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David Kurten

David Kurten

Responsibilities for 2016-17
  • Member of the Environment Committee
  • Member of the Housing Committee
  • Member of the Transport Committee


David Kurten studied Chemistry at the University of St Andrews, before completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at the University of Bath.  He has been a Chemistry teacher for 15 years and has taught in both state and private schools in Hampshire, Botswana, London, Bosnia-Herzegovina, New York and Bermuda.  In 2014, David Kurten visited over 100 schools in 15 countries performing Chemistry lectures and demonstrations to enthuse young people to study and engage with Science on the Einstein on the Road Tour.

Peter Whittle

Peterr Whittle 1

Responsibilities for 2016-17
  • Leader of the UKIP Group
  • Chair of the Audit Panel
  • Member of the Confirmation Hearings Committee
  • Member of the GLA Oversight Committee
  • Member of the Police & Crime Committee


Peter Whittle has been UKIP’s national Culture spokesman since 2013.  He had a 15-year career in the media – as a TV producer and director of factual programmes for both UK and USA networks, and subsequently in print journalism.  Founder and director of the New Culture Forum, a think-tank based in Westminster.  Writes a monthly column, Whittle’s London, for Standpoint magazine, as well as a monthly column for Breitbart London and has had a number of books published.  He grew up in Shooters Hill, SE18 and lives in south east London now.


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Many mainstream journalists together with vast sections of the establishment have unfortunately been trained on liberal arts courses where they have been infected with the notion of ‘intersectional victimhood’.
This is a barmy theory where some people have ‘privilege’, and others are ‘victims’ based on what you look like, what reproductive anatomy you have and what you do with it.
Essentially, if you are white, straight, able-bodied, Christian and male you are privileged in every way possible, and your privilege makes you an oppressor just by existing.
Full article;


David Kurten speaking in the Assembly regarding International Women’s day


Peter Whittle questions London Mayor Sadiq Khan on knife crime


People’s Question Time, November 2016



Question re Parking at Hayes & Harlington Station – November 2016Parking Charge NoticesQuestion No: 2016/2911David KurtenThere have been reports of many motorists being charged PCNs in Station Approach at Hayes and Harlington station for simply dropping people off or picking people up outside the station. Apparently the road is private, but motorists have no reason to believe this or consider this as it looks like a normal road, but are told after they receive a PCN that they should know as there is a sign by the station stating as such. What will the Mayor do to ensure that motorists do not continue to be stung by what they may justifiably consider to be a ‘shakedown’?

Written response from the Mayor

As you know, Station Approach in Hayes does not form part of Transport for London’s Road Network. Therefore, I can confirm no Penalty Charge Notices have been issued to members of the public by either TfL or the MPS on that road.


However, I have asked TfL to raise your concerns directly with Great Western who manage the station and the surrounding area.


Peter Whittle questions Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe on FGM


Peter Whittle defends free speech



Predictable but shamelessly quick – Sadiq Khan breaks his fare freeze promise

Published Jun 08, 2016

DavidK.jpgIt has emerged that the cost of travelcards is to continue rising despite a promise made by Sadiq Khan during the London elections to freeze fares for the full mayoral term. In his campaign Mr Khan promised that Londoners would pay the same fares in 2020, when he’ll be up for re-election, as they did at the start of his mayoralty. However, yesterday Mr Khan told the London Assembly that his fares freeze would not cover travelcards, or daily and weekly Oyster and contactless card caps.

Responding, UKIP’s David Kurten, who sits on the London Assembly’s Transport Committee said, “Sadiq Khan breaking his fares freeze promise was predictable but still I am astonished by how shamelessly quick it was.

“We are sadly quickly becoming used to Sadiq Khan rowing back from his campaign pledges and promises. First it was in the area of housing, now it is transport – is there any area of his election manifesto that he seeks to honour? It’s a good thing there is a revolving door at the entrance to City Hall as it looks to me that Sadiq Kahan’s manifesto is using it.

“He has done the people of London a grave disservice by having made promises during his campaign that he won’t and can’t keep during his term of office.”


UKIP London Assembly Member David Kurten responds to the latest immigration figures

Published May 26, 2016

DavidKurtenWeb.jpgDavid Kurten AM responding to the immigration figures said,

“With net immigration now hitting 333,000 per year, it is clear that the present government has no plan to reduce immigration to sustainable levels. London is in the midst of a serious housing crisis and the transport network, primary schools, surgeries and hospitals are bursting at the seams.

“With the population of London now expected to grow by another million in the next 8 years, the situation and quality of life for Londoners will continue to deteriorate. In the Mayor’s question time yesterday, the new Mayor refused to commit to building 80,000 homes per year as was reportedly in his manifesto.

“The only way to solve the housing crisis and to alleviate pressure on London’s public services is to substantially reduce immigration. For this to happen, the United Kingdom needs to leave the European Union and regain control of its borders.”


UKIP London Assembly member Peter Whittle slams the flying of the EU flag at City Hall today

Published May 23, 2016

PETER.jpgPeter Whittle AM, the UKIP Group leader on the London Assembly has today criticised the flying of the EU flag at City Hall today. This is the first time it has been flown outside City Hall.

The usual protocol was to have a Union Flag flanked by two City Hall flags, one of which was occasionally changed during state visits or in solidarity with countries which had suffered terror attacks.

Peter Whittle said, “I was amazed today to discover that one of the first acts of Sadiq Khan has been to order the flying of the EU flag from City Hall. He just couldn’t wait to display where his true loyalties lie. It is extraordinary.

“Luckily there is an opportunity to make sure that the EU flag is never flown outside City Hall again and that is a Leave vote in the forthcoming EU Referendum.

“It is also extraordinary that the English flag has not been flying from City Hall. London is the capital of England and we know full well that the Scottish and Welsh flags fly from their capital city’s. So why not England? Seems to me to be most inappropriate.

“Speaking of flags I would also note that since the abolition of the GLC in 1986, there has been no coat of arms or flag or other symbol created for Greater London other than the flag for City Hall. There is a flag and coat of arms for the City of London but not for Greater London.

“Perhaps there should be one and I would think that might be something we could open up to a competition of all Londoners to design so that we can fly a flag at City Hall all of London can rally behind.”