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UKIP Ward representatives – Helping our community


Labour has lost the support of more than half of those who voted Labour in 2015 and Brexit in 2016, according to new Times/YouGov polling.

Just 48 per cent of Brexit-backing Labour voters said they would stick with the party in the next ?.

Among Labour’s Leave voters, 49 per cent want a stricter system of immigration controls, reinforcing the opinion that on immigration the leadership is out of touch with the members.

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It’s getting worse for economic migrants in Calais as they are besieged by randy lefty soap dodgers.soapdodgers

Volunteers in the Jungle Calais have been sexually exploiting migrants in the camp, it was claimed on Thursday.

The allegations came via a Facebook group for Calais volunteers, when a man brought up the issue of the sexual relationships in the camp and prompted a debate.

It appears the issue of volunteers sleeping with refugees is well-known in the community, and that relationships are most often between female volunteers and male refugees.

The original poster noted that he had even heard of “boys, believed to be under the age of consent, having sex with volunteers”.

“I have heard of volunteers having sex with multiple partners in one day,” he added.

Several heads of Calais charities confirmed to the paper that they were aware of the sexual relationships between volunteers and refugees.

The issue is a contentious one, as some volunteers see it as a natural occurrence given the circumstances, while others argue it’s an exploitation of power.

The UNHCR called for charities in Calais to adopt a zero tolerance approach to sexual relationships with migrants after learning of the issue, and has always said that sexual relations between aid staff and beneficiaries should be “strongly discouraged”.

In Calais, however, it’s an extremely tough situation to monitor, not least because so many volunteers aren’t affiliated with any charity group.

The problem is exacerbated due to the fact there are no universal humanitarian standards in the camp, meaning essentially that anyone who wants to can come into the camp to help.

The Facebook thread that raised the issue of sexual exploitation was deleted hours after users called for its removal, fearing that it would become a scandal if journalists were to see it, The Independent reported.

The Calais Jungle is bursting at the seams as more migrants arrive, many hoping to make their way to the UK.


The EU is more dependent on Britain for its jobs than vice versa, a new report has found.

Some 5.8 million positions in the bloc are linked to trade with the UK, compared with 3.6 million jobs nationally tied to the European union, according to analysis by Civitas.civitas

The think-tank said the findings show the EU has far more to lose than Britain if it imposes trade barriers between the UK and the single market following Brexit.

The report, entitled UK-EU trade and jobs linked to exports, found that all but five of the 27 EU members have more jobs riding on exports to Britain than Britain has on exports to those countries.

The study also found every single member state has a higher proportion of its job market at stake in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations than the UK does with that country. 

Civitas research fellow Justin Protts, who conducted the analysis, said: “Each of the remaining EU countries has a higher proportion of their workforce employed in jobs that rely on UK trade than the UK has with that EU country.

“Based on the potential impact on jobs, each EU country should be aware of the significant economic benefit in terms of jobs stemming from trade with the UK.”

Germany, often dubbed Europe’s engine, has an estimated 1.3 million jobs, 3.2% of the country’s positions, linked to exports to the UK. In Britain there are 800,000 jobs tied to exports to Germany, the equivalent of 2.4% of UK jobs.

Smaller countries are particularly reliant on trade with the UK, with the number of jobs tied to it standing at 9.5% in Ireland, 9% in Malta and 8.8% in Cyprus.

Only five – Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg and Malta – have fewer jobs linked to UK trade than vice versa. But as a proportion of their jobs market they are also more dependent on UK trade market than the UK is on them.

The analysis also reveals that UK exports to the EU have been in decline, falling from 50% of all exports in 2005 to 42% in 2015.

And the report warned that if the EU continues to fail to strike up major new trade deals and the UK is successful in negotiating new trading relations elsewhere in the world then this rate of decline could steepen.

Mr Protts said: “The EU does arguably have to negotiate as a bloc. However, each of the 27 remaining national governments should be negotiating in the interests of those that democratically elected them.

“The EU, overall, has a net of 2.2 million more jobs linked to UK trade and the Eurozone is still struggling with a highly unbalanced economy and fragile recovery following the 2008 crisis.

“In addition to that, with the fall in the value of the pound, the UK has an increased competitive advantage which will allow it to do more to help UK business export outside the EU which can help offset exposure to a change in trading terms. “The EU does not have such a luxury.”

Christopher Mills, chris-mills-ukipthe Ukip business spokesman, said the findings had cut through “the panic and rumour of the Brexit trade arguments”.

He said: “It will be the pressure of their citizens on national governments that will force continental politicians to recognise that what is good for Britain and British workers is also good for their own populations.

“A fair deal that allows freedom to trade without unrestricted freedom of movement is the clear best solution, for us, and for them.

“German, and French politicians, both with elections coming up must be made aware that restricting trade with the UK will result in their own workers being laid off.

William Dartmouth MEP, UKIP ’s trade spokesman, added: “The facts are now clear – it is wholly in the economic interest of the EU countries, and especially Germany, to come to a sensible arrangement with the UK



Ruth Cadbury, member of parliament for Brentford and Isleworth has revealed the outcome of a survey she has carried out on her website, on the expansion of Heathrow airport.

The survey revealed that 66% of people who participated thought the third runway was a bad idea, whilst 31% were supportive and the rest were unsure.

Commenting on the result of the survey, Ruth said: ‘I am strongly with the 66%. I have lived in the local area for 30 years and have experienced first hand the current issues we have regarding noise, air pollution and cost. We need Heathrow to be better, not bigger.

In the last few weeks, the proposers of both Heathrow expansion schemes (the third runway option and the ‘Heathrow Hub’) have come up with revised proposals.

They have both offered to cut major aspects from their schemes to save billions of pounds of costs. These include ditching the rapid transit scheme at the airport and extending the M25 rather than tunneling it.

These revisions will hugely add to local congestion and pollution and impact negatively on our local area.’

Last week Ruth went to 10 Downing Street with campaigners and delivered 1,000 petition cards to remind the Prime Minister how strongly opposed to expansion local residents are.

You can still submit your views on Heathrow Expansion to the survey.


UKIP prepared for early election, says Diane James .Diane James MEP

Predicting that Theresa May’s government would go to the polls as early as next year, Ms James said she wanted to broaden UKIP’s policy appeal, now that a referendum to leave the EU had been won:

“One of my personal aims in the first 100 days is to update our manifesto, because we are quite frankly looking at a green field out there.”

The new UKIP leader was speaking during a series of interviews to BBC political correspondents from across the UK.

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You know you’re in trouble if this plonker is your saviour.millinana

But will David Miliband give up his $600,000 per year NY “charidee” gig ?

Full article ; Corbyn’s Labour ‘unelectable and undesirable’ – David Miliband – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-37438120

And even scarier.

Will Blair and Mandelson be Miliband’s new Labour puppet masters ?



The Conservatives are going to be a lot more careful in Witneywitney

The Tories have not faced many by-elections since returning to power in 2010. They lost to UKIP in Clacton and Rochester but held on in June 2014 in Newark.

The latter, quite amazingly, was the first time that the Tories had successfully defended a Westminster by-election while in office since 1988.

After their humiliating third place in the May 2014 EU Elections the Tories threw everything into the defence of Newark the following month.

The last thing they wanted was an outcome that would increase UKIP’s momentum. UKIP had to be stopped.

As was reported on by Michael Crick in a series of C4 News reports earlier in the year there were serious questions as to whether the Tories had kept within the £100k by-election expenses limit in the seat. His points about Newark are still being looked into by the Electoral Commission.

So Witney on October 22nd is the first Conservative defence since the EC investigation into this and other alleged expenditure irregularities.

What it means, is that this is going to be harder to defend. They certainly can’t ship activists to the constituency and put them up in hotels. They’ll also have to be careful over paying for leaflet distribution or hiring professional phone canvassers.

Will it have an impact?

On the face of it Cameron majority from GE2015 is so large that shouldn’t impact on the outcome – but who knows?


More Brexit Bounce.

UK car production has had its best August since 2002, according to official industry figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).autocar

Despite fears that the UK’s vote to leave the European Union would cripple the UK’s car production industry, the figures also show a 12% increase in year-to-date car production over 2015, from 1,011,205 last year, to 1,132,727.

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police image

new data for your area has been published on Police.uk.

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

June 2016 July 2016
All crime 149 146
Anti-social behaviour 31 37
Bicycle theft 0 0
Burglary 9 9
Criminal damage and arson 8 11
Drugs 2 2
Other crime 3 1
Other theft 24 16
Possession of weapons 0 0
Public order 11 5
Robbery 1 0
Shoplifting 2 2
Theft from the person 0 0
Vehicle crime 21 19
Violence and sexual offences 37 44

Please visit https://www.police.uk/shape/ccPn5L/ for more information including outcomes for these crimes and contact information for your local policing team.

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The information and statistics displayed in this email are for information purposes only and may be subject to change. Although care is taken when processing and analysing the data, the detail is subject to the inaccuracies inherent in any large-scale recording system. While the figures shown have been checked as far as practicable, they should be regarded as approximate.


UKIP councillors have welcomed Douglas Carswell’s “110 per cent” backing for new leader Diane James.

Party activists say unity is “breaking out” across UKIP, both nationally and in Clacton.

Councillors who attended its national conference have rallied behind new party leader Diane James and Clacton MP Douglas Carswell.

“The membership has spoken and made a clear choice- we now must rally behind Diane.”

“Diane, I give you 110 per cent of my support- well done,” Mr Carswell said, receiving loud cheers and a standing ovation.clactongazette




The Dalai Lama, Tibetan Buddhist leader, one of the world’s highest-profile political exiles, said those who have left to escape fighting and disorder in countries like Syria and Libya should focus on bringing peace to their homelands.

The plight of hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing violence in the Middle East and North Africa has become a major issue in Europe and the rest of the developed world over the past few years.

The 81-year-old religious leader has been forced to live outside his own homeland since fleeing in 1959, 10 years after it was occupied by China.

He told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “The main effort should go to help (their) own country bring peace, in Syria, Libya or even Afghanistan. Generally the people always feel, ‘oh, one day we return’.”

Host Piers Morgan asked him whether all refugees should “aspire to go back to their homeland”, to which he replied: “Yes. (They) should rebuild their own country.”

The Dalai Lama said that despite the current bloodshed the world is a “better place” than in the past.

He also questioned the faith of Islamic terrorists, saying: “Genuine Muslim practitioners will not create bloodshed.

“I think they (terrorists) have too much emotion, they should cool down.”


From the Telegraph Opinion page.telegraph header

During the EU Referendum campaign, Michael Gove was mocked by some Remain supporters for suggesting that voters should be sceptical about the “experts” who predicted that a vote to leave would plunge the UK into economic darkness. oecd

Happily for Britain, the voters agreed with Mr Gove, so Britain will leave.

Events have not worked out so well for the economic experts. The economic catastrophe they confidently predicted has conspicuously failed to occur so far, forcing the pundits to change their tune.

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Confirmed in The Guardian ;



John Redwood sees sense as he changes from pro to anti Heathrow expansion.

Heathrow is Britain’s largest airport – but smaller schemes at other London airports could alleviate pressures on Heathrow, which is bursting at the seams.

It is our number one airport but unfortunately Heathrow has recently with NATs changed the routes and noise corridors, annoying many more residential areas near it.

There was no proper consultation.
When you want to expand you need to do better at showing you are a good and considerate neighbour.

Trying to get air quality to acceptable levels and noise down is proving very difficult.

Heathrow expansion also comes at a big cost to the public purse, as there will need to be much improved road and rail links into the centre.

These will be especially expensive given the high cost properties that stand in the way.

More capacity can be provided through Northolt, Gatwick and other London area airports.
Smaller quicker schemes could alleviate the pressures.

I’m all for spending on better trains, power stations and airports, but I don’t want to throw too much money at projects that are so mired in rows and costs.


Disgraceful prejudice and institutional bullying within the Met Police against officers supporting Leave EU.

Ignored by the LibLabCon but highlighted by peter whittlePeter Whittle, UKIP London Assembly member.


Tom Bailey at  SPIKEDSpiked agrees ;

That the Fabian Society should view the Brexit vote in this way is perhaps not surprising.

This is a think-tank that broadly shares the political values of the EU, and is staffed by the sort of people who cherish their identities as ‘European citizens’.

Yet the Fabian approach to Brexit – how could this have happened? — does underline the chasm that now exists between the political set and the electorate.

The Fabian Society isn’t the only offender here. The Electoral Reform Society recently published its own bewildered-by-Brexit study, titled Doing Referendums Differently after the EU Vote. The ERS says: ‘Referendums are in vogue – so let’s get them right.’

The implication is that the EU referendum somehow went ‘wrong’ – meaning the Remain side, the supposedly good side, lost.

The assumption behind these reports and much of the media’s anti-Brexit coverage is that no one could have rationally concluded that Britain should leave the EU. No, they must really have been concerned about something else, or were thinking in the ‘wrong’ way.

The Fabian Society talks about ‘political disaffection’ and its ‘amenability to Brexit’. It cannot handle the fact, or even accept the fact, that people were dissatisfied with the EU and the status quo, and therefore opted to overturn it.

The referendum outcome is talked about as if it were an accident; as if a building collapsed or a train derailed and now self-appointed experts must investigate, sifting through the rubble to determine what went wrong.

Brexit was no accident. It was purposeful, and considered.

Citizens were asked a simple question: Remain or Leave?

And the largest number of voters for anything in British history said loudly and clearly: ‘Leave.’


More lefty academics and ‘experts’ navel gazing after our Brexit win.

This time the Fabian Society fabianplaqueare playing “Sorry I haven’t a clue.”

They must be the last people in the UK to realise that massive inequality is creating a jobless, underfunded and insecure majority sick of arrogant elites filling their boots at our expense.

No surprise that most of the Labour PC dullards in Westminster are fully paid up clueless Fabians. 

The Fabian Society founded the LSE “for the betterment of society,” now one of the leading institutions in the world, an incubator of influential politicians, economists, journalists, prime ministers and liberal billionaires.

Over to the not fab Fabians ;

Unequal government spending across the UK is likely to be one of the reasons the majority of people voted to leave the European Union, according to the country’s oldest political think-tank.

Many have attempted to unravel the reasons behind the Leave campaign’s victory, citing growing fears around immigration, disillusionment with the political status quo, as well as antipathy towards Brussels.

But the Fabian Society says areas that backed Brexit, such as towns and cities in Northern England and Wales, receive less government funding than London and Scotland, which voted overwhelmingly to remain.

“The way we allocate public expenditure seems to be a more foundational, visceral issue than we previously thought – one that gradually influences political solidarities, identities and culture,” it says. 

“After all, having enough money helps households feel confident about the future and open to change; perhaps the same is true when it comes to places and public resources.”

It warns that if this hypothesis is true, politicians must address the geographic allocation of public resources in order to prevent voters becoming even more disillusioned.

Pat McFadden, a Labour MP who is part of the Open Britain campaign, told The Independent that it was “clear” many voters backed Brexit because they were angry with both Brussels and Westminster.

“People need a fairer economic deal that offers more jobs, a fair share of public spending, more private sector investment and better chances in life,” he said.

……….Poor old Pat and the Fabians should study the bleedin’ obvious.

We are sick of politicians inviting the whole world to the UK to help tax avoiding corporations under cut wages while receiving welfare subsidies paid for by UK taxpayers.

We also question why Westminster politicians hold back on funding UK services but can afford foreign wars, foreign aid and EU giveaways ?

It’s really not that difficult to understand. It just needs the Fabians and LSE to get off their high horses and listen to the masses.




Supporters of open borders and excessive migration to the UK always state that there are no downsides to these policies.

But…….. .

Government statistics have shown that more than 10,000 migrant households have been given emergency council accommodation, as a result of losing their home and needing to care for children.

The families are frequently placed in temporary B&B accommodation or hostels until the council can find a permanent home. The bill of using this kind of temporary housing measure has been estimated at around £2.5 million per month, assuming average accommodation costs around £250 each month.

Data shows the number of migrant households qualifying for emergency accommodation has doubled from 5,320 in 2010 to 10380 in 2015.

Currently, regulations state that EU citizens are eligible for housing help if they have worked in the UK while non-EU citizens can be given assistance if they have been given the right to stay in this country and it would be unsafe for them to return to their homeland.

Harry Davis, Campaign Manager at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “A lack of forward planning and a failure to liberalise planning laws from successive governments have led to a housing shortage in Britain.

“However, extended stays in temporary accommodation cannot be seen as a long term solution as they offer terrible value for taxpayers’ money.
“It’s vital that authorities ensure that more sensible accommodation is found, and fast, to ensure more money isn’t taken away from squeezed council budgets.”

A spokesman for the Local Government Association said: “A chronic shortage of affordable housing means councils are facing real difficulties in finding emergency care for all homeless people, particularly those who are young, vulnerable, or with families.

“Councils need to be able to build and invest in more of the genuine affordable homes our communities desperately need and which are crucial to reducing homelessness and tackling growing council waiting lists.”

Is it a housing shortage or is it too many economic migrants expecting free housing provided by UK taxpayers ?

Why do UK taxpayers subsidise economic migrants that greedy businesses use to undercut British workers ?

Should economic migrants return to their country of origin to claim welfare and housing assistance ?



The Prime Minister said an extra £660 million of the UK’s aid budget would be ring-fenced to focus on easing the refugee crisis.

May’s pledge increases the UK’s humanitarian aid contribution by 10% from last year.


An RAF Reaper drone, acting as part of the US-led coalition, accidentally bombed a Syrian army position as they fought the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) in the eastern city of Deir Ezzor on Saturday.

British Reaper drones have bombed more than 250 targets in Iraq and Syria as part of Operation Shader.


While George Soros, billionaire social engineer and no borders fanatic, speculates to accumulate.

The Open Society Foundations (OSF), a non-profit organization owned by Soros, will be in charge of any profits(??) from the investments.

$500 million will go to the OSF’s migrant and refugee-related programs, which include community centers in Greece and initiatives to provide Syrian refugees with legal advice.

“Refugees need access to financial and legal services, education, and employment opportunities; we believe the private sector is uniquely placed to help build the infrastructure needed to support these services,” the U.N.’s High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said of the Soros investment.




Not all SNP politicians are nutty nationalists intent on ignoring the Brexit vote.

SNP Councillor John Cox followed former SNP Cabinet Secretary Alex Neil in suggesting Scotland needs to make the best of the break with Brussels.

Mr Cox, the Aberdeenshire councillor for Banff and District, argued there were “significant opportunities” in leaving the EU, particularly around the Scottish fishing industry.

Last week, MSP Mr Neil told Holyrood that Scotland needed to “make the best of Brexit”.

Their comments may be perceived as off-message for the party and are certainly not in line with the sabre-rattling rhetoric we have heard from Nicola Sturgeon.

Speaking yesterday, he reaffirmed his opinion that leaving the EU provided “significant opportunities”, particularly in relation to fishing.

The councillor added that being able to scrap the Common Fisheries Policy could lead to a renaissance for Scottish trawlers and create thousands of jobs.

He continued: “The direction of travel is that we are leaving the EU. If that is what is going to happen, then we have got to focus on the opportunities.”

“What we don’t want to do is spend the next two or three years arguing about the threats.”

“We need to put as much energy into the positive as the fear factor.”


With more than a million migrants arriving on the Greek and Italian shores last year, it is estimated that people smuggling networks made more than 4 billion Euros from their criminal activities.

Most of the profits from smuggling migrants are used by criminal organisations to fund other illicit undertakings, such as the sale of illegal drugs and weapons.

Full article on Frontex.europa.eufrontexlogo




Pure unadulterated joy for everyone laughing at another ‘expert’ getting it wrong……again.

A comedy classic by Simon Glendinning at the LSE.

Working with a group of academics from across the EU and beyond, I had enjoyed a few days of happy speculation about a very close result, all the while quietly expecting a small Remain majority, which is what I wanted.

Waking to the result in my hotel room I spent the next hour in a stunned but solitary silence. As I walked over to the morning meeting, I felt my speechlessness becoming public. I struggled for something to say, but had absolutely nothing of my own that seemed up to the task. I still feel a little like that now.

These days the relieving words circulate around an ‘interim’ agreement that would hold off a ‘hard Brexit’—and which, like an uninvoked Article 50, could last forever.

More disconnect from reality ;


Simon Glendinning is Professor of European Philosophy and Director of the Forum for European Philosophy in the European Institute at the LSE. His forthcoming two-volume book Europe’s Promise (Oxford University Press) traces the unravelling of Enlightenment Europe’s cosmopolitan hopes. His research interests include European identity, European modernity, and European politics.



Dear Friends,


This is just a quick email to remind you that the HACAN AGM will be taking place on 28th September, starting at 7pm.


It is being held in St Anne’s Church Hall, Kew Green, Kew Road, TW9 3AA


Formalities are kept to a minimum to allow plenty of time for discussion.


There is some parking available.  The nearest stations are Kew Gardens and Kew (both about a 7 minute walk).  The 391 and 65 buses stop nearby.


Kind Regards,


Sarah King

Membership Secretary



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migration watch

With thanks to Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch.

End low-skilled immigration. Work permits are the way to secure Brexit Britain’s borders.

In all the arguments that will arise it will be important to remain crystal clear about the objective.

The public have voted for control of EU migration. Control must mean a substantial reduction in numbers or the public will rightly feel that they have been deceived.

The winners will be those whose jobs, wages and local services have been under pressure and who, accordingly, voted in large numbers for Brexit.

Full article ;




Manor Court – LBH Planning Meeting – Tuesday 20 September






politics home

With thanks to Emilio Casalicchio at Politics Home.

Theresa Villiers, who took the transport brief during the coalition government, said building an extra runway at the west London airport would be “undeliverable”.

She said Mrs May was “someone who looks very carefully at the evidence” and added: “I hope that when she does she’ll realise that if you can build a new runway at Gatwick for half the cost, in half the time and at a fraction of the environmental impact. That’s obviously the better option.”

Full article ;





Peter Lilley: Brexit should be swift. Here’s how to do it.

The widespread presumption that everything is a matter for negotiation is damaging nonsense. 

It leads officials to suppose that we can do nothing until we have laboriously assessed what can be traded off against what in a multi-dimensional game of diplomacy.

Once we identify the issues which we can decide, Ministers can start taking decisions.

That immediately reduces uncertainty.  It also narrows the focus for negotiations which will render them simpler.

The first decision we should take is to convert all EU legislation and regulations into UK law.

Parliament can amend, repeal or improve any law subsequently.

It is more or less what countries like India, Canada and Australia did when they became independent: they initially adopted British laws as their own.

Full article ;



With thanks to Alexander Ballinger  at Get West London.

Councillors in Hillingdon have voted to back a motion calling on the Prime Minister Theresa May to ‘bring a swift end to the blight of Hillingdon residents’ by choosing to expand Gatwick Airport over Heathrow.

The motion was put forward at a full meeting of Hillingdon Council on Thursday by the leader of the council Ray Puddifoot.

But it was opposed by the Labour group on the council…….

Full article ;


Australia’s former prime minister Tony Abbott tony-abbott-makes-national-security-address-datahas warned the EU to seal its porous borders to guard against “invasion”  and cautioned it against “punishing” Britain for Brexit.

Mr. Abbott said all politicians had a duty to be “honest” with voters and not to deny what they can see for themselves.

In an address to the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists in Prague, Mr. Abbott said it was “more important than ever to be brave” and Europe needed to consider immigration changes including the possibility of turning back migrant boats.

“For some years, 500 million Europeans probably could absorb current inflows provided the newcomers were joining in, rather than breaking in,’’ Mr. Abbott said.

“But a million people coming by boat and almost a million people coming by land last year has the look of a peaceful invasion.”

“Some of Turkey’s leaders have even urged Muslims to take back parts of Europe; and among the would-be migrants are soldiers of the caliphate bent on mayhem.”

“Many of those taking to boats across the Mediterranean or clamouring at Europe’s gates look set to join an angry underclass.”

“Too many are coming, not with gratitude but with grievance, and with the insistence that Europe should make way for them. Over time, this becomes an existential challenge.”

And if Europe won’t meet it – as Brexit shows, as the reimposition of border controls show – individual countries will insist on dealing with it in their own way.’’

Mr. Abbott went on to praise Australia as “an immigrant nation; we well appreciate that people from Africa and the Middle East have every reason to seek a better life – but they have no right to demand that Europe should provide it to them.”

“Europe’s navies must do their humanitarian duty and rescue people who might otherwise drown; but taking them onto Italy and Greece just guarantees that more will make this dangerous journey.”

“So long as people think that arriving in Europe means staying in Europe… they will keep coming. Sending them to more European countries won’t solve the problem; it will just spread it around.”

“People in no immediate danger have to be turned back at Europe’s borders. People intercepted in the Mediterranean have to be returned to their starting point.”

“That’s what Australia did, under my government: we stopped illegal boats at sea and escorted them back to Indonesian waters.”

“If the boats were scuttled, we had big orange life rafts on hand so that people could safely return from whence they’d come.”

“Effective border protection is not for the squeamish, but it is absolutely necessary to save lives and to preserve nations. The truly compassionate thing to do is: stop the boats and stop the deaths – and, for more than two years now, there have been no illegal arrivals by boat in Australia and the drownings have stopped.

“And having stopped the boats, we’ve been able to increase our genuine refuge intake because the Australian government has been in charge, not the people smugglers.”

“Europe’s challenges are on a larger scale and the geography is different but with the right will and organisation there is no reason why there could not be similar success.’’

Mr. Abbott said it was necessary to remain optimistic and never lose faith in democracy and Western civilisation.

“The struggle of democracies everywhere to rein in debt and deficit and to boost productivity could be the beginning of a long economic decline — or it could be what forces political leaders to be more honest with our electorates.”

Mr. Abbott said suggestions Britain would be worse off economically or isolated culturally were the sort of “tosh” that prompted Britons to vote to leave the EU. He said the main reason he believed people voted to leave the EU was not that Britons were opposed to immigration but feared losing control.”

He urged Europeans to pay attention to the people’s wish for border security.



This story is doing the rounds this morning and poses more questions than answers.

A poll attached to this story has 88% of people voting against more refugees entering the UK. Why are No Borders allowed to flout UK law ?

The UN have highlighted the migrant crisis occurring in Syria.
Why are EU, Russian, UK and US governments still killing innocent Syrians by indiscriminate bombing , obviously causing more migration ?

Why are UK authorities not returning Habib to Greece, his first safe country of residence ? UN asylum laws say asylum must be taken in Greece and asylum seekers cannot decide a different country.

Do the UK Border Agency, airports and airlines check passports anymore ?

How many foreign nationals are using this route to enter the UK to commit crime and organise future terrorist atrocities ?

From today’s news ;

A Syrian migrant was able evade five security checks to enter the UK on a Ryanair flight using another person’s passport supplied by a far-left political group.

Bashar Habib, 18, used documents of a man with a markedly different appearance to board a plane unchallenged from Athens to Stanstead, where he claimed asylum.

Bashar, from Deir Ezzor, was reportedly handed the passport by activist group No Borders – who have been accused of provoking riots in French migrant camps.

Bashar says he bought a one-way ticket from Athens airport from the Ryanair ticket desk for €224.

The teenager says he was allowed on flight FR1016 unchallenged, and arrived in Stanstead airport hours later.

Upon arrival, British authorities found his Syrian identity card and he was allowed to claim asylum.

But the lapse in security sparked outrage among aviation experts and MPs.

Chris Phillips, former head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, told the Mail on Sunday: “He could have been anyone.

“It raises the question: how many more people are coming in by this route?”

Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke branded the incident “extremely concerning” and blasted No Borders for “undermining national security”.

The anti-capitalist, far-left group claim to fight against immigration controls and “strive for freedom of movement for all”, according to their website.

Bashar said he came into contact with the activists on August 8 at a refugee camp near the Greek port city of Thessaloniki and was on the plane within 24 hours.

He said he was given the passport of 24-year-old Austrian Marius Brem, who graduated from the University of the West of England in Bristol in 2014.

Bashar said one of the No Borders interpreters at the camp told him to memorise the details of the passport.

He said: “He told me that I was Marius now and to memorise the details because on the journey people might ask me them and I needed to know them without checking the passport so as not to look suspicious.”

Bashar is now living in a hostel in the north of England, where he says “life is peaceful”.

Aviation expert Julian Bray said: “Worryingly, coming in on a scheduled flight is now becoming a mainstream opportunity for unauthorised people to get into Britain. He could have been anybody getting on that plane.

“There’s absolutely no excuse for it and the Greek authorities must raise their game…the airline must also increase its security. The only good news is that he was picked up this end.”

The security breach comes as Theresa May aims to table a resolution at the UN Security Council seeking to bolster international aviation security.



From the LibDems Autumn Conference 2016.

The LibDems are fighting against grammar schools selection but are keen for prostitution for school leavers.

Dennis Parsons, the chairman of Cheltenham Liberal Democrats, floated the idea at a special session on sex work. The Lib Dem said careers officers are not allowed to suggest prostitution, but added: “Why shouldn’t they?”


Read more at: https://inews.co.uk/essentials/news/politics/lib-dem-shouldnt-careers-officers-suggest-prostitution-school-leavers/

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron distanced himself from the remarks, but insisted he would not “slap down” the councillor for making them because people needed to be allowed to say “shocking things”.

Obviously little Timothy will slap down and severely criticise any UKIP councillors who say ‘shocking things’.

Confirmed by The Independent ;the independent



Congratulations to Diane James, the new UKIP Leader.Diane James MEP

As expected, the lefty useful idiots  attempt to divide and rule us but only show their own disconnect from the views of the rest of us.sendintheclowns

Diane sees Putin as a strong leader. Like him or loathe him, you cannot deny that he makes Westminster and EU politicians look weak and absurd.

Diane has stated that open borders increases the dangers from terrorists posing as refugees. With ISIS sleeper cells arrested in Germany and atrocities across Europe, only a thick lefty would disagree.

Diane said that some Romanians are criminals, especially prevalent as pick pockets. The MET police have recorded over 27,000 offences over five years by Romanian criminals. So make your own mind up.

Diane supports grammar schools. It’s farcical that wealthy and influential lefties that went to grammar or fee paying schools themselves, are against less privileged children having the same chance in life. The wealthy “I’m alright Jack” lefties want to protect their pampered offspring from the rest of us.

Diane believes that an English speaking doctor from the Commonwealth is more preferable than a doctor from the EU that doesn’t speak English. The wealthy lefties usually have private medical care so they have no right to use our NHS as a political weapon.

Diane admits she doesn’t know how the travel arrangements between the UK and EU will be after Brexit negotiations. Does anyone ? Has the author got any idea ?

It does once again prove that those living in lefty La-La Land will  deny the sky is up and water is wet if it doesn’t suit their own cosseted and bigoted view of how our country should be managed.

Over to the leftards ;


You have to laugh at the hypocrisy of Unite the Union.uaf-hammer-and-sickle

After holding hands with the Tories and greedy corporations during the EU Referendum debate, they now pretend they care for the masses.

The masses living in Heathrow Villages don’t count as Unite support the Chinese and Qatari owners of Heathrow demolishing thousands of our homes.

Credit to the BT News website.

Most people want zero hours contracts banned a new poll shows.

A survey of 2,000 adults for the Unite union showed that two thirds were against the controversial contracts, under which workers do not know how many hours they will be offered from one week to the next.

Most people also felt there were too few decent jobs in their area.

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “These findings reveal a disunited Britain and the scale of the task facing the prime minister who has vowed to govern not just for ‘a privileged few’.

“The truth is working class voters feel left out”.

“The question now is does the prime minister’s party have the policies needed to restore confidence to millions who feel betrayed by years of cuts and who now live in perpetual insecurity?

“When it comes to measures to address economic and employment uncertainty there is widespread agreement on the one course of action that the government should take.

“It should bring forward plans now to make work pay in this country again, starting with banning zero hours contracts. If it can be done for the workers of New Zealand, it should be done for the workers of the UK.”


Here’s a good one.

With thanks to Nicholas Cecil at The Evening Standard.

The Tory leader of Theresa May’s own local council windsortoday vowed to use “all necessary financial resources” for a High Court battle to block a third runway at Heathrow.

Councillor Simon Dudley, head of Windsor and Maidenhead council, pledged the legal action to protect residents “irrespective of who the Prime Minister is”.

Full article ; http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/theresa-mays-local-council-vows-court-fight-if-she-backs-new-heathrow-runway-a3346631.html



Government big hitters take on our noisy neighbour.

Heathrow expansion is a “fantasy” and should be “consigned to the dustbin”, Boris Johnson has said ahead of a decision on whether to expand the airport.

In his first comments on the issue since becoming Foreign Secretary, Mr Johnson backs a report from a Parliamentary group setting out detailed risks facing taxpayers from a new third runway.

Justine Greening, the Education Secretary, has also pledged to oppose any decision to expand Heathrow, and is expected to campaign robustly against a third runway.

Backing the report by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Heathrow, which sets out 16 serious risks that could stop or delay expansion of the airport, Mr Johnson said: “The study exposes in glaring detail the weaknesses and omissions in the Howard Davies Airports Commission report. As I’ve advocated for many years Heathrow expansion is the wrong choice, and if it is chosen it simply won’t get built.”

The Foreign Secretary added: “The massive costs and enormous risks mean it’s undeliverable, and the taxpayer will be saddled with the bill for failure. While we are finding this out our international competitors will be further extending their competitive advantage over us. We need to consign this Heathrow fantasy to the dustbin. We need a better solution.”

Mr Johnson’s comments suggest that he still intends to campaign wholeheartedly against expansion of Heathrow even if Mrs May decides to authorise the plans.

Zac Goldsmith, chairman of the APPG, said: “Heathrow expansion has been suffering a slow death for decades. This report should be a final nail in the coffin.

“At a time when Britain is looking to take advantage of the opportunities post Brexit it would be disastrous to embark once again on the futile quest to expand Heathrow.

“In the 21st century no developed economy is looking to fly more planes directly over its capital city. If Heathrow expansion is given the green light, it will never take off. The project will simply become a metaphor for inertia at the very time Britain needs to be going for growth.”

Theresa Villiers, a former Cabinet minister, said: “Why expand Heathrow when, as this report shows, you could expand Gatwick for half the cost, in half the time and with a fraction of the environmental impact?”

Mr Johnson, the MP for Uxbridge in west London, has previously said that he is prepared to lie down “in front of bulldozers” to stop a third runway from being built, and was heavily opposed to expansion as mayor of London.

Ms Greening, a former transport secretary and MP for Putney in south-west London, makes clear her opposition to Heathrow on her website.

It says that she “will continue to stand up for the thousands of residents who are concerned about aircraft noise and keep working to make sure our local community is listened to”.





With thanks to Zoe Efstathiou at The Express.

In the Commons, former foreign minister and Brexit campaigner Dominic Raab, called for aid to be denied to countries “refusing point-blank to accept foreign national offenders deported from the UK”.

Figures released earlier this year estimate there are currently 13,000 foreign criminals awaiting deportation from the UK.

Full article ;


Confirmed in The Telegraph ;




A group of politicians and business leaders have written to the Prime Minister urging her not to give the go-ahead for a third runway at Heathrow.

Expansion at the London hub would “re-forge its monopoly” in the UK, the 29 signatories said in their letter to Theresa May.

The group, which includes the chief executive at Birmingham Airport Paul Kehoe and a number of West Midlands MPs, pleaded with Mrs May to ensure the decision on extra runway capacity does not damage the region.

Full article ;



Conservative ex PM David Cameron proves he is the heir to Blair.

A UK parliamentary report has severely criticised the intervention by Britain and France that led to the overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

It said the intervention had not been “informed by accurate intelligence”, and that it led to the rise of so-called Islamic State in North Africa.

Full article ;

thanks BT


With thanks to the Colnbrook Views website.


Stop Heathrow Expansion has responded angrily to a new promotional video from Heathrow in which it urges residents to tell their MP to back its “community focused” plans. 

The campaign group insists that the airport’s plans for communities are unfunded and “full of the usual garbage”.

Full article ;


Heathrow Hot Spot.

The Met Office says a temperature of 32.2°C has been recorded at Heathrow Airport making it the hottest September day since 1949.


Arrogant, self serving, comical, illiberal, anti-democratic, out of touch, egotistical, untrustworthy, illogical and bleedin’ unbelievable.farron

Little Timothy Farron tells us how the LibDems are correct and all of us (17.4 million) are wrong.

Hold your nose ;




The absurdity of fake refugees and bogus asylum seekers abusing the EU’s open borders.

With thanks to Dave Burke on Mail Online.mail online

Asylum seekers from war-torn nations including Syria and Iraq and registered as refugees have been heading back to the countries they fled on vacation, an investigation has found.

Officials are now investigating how often refugees are vacationing in their homeland, having previously said they are fleeing persecution.

Full article ;




Bye bye Dave.

Off you go to receive your corporate payback.


You will always be remembered for ;




Tom Slater, Spike’s Deputy Editor, nicely sums up Labour’s bourgeois leadership contest.

This turgid Labour leadership race is really just a spat between competing bourgeois factions: Labour MPs, Guardian columnists and JK Rowling on one side; Oxbridge-educated Momentum activists, another set of Guardian columnists and, er, UB40 on the other.

The Brexit vote revealed a party startlingly out-of-touch. Though Labour backed Remain, with even the Eurosceptic Corbyn touting a ‘Remain and reform’ line, 70 per cent of Labour-held constituencies voted Leave.

Full article ;



Anti-British union leaders rewrite recent history.

Unite’s Len McCluskey forgets that he was a leader of the Establishment’s EU Remain Campaign.

TUC leader Frances O’Grady chooses to ignore her support for globalism and the Tories during the EU Referendum debate.

Both refuse to accept that free movement and open borders, which they cheerlead, cause wage suppression for British workers.

With thanks to Jon Craig at Sky News ;





Will the millions Heathrow has paid to MPs across the UK help them win a Westminster free vote ?

Breaking News from ITV.

Ministers could be given a free vote on whether to expand Heathrow Airport, an internal Government document has revealed.

The paper, which was filmed by a passenger on the London Underground, discusses the “potential waiving of collective responsibility” ahead of the forthcoming decision on airport capacity.

A Tube commuter spotted the email printout while standing close to the official on a Central Line train.

The passenger captured some of the contents with a smartphone, including a section clearly marked “waiving collective responsibility” and appearing to indicate that one option would be a free vote.

A Government spokesman said: “The Government remains committed to taking a decision on airport expansion and delivering additional runway capacity as planned by 2030. We will set out next steps in due course.”

Confirmed in The Guardian ;




Another flagship UKIP policy goes mainstream.

Responding to Theresa May’s speech on education today, Nigel Farage said: “The Government is now supporting the creation of new grammar schools; yet another flagship UKIP policy goes mainstream.

“We in UKIP have campaigned for a return to selective education and at times it has felt a lonely place, but today’s announcement is great news.

“Grammar schools work and help the poorest in our society get on in life. I am delighted by what I’ve heard from the Prime Minister.

“I hope that MPs in Mrs. May’s party now have the courage to support this push for new grammar schools.”

From April 2015 ;



A nice little pick me up from  Nelson McCausland in The Belfast Telegraph ;









London has been crowned as the world’s top city of opportunity for the second year in a row.londontaxis

PwC’s latest Cities of Opportunity Index revealed London scored top marks once again thanks to its economic importance, reputation as a city gateway, ease of doing business, innovation and culture.

The report also found London  significantly extended its lead  over its closest rival Singapore, followed by Toronto, Paris and Amsterdam.

London kept the top spot for economic clout, beating fellow global powerhouses New York and Beijing.

But it was found to be the most expensive city for cost of living and business occupancy, losing out to Johannesburg, Toronto and Los Angeles which were the three most affordable cities.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan welcomed the report and brushed aside Brexit concerns.

He said: “This is the best city in the world; it’s open for business, creative, entrepreneurial, agile, full of opportunity and a hub for business and leisure travel.

“Despite the recent vote to leave the European Union, there is no doubt that this will continue to be the best place in the world to do business.”

PwC said London scored highly across its range of 10 indicators measuring the performance of 30 major global cities, such as economic importance, reputation as a city gateway, ease of doing business, technology, transport and innovation.

PwC partner David Snell said: “Change is ahead and the Brexit negotiations would offer a “major opportunity for financial services firms to work with regulators, investors and clients in order to shape a new rulebook fit for the new climate”.

Across the performance indicators, London ranked within the top three for economic importance, ease of doing business, intellectual capital and innovation, technology readiness, being a city gateway, demographics and liveability.

The index also found London performed strongly for the quality of universities and access to libraries and is one of the top cities best suited for young people aged between 15 and 29.

It likewise came top in its attractiveness to employees looking to relocate, according to PwC.

Flanagan & Allen agree ;




From the new and improved Stop Heathrow Expansion website.she

Theresa May got a reminder that the roads serving Heathrow can’t cope with a TWO-RUNWAY Heathrow when her jet to China was held on the tarmac at Heathrow because an important passenger was stuck in M25 traffic.

The Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, was scheduled to join the Prime Minister on the flight to the G20 summit but, like so many Heathrow passengers, he was stuck in a car cursing the overloaded road network.

However, unlike other passengers, Mr Carney was flying on the PM’s special aircraft so the flight was held up for him and his vehicle was given a Metropolitan Police motorcycle outrider escort to speed him on the remaining part of his journey. 

There was no three-hour check-in and security clearance for Mr Carney so the plane took off only 23 minutes late. We hope he appreciated that life is not like this for people with a regular ticket.

If the PM approves a third runway, it will have 14-lanes of road traffic travelling in a tunnel underneath it.  The proposals need this increased road capacity to attempt to accommodate some of the increase in vehicles, including local traffic that doesn’t even want to go to Heathrow.

Heathrow claims it will encourage people to travel by public transport yet it also wants massive car parks in and around the airport so Theresa May would be a fool to believe the airport’s planners.

Building more roads doesn’t solve the infrastructure problems, which the public will be forced to fund – that’s both construction and long-term maintenance.

Heathrow is simply in the wrong place and can’t cope now, let alone in the future. The last thing it should be granted is another runway.



Heathrow borrow the EU Remain Magic Calculator.

From the Airport Watch website; airportwatch.org.uk

Heathrow is making all possible efforts to persuade as many MPs as possible to back its 3rd runway bid, before the government (Chris Grayling) makes a statement on the matter – probably in October.

Heathrow has now commissioned and paid for a “study” by CEBR, perhaps by Vicky Pryce with a foreword by her, that aims to give the impression that the 3rd runway will make an immense financial contribution to the UK.

The study would not pass peer review. Its methodology is not given, and there is no justification for any of its claims.

Heathrow says (it tries to avoid making it clear this is over 60 years) its runway would boost GDP by “£24,500” per family. It omits to say how many families it is considering, or the total GDP benefit.

A bit of simple mathematics shows Heathrow is claiming a GDP boost of £458 billion over 60 years, as the ONS says there are 18.7 million families in the UK (2015).

The Airports Commission’s most optimistic scenarios gave a maximum benefit, over 60 years, of £211 billion. Its main forecast was for a UK benefit of £147 billion. This was seriously questioned as being exaggerated, even by the Commission’s own financial advisors.

This £458 billion figure, apparently plucked from thin air, is well over double that.

And Heathrow says there will be so much benefit that by 2060 (with no rationale given) we could cut VAT by 2.5% due to the runway.


full work permit regime

With thanks to Emilio Casalicchio and the Politics Home website.politics home

Whitehall officials have been asked to consider the requirement of a job before arrival as a starting point for the immigration system.

Top figures in Mrs May’s team are apparently calling for a full work permit regime which would treat EU and non-EU migrants seeking entry to Britain equally.

Full article ;



Was the reported hate crime surge a politically motivated social media attack against Brexit ?

With thanks to Nick Hallet and the Breitbart London website.

Hate crime prosecutions fell by almost 10 per cent in England and Wales last year despite a rise in the number of reported incidents.

Figures from a Freedom of Information request hate crime reports increased by 20 per cent – from 50,288 in 2014/15 to 60,255 in 2015/16, the BBC reports.

However, data from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) hate crime report showed the number of cases referred to prosecutors decreased from 14,376 in 2014/15 to 12,997 in 2015/16 – a drop of 9.6 per cent.

The British media focused heavily on an alleged increase in hate crime in the make of June’s Brexit vote, however Breitbart London exposed how anti-Brexit campaigners were using social media to inflate the figures.

The “Worrying Signs” Facebook page encouraged members to “spread some awareness” of perceived incidents after the referendum, encouraging them to “share information, post pictures, add screen grabs (etc.) of any worrying signs or incidents of racism / xenophobia you’ve come across since the UK EU referendum results”.

The page, which swelled to almost 12,000 members just a week after the vote, then told supporters to report incidents to the police.

Breitbart London reported how it takes just minutes to report an alleged hate incident online, raising questions over whether the supposed surge in reports was politically motivated.

All posts on the page were also kept public, thus allowing alleged incidents to go viral in the media and creating a narrative of rising hate.

A police statement later clarified that while reported hate crimes had risen via an online form, there was no evidence of a genuine increase in incidents.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton said that while online reported incidents had risen 57 per cent, the figure “should not be read as a national increase in hate crime of 57% but an increase in reporting through one mechanism.”




NHS Hillingdon logo2_6

Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group AGM.

Hillingdon CCG’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 7th September at Brunel University, Darwin Room.

1pm-2pm with lunch being provided at 12.30pm.

To register your attendance and state whether you require a parking permit, please use the link below


Kindest regards

Hillingdon CCG Communications Team
Boundary House
2nd Floor
Cricket Field Road
Uxbridge, Middlesex

01895 203027 .




Dear Supporter,
September events in Cranford Park.

Sunday Sept. 11 .
Secret Garden opening & volunteer session 10am-12noon. Next to the stables. Refreshments for helpers.

Saturday Sept. 17 .
London Open House Weekend. The Stables, St Dunstan’s Church and Secret Garden will be open from 10:30am-4:30pm.
Our guided ‘Knights, Earls & Ghosts’ history walk of the park, led by Bob, CPF Secretary, departs the stables at 11am (90 minutes). Members of our History & Conservation Group will be on hand and there’s an exhibition in the stables.

Sunday Sept. 18 .
London Open House Weekend. As Saturday except we open from 11:30am and there’s no guided walk. A gathering of Classic Motorcycles will assemble in the courtyard in the afternoon. Refreshments.

Please note we need more volunteers to assist during the above weekend – please reply if you can help for an hour or two.

Another request: Do you have any portable display panels you could donate to our group for our historical display? We currently have some on loan but we will shortly need to return them.

Diary date: October 9:
Our regular volunteer session will be extended and we will be doing some light clearance work with Thames 21, possibly in and around Frog’s Ditch. Why not come and lend a hand?  

Hope to see you in the park soon.




English Heritage.

The Great Barn, Harmondsworth.harmondsworth-barn

Rescued by English Heritage after years of neglect, this Grade I listed barn ranks alongside the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey for its exceptional architectural and historic interest.

It was dubbed the “Cathedral of Middlesex” by Sir John Betjeman.

Directions and opening times on the link ;



Strewth !!!

Natalie Bennett proves she fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.Natalie-Bennett-refugees-welcome

From the Green Party rent-a-gob ;

“People did not vote Leave primarily on the basis of opposition to immigration,” she said.

“The many politicians, quite a few of them from the Labour Party, who are going around saying ‘this was a vote about immigration and it shows we have to stop free movement’ need to be challenged. Strongly. This was not ‘a vote against immigration’.”

Full condescending Greenwash ;



Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge  reports on Nigel’s latest Infowars interview.   nigelunionjack

Nigel Farage Warns “The Establishment Is Losing Control Over The People “

“Brexit is the first strike-back against this phenomenon of the big banks, the big businesses, effectively owning politics, willfully destroying nation-state democracy, getting rid of that thing our forbearers actually fought and shed their blood to create and to preserve our liberties and our freedoms,” he continued.

“All of that being taken away and suddenly in a referendum that no one said we could win, and we’ve done it.”

“What we’ve done is given inspiration to freedom fighters right across the Western World.”


No train, big gain.

With thanks to William Turvill at CityA.M.city am

Southern Rail’s commuter services are beset by delays, cancellations and strikes in a long-running dispute over the role of guards.

The rail union has slammed Southern Rail’s owner, Go-Ahead Group, after it reported a 27 per cent growth in statutory pre-tax profits.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said it was “shameful that they have opted to hoard cash instead of protecting the travelling public”.

Full article ;

73% of UKIP supporters chose the proposition “the railway companies should be run in the public sector”, compared with 79% of Labour and only 52% of Conservative according to a YouGov survey.


Heard the one about Scotland leaving the UK if the UK voted Leave EU  ?

Pull the other one.

With thanks to Brendan Cole at the International Business Times.ibt

Scots are not keen for another independence referendum before Brexit and would back staying in the United Kingdom, a poll has revealed.

In a blow to the Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon as she starts a new push for separation, the YouGov poll shows that despite a Brexit vote that was mostly rejected in Scotland, 54% of people still back the union, with 46% supporting independence.

Full article  ;