the take-off and landing slots at Heathrow, grounded one round trip a day to John F Kennedy or Newark airports between mid-July and mid-September — its busiest time of year.
It also frequently cancelled another daily transatlantic flight, scrapping departures to Boston and Philadelphia. The airline has also dropped a welter of daily short-haul flights to destinations including Zurich, Geneva and Aberdeen.
It carefully alternated which New York flight it dropped to avoid losing the right to operate the valuable slots. These must be used 80% of the time and can change hands for up to £40m a pair.
BA said the New York cancellations were intended to keep the rest of its schedule on track, but aviation sources suggested that they indicate the airline may have too many slots at Heathrow and be over-scheduling routes.
Heathrow says the airport is so full that it needs a third runway, but BA argues that there is no justification for a third runway. It also suffered punctuality problems on several routes in July, with only a third of flights to Los Angeles and Las Vegas taking off on time.
BA said it revised the schedule during its busiest ever summer to give it “more breathing space” and offered passengers alternative flights. It blamed punctuality problems on air traffic control delays.



“We don’t need no air pollution”
“We don’t need no N O 2”
“No chronic asthma in the classroom”
“Heathrow, leave our kids alone”




Heathrow and the Conservative Government have been up to the SNP Conference to beg for expansion support.

From The Scottish Herald.



The Heathrow debate rumbles on as it has done since 1946.

Despite Heathrow throwing tens of millions of ££s at compliant MPs and business leaders, Heathrow expansion is not a done deal.

John Holland-Kaye arrogantly says “The debate is over”.
He will eat those words when Heathrow fail once again to monopolise UK aviation at everyone else’s expense.

Please read the link below;





There is a powerful coalition of MPs fighting to stop Heathrow expansion.


This link is provided by Adam Afriyie MP for Windsor.



New data for your area has been published on Police.uk.

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

July 2015 August 2015
All crime 158 153
Anti-social behaviour 35 34
Bicycle theft 1 2
Burglary 5 9
Criminal damage and arson 10 22
Drugs 0 3
Other crime 1 0
Other theft 37 22
Possession of weapons 0 0
Public order 2 10
Robbery 0 0
Shoplifting 4 2
Theft from the person 1 0
Vehicle crime 19 7
Violence and sexual offences 43 42

Please visit https://www.police.uk/shape/ccPn5L/ for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.



Heathrow expansion affects different communities in different ways.

We suffer excessive ground noise, illegal air pollution, traffic congestion, low wage Heathrow bedsits, property blight and anything else you can remind me of at various meetings.

Our friends and colleagues in Teddington and Twickenham suffer aircraft overhead but far too low and noisy from 4.30am to 11pm+.

Please read their link and support TAG social media sites. A win for them is a win for us.



Don’t forget that stopping Heathrow Runways 3 and 4 is a movement of supporters of every political party from Zac Goldsmith to Caroline Lucas via John McDonnell and Jill Seymour.

More from TAG.
Teddington Action Group.




she header

An important message from Stop Heathrow Expansion.




This excellent blog was written by Jenine Langrish and copied from Friends of the Earth, Hacan and Airport Watch.

Three parties, three leaders: Tony Blair; Nick Clegg; and David Cameron.  How will history remember them?

Tony Blair united the Labour party and led them to their biggest ever majority and three consecutive election victories.  His government oversaw the introduction of a national minimum wage; freedom of information; devolution; and the signing of the Good Friday agreement.

And yet…if you ask the man in the street, he’s remembered for just one thing: his misguided decision to support George Bush’s invasion of Iraq, justified by the claim that Saddam Hussein had ‘weapons of mass destruction’.

That single policy decision has led to mass vilification in the media and ensures that he will forever be remembered as “Tony B-liar”.

Under Nick Clegg’s leadership the Lib Dems soared in popularity and surprised everyone by securing enough votes to hold the balance of power following 2010’s election.  For the first time since the days of Asquith and Lloyd George, the political party in the centre of politics held real power.  They can claim credit for a number of policies in the coalition government, notably raising the tax threshold to take over 3 million low earners out of the income tax system; introducing the pupil premium; and creating the Green Investment Bank.

And yet…once again, if you ask the man in the street, Clegg is remembered for just one thing: breaking his promise on student tuition fees.

That single concession in the coalition agreement discussions led to highly personal attacks in the media and to his party’s vote being decimated in the last election.

Which brings me to David Cameron.  He can claim credit for having overseen the recovery from the financial crisis; bringing the deficit under control; and generally keeping his party’s divisions on Europe under control.

But how will he be remembered in ten years time?  The lesson from Tony Blair and Nick Clegg is that the public have little tolerance if they believe politicians have lied or broken high profile promises.  Part of the reason for Jeremy Corbyn’s surprise ascendancy appears to be that Labour’s grass roots supporters saw him as an honest man who’d do what he said he would.

David Cameron’s highest profile promise is of course ‘No ifs, no buts, no third runway’.  As he appears to stand on the brink of an about turn on Heathrow he would do well to reflect on the lessons of Tony Blair and Nick Clegg.

Dave – how do you want to be remembered?  Do you want to be judged on your policies or simply remembered as the latest in a line of political leaders who broke their promises.  The choice is yours.



With thanks to the Uxbridge Gazette……

MPs and Mayoral candidates, national organisations and local people will be taking part in the rally in Westminster over the weekend

Heathrow No Ifs No Buts

Five Mayoral candidates vying for Boris Johnson‘s job, big name MPs and national organisations will address the “biggest ever” rally against Heathrow‘s third runway.

Mayoral candidates from the main political parties will speak at the mass rally which will take place in Parliament Square, opposite the Houses of Parliament, in Westminster, on Saturday (October 10).

They will be joined by Hayes & Harlington MP John McDonnell, as well as a long-standing resident from the Heathrow villages who will lose her home if expansion goes ahead, and leading environmental organisations, such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.

John Stewart, chair of HACAN, the campaign group opposing the third runway and one of the main organisers of the rally, said: “Thousands are expected to send a clear message to the Prime Minister that they will fight any decision to give the green light to a new runway at Heathrow.

“And the message from all the key Mayoral candidates is equally clear. They stand united on this issue. They are all firmly against a third runway.”

Bryan Tomlinson, of Stop Heathrow Expansion, is urging those against the runway to make their stand and “be heard” this Saturday.

He said: “The Government may ignore public opinion and try to force Heathrow expansion on the people of London and the South East. We all need to remind Parliament that they for us and not tax avoiding offshore investors.

“We already suffer illegal levels of air pollution and more people are affected by excessive Heathrow noise than all comparable airports in Europe put together.

“We have to leave a planet fit for our children and future generations to live free from deadly air pollution and overflown by 260,000 extra flights which is a disaster waiting to happen”

“Please join us at Parliament Square this Saturday at 11am.”

The rally, which organisers believe will be the “biggest ever” against Heathrow expansion, will take place just weeks before David Cameron is expected to make an announcement on a new runway for London and the South East.

At present, the Cabinet is looking at the recommendation of the Airports Commission that the runway should be built at Heathrow.

However, over recent months, the owners of Gatwick have continued to make the case for a second runway at their airport.

The rally, which is not intended to be a march so it is suitable for all ages, will begin at 10.30am. The speakers will address the rally at 11am to be finished by 12.30pm.

The full list of speakers is confirmed as:

  • John Stewart, Chair HACAN (to welcome and introduce)
  • John McDonnell, Labour MP for Hayes & Harlington
  • Zac Goldsmith, MP for Richmond & North Kingston (and Conservative Mayoral candidate)
  • Sadiq Khan, MP for Tooting (and Labour Mayoral candidate)
  • Sian Berry, Green Party Mayoral Candidate
  • Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate
  • Peter Whittle, UKIP Mayoral candidate
  • John Sauven, Chief executive of Greenpeace
  • Gina Parihar, Head of legal at Friends of the Earth
  • Tania Mathias, Conservative MP for Twickenham
  • A long-standing resident from the Heathrow villages who faces losing her home

Original piece can be viewed here





With thanks to the Stop Heathrow Expansion website.




Heathrow expansion will have a detrimental affect on the lives of millions of Londoners.


This is an example of why ;

Dear Sir

We had another period of peace and quiet shortly after my last round of complaints but once again, today, Saturday,we were bothered by low flying noisy aircraft.

It started at about 2.30pm with occasional aircraft but by 4pm the noise was a continuous barrage of high pitched whining and screaming jet engines. I counted a total of 19 particularly noisy aircraft between 2.30pm and 4pm and for the past four and a half hours since 4pm there have been 270 further distinguishable aircraft flying low and making a highly disturbing level of noise.

Please register a total of 289 complaints and stop aircraft flying over central London at low altitude causing a noise nuisance, pollution and safety threat.

I will send these complaints in batches as usual so that they can all be recorded.

At 1430hrs today, Sunday 20 September, aircraft began flying low over central London again and built up to a continuous stream of nose to tail low flying aircraft by 1600 which continued until just under half an hour ago. This has caused intense disturbance over central London and ruined most people’s Sunday afternoon.

This continued irresponsible, uncaring, destruction of our peace and quiet must stop.

I am complaining about every aircraft that passed over my property at low enough altitude to cause severe noise disturbance today. By my reckoning, that is 475 complaints.

I assume I will need to send them to you in batches because your system is unable to record more than one complaint per email. The first 60 complaints are as part of this email.

(name withheld by admin)


With thanks to Get West London.getwestlondon


Click on link



Please read the link and contact the council and MP involved.

This is heartbreaking and symbolic of the neglect of struggling Britons shown by Establishment politicians.


Cheers, Bryan


Please click on the link.


This committee is dealing with traffic and air pollution.



James O’Brien defends British workers under siege from global financiers and imported cheap labour.onair


Uber drivers are the guys using our roads for free parking and our green spaces for number twos.


British Airline Pilots Association question the effectiveness of steeper landings at Heathrow.

Aircraft (4)


Steeper landings will lead to more dangeroud overshoots, excessive noise and increased pollution over Heathrow Villages.



Support for Heathrow Villages is growing and growing as shown by this email below;

I should like to add my name to the list of those opposed to the proposed 3rd runway at Heathrow.

The grounds for my opposition are:

– it will increase CO2 and congestion around the airport

-the  undershoot on the estimated costs of £15bn.  quoted by TfL  is about £250 per head of the population of the UK!
(what %  of the annual national Budget deficit)?

-there is already too much noise from Heathrow

-there will be increased pollution from aircraft noise and gases ,  as well as from traffic around the airport

– 1,000 households should not have to lose their homes to support the above

-Successive Governments and the BAA  have assured us that none of the following would occur:
-Terminal 4
-Terminal 5  and now
-a 3rd. runway

and not kept their promises.

Prompt attention to rail expansion to the North, should leave little or no need for any flights out of London to:
-Leeds or

That is be a more sensible way of sorting out our:
– transport and
– CO2 problems for which the UK Government is now quite rightly being fined daily and which are causing unsustainable environmental damage.

Yours sincerely

(Name withheld by admin)


Well done to everyone at Grow Heathrow.

Grow Heathrow 1



Heathrow propaganda


The Advertising Standards Authority have allegedly  banned this advert for being misleading.


Planes on runway

Last night’s ‘Inside Out’ programme featured coverage of the Bank Holiday protest by Heathrow Villagers which can be seen via the link below





This is becoming one of the go-to places for Heathrow expansion news.

We’ve all noticed an attempt by Heathrow to divide and rule local.councils.

After buying off Slough on the cheap, Heathrow have turned their sights on to Hounslow Council.

A joint venture here, a promise of investment their and before you know it, Hounslow start parroting Heathrow propaganda.

Thanks to HACAN and BrentfordTW8 websites we know there is an important meeting in Hounslow tonight.


Why not go along and watch out for any skullduggery.


hillingdon council notice

This is great news for Heathrow Villagers as we’ve become infested with airport car companies using our streets as free parking and toilets.

With thanks to Ed. Shayler at The Civic.

You may recall that I wrote to you on 3 August 2015 in response to a large number of complaints from residents in the area about a continuing problem with anti-social behaviour by drivers of parked vehicles.

The main problems are littering; urinating; defecating; spitting; parking without paying charges; noise nuisance from engines running, abusive behaviour.

The Public Spaces Protection Order consultation has been concluded, so the order is now signed and published on the council’s website from 15 September.  All that remains is to put up some signs to publicise the order locally, then the requirements can be enforced.  The council will obtain and put up the signs.

The outcome of the consultation was to include littering in the signage. Although litter does not have to be in the PSPO as it is already an offence to drop litter, for the sake of completeness it will be in the signage.  Engine idling is covered by vehicle emissions regulations, but can be in the PSPO as well so that is included.  Smoking in a smoke-free vehicle has been included in the signage, but is not in the PSPO as it is already an offence under the Health Act 2006.  A smoke-free vehicle is a vehicle used for work purposes by more than one person and / or to carry passengers, ie a private hire minicab.

Parking offences are civil offences and have extensive regulations, so legal advice has meant not including those in the PSPO.  The council’s parking enforcement officers will of course enforce parking offences and environmental enforcement officers will move cars on if they are parked in contravention of parking restrictions.

This new order should assist council officers and police to enforce against bad behaviour in the streets of Heathrow Villages.


Ed Shaylor

Service Manager

London Borough of Hillingdon
Residents Services
ext 7532
01895 277532



New Heathrow expansion info is arriving daily and today we have this great work provided by Airport Watch.

This Select Committee is relevant because there is capacity available at other airports instead of adding a 3rd and 4th Runways at Heathrow. Also why should taxpayers pay for airport infrastructure costs, especially those of tax avoiding foreign investors ?



A couple of great things happening in Heathrow Villages this weekend so please try and visit both.

We have Harmondsworth Open Village this Saturday 19th.

We have a Cranford Park event on both Saturday and Sunday.

This weekend (Sept. 19-20) the park is part of the annual event celebrating historic places and unusual architecture around London.

The park stables will be open both days, complete with a small exhibition. St Dunstan’s Church, and the Secret Garden with its well and vine, will also open. Chat with members of Cranford Park Friends, tell us your memories of the park and enjoy refreshments in the churchyard.

On Saturday there is a guided walk, ‘Knights, Earls & Ghosts’ at 11am leaving from the stables. Countryside & Conservation Officer Alison Shipley will point out the historical highlights of the park. 90 minutes, free.

On Sunday afternoon there will be an impressive display of vintage motorcycles in the courtyard. More details: www.saintdunstan.org.uk/section/55

Times: Saturday. 10.30am – 4.30pm. (Guided walk 11am).  Sunday. 11.30am – 5.30pm (stables & garden closes 4.30pm). Admission free.  Free parking. Postcode: TW5 9RZ

Bob Barton


Grow Heathrow 1




We’ve learned from previous experience that 38 Degrees are typical middle class Socialists that refuse to acknowledge the relationship between letting the whole world ponce off of us and the inevitable  shortage of resources.
Despite their stupidity please sign this epetition to help Britons needing help with cancer drugs.


Bryan Tomlinson



This advert has been in the window of the shop next to Harlington Hospice.goansonly


Dear Friends,
If you haven’t heard, Grow Heathrow,rosie

the community garden in Sipson, is having a Harvest Festival on Saturday 26th.

click on link:-


This will be a day of live music, educational workshops, speakers, tasty vegan food and games. A chance to connect with each other with what we’re doing, from informal conversation to setting up an information stall.

Please get in touch if you’d like to have an organised presence (see contact details below). Gates will be open from 11:00.

Hope to see you there,

Grow Heathrow.
Vineries Close,
Heathrow Villages,
UB7 0JH.


The people of London and the South East have suffered enough.
Stop Heathrow Expansion.



If you are new to the area and unaware of what goes on;

There is a Macmillian coffee morning on Friday 25th September at the Crown in Harmondsworth Village commencing at 09.00am – 11.00am.

Macmillan would love as many people as possible to visit. There will be plenty of coffee, tea and homemade cakes as well as items to buy and a raffle. If the weather is bad we will crown harmondsworthgo into the Crown otherwise we will be in the garden.

Last year we had a very successful morning and I am hoping that we can do the same this year for this very worthwhile charity.

Thank you hope to see you on the 25th.



A reminder to David Cameron from our friends at Plane Stupid.

Thank you from Heathrow Villagers



Air pollution, especially Nitrogen Dioxide NO2, is killing us in the long term and will be one of the main reasons that Heathrow expansion doesn’t happen.

Please read this link from Air Quality News explaining DEFRA’s newly announced air quality consultation. We have to learn this air quality information as it will save us in the short term.





Christine Taylor speaking on our behalf  today at the No New Runways Event in Central London.


she header

What happens next in the 70 year fight to keep Heathrow at bay ??



We will receive confirmation of UKIP’S aviation policy after the Heathrow expansion debate at the UKIP National Conference.runway-heathrow

In the meantime, Heathrow Villagers have more good news to add to Sadiq Khan’s Mayoral Candidature for Labour.

This from The Green Party;

The first candidate announced for the 2016 London Mayoral election will make the No New Runways event on Saturday (12 September) her first official engagement.

Sian Berry will chair a meeting of prominent environmental activists who will explain why the case for no new runways at London’s airports is quickly becoming the most attractive option [1].

Representatives from Heathrow and Gatwick’s anti-expansion campaigns will share the stage with Green activists in central London to argue for a new policy on transport that focuses on cutting emissions and building a sustainable city, rather than investing in more runways which will drive-up carbon emissions.

Camden Councillor Berry will tell delegates that no one will believe David Cameron’s Climate Change credentials if he heads to the UN Climate Change conference in November while wishing for a new runway at a London airport.

Berry will say:

“Bigger airports make no climate sense. We cannot increase our emissions from aviation while making a fair contribution to keeping global warming within safe limits. How can the Prime Minister convince delegates at the Paris climate talks he’s serious if he goes there while wanting a new runway?

“The Greens are the only party with the clear message that we need no new runways at Heathrow, Gatwick or anywhere in the UK. It’s our job to convince the government to end this false choice debate, trying to pit communities against each other over which airport to expand and who should suffer the increased pollution and noise that would result.”

Panellist Professor Alice Bows-Larkin, an expert in the conflict between aviation and climate policy in the UK will say:

“Avoiding the 2°C target with any reasonable chance requires all sectors within, and associated with, wealthy nations to make immediate and urgent cuts to their CO2 emissions. The aviation sector has very few technical options to make any more than an incremental adjustment to energy efficiency or carbon intensity in the next decade. This points towards demand management as an essential way of cutting levels of CO2 from the aviation sector in the near-term.

“Providing more airport capacity is at odds with managing demand, and although may improve efficiency in the short-term, within only a few years the increase in passenger numbers will help to uphold growth rates in the CO2 from flights to and from wealthy nations, jeopardising the goal of maintaining global temperatures below the 2°C threshold.”

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South East England and No New Runways campaigner said:

“The ‘No New Runways’ event will highlight a unified position that is beginning to emerge against the building of new airport runways at Heathrow, Gatwick and across the rest of the UK.

“The event is unique because it will bring together for the first time anti-Heathrow expansion & anti-Gatwick expansion campaigners in a joint show of strength against building new runways anywhere because of the damaging implications for climate change.

“Instead of expanding our airports, the Government should introduce a frequent flyer tax which would tax aviation much more fairly and at the same time reduce the demand for expansion”.


And in the red corner fighting against Heathrow expansion is;khan

Sadiq Khan, the former shadow justice secretary, has won the Labour nomination for the London mayoralty, underlining the extent to which the party has shifted to the left in recent months.

Khan, who comfortably beat off the challenge of Tessa Jowell, said he was overwhelmed, adding that he had never dreamed he would be standing him as Labour candidate for mayor. “Like so many Londoners, I owe London everything,” he said.

Khan picked up 59% of the vote, and it was clear he had won as soon as the first results showed that the votes of Khan and Diane Abbott combined would outnumber those for Jowell. The results suggest Jeremy Corbyn is going to sweep to victory in the national leadership ballot on Saturday.

Jowell had hoped her consensual style and reputation for bringing the Olympics to London in 2012 would be enough for her to see off the organisation of Khan and the leftward surge in the party. Khan will be relieved that in the final ballot he did not just win in the registered supporters and affiliated section, but also in the members section, giving him a solid mandate.

Jowell had argued that opinion polls showed she was best placed with the wider electorate to defeat the likely Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith, the wealthy environmentalist and MP for Richmond Park .

The result was announced at an event at the Royal Festival Hall in south-east London.

It was thought that the surge in new members to the party since the election benefited Khan, who was endorsed by Ken Livingstone, the former London mayor, who supports Corbyn in the national leadership vote.

Central issues in the election next spring will be airport expansion in the south-east, housing and the powers of the mayor, but the personalities of the candidates will also play a critical role.

Well done Sadiq. Good news for every one suffering deadly pollution and excessive noise .



With thanks to Heathrow Airwatch website.heathrow_airwatch_logosmoghurts
There is increased pollution in the North Hyde Road/ Hayes by-pass area today.
Experts say that an hour subjected to moderate pollution can cause health problems.


With thanks to Heathrow Airwatch website.

There is increased pollution in the North Hyde Road/ Hayes by-pass area today.

Experts say that an hour subjected to moderate pollution can cause health problems.



Help For A Hero.

LOCATION: Nolay Sangin Afghanistan OP HERRICK 11 JOB NUMBER: HQUKTF_2009_122 PHOTOGRAPHER: Sergeant Keith Cotton RLC (Phot) CAPTION: 3 Rifles A Company Fire Support Group Bugler sounds last Post. In this image: Rifleman Mark Kelly (22) from Bristol plays the last post at sunset while practising for the rememberance services. The Buglers are also part of the Fire Support Group (FSG) attached to A Company 3rd Battalion The Rifles from their Patrol Base at Nolay Sangin, Patrol the area North of Nolay, South of Sangin in Close support of other call signs on operations. The soldiers patrol using the infamous “Jackal 1” Vehicle that is multi terrain and designed to withstand IED explosions. Its formidable fire power Speed and versatility make it a firm favorite with the troops. Image by Sergeant Keith Cotton RLC (Phot). Please Credit Photographer

Image by Sergeant Keith Cotton RLC (Phot).

Can anyone suggest someone who would be willing to  play ‘The Last Post’ at a funeral next Wednesday? This is for a WW2 veteran


A Heathrow Villager

Please contact fixedfareflyers@gmail.com or phone the office



There has been more harrumphing than usual emanating from the Queen and Prince Philip’s quarters at Windsor Castle as they contemplate the prospect of changes at nearby Heathrow.

Heathrow’s proposed plan for expansion would mean more noise over Windsor Castle
The airport’s proposed expansion, if approved, will mean an increase in noise over HM’s favourite residence, which sits on the highest part of Windsor.

Aircraft flying low over the castle have long been an unwelcome distraction for its occupants to such an extent the Queen can identify the types of plane by their engine noise.

A racing friend who lunched with her at Windsor recalls: “At one point, our conversation was drowned out by a passing plane. The Queen said, “Boeing 747”. Moments late another plane flew overhead. “Airbus”, she said. Throughout luncheon she identified every plane that flew over the castle en route to Heathrow.”

Local councillor George Bathurst believes the airport’s expansion would “destroy” Windsor and badly affect the state functions held at the castle. Last week the council’s protests were handed to Sir Howard Davies’s commission on airport capacity.

Heathrow expansion will not amuse the Queen, who spends most of her weekends at Windsor as well as being there for a month over Easter. She also stays at the castle for a week in June for Royal Ascot and the Garter service.

At least Philip will be able to turn off his newly-acquired hearing aid. He will also have another excuse for telling his favourite anecdote about an American tourist who asked: “Why did they build Windsor Castle so close to Heathrow Airport?”

Heathrow expansion is causing turbulence over Windsor …


Great news from City Hall.cityhall



After yesterday’s shameful cowardice and abstinence shown by Labour members of the Greater London Authority, it’s good to know that there are some Labour politicians that we can trust………………..

Thank you to Ruth Cadbury, MP for Brentford & Isleworth.


My End Of Summer Update

Ruth Cadbury, MP for Brentford & Isleworth.
7 Sep 2015
Today we start back in Parliament so here’s my summer update.  It covers the last frenetic weeks of the Parliamentary session and the no less important summer Recess.

Heathrow: The threat of an additional runway is perhaps the most significant issue for our area – and one that is a step closer, but by no means a done deal. The Davies Commission report was released in July saying that all three options are deliverable but that Heathrow is preferable.  My views are set out in an article for “Progress” magazine that (if you are on-line) you can see here.  The final decision will be made by Cameron, apparently before Christmas.  A cross-party campaign is building up, led by our group of West London MPs and the campaign groups including HACAN.  Our letter to the PM calling him to re-open the commission on the flawed area of air quality was published in the Evening Standard.

With HACAN we have produced a leaflet that will go door-to-door in each borough, with a map showing how the new flight paths will affect each area and announcing the big London rally taking place on Saturday 10th October.  The leaflet delivery costs money that HACAN doesn’t have so support is welcome.  I have contributed towards this from my “pay increase”. You can help too by sending a cheque to ‘HACAN No Third Runway’, 13 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9AU. Or a Direct Bank Transfer to Barclays. Account name: HACAN Sort Code: 20 72 17.  A/c no: 83261271 It helps HACAN to have your address and your email address.



Shame of Labour playing with our lives and homes at the GLA.

With thanks to Martin Hoscik at Mayor Watch.

Labour members of the London Assembly have come under attack for shifting their position on the building of a new runway at Heathrow Airport.
All four parties currently represented at City Hall have consistently opposed any expansion at Heathrow, a position made clear in their respective 2008 and 2012 manifestos. However Labour’s opposition has softened following the airports commission’s recent recommendation to build a third runway at the airport.

The commission said the new runway should be restricted to day use and subject to “legally binding” limits on noise levels but opponents say these conditions are insufficient to resolve their concerns about its impact on those living nearby and under the flightpath.

While City Hall’s Liberal Democrat, Green and Conservative groups remain opposed to any expansion, Labour now says the Government’s final decision should be the “result of evidence based analysis” rather than being based on political concerns.

Opponents say the party’s shifting position is the result of differences between the frontrunners to become its candidate in next year’s Mayoral election, with Tooting MP Sadiq opposed to expansion and Dame Tessa Jowell suggesting she’s more open to increased capacity at the airport.

During a debate on Tuesday, Green party Assembly Member Darren Johnson said the party “doesn’t know if it’s going to be pro-Heathrow expansion under Tessa Jowell or anti under Sadiq Khan” during the mayoral contest and so was having to find a middle-path until its candidate is announced later this week.

Today’s debate ended with Labour AMs declining to back a motion restating the Assembly’s opposition to a third runway.

Speaking after the vote, Conservative AM Andrew Boff claimed his Labour counterparts had “sacrificed their principles by putting the interests of their Mayoral candidates above Londoners.”

He added: “Today they chose to worry about political power rather than the interests of those they serve. We’ll carry on opposing a third runway at Heathrow and fighting for the interests of Londoners.”

Labour’s decision not to back the motion was also criticised by Mayor Boris Johnson who said: “This U-turn from London Labour, who campaigned against expansion at election time, shows why they cannot be trusted to run our city.”

However the party’s transport spokesperson, Val Shawcross AM, said she and colleagues still don’t believe the case for expansion had been made and insisted “there remain serious questions about the environmental, noise and public transport impact” of any new runway.

She added: “Whilst not insurmountable, Government would have to insist on far stronger measures to tackle air pollution and to manage the dramatic impact expansion would have on the transport network.

“Although important for economic growth, the Government cannot just nod Heathrow expansion through without proper scrutiny. There’s a long list of concerns which need to be addressed before I could see Heathrow’s expansion going ahead.”


Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via the Street Champions scheme.


This household waste has been dumped on Cranford Lane. It is on the left from Harlington High Street about 200 yards past the last house and was left there over the weekend.

Campaign to Clean Up Heathrow Villages.




Yvette Cooper twitter picture #refugeeswelcome

Yvette Cooper
twitter picture

Stop the bandwagon.
Yvette wants to jump on.


she header


With thanks to www.stopheathrowexpansion.co.uk

Warning of impact of third runway on schoolchildren
A third runway at Heathrow could place thousands more children at risk of sleep, reading and memory problems

Teddington Action Group (TAG), campaigning against Heathrow expansion, has written to all headteachers in London to alert them to the findings of a report published by the Airports Commission, which admits that thousands of extra children could experience sleep, reading and memory problems as a result of a third runway at Heathrow.

TAG’s letter, which coincides with the start of the new school year, highlights the findings of the report “Aircraft noise effects on health”, which was published on 1 July 2015 by the Airports Commission. The report points to evidence of the health and educational effects on children of aviation noise, which include:

  • sleep disturbance and changes in  sleep structure
    • decreased quality of life
    • decreased reading performance

The report estimates that an additional 24 schools will suffer from aircraft noise above the maximum levels recommended by the World Health Organisation if a third runway is built. The national average school size is 220 pupils per primary school and 950 pupils per secondary school, so this would result in somewhere between 5,280 to 22,800 extra children at risk of decreased educational attainment.

Incredibly, this document was only published on 1 July as a separate addendum to the Airports Commission’s final report. Its content does not feature within the main body of the Commission’s report and its content was not subject to public consultation.

TAG’s letter urges headteachers to write to the Secretary of State for Education, asking her to ensure that the effects of airport expansion on children are given appropriate consideration by the Government when it decides whether to accept the Airports Commission’s recommendation to build a third runway at Heathrow.

A spokesperson for TAG said:
“Any parent will be very concerned about the findings of this latest research. The fact that they hardly get a mention in the Commission’s 342 page final report shows how little weight the Commission placed on the human cost of airport expansion. This report highlights that it will be the younger generations that will pay the highest price of expansion.”

1. The report “Aircraft noise effects on health” was prepared by Dr Charlotte Clark, a respected researcher at Barts & the London School of Medicine. The report can be found at https://www.gov.uk/…/noise-aircraft-noise-effects-on-health…

  1. The report was only published on 1 July 2015, alongside the Commission’s final report and it provides an assessment of impacts of aircraft noise of the three shortlisted runway options. Interested parties did not have the opportunity to comment on its content as part of the Airport Commission’s consultation process.
  2. Dr Clark’s report summarises the current evidence on the health and educational impacts of aviation noise, acknowledging that:
    • Evidence for children concluded that there were associations between aircraft noise and high blood pressure, which may have implications for adult health (p.2);
    • Children aged 9-11 years of age living near London Heathrow reported annoyance for aircraft noise exposure at school and at home (p.9);
    • Night-time noise is associated with sleep disturbance and changes in sleep structure. Aircraft noise exposure during the evening and early morning also has relevance for the health and sleep quality of the local population, and may be particularly relevant for children (p.18).
    • Based on current evidence, aircraft noise might be associated with decreased quality of life (p.19);
    • Many studies have found effects of aircraft noise exposure at school or home on children’s reading comprehension or memory skills. One study, which included 9-10 year old children from schools around London Heathrow, found that aircraft noise was associated with poorer reading comprehension and poorer recognition memory. The same study indicated that as aircraft noise exposure increased, reading performance decreased (p.19).
    • The development of cognitive skills such as reading and memory is important, not only in terms of education but also subsequent life chances and adult heath (p,19).




With thanks to Politics Home website.

Planes on runway

Boris Johnson and International Development Secretary Justine Greening have joined forces to criticise proposals to expand Heathrow airport, saying if a third runway is built it would reduce destinations.

The Airports Commission report came out earlier this year, and recommended expanding the site in west London..

Mr Johnson, who has been always been a critic of the expansion plans, wrote in a letter to David Cameron and around 1,500 MPs and peers that if Heathrow is expanded, the number of domestic destinations would go from seven to four by 2030.

He also warned that support for the third runway could negatively affect George Osborne’s plans to build a “northern powerhouse”.

“The Airports Commission has spent several years in the production of a gigantic ball of wool that they are now attempting to pull over the eyes of the nation,” the Uxbridge MP said.

Putney MP Ms Greening accused the commission of “changing their own definition of a destination” since the consultation ended.

She said the Heathrow option was “the most expensive, noisiest, most polluting and damaging” option

Ms Greening also claimed that the figures that showed Gatwick was performing better than Heathrow had been “simply lost from the Airports Commission’s final analysis”.





More dodgy dealing at Heathrow Airport
Please click on the link below






One of the greatest confidence tricks ever pulled was to convince the public that there is an airport capacity crisis in the UK.


Every conversation about airport expansion now starts from the assumption that it is urgently required. Every debate begins by asking where expansion should take place, not whether it should take place.

How has this remarkable feat been achieved? How have the public been swindled into believing that our airports are full to bursting, with planes being turned away in the skies?

Because if you look at the figures, it’s clear that we are not even close to having an aviation capacity crisis in the UK.

Of the ten busiest airports in the country, just Heathrow is slot full. The rest are massively underused. In 2012, Stansted had 47% of all its runway slots left empty, while Luton airport had 51% unused.

Even Gatwick, which is currently fighting with Heathrow for the right to build more runways, was 12% underused.

The aviation lobby itself admits there is no current shortage of runways in the UK, preferring instead to predict that we will face a theoretical shortage at some point in the future.

Compare this to our domestic public transport network where commuters are already routinely left without seats or even room to breathe and you begin to see the scale of the confidence trick being played on us.

Expanding Heathrow would be both politically and practically impossible. Building another runway there would cost up to £20 billion, increase airport fees, and disrupt one of the busiest roads in the UK. It would cause massive increases in noise and air pollution and inflict misery on thousands of Londoners. There is not a single politician who could be elected on a platform of building more runways in the West London suburbs. It is a total and utter non-starter.

So what can we do about it? The first thing we must do is to dispel the myth that Heathrow is somehow the UK’s national airport. In fact, analysis commissioned by the London Assembly last year found that over two thirds of the 127 million passengers using Heathrow began their journey in east or south east England, with a majority of those coming from London itself.

Heathrow is predominantly a local airport. And while the argument for expansion has focused on its role as an international ‘hub’, the vast majority of flights (between 70-75%) are short-haul leisure flights. Heathrow’s location and public transport connections makes it the obvious choice for Londoners taking a break.

Yet there are many other airports near London that could be used by those passengers instead. The truth is that the UK’s real airport crisis is not really about capacity but about how that capacity is used.

There are already more than enough runways in the UK to get every British citizen wherever in the world they would like to go. What we don’t have is the public transport network required to get them to those airports quickly and easily.

So instead of spending up to £20 billion compounding the problems at Heathrow, why not spend it instead on improving public transport connections to all those cavernous airports currently laying half empty? This would benefit not only those people who use the airports, but also all those who live and work daily in between them.

Unfortunately this is not a suggestion that is currently even been considered.

Before we decide to pour billions more pounds into one of two overflowing buckets, we should at least take a look at all those many other half-empty buckets we still have laying around the room.


If you want to help clear up Heathrow Villages please contact streetchampions@hillingdon.gov.uk  and sign up.

Cranford Lane Flytipping

We need more ears and eyes on the ground to spot fly tipping, pot holes and anything else that has a detrimental affect on where we live.

As the flyer says,
“Feel proud and get involved”

Campaign to Clean Up Heathrow Villages.



I agree with Tim Aker, MEP and Essex councillor.

Those that wish to share our depleting services will be the least affected themselves.

Tim Aker blog post

Sad but true,



An article from independent campaigners Teddington Action Group

Heathrow school playground

TAG writes to headteachers on first day of term

Today we wrote to all headteachers in London to alert them to the findings of a report published by the Airports Commission, admitting that thousands of extra children could experience sleep, reading and memory problems as a result of a third runway at Heathrow.

The letter, which coincides with the first day of term at most schools, highlights the findings of the report “Aircraft noise effects on health“, which was published on 1 July 2015 by the Airports Commission. The report points to evidence of the health and educational effects on children of aviation noise, which include:
• sleep disturbance and changes in sleep structure
• decreased quality of life
• decreased reading performance

The report estimates that an additional 24 schools will suffer from aircraft noise above the maximum levels recommended by the World Health Organisation if a third runway is built. The national average school size is 220 pupils per primary school and 950 pupils per secondary school, so this would result in somewhere between 5,280 to 22,800 extra children at risk of decreased educational attainment.

Incredibly, this document was only published on 1 July as a separate addendum to the Airports Commission’s final report. Its content does not feature within the main body of the Commission’s report and its content was not subject to public consultation.

TAG’s letter urges headteachers to write to the Secretary of State for Education, asking her to ensure that the effects of airport expansion on children are given appropriate consideration by the Government when it decides whether to accept the Airports Commission’s recommendation to build a third runway at Heathrow.

A spokesperson for Teddington Action Group said: “Any parent will be very concerned about the findings of this latest research. The fact that they hardly get a mention in the Commission’s 342 page final report shows how little weight the Commission placed on the human cost of airport expansion. This report highlights that it will be the younger generations that will pay the highest price of expansion.”


1. The report “Aircraft noise effects on health” was prepared by Dr Charlotte Clark, a respected researcher at Barts & the London School of Medicine. The report can be found here
2. The report was only published on 1 July 2015, alongside the Commission’s final report and it provides an assessment of impacts of aircraft noise of the three shortlisted runway options. Interested parties did not have the opportunity to comment on its content as part of the Airport Commission’s consultation process.
3. Dr Clark’s report summarises the current evidence on the health and educational impacts of aviation noise, acknowledging that:
• Evidence for children concluded that there were associations between aircraft noise and high blood pressure, which may have implications for adult health (p.2);
• Children aged 9-11 years of age living near London Heathrow reported annoyance for aircraft noise exposure at school and at home (p.9);
• Night-time noise is associated with sleep disturbance and changes in sleep structure. Aircraft noise exposure during the evening and early morning also has relevance for the health and sleep quality of the local population, and may be particularly relevant for children (p.18).
• Based on current evidence, aircraft noise might be associated with decreased quality of life (p.19);
• Many studies have found effects of aircraft noise exposure at school or home on children’s reading comprehension or memory skills. One study, which included 9-10 year old children from schools around London Heathrow, found that aircraft noise was associated with poorer reading comprehension and poorer recognition memory. The same study indicated that as aircraft noise exposure increased, reading performance decreased (p.19).
• The development of cognitive skills such as reading and memory is important, not only in terms of education but also subsequent life chances and adult heath (p,19).

Document 1: Aircraft noise effects on health – Dr Charlotte Clark
Document 2: Teddington Action Group letter to headteachers of schools in London



Received today from our friends at Independent campaign group HACAN Clearskies –


Press Release


2/9/15 for immediate use


HACAN backs cross-party campaign against 3rd Runway launched today


HACAN, which provides a voice for residents under the Heathrow flight paths, has given its backing to a cross-party campaign launched today to stop a third runway at Heathrow.  The Coalition Against Heathrow Expansion includes the Mayor of London, Conservative MPs Zac Goldsmith, Adam Afriyie and Tania Mathias, Labour MPs John McDonnell, Ruth Cadbury, Andy Slaughter and Kate Hoey as well as five councils and campaign groups including Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.   The campaign will be delivering over 1.6m flyers across London and the South East to people who could be impacted by a third runway.  It is also organising a mass rally in Central London on October 10th


HACAN Chair John Stewart, who will be fronting the rally, said, “This leaflet drop and rally is the biggest effort ever by opponents of Heathrow expansion.  It shows that, despite the recommendation of the Airports Commission that a third runway goes ahead, we are confident that we can bury the proposal once and for all.”


Later this year the Government will decide whether to endorse the Airports Commission’s recommendation of a third runway or to go for another solution.




Notes to the Editor:

.Link to example flyer: http://www.zacgoldsmith.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Heathrow-Flyer_Hounslow.pdf
·Members of the Coalition: Adam Afriyie MP Ruth Cadbury MP Zac Goldsmith MP Kate Hoey MP Boris Johnson MP Tania Mathias MP John McDonnell MP Andy Slaughter MP Wandsworth Council Hillingdon Council Richmond Council Kingston Council Windsor and Maidenhead Council HACAN Richmond Heathrow Campaign Teddington Action Group Greenpeace Friends of the Earth Stop Heathrow Expansion Ealing Aircraft Noise Action Group Communities Against Increased Aircraft Noise


For more information:


John Stewart on 0207 737 6641 or 07957385650



A message I received earlier from Cranford Park Friends;


We are pleased that Cranford Park Friends has been chosen by Hayes ASDA to be part of their Chosen for you, Given by Us scheme. For two months from Sept. 1, each customer is given a green token which they can put in a box for the good cause they wish to support (we are one of three). At the end of the period the cause with the most tokens receives a £200 donation.

The next Secret Garden opening in the park is on Sunday Sept. 13, from 10am – 12 noon (with Macmillan Cancer Support). Why not come along to see the last of the summer blooms, talk to our volunteers and maybe help them with some light work in and around the park? The garden is next to the stable courtyard.

Our friends at Harlington WI are holding their Handicraft & Produce Show on Sat. Sept. 5 from 1.30pm. The venue is Hayes & Harlington Community Hall, Albert Way, UB3 4HR. There will be refreshments and members’ exhibits in classes ranging from fruit and veg to floral art and handicrafts.

Open House London at Cranford Park – Sept. 19-20 (Sat & Sun). The historic stables will be open, as will St Dunstan’s Church and the Secret Garden with its well and vine. Chat with members of our History & Conservation group and enjoy refreshments in the churchyard. On Saturday there are organ recitals in the church and on Sunday afternoon a display of vintage motorcycles in the courtyard. Times: Sat. 10.30am – 4.30pm. Sun. 11.30am – 4.30pm (stables) -5.30pm motorbikes -6.30pm (church). Admission free.

Bob Barton
Secretary – www.cranfordparkfriends.org /  find us on Facebook


New data for your area has been published on Police.uk. – 1st Sept 2015

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

June 2015 July 2015
All crime 133 158
Anti-social behaviour 34 35
Bicycle theft 5 1
Burglary 3 5
Criminal damage and arson 5 10
Drugs 4 0
Other crime 1 1
Other theft 22 37
Possession of weapons 1 0
Public order 3 2
Robbery 2 0
Shoplifting 2 4
Theft from the person 2 1
Vehicle crime 21 19
Violence and sexual offences 28 43

Please visit https://www.police.uk/shape/ccPn5L/ for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.




Please contact the Parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee and send in your views on carbon emissions, air pollution and noise suffering asap.
Silence will be as deadly as Heathrow’s Nitrogen Dioxide NO2.

Dead line 5pm on 3rd September.

Click on the link below –

http://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/environmental-audit-committee/inquiries/parliament-2015/the-airports-commission-report-carbon-emissions-air-quality-and-noise-inquiry/ .

In the Scope of the Inquiry section, there is a blue box saying Send a written submission. Click on that.

You are now on the written submission form.
Click on the ‘an individual’ field.

If you have attached a file you don’t need my help. In fact I probably need yours.

For anyone else put your views in the Additional information box.

I suggest you look at relevant websites that deal with the problems such as HACAN, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Stop Heathrow Expansion, Zac Goldsmith or others.

To help we recommend highlighting the noise levels of aircraft using Heathrow.

At Poyle landings were measured at;
*A380 = 92.3 dba.
*B747 = 96.6 dba.
*A340 = 93.4 dba.

At Poyle take offs were measured at;
*A380 = 93.2 dba.
*B747 = 97.6 dba.
*A340 = 94.1 dba.

A medical report by Imperial College London, recorded in the BMJ, concluded that high levels of aircraft noise;
*Thickens the blood.
*Increases risks of strokes.
*Increases risks of cardiovascular disease.
*Increases risks of coronary heart disease.

Pollution, especially NitrogenDioxide NO2 is a major cause of illness and pre death in the UK.

*The annual average should not exceed 40 mcgms per square metre but reading at Heathrow are up to 4 times this maximum level at 160 mcgms per metre.

*This is a major cause of heart problems and premature death in the South of Hillingdon Borough.

I really hope this helps you send something back to The Parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee.

Good luck and thanks for your help,

Bryan Tomlinson.


Time to Change is one of hundreds of events taking place across the country and gives residents a chance to find out more about mental health by talking to someone with personal experience.

The event is free, open to people of all ages and takes place on Friday 4 September 2015, 9am to 5pm, High Street, Uxbridge (outside Marks and Spencers).

Find out about local programmes, activities and services designed to improve residents’ mental health and wellbeing.

Primary Care Mental Health Trust
Alzheimer’s Society
Public Health
Music and MIND
Face painting
Talking therapies
Hillingdon MIND
Hillingdon Library Service
Hillingdon’s children’s centres
Recycle a Bike

For more information visit www.time-to-change.org.uk





I’ve just found this.

Where did Rob Gray get £250,000+ in his Back Heathrow bank account ?

Airport Watch2_0


With thanks to the excellent detective work of Airport Watch.


Forwarded to Hillingdon Council via the Street Champions scheme.

It looks pretty but The Crane has overflowed causing a problem at Cranford Lane.craneriver

4x4s would be OK but I didn’t want to take a chance.



Welcome to Heathrow’s new interactive passenger service.


What a shambles.tomatos


EXETER, ENGLAND - MARCH 23: Stickers supporting the UKIP party are seen on cars parked outside at the UKIP 2013 Spring Conference being held in the Great Hall, Exeter University on March 23, 2013 in Exeter, England. Buoyed by recent successes including the by election in Eastleigh where they came second, the UK Independence party is claiming it is the only one with alternative policies and a vote for UKIP is no longer just a protest vote. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

EXETER, ENGLAND – MARCH 23: Stickers supporting the UKIP party are seen on cars parked outside at the UKIP 2013 Spring Conference being held in the Great Hall, Exeter University on March 23, 2013 in Exeter, England. Buoyed by recent successes including the by election in Eastleigh where they came second, the UK Independence party is claiming it is the only one with alternative policies and a vote for UKIP is no longer just a protest vote. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

With thanks to Raheem Kassam and Breitbart London.

One of the things I was most pleased with during my tenure as UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s advisor at the last general election was a simple but effective poster I devised.

The party’s initially appointed campaign leaders had come up short on what they wanted UKIP’s campaign to look like. One of the party’s MPs was obsessed with Syr