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Brendan O’Neill is correct as always.

The General Election is another Brexit vote.

We need pro Brexit MPs to push through the EU Referendum result.
Vote for Cliff Dixon to hold the Tories feet to the fire.


Oh dear !!!
John McDonnell loses the patriotic British vote.
Two MPs who served in the Army have criticised John McDonnell after he claimed he did “everything I possibly could to secure the peace process in Northern Ireland”.
Mr McDonnell said: “It’s about time we started honouring those people involved in the armed struggle. It was the bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands that brought Britain to the negotiating table.
James Cleverly, who was an Army major before becoming an MP, said: “The comments John McDonnell made about the British government being dragged to the negotiating table by the bomb and the bullet were deeply offensive to many people who served in Northern Ireland, or lost friends and family through terrorism.
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Tories give English pensioners the cold shoulder with a cheap election bung to the Scots.
Scottish pensioners will not face a cut to their winter fuel allowance under the Conservatives despite the elderly in England feeling the pinch – because it is colder north of the border.
The Prime Minister gave way to demands from the Scottish Conservatives – who insisted the allowance would be protected for Scottish pensioners and exempt from means testing.
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Stop Heathrow Expansion. 
Fill in the Government consultation to stop the Chinese and Qatari Governments demolishing thousands of Britons’ homes.
A handy reminder if you need one ;



Luckily we’re not cursed by the LibDems in Hillingdon.

Here’s a record of LibDems Leader Tim Farron upset that Labour signed the Lisbon Treaty with LibDems help and without a promised EU Referendum.

Statement on Shadow Cabinet resignation

March 5, 2008 8:00 PM

Tim Farron, MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale, has issued the following statement following his resignation from his post as Countryside spokesman for the Liberal Democrats:

“I have made a commitment to my constituents in saying that I would vote for a referendum on the EU Treaty. This is why, with much regret, I am standing down from Liberal Democrat Shadow Cabinet”

“Although I do not on this issue agree with my party leader, I remain enthusiastically supportive of his Leadership and look forward to continuing to work with him to advance our party’s cause, even if this is not to be from the front bench.”




Why did Len McCluskey fall arse over tit: Was it;

A) He’d been at the cheap plonk provided by Back Heathrow.
B) Goldman Sachs wined and dined him for supporting EU and Bilderberg globalists.
C) He realised that his fat cat salary would be taxed by Labour at 60-90% and fainted.
D) He’s got two far-left feet.
Or all four ?


How to stop John McDonnell and Labour kids canvassing at your home.

1- Love our country. 

A Message from the Lib-Lab-Con


We hope you can spare some time to visit Cranford Park this weekend.

‘Knights, Earls and Ghosts’ Walk: Saturday May 13, 11am

Follow in the footsteps of medieval knights, partying aristocrats and the mysterious Grey Lady…a leisurely guided walk through the fascinating history of the park. Free. Meet by car park. 90 minutes, with teas available in St Dunstan’s afterwards (courtesy of the parishioners). Led by CranfordPark Friends.

Secret Garden opening: Sunday May 14 (and the second Sunday of each month) 2:30-4:30pm.

Come and help with light gardening or just visit this small walled garden, with its old well and vine, normally closed to the public. Tools and refreshments provided for volunteers. Adjacent to the stables and St. Dunstan’s Church.

Finally, a reminder that the next Friends’ meeting is on May 18 at 7:30pm at the Crane Community Centre.


Not breaking news.

Labour attract nutcases.


H/T The Guido Fawkes Blog

Caroline Lucas has admitted for the first time that the Green Party WAS offered a £250,000 inducement to stand aside for the LibDems in the Richmond by-election. The Electoral Commission tell Guido that offering such a bung is a criminal offence and that this is a matter for the police…


One in – One out.

The failure of the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd to answer simple questions on immigration today shows that the Tories are “completely at sea”, says John Bickley, the UKIP immigration spokesman.
Bickley who will be launching the UKIP immigration policy tomorrow attacked Rudd after she repeatedly failed to commit to the long standing Tory policy of tens of thousands net immigration figures per year.
“They are lost”, said Bickley, “They know that last year’s referendum result was driven in a large part by our country’s desire to take back control of immigration, but there is no will in the Tory party to deliver this.
Either they maintain their policy created by Theresa May of tens of thousands, a promise they have failed to deliver in seven years, or they drop it and admit that they have no intention to deliver what the country demands.
“The Tories are so in hock to their big business multi-national corporate chums that they would rather see wages for working people in this country driven down by mass migration rather than acting to control immigration in the best interests of this nation.
“It is only UKIP who are serious about delivering concrete measures to control immigration”.



Route and frequency changes on our local bus network.



Neil Keveren, who completed his 400-mile, 3-week walk to Scotland and his Uncle Ray, who manned the support vehicle enjoyed a special welcome home party in Harmondsworth on Friday evening, 28th April – only a few hours after driving back.


With thanks to the Westmonster website.

Yet another man has been stabbed to death on the streets of London.

It follows a horrendous surge in stabbings and murders across the capital, that has seen as many as 3 men stabbed to death in 24 hours.

New figures have shown a worrying increase in gun and knife crime, with authorities in Britain still taking a soft touch approach to sentencing and preventative measures like stop and search having been restricted.

Labour’s London Mayor meanwhile seems to have time to tweet about re-election campaigns but has very little to say about killings going on under his watch and how he intends to combat the disturbing trend.


Gig economy companies are taking advantage of the UK benefits system to support the people that work for them, a report by the work and pensions committee has said.

The committee, chaired by top Brexiteer MP Frank Field, called on the government to “close loopholes exploited by gig economy companies”, and urged it to make companies like Uber, Amazon Flex, Deliveroo and Hermes categorise those who work for them as “workers” by default, rather than as self-employed.

“It is clearly profit and profit only that is the motive for designating workers as self-employed,” he said.

“The companies get all the benefits, while workers take on all the risks and the state will be expected to pick up the tab.

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The pro EU Independent is starting to get the hint.
London’s location, infrastructure and a constantly growing pool of highly-skilled university graduates, means that for many companies it will simply be “too impractical” to move talent elsewhere after Brexit, according to one of the world’s biggest commercial real estate companies.
Companies like Goldman Sachs  (good riddance) have already made contingency plans for job moves even before Brexit negotiations have properly started, but that there’s a good chance that job moves are more limited than many project.
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London Mayor Sadiq Khan has launched an ‘Online Hate Crime Hub’, run by members of the Metropolitan Police. 
Five of London’s finest will run City Hall’s own version of the Ministry of Truth, working to ‘identify, prevent and investigate online abuse’.
It’s just not true that we’re a nation, let a lone a capital, of hateful abusers.
As we saw in the wake of Brexit, levels of hate crime are often exaggerated for political ends.
This project from Khan is just the latest move in censor-happy politicians’ assault on freedom.
Most of what is called online hate crime can easily be dealt with by an individual blocking the perpetrator from their account.
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NHS privateer, EU globalist and destroyer of Heathrow Villages:
Richard Branson loses his veneer of decency.
Richard Branson is bankrolling a campaign to oust MPs who support Brexit, the Mail can reveal.

The Virgin boss, who left Britain four years ago to live offshore, has donated tens of thousands of pounds to the plot to influence the election.

Gina Miller (her again), the millionaire businesswoman who took the Government to court over Brexit, yesterday promised ‘the biggest tactical voting effort in our history’ as she launched the Best for Britain campaign.

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Gerard Batten to take on Theresa May’s Heathrow and Brexit stance.
Mrs May was a lifelong supporter of the EU, she was an enthusiastic enforcer of EU legislation as Home Secretary (and indeed still is a Prime Minister), she was a Remainer in the Referendum and had Remain won she would be telling us that it was the right decision.

The Tories have betrayed Britain time and time again over the EU since 1972.  They are now going to try and do the same thing again. They want to achieve an ‘exit’ where nothing changes very much at all.

Over to Gerard;



Regional growth across the UK makes Heathrow expansion unnecessary.
MPs, local authorities and business leaders in Cornwall, Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds and Scotland are extremely enthusiastic for aviation growth so let’s share the pains and gains across the UK.
From Wales Online;
Debra Barber, chief executive at Cardiff Airport said: “More than 1 million passengers per year from our region are travelling to destinations that are on the Qatar Airways network.”
“Over 90% of these passengers are currently travelling via London and this new service will give them the opportunity to fly more conveniently from Cardiff, their local airport.”
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Two bits of good news for residents fed up with Uber minicabs thinking they own the place.
In a test case brought by the GMB union, an employment tribunal in London decided that Uber’s drivers are “workers” and, as such, are entitled to greater employment benefits, including holiday pay and the national minimum wage.
Uber faces another legal challenge, this time for alleged tax avoidance. Jo Maugham QC, founder of The Good Law Project, plans to sue the company for non-payment of VAT.

He is pursuing the money on behalf of the taxpayer.

Maugham is clear that Uber may be gaming the tax system in a way that gives it an unfair advantage over its rivals and at a cost to the taxpayer.

Full article;


Vince Cable is a strange one (and fits nicely in to the LibDems).
He can’t help himself gleefully blaming a Swiss company’s UK job losses on Brexit, even though we haven’t left yet.
How does the silly old has-been explain the factory closures and loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs while we were in the EU ?
From ITV;


Vincent should stick to selling our public assets on the cheap to his and Osborne’s City chums.


The Islington Republican Army have recycled the Ed-stone.


While the mainstream media berate UKIP’s integration policy, support has come from a senior Muslim cleric in Oxford.
A Muslim group in Oxford agrees and has backed controversial proposals from UKIP to ban full face veils in public.
Dr Hargey, Imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation, said,

“Instead of the liberal pandering to burgeoning Muslim extremism in the UK – which champions facial concealment as a religious requirement and ‘personal choice’ – the British public should be advised that there is no obligation for female facial coverings in Islam’s divine scripture.

“This nefarious Wahhabi-imported fad from Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and other backward places, derives not from Islam’s sacred text, but from the highly-suspect patriarchal sayings, hadith, of the Prophet Muhammad that were compiled some 300 years after his death.”

Note from UKIP Hillingdon Chairman Cliff Dixon – the policy states face coverings in public places – this would also apply to some of the anarchist rioters we have seen at public protests and marchers from far right groups who the Police are struggling to enforce section 60 of the Public Order Act with 
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The bad news keeps flowing down the Uber-loo on Sipson Lane.
At this rate, whether their investors pull the plug or passengers remember their morals, Uber drivers will be leaving our roads and public spaces and taking their filthy habits with them.
In the U.S., Uber has become a toxic brand.;
“Americans are really fed up with Uber,” says Quartz, which commissioned market research firm YouGov to compile figures on public perception of the company.
The resulting survey found that only 13.9 percent of U.S. consumers would consider Uber the next time they needed transportation.


The investment experts query who will add to Uber’s black hole of multi billion $/£ losses;
When a company’s head “PR” person quits smack dab in the middle of what can only be recounted as the most disastrous time in Uber’s short history (#deleteuber,  scandals, senior management leaving, CEO melt down caught on video with a driver, and more) and that company just so happens to be the most valuable start-up (worth some $68 BILLION) and is a cash burn machine with no concrete date for IPO?
The resulting carnage will be legend.
And finally we have the big boys at Bloomberg sticking the boot (Gucci loafer) in.

Travis Kalanick’s plan for Uber has long included the tactic of bleeding every single dollar he can find from the private markets, letting venture money shield him from the harsh light of life as a public company.

But if you are going to burn through money at this clip while using accounting tricks to make strong growth look meteoric while simultaneously yelling at drivers and protecting senior employees unfit for the scrutiny of a famous workplace, this is just not gonna work out, bro.

You can be sh***y with money or sh***y with people, but you can’t be both.

Don’t blame us, those are just the rules.



Cameron gone, Osborne gone and now another Tory has his neck on the chopping block.

More great work by Guy Adams at The Daily Mail.

The Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association has unearthed evidence that shows a Freedom Of Inforcover-up involving staff working for Sajid Javid, who (unlike Osborne and Cameron) remains a Cabinet Minister.

This example stretches back to April 2016, when cabbies heard two intriguing rumours concerning the involvement of the then Business Secretary, now Communities Secretary, in this secret, and ethically dubious, lobbying campaign.

One suggested Javid had helped organise a meeting in Westminster just before Christmas 2015, at which senior Tories ordered Boris Johnson to lay off Uber.

The Tories will sell all our public assets and jobs to whichever global financial corporation will look after their chums.

Read more alleged Tory corruption;



Latest crime stats for Heathrow Villages from the Police.uk website


The plot thickens.
Just months after TfL change their investment manager to Osborne’s Uber BlackRock, TfL allow Uber to ride roughshod over TfL minicabs rules.
What the small time hoods at TfL don’t understand is that if you offer favours to financial gangsters, they own you.
From The Guardian.
Uber hails victory after Transport for London drops restrictions.
TfL, the body that regulates public transport in the capital, has decided against implementing proposals that would have hit Uber’s service, including forcing operators to provide booking confirmation details to the passenger at least five minutes before a journey starts. It also ditched a proposal to require operators to allow passengers to pre-book minicabs up to seven days in advance
Read more dodgy dealings;


Why would TfL bend over backwards, and then a bit more, to accommodate Uber’s blatant corruption of private hire licensing?
With thanks to I & PE.
The Transport for London (TfL) Pension Fund has moved the majority of its assets from Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) to BlackRock (£500 million Uber investor).
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The Tory, TfL and Uber corruption story gets bigger and bigger.

At Buckingham Palace, the PM David Cameron told the Queen about an anti-corruption summit to be hosted at No 10.

“Actually,” he joked, “we have leaders of some fantastically corrupt countries coming. Nigeria and Afghanistan, possibly the two most corrupt countries in the world.”

As the Mail’s recent investigations have shown, Mr Cameron left another notably corrupt country off that list.

Its name is Britain.

If this sort of thing went on in, let us say, Nigeria or Afghanistan, we would call it by its proper name: corruption.
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Angela Rayner, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, and her colleagues in the Shadow Cabinet, are currently campaigning against UKIP’s policy to increase the number of grammar schools.

Ms Rayner said in an interview with Nick Robinson on the Radio 4 Today programme, that selective schools “are not good for our education system”.

Mr Robinson asked: “You oppose grammar schools in principle, what do you make of people who choose to send their children to selective schools?”

He fired back: “So you think it’s right that Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary send her children to private schools, Labour’s Shadow Attorney General sends her children to private schools, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary sends her children to a selective State school, Labour’s Director of Communications sends his children to a selective state school?

“Curious, really, for a party that’s opposing selection, isn’t it?”

Full article;



Keep up to date with Neil Keveren’s inspirational Walk to Scotland by clicking on the link below and visiting the Stop Heathrow Expansion website.

Neil should be in the New Years Honours List for his dedication in protecting our homes and community from Heathrow’s aggression.




Every Remoaner dark cloud has a very bright and shiny silver lining.

A EU Referendum loser writing for the Tax Research website says;

“No one knows whether UK based aircraft will be permitted to fly into EU airports after 30 March 2019, and if they are, on what routes they will be permitted to fly.

There is another much more relevant and immediate question to also address.

If any restrictions are likely, and I think they are, then why is it that we still need a new runway at Heathrow?

It seems to me that Brexit has completely shot the case for that. We are not going to be the gateway to Europe now, and never will be again. And what is more, we may not even have the flights to make the links.”

I would seriously suggest it’s time to scrap plans for Heathrow’s expansion. We’re just not going to need it.

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With thanks to Jack Montgomery at Breitbart London. 
A senior parliamentary committee believes that “inappropriate” interventions in the Brexit referendum by government officials have undermined public trust in Civil Service impartiality.
The David Cameron(again) administration had civil servants produce a number of forecasts and reports predicting economic calamity in the event of a Leave vote – none of which proved to be accurate – with the George Osborne(again)-led Treasury playing a particularly active role in what came to be known as ‘Project Fear’.
Full article;



Thanks to Peter Whittle and David Kurten for joining Caroline Pidgeon in fighting against TfL corruption and mismanagement.
We need a Public Enquiry to expose the abuse of public office by the Tory Government on behalf of Uber’s tax avoiding offshore owners.



Not seen on the BBC and mainstream media.
No ‘Tories in turmoil’ or ‘Conservative catastrophe’ headlines. Shows once again that UKIP are the only opposition to the LibLabCon and their media partners. 
With thanks to the Yorkshire Post.

Six senior members of Ryedale District Council – including its leader – have resigned from the controlling Conservative group after threats of suspension from the constituency party association.

Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/six-ryedale-councillors-resign-from-tory-group-1-8489402


HMRC have given out 1.2 million more National Insurance numbers to economic migrants than the Home Offarce says have entered the UK.

Theresa May was an open borders nutcase when Home Secretary.
Can she be trusted now ?
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Why do the wealthy and privileged and their pampered offspring welcome ‘refugees’ ?

Foreign crook enters the UK illegally.

Bashdar Abdulla Qarani, 36, sneaked into the UK in 2005 and racked up a string of offences, including battery, theft and carrying a knife, but was still allowed to stay.

Acts like a one man crime wave, attempts to rape innocent woman and should be deported.

Then in 2012 he got four years for the South Wales rape bid, making him liable for automatic deportation when freed.

Still in the UK and now counting a nice bung courtesy of the LibLabCon and pro migration judiciary. 

Mr Justice Mott at the High Court has ruled officials failed to act swiftly enough, breaching his human rights.

Qarani will get the £27,000 payday for being unlawfully detained for 11 months until his release last December.

The victim of the attempted rape is only entitled to £7,000.

Read more;



Steve Double MP : Heathrow’s Cornish Patsy.
After last week’s Tory scandal of Cameron and Osborne pimping themselves out to Uber, we have more double dealing from the Tory Government, this time the MP for Newquay.
Steve Double MP is the guy that regurgitates every piece of nonsensical propaganda sent out from Heathrow’s Chinese and Qatari owners.
All those ridiculous promises of jobs for Cornwall but only if the Cornish taxpayer contributes towards Heathrow’s £20+ billion infrastructure bill.
Strange that Double doesn’t push for Cornish taxation to be spent more wisely in Cornwall, rather than helping a foreign owned tax avoiding corporation grow rich at their expense.
Any Heathrow expansion will only serve wealthy Londoners looking to buy up Cornish homes as property investments, leaving homes empty and ruining rural economies.
Tory MP Double doesn’t care about Heathrow laying millions of tons of concrete over our community.
Steve Double MP doesn’t care about Heathrow minicabs and transient workforce littering our streets and public spaces.
But on his website;
“We want to be the first generation to leave our environment in in a better state than we found it, and tackling litter is an important part of our drive to make Mid-Cornwall a better place to live and visit.”
This Tory supports the demolition of 4,000+ Briton’s homes and the loss of priceless woodland and Green Belt which he would not tolerate happening in Cornwall.
But on his website it’s all about protecting Cornish woodlands and countryside;
“creating an anti-littering culture and introducing tougher enforcement measures to hit thoughtless litter louts in the pocket.”
It cannot be just the corporate vol-au-vents and free plonk in Heathrow’s executive lounge that make Steve Double MP such a duplicitous git.
Maybe he’s doing a Gideon Osborne and expecting a nice job if Heathrow get away with their scam. It would be the only Cornish job that Heathrow creates.
If the people of Newquay want to clear away rubbish, get rid of their disgraceful MP. On the double.
Hold your nose and read more;



The outlook for the UK financial sector has improved since Brexit was triggered, the policy chief for the City of London Corporation has said.
Before the referendum, the financial servicessector largely backed the Remain campaign,warning that quitting the bloc could spur an exodus of City jobs.
But in an interview with the AFP news agency, Mr Boleat said that while a few people would be moved, “no one is going to say ‘we are closing down in London'”.



With thanks to Breitbart.
In a rare interview, Red Bull boss and Austria’s richest man Dietrich Mateschitz has slammed mass migration and political correctness, warning they threaten to destroy Europe’s true cultural diversity.
Highlighting the “hypocrisies” of what he called the “refugees welcome brigade” with regards to migration, Mateschitz said: “I am talking about the fact that none of the people shouting ‘refugees welcome’ were preparing their own guest rooms or tents in their gardens to accommodate half a dozen migrants.
Full article;



A message from Cranford Park Friends.

This Saturday (Apr. 15):

It’s the annual Guided Bluebell Walk through Cranford Woods, led by the Countryside & Conservation Officer.
Departs 11am from the car park.

This is one of our most popular events, see the bluebells and join us for a cuppa afterwards in St Dunstan’s Church (courtesy of the Parishioners).

Hope to see you in the park soon!


Bob Barton




As the corporate funded Tories work on a corporate Brexit, they are asking the electorate on their views.
Please fill in the survey below to remind Remainers May, Hammond and Soubry that we voted for less corporate greed, less low wage corporate migration and less corporate corruption lobbying our democracy in their favour.



Hundreds of straight-A British students are being denied the chance to train as doctors in the UK despite a ‘crippling’ national shortage of medics in the NHS.

Top-performing teenagers are being shunned by leading universities while the NHS continues to recruit thousands of foreign doctors to plug a staffing crisis.

Official figures reveal that 770 students with three grade As or higher at A-level were rejected by medical schools last year due to a controversial Government quota system.

Read more;



With thanks to Nicholas Cecil at The Standard. 
Air pollution around Heathrow is getting worse as the Government presses ahead with plans for a third runway, it has been revealed.


Nitrogen dioxide levels rose at nine out of 12 monitors in west London within two kilometres (1.24 miles) of the airport between 2015 and 2016, according to provisional data.


At two sites in Hillingdon and Hayes it remained in breach of EU limits.

Full article;



Another brilliant piece by Brendan O’Neill, one of the best Brexit commentators, poking fun at “anti-Establishment posers” and mainstream comedians.
A few years ago Owen Jones wrote a book called The Establishment, railing against the rotters and bankers and tabloids he thinks are running Britain.
Now he finds himself chortling along as bona fide establishment figure Nick Clegg takes the mick out of stupid northerners who voted for Brexit.
Owen, like so many Fisher-Price revolutionaries, weeps hot tears over the democratic sucker-punch delivered to the EU, that most establishment of institutions, by the oiks.
Read more;



80% of EU workers who have arrived in the last ten years are in low-skilled, low-paid jobs. 
Their contribution to our economy is limited. 
In his final report as chairman of the government’s independent Migration Advisory Committee, Sir David Metcalf reported in June 2016: “Low skilled migrants have a neutral impact on UK-born employment rates, fiscal contribution, GDP per head and productivity.”
Indeed, data released by HMRC in August 2016 show that East Europeans pay only half as much income tax as the average UK tax payer.
Furthermore, in 2013/14 over £4 billion was paid out in working age benefit claims for EEA nationals.
Full article;



================================================================When you allow free movement between poor countries and the UK it encourages bad bosses to use slave labour.

This is partly the BBC’s fault but they’ll never admit it. They help politicians and businesses treat us as a commodity to sell to the lowest bidder.
With thanks to the BBC website;
The number of people reported as potential victims of slavery and human trafficking in the UK has more than doubled in the past three years.
A man who was trafficked to work in the UK from Poland has spoken to the BBC about his experience working in the West Midlands.
Using the pseudonym Jamusz to protect his identity, he said he met a man in the job centre in Poland who told him he would earn more in the UK……..
Read more;


Talking of bad bosses and slave labour………

Great work by top Brexiteer Frank Field MP.

Uber, Deliveroo and Amazon have been getting workers to sign “unintelligible” contracts that seem designed to stop them asserting their rights, a committee of MPs has ruled.


The TUC (pro migration, anti British worker nutcases) has accused the multi-million pound companies of inserting “scare clauses” in the contracts to frighten relatively low-paid couriers or drivers away from challenging bad working conditions.


And the criticism was backed by one Uber driver who told The Independent that the contract he had signed had been “absolutely impenetrable and brutally exploitative”.


Full article;



The reason Neil Keveren is walking from Harmondsworth to Scotland……

THE SNP have come under pressure from campaigners and opposition parties in Holyrood for alleged connections between the lobbying of operators at Heathrow and the recent decision by the party to back the Heathrow expansion.

The SNP confirmed their support for the creation of a third runway at Heathrow, noting the benefits in jobs that would come to Scotland as a result and criticised the UK Government’s “indecision”.

But campaigners for the environment said this runs against the party’s position on tackling climate change, promoting social justice and encouraging more investment in Scotland.

“It seems odd that the SNP would fall so neatly into step with Westminster with a project that so clearly involves such deep injustice against the local communities around Heathrow while trashing the climate, at the behest of a series of disreputable corporate lobbyists.”

Liz Murray, spokesperson for Global Justice Now Scotland, said: “Scottish ministers have gone to some length to promote Holyrood’s pioneering climate change act, and the Scottish government’s commitment to climate justice and making deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

“But all of this is completely at odds with the fact that the SNP is now enthusiastically supporting the expansion of Heathrow airport.

“It seems odd that the SNP would fall so neatly into step with Westminster with a project that so clearly involves such deep injustice against the local communities around Heathrow while trashing the climate at the behest of a series of disreputable corporate lobbyists.”

During the SNP’s conference, Heathrow operated a “private airport style lounge” with exclusive access given to business and party delegates as well as members of the media.

Equipped with a free bar the lounge was set up, according to Heathrow’s operators, to “promote the benefits of the expansion to Scotland” and was the second such promotional event to feature at an SNP party conference, following their presence in Aberdeen in 2015.

Both Heathrow and the SNP refused to comment before the conference on how much the lounge cost, according to the Herald the party had charged an upper limit in its conference brochure of 23,000 for sponsorship of conference events.

The SNP’s support will mean that even with a sizable rebellion on the Tory backbenches, the UK Government’s legislative backing for a third runway will pass with ease.

“Scottish ministers have gone to some length to promote Holyrood’s pioneering climate change act – but all of this is completely at odds with the fact that the SNP is now enthusiastically supporting the expansion of Heathrow airport.” Liz Murray

Senior SNP figures such as Drew Henry, the party’s transport spokesperson at Westminster, had said that a “clear deal had to be cut” to ensure a reversal of the cuts in Heathrow flights to Scotland from 50 to 26 over the past decade.

Such a deal involved commitments from Heathrow bosses on jobs and the use of Glasgow Prestwick airport as a potential site for a logistics hub as well as a reduction of £10 per passenger on landing charges, paid by airlines operating services from Heathrow to Scotland.

All these were included in a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Heathrow airport and the Scottish Government.

It was revealed that the SNP charged £5,000 for non-profit organisations to set up stalls at their autumn conference. Also sponsorship deals between big business saw the SNP charge firms £15,500 to put their names on lanyards, £12,500 for delegate bags and £2,000 to sponsor a creche at the conference.

“The Scottish Government’s faith in spurious jobs figures is breath-taking. What is the point of a principle like climate justice, when it is surrendered so easily?”

MSPs questioned the credibility of the SNP’s claims to have consistently made moves to tackle climate change.

Patrick Harvie said: “By siding with the Westminster Government in backing the expansion of Heathrow, the SNP are damaging the UK and Scotland’s credibility on the global stage where the urgency of reducing climate emissions is crystal clear.

The Scottish Government’s faith in spurious jobs figures is breath-taking. What is the point of a principle like climate justice, when it is surrendered so easily?

“The next test for this Government will be its equally irrational proposal to scrap Air Passenger Duty. It’s time to focus on the affordable, sustainable, low carbon transport people actually need in their daily lives.”

With thanks to Common Space 

With thanks to the Westmonster website.
Just when you thought the Remain campaign couldn’t get any more delusional, up pops an email from Tory remainer Anna Soubry, announcing Open Britain’s campaign for continued mass immigration.

In an email to supporters, she says: “Today I’m proud to launch Open Britain & the Independent’s campaign ‘Drop the Target’, which urges the Government to abandon their extreme plan to cut net migration to the ‘tens of thousands’.”

Read more;



Spot the difference. 
The ‘experts’ warned of a Brexit property crash. Gleefully reported in all EU propaganda outlets in the UK.
While in reality;
The mealy mouthed experts call 4% growth a slowdown but they are just embarrassing themselves.



EU must be kidding.
In the unreal world of EU mandarins and politicians, the gesture politics are still alive and well.
We can expect more examples like Spain’s claim to Gibraltar being used as a joker in the pack to sow division in our ranks, but the most outrageous ploy is claiming the UK owes a €60bn separation bill – and it needs to be challenged with ridicule and hard facts.
When you leave a club – be it boules or bowls – you are obliged to pay for any outstanding bar bill, but you would tell the club secretary what to do with any request to pay for the greenkeepers’ pensions.
You have paid your membership fees dutifully every year to cover such costs, but after you depart they become the responsibility of the remaining members.
Full article;



Hillingdon Council leader blasts government’s Heathrow plans.

The leader of Hillingdon Council is one of four council leaders to accuse the government of failing to come clean on the real impact of Heathrow expansion.

In written evidence to the Transport Select Committee, Hillingdon, Richmond, Wandsworth and Windsor and Maidenhead councils, said the government’s draft National Policy Statement ignores all the fundamental concerns about expanding Heathrow.

Full article;



The joke’s on them.
Unfunny Establishment clowns surprised that Brexit audiences walk out.
Before you buy a ticket to see a mainstream, especially BBC, joker, it might be a good idea to read their view on why they lost the EU Referendum.
Why give your good money to bad rubbish ?
Have a laugh and read more;



One Man’s 400-mile walk to save his village — Stop Heathrow Expansion
Once again, Neil Keveren shows what a true hero he has been forced to be.



John McDonnell wants protectionism for The City. He must be looking for a good earner for when he stops playing student politics. 
“We need to know immediately from the
Government what its strategy is to protect jobs in the finance sector.”
It must be guilt for supporting the blowing up of innocent city workers by his IRA mates.


Dear dear dear.
Britain’s biggest trade union, Unite, is facing calls to set up an inquiry into claims that union officials gave information to a clandestine blacklisting operation funded by major firms and enabling them to deny jobs to certain workers.

Previously confidential documents from the secretive operation suggest that union officials privately warned managers of large companies not to employ specific workers because they were deemed to be politically troublesome.

According to signed statements by managers involved in running the blacklist, trade union officials helped to get some of their own members excluded from jobs as they wanted to prevent disruption on industrial sites.

Do you really want to be a member of Unite ?
Full article;



Next Open Day…..16th April.


Everyone pays for the BBC but the EU and it’s Beeboid supporters get their voice heard more.

BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson agrees.

BBC presenter Nick Robinson has said the organisation has no duty to ‘satisfy’ Remainers and Leavers as the referendum is now over.

The presenter of Radio 4’s Today programme said critics should ‘leave it out’ and ‘remain calm’ because the corporation is no longer obliged to balance the two sides of the argument.

Read more;


We’ve said it before and will keep saying it:
Unite’s leaders must stop their policy of protecting global tax avoiders and their low wage non unionised workers.

Unite support the globalist EU instead of UK workers.

Unite support tax evading Heathrow demolishing Heathrow Villages despite Heathrow reducing jobs and wages.
Unite support Uber’s tax evasion instead of supporting London taxis driven by Britons.
So, if you’re currently a Unite member, have a word with yourself and leave.

With thanks to The Times


London Borough of Hillingdon – Final call for comments on plans to toughen PSPO.

Councillor Douglas Mills, Cabinet Member for Community, Commerce and Regeneration, said: “Everyone has the right to live in a safe and peaceful environment.

“PSPOs are designed to ensure the law-abiding majority can use and enjoy public spaces, safe from anti-social behaviour.

“By broadening the scope of the PSPO, we will have greater powers to address a wider range of anti-social activities that are detrimental to the local community’s quality of life.”


Is Uber’s slave wage and tax evasion business model running off the road ?

Uber is facing a court battle over claims it has failed to pay what could be hundreds of millions of pounds in VAT.

The minicab app does not charge passengers the levy because it claims it is a technology firm rather than a transport provider.

But now it is being taken to the High Court by campaigners who argue it is wrongly depriving the taxman of tens of millions of pounds a year.

The case brings further questions about the cosy relationship between the Government and Uber – and why the HMRC has left it to a private individual to bring the court action rather than go after the firm itself.

Tax barrister Jo Maugham, who is bringing the case against Uber, said the firm’s argument that it was not a transport provider was contradicted by an employment tribunal last year, which found its drivers should be classified as workers.

Full article;



Hypocrite Of The Year.…..so far.

He is the £1.5 million face of Walkers crisps, forever tweeting about his support for refugees and other worthy causes.

But Gary Lineker has appeared far less sympathetic to almost 400 workers set to lose their jobs at a Walkers factory.

He has also said public attitudes to refugees can be ‘hideously racist and utterly heartless’, and he encouraged bosses at Walkers to pull advertising from tabloid newspapers over the subject.

But his agent said the 56-year-old had “no comment whatsoever” when given another chance to show support for staff at the Peterlee crisp factory in County Durham this week.

Darren Meadows, who is leading the campaign against the plant’s closure, said: ‘It would be great for Gary Lineker to show his support for the 400 workers, and help campaign against the closure.

“It’s probably the money he’s getting that’s stopping him. He’s turning a blind eye. It would be great to see him showing his support, not just for workers but for the community. The money he gets, we could put a lot more people in employment.”

“It’s a massive shame the factory’s going. It’s massive for the local economy. It’s one of the biggest employers.”

Campaigners believe support from Lineker could make a marked difference. One resident, who has lived in Peterlee all his life and has links to the factory, said: “He should have put his head above the parapet.”

“But is he that interested?”

“Not really.”


Are you fed up of minicabs blocking our roads, littering our streets and monopolising parking spaces outside our shops ?
Peeved that your child’s education is suffering due to overcrowding and too much funding helping new arrivals at your kid’s expense ?
Sick to death of rogue landlords and their bedsit tenants making your road and gardens look like a tip ?
Looking around your GP surgery or A & E realising that the NHS is now the world’s health service and you have to wait longer ?
Hoping to provide a decent standard of living for your family but see your wages suppressed or reduced due to mass economic migration ?
Labour will not help you.
Full article;



One of the funnier April Fool’s stories…..

Great news for PM Theresa May as plans are put forward to move Heathrow closer to her constituency of Maidenhead.

A radical proposal to turn Windsor’s Long Walk into a ‘ready-made’ third runway for Heathrow could save millions.

The idea would see current third runway plans scrapped completely and the famous 2.65-mile strip leading away from Windsor Castle converted to accommodate aircraft.

It would be served by a new, purpose-built, state-of-the-art terminal — previously known as Datchet.

It may seem a mad idea but is it any more ridiculous than demolishing upwards of 4,000 homes in an area of acute housing shortage.
Have a giggle and read more;




More news from the Uberloo on Sipson Lane.
With thanks to the Idler.
Over the last few days, a number of stories have appeared in the Daily Mail and Financial Times which show that a cosy relationship existed between ultra-aggressive libertarian mini-cab firm Uber and PM David Cameron.
The stories say that Boris Johnson, as mayor of London, was lobbied to leave Uber alone by its European head of PR, Rachel Whetstone, who is godmother to Cameron’s son, Ivan.
Read more;



UK takes back the right to deport as Britain repeals powers from EU.
It will repeal the European Communities Act 1972 – which provides the legal underpinning of Britain’s EU membership – on the day Brexit happens in March 2019.

Sir Bill Cash MP, chairman of the Commons European scrutiny committee, said Britain would immediately benefit when the charter was dropped because “it provides protection for people who have no right to be protected”.

He said: “There is a disproportionate number of those in prison convicted of crimes which warrant deportation who, by virtue of human rights legislation, including and in particular the consequences of the charter, are not able to be deported because of case law.”

Full article;


 NB – UKIP policy is to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act immediately, taking back control straight away and then negotiating with the EU from a position of strength 


George Osborne must stand down – crowdfund the Tatton challenge!
Sick of slimy politicians helping the Chinese and Qataris to bulldoze our community?
Then helping Uber drivers use our public spaces as their toilet?
Why not get a bit of revenge by sticking a few quid on the Osborne Must Go fund.



Pat Condell on the triggering of Article 50


A message for the remain side





How Dave’s pals at Uber ‘plotted to stop Brexit’: Company used the taxi app to urge millennials to sign up and vote

Read more;



After their election overspend, more alleged evidence that The Conservatives are corrupt.
We now know that Osborne lobbied for Uber when Chancellor before joining the BlackRock vultures. BlackRock have invested £500 million in Uber.
Cameron lobbied for Uber because he is close friends with Uber’s PR chief, Rachel Whetstone. She was Cameron’s first child’s Godmother.
The IEA free marketeers lobbied for Uber because Rachel Whetstone’s mother is an IEA board member.
All this Tory corruption means Uber and their slave wage drivers starve the NHS  of essential funding.
So if you use Uber, best not complain that Tories are thieves and the NHS is being robbed.
You’re helping them.
Read more corrupt Conservatism;


Confirmed in The Sun ;
Cameron cronies ‘covered up attempts to lobby for Uber’ before BoJo’s failed crackdown on cab firm.




Yesterday’s March for Europe at Westminster went well……

On a more serious note, the marchers disgracefully covered the memorial to fallen PC Keith Palmer with their banners. Well done to the Leave campaigners who removed them




Among the groups combining forces are Stop Heathrow Expansion, HACAN, Teddington Action Group and Brentford-based BASH Runway 3.

Their full-time co-ordinator said the campaign was funded by individuals and green groups and had no money from rival airports. “We will increase our lobbying of MPs and be mounting a major campaign to get as many residents as possible to respond to the current consultation,” she said.


This piece in The Independent showed that aircraft noise and pollution was dangerous in 2013.
Now, in 2017, the noise and pollution is worse.
You have to be clinically insane (or paid by the aviation lobby) to say another 260,000 flights and millions more car journeys will be less noisy and less polluting.
With thanks to Charlie Cooper;
Researchers are warning for the first time that there may be a real health risk associated with aircraft noise.
Two studies, published today in the British Medical Journal, found evidence that people living in areas with high levels of noise pollution from passing aeroplanes had a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.
Full article;



Deutsche Bank confirms plans for new City HQ

Deutsche Bank has handed the City a Brexit boost by confirming plans to move into new London headquarters in 2023.
With thanks to the Wall Street Journal;



With thanks to Salina Patel at Get West London


New anti-expansion group claims residents are unaware their homes will be under the approach path.


People need to know how much noisier their area will be if the third runway does go ahead, how much more traffic there will be and what Heathrow is offering in terms of noise insulation and other forms of relief.


The consultation forms are opaque and seem to be deliberately drafted to be difficult to answer unless you think a third runway is the best thing ever.


Local residents have a voice and should use it!.


Read more; 



Action Fraud is warning people of a new trend that has hit the UK where fraudsters contact victims claiming to be from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and trick them into paying bogus debts and taxes using iTunes gift cards. 




With thanks to Brendan O’Neill, editor of Spiked, writing for The Australian. 

Has there ever been a tantrum as tinny and irritating as the one thrown by the chattering classes in response to Brexit and Donald Trump? It’s the mother of all meltdowns. The huff heard round the world. A hissy fit of historic proportions.

Children who don’t get their way normally foot-stomp and wail “I hate you” for three or four minutes before collapsing into a knackered heap. The liberal elite has been at it for nine months, ever since Brexit last June pricked the sealed, self-satisfied bubble they live in and reminded them that – brace yourself – there are people out there who think differently.

Full article; 



With thanks to Jack Montgomery, writing for Breitbart London.


Toyota has announced a £250 million investment in East Midlands facilities, in a move welcomed as “very positive” by local business leaders.


Despite much speculation that car manufacturers would abandon the UK following the Brexit vote, Toyota Motor Europe CEO Dr. Johan van Zyl said the company was “very focused on securing the global competitiveness of our European plants”.

Full article; 



Hillingdon Council encourages residents to respond to the latest aviation lobby (Tory Government) consultation and make sure they understand how flawed it is and the devastation this option will bring.

The council, with its partners, has published its own information on the consultation for residents, which outlines the detrimental environmental impacts that the government’s publicity leaflet failed to include.

The council’s information highlights how the consultation is misleading, rushed and doesn’t provide sufficient information to allow consultees to make a proper informed response on issues, such as increasing aircraft noise levels, illegal pollution levels, health impacts, costs to the taxpayer, traffic increases or the loss of noise respite periods.

The government also hasn’t told people the location of the airport’s new flight paths, so people cannot tell if their home, schools or communities will be beneath a new landing or take-off route or how many times a day flights will occur.

Full press release; 




LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – MARCH 19: U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne attends the launch of the National Loan Guarantee Scheme (NLGS) at a Barclays Plc bank branch on March 19, 2012 in London, United Kingdom. Osborne won the backing of all except one of Britain’s major banks for his credit-easing plan that aims to funnel cheap loans to small and mid-sized companies. (Photo by Simon Dawson-Pool/Getty Images)



With thanks to UKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn.


As UKIP media spokesman I am actively thinking about what my recommendation will be for future policy. It looks like the next election is still a long way off, but it would be good to settle policy some way in advance of that.


There are certainly issues occurring at the moment which strengthen the arguments for abolishing the licence fee altogether.


In my view, the concerns about the bias in the BBC’s news and current affairs output have become more acute.


After the Brexit vote, I would have thought that BBC high-ups would have realised they had failed in their coverage of the EU over many years. More than half of licence fee payers voted to Leave.


This was similar to the BBC’s failure to adequately cover arguments for sharply reducing immigration.


Full article;



Gina Miller to continue the rich folk’s fight against democracy and Brexit.


From Islington, the home of champagne Socialists, you can hear the cries of,

“What do we want?,

Cheap nannies, cleaners and minicab drivers,

How much will we pay?,

As little as possible.”


Real Lefties voted Leave EU. These fakers just want to get rich while the rest of us pay for it.




A poisonous conviction is taking root in the Left.  


Democracy — the cornerstone of our way of life — is being undermined, its very survival put at risk. 


Its modern enemies are mustering from all corners — but most worryingly from the Left, the very area where its stoutest defenders should be.


Some of us might naively have imagined that majority rule was the very essence of democracy. But not, it seems, when millions vote against the wishes of a tiny political elite.


It was, of course, George Orwell in his 1945 novel Animal Farm, who described how ‘All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.’


Full article; 



The latest US anti-Establishment saying is “Drain the swamp”


We prefer “Flush the toilet”.



The Conservatives are running a bankrupt economy while increasing taxation and cutting Hillingdon council services.
While we suffer austerity, Hillingdon Conservative Councillor David Simmonds is happy to invite 20,000+ more economic refugees to the UK.
Guaranteed that none will be living in Simmonds’s Ickenham ward.
From the pro-open borders champagne socialists at The Guardian (hold your nose);
Local councils have pledged enough homes to accommodate almost 22,000 Syrian refugees, according to a comprehensive Guardian tally. The government originally committed to providing places for 20,000 Syrians in September 2015, at the height of the European migration crisis.
“The mission has been fulfilled,” said David Simmonds, chair of the asylum and refugee task group for the Local Government Association (LGA). “The response from councils around the country has been really positive. They have shown they are willing to provide homes to refugees.”
Full article ;


Note from our Hillingdon Chairman – Hillingdon Council stated that they would not be taking any of the economic migrants from the camps in Calais. Contacts of ours within the NHS have advised that they are regularly signing up people with Home Office documentation from the camps in to GP surgeries, indicating that they are doing so and allocating them property that is sorely needed by those already here and on the waiting lists.

None of these migrants are women or children from Syria with the vast majority being young men of sub-Saharan African origin.


A message from Cranford Park Friends.


1. This Sunday (March 12) the Friends have our first volunteer session of 2017 in the Secret Garden, note new times (2:30-4:30pm). All welcome, even spectators! Situated next to the stables, near the car park.


2. We are assembling a team to start spring cleaning and clearing the centre Stable Block on Saturday March 18. If you are able to lend a hand on that date please reply to this.


3. At the last meeting we discussed the proposals for Heathrow Airport’s expansion. There would be an affect on Cranford Park. The Department for Transport is running a consultation and you are urged to take part.   

This link provides information about the DfT consultation


The list at top left of that page takes you to a number of other pages including the posters on show at consultation events. There is also a link to the response form.

Any completed forms or other comments can be sent by email, or paper copies can be posted to: Freepost RUNWAY CONSULTATION – that really is the whole address! 

The deadline for submitting comments is 25th May 2017.



Cranford Park Friends



Harlington crash: Five people injured after bus and cars in High Street collision

Full article; 



More elitist nonsense from luvvie la-la-land.


Arts Council luvvies use our money to discriminate against 90% of us.


Applications have opened for a new theatre leadership programme that will allow 10 black, Asian, minority ethnic and refugee artists to take on creative roles at the Bush Theatre and Battersea Arts Centre.


Arts Council England awarded £295,000 through the Sustained Theatre Fund to the Up Next development programme from Artistic Directors of the Future, which aims to increase diversity in mainstream theatre leadership.


Working class white kids need not apply. Up Next says Up Yours.


Read more in The Stage; 

Bush Theatre and BAC to host minority and refugee leadership programme.



Labour Socialists on the Welsh Assembly ticked off for repeated use of National Socialist rhetoric.


In a debate in February, Labour AM Dawn Bowden referred to “Goebbels-like propaganda from the right-wing media”.


Presiding Officer Elin Jones said: “However passionately members feel about a subject, do not consider that comparisons with the Nazi regime in 1930’s and 1940’s Germany are appropriate.”


“Normalising the use of such references risks trivialising the horrors perpetrated by that regime.”


Read more; 

Avoid Nazi references in debates, Elin Jones tells AMs – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-39141353




More alleged criminality from South Thanet. If you thought a Tory £200,000 election overspend to beat Nigel was bad, this will horrify you.


A Tory aide has been charged with rape in an attack that allegedly took place in an MP’s office.

Samuel Armstrong, 23, of Danbury, near Chelmsford, Essex, is accused of two counts of rape and one count of sexual assault.

Mr Armstrong, chief of staff to Craig MacKinlay MP, has been bailed to appear at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Friday March 31.

In October the the office of the MP for South Thanet, Kent, was raided by six uniformed officers and sealed as a crime scene.


Full article; 



Nearly three-quarters of Welsh voters think only EU citizens with the right skills should live and work in a post-Brexit UK, a BBC Wales poll suggests.

On the freedom of movement to live and work in the UK post-Brexit, the poll showed 74% agreed that only those EU citizens with the “right” skills or qualifications should be allowed in, with 19% believing that nothing should change and just 6% wanting the doorfirmly shut to EU immigrants.


Read more;  EU migrants should have skills, public tells BBC Wales poll – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-39114914

Another reminder of upcoming events at the local jewel, Cranford Park. 


Saturday March 4. 

‘Hidden Cranford Park’. Find out why the park’s star sign is Pisces, see the memorial to a famous comedian, discover a hidden bridge and more! Our first guided walk of the year…join the Secretary of Cranford Park Friends on a 90-minute (approx.), free guided walk, highlighting lesser-known features and some curious facts about the park. Meet beside car park at 11am (TW5 9RZ). Approx 90 minutes. Refreshments served (thanks to St. Dunstan’s). Please wear boots or wellies!

Saturday March 4 (evening). Just a few places remaining at our Quiz Night. Bring your own snacks and drinks and join the fun. Doors open 6:15, starts 6:30pm at Crane Community Centre, Fuller Way, Harlington UB3 4LW. You can reserve your place by replying to this. Quizmaster: Gowan Clews 

Come into the garden…Sunday March 12. 

Secret Garden Opening – 2:30pm until 4:30pm. Come and help us prepare the garden for spring or just for a look at the well and vine; meet the volunteers. Tools and refreshments provided for volunteers. Our first session this year… from now until the summer we meet on the second Sunday of each month (note new times). Come and join us! Situated next to the stables and courtyard (TW5 9RZ).






Latest news from the Uberloo on Sipson Lane.

Uber’s lawyers in the UK have argued against rules requiring minicab drivers to pass an English literacy test – because many of its cheap cyber cabbies would fail.

In the High Court in London, Uber’s lawyer Thomas de la Mare said that, by the government’s own figures, about a third of the capital’s private-hire drivers – 33,000 of 110,000 – would fail the test, because it’s too difficult. 

Read more; 



Vote Labour, get Nazis.


Plymouth Council Leader Ian Bowyer said: “I think the council’s monitoring officer will doubtless wish to investigate further – there are potentially serious consequences here. Although Councillor Morris apologised for his behaviour in my opinion this constitutes hate crime, which is totally unacceptable.”





News from Uber’s Heathrow HQ/doss house in Little Harlington Playing Fields public car park. 


With thanks to Dominic Lawson writing for The Times.


With a name like Uber, a business could not make the scale of it’s ambitions clearer. 


Uber, valued at almost £55bn by those investors funding its assault on the world’s urban transport markets, is suddenly looking a little less fashionable.


Uber has not created a totally new product or dramatically redefined a traditional market. Nor is Uber ‘disrupting’ incumbent operators with a totally new way of doing business.


Uber is driving passengers from A to B in cars just like traditional car service operators always have.


It is, obviously, the right of investors in Uber to waste their billions. 


But let’s not fall for Uber’s claim that their definition of minicab hire is a sign of technological progress. 


Uber is a low wage sweatshop employer using predatory pricing and welfare subsidies to unfairly crush legitimate competition. 


Read more; 



Heathrow lackey Len McCluskey wants to demolish his members’ homes while receiving a half price London home subsidised by his members.


Under the deal, Unite members contributed £417,000 to help it’s general secretary buy the flat near London Bridge. 


Please show your displeasure by voting against McLackey in the upcoming Unite leadership election.


Read more ; https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/work/trade-unions/news/83454/len-mccluskey-dubbed-greedy-boss-union-rival-over-%C2%A3400000-flat


Two Conservative Spelthorne Councillors have seen sense and moved to UKIP.

Cllr Saliagopoulos, who will serve as the leader of the UKIP group, said: “The conduct of some of the Tory councillors during the meeting made me realise that I had made the right decision”.

“What is the point of being a councillor if you don’t change things? The only way for me to do that was to form an opposition group”.

Full article; 



The views of James Delingpole writing for The Spectator.


Who do you think was responsible for Europe’s biggest environmental disaster of the past three decades; one that caused more widespread damage and killed more people than even the nuclear accident at Chernobyl?

Was it a) greedy and selfish capitalists, probably linked to Big Oil, riding roughshod over the stringent health and safety regulations our wise, caring politicians have designed to protect us and our natural environment?

Or b) an alliance of fluffy green activists, campaigning journalists and virtue-signalling politicians, united on a noble mission to save the planet from the greatest environmental threat it has ever known?

Read more;





In the new age of revolts against elites and “professional politicians”, Oxford PPE no longer fits into public life as smoothly as it once did. 


With corporate capitalism misfiring, mainstream politicians blundering, and much of the traditional media seemingly bewildered by the upheavals, PPE, the supplier of supposedly highly trained talent to all three fields, has lost its unquestioned authority. 


More than that, it has become easier to doubt whether a single university course, and its graduates, should have such influence in the first place. 


To its proliferating critics, PPE is not a solution to Britain’s problems; it is a cause of them.


Read more ;



You are invited to the next meeting of the Friends Group, on Thursday 23rd February at 7:30pm. Come and hear the latest news in what promises to be an exciting year ahead. Tea/coffee will be available. The venue is our usual one, the Crane Community Centre, Fuller Way (off Cranford Drive), Harlington UB3 4LW. I am attaching an agenda. 

Diary date: Cranford Park Friends’  Quiz Night is fast approaching, on Saturday March 4th. It will be a fun evening in aid of our work, and a chance to get together before spring arrives. The quiz master is our own Gowan Clews. Bring your own drinks and snacks, invite friends or family and come as a team of up to six or as an individual (we’ll make up teams on the night). The venue is the Crane Community Centre (address above), from 6:30-9:30pm and the cost is just £6 each (reduction for teams). Book your place now by replying to this email.  





British workers down by 120,000 while migrant workers increase by 430,000. 


In a deeply troubling revelation of the state of the UK’s job market, the number of British workers is dropping whilst the number of migrant workers increases. 


Full article ;



In a parallel universe, ex Labour Foreign Secretary David Miliband expects UK taxpayers to pay for Labour’s Middle East wars.


Children are not stranded in Europe, especially those hairy men mascquerading as 14 year olds. 


Ask yourself how many children has Miliband invited in to his home?


Dont forget that Miliband is on a disgraceful £400,000+ a year, taking charity donations that are destined to help those children he pretends to care about.


With thanks to Labour List.


Miliband says, “The expectation was that 3,000 children stranded in Europe would be helped, but the government seems set to have paused the programme with a little over a tenth of that number arrived in the UK. “


Full article ;





With thanks to Airport Watch. 


The DfT has sent out 1.5 million leaflets to households in areas not too far from Heathrow. The leaflets make no attempt whatsoever of balance and are merely advertising the runway plans and promoting them. Many of the claims are misleading, or so abbreviated as to be unclear. Below there is a critique of the claims, point by point, and links to evidence backing up the criticisms. If anyone has received a leaflet, and wonders about the facts, this webpage may give some useful information. 




Meet the winner of Labour’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. 


Labour PM Tony Blair lobbied for his release as he wasn’t dangerous.


Labour peer Shami Chakrabarti wrote in support of this suicide bomber to protect his human rights (to kill innocent Iraqis?) and was pleased he was released. 


What is it with Labour and their terrorist sympathisers ?



Breaking news. 



More from today’s Heathrow Tunnel protest.




UKIP noticeboard 180217Christine Taylor writes :-

I am furious! A third runway would destroy a huge part of our Heathrow Villages ward and force thousands of residents out of their homes but our Labour councillors are taking no interest whatsoever. They did not even realise there has been a consultation involving the third runway going on for the past two weeks!


Residents from Harmondsworth and Sipson turned up to the monthly surgery/meeting on Saturday 18th February to discuss local issues. Many of us have given up on these councillors’ ability to achieve anything so attendance has dwindled to about half a dozen or so.


Only two councillors turned up, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra turned up and neither could announce any progress on previously raised issues. I’m told that residents then began updating on the continuing problems that never get resolved. After nearly two hours, at about 11.50am, a resident who is distraught at the prospect of losing her home asked about the consultation.


The response was, “What consultation?”  This total lack of interest in such a serious issue is inexcusable.


Even when the resident handed them a consultation document from the Department for Transport titled, “Draft Airports National Policy Statement: new runway capacity and infrastructure at airports in the South East of England”, the penny didn’t drop that this was a government consultation that they should know about and should be telling residents about. They blamed their ignorance on John McDonnell MP and his staff for not telling them.


They are our paid representatives but obviously not one of them had attended the Uxbridge consultation event last Tuesday, which was not far from Cllr Khatra’s house.  By contrast, I was at the first public event in Southall on Monday 17th February. I also spent most of Tuesday speaking to the DfT officials. In addition, I spoke to Sir Jeremy Sullivan who has been tasked with ensuring the consultation is “full and fair”.


I had spoken to Sir Jeremy Sullivan before and, amongst other things, raised the issue of transportation to any events that are not easily accessible. It later turned out that Heathrow Villages, the area that would be most affected by a third runway, had no consultation venue at all. After further conversations and correspondence with the DfT, I hope to have information soon on DfT buses to some of the local consultation events – particularly the West Drayton event on Saturday, 4th March.  This will also be posted on www.stopheathrowexpansion.co.uk


I am wearing my Harmondsworth and Sipson Residents’ Association hat to obtain this assistance for residents, as I am a co-opted member of the committee to support Harlington, which hasn’t had a functioning residents’ association for over a decade.





Read more ;



The Government has issued a clear threat to the House of Lords that it will face calls for abolition unless peers wave through the Brexit bill.


Full article ;



New data for your area has been published on Police.uk.

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

November 2016 December 2016
All crime 136 196
Anti-social behaviour 32 33
Bicycle theft 1 0
Burglary 16 14
Criminal damage and arson 8 22
Drugs 1 7
Other crime 3 5
Other theft 22 14
Possession of weapons 1 0
Public order 5 3
Robbery 2 0
Shoplifting 0 4
Theft from the person 0 1
Vehicle crime 17 52
Violence and sexual offences 28 41


With thanks to Emma Haslett @ CityA.M.


An appeal against the third runway has been delayed by the High Court.


The coalition of councils, including Hillingdon, Richmond, Wandsworth and Windsor, accused the government of “putting off the inevitable”.


“The government has taken a colossal gamble by delaying this court action for at least a year”, said Ravi Gothindia, leader of Wandsworth Council.


“The country is now going to waste more time developing a scheme that will never pass a simple legal test on air quality”.


Full article ;



With thanks to Salina Patel @ Get West London.


Outrage as no consultation event in villages set to be wiped out.


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Heathrow third runway ‘unlawful’ because locals made life choices after Tory promises, opponents claim in legal bid.


In legal documents seen by this newspaper, four Tory councils challenging the Government are arguing their residents had a “legitimate expectation” the project would not be approved. 


They have identified 19 “broken promises” made by David Cameron, Theresa May and other political figures saying the third runway would be scrapped. 


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Rebuke for Heathrow as residents warned responding to survey could see them excluded from compensation.


86-year old residents within the area earmarked for demolition have been “bombarded” with demands for information, and “harassed” by six-strong teams of door-knockers collecting information


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Hillingdon is the ‘rat capital’ of London, with Hayes&Harlington the worst affected. Take note Cllr Gardiner – you accused us of being divisive when we raised this on the Gazette letters page months ago

Data from eight councils in west London has revealed the best and worst places for rat sightings
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More support for Heathrow Villagers as new Hammersmith and Fulham campaign group is set up to fight Heathrow’s third runway plans.


“H&Fnothirdrunway” was formed by concerned local residents Victoria Timberlake and Christina Smyth and will hold its inaugural meeting on January 30.


The meeting takes place at Holy Innocents Church, Paddenswick Road, Hammersmith and begins at 7.30pm.




The experts admit to getting it wrong.

The Bank of England’s chief economist has admitted the Bank’s economic predictions for the UK post-Brexit were confounded by the behaviour of the British consumer.

The Bank had issued dire warnings against a vote to leave the European Union, with governor Mark Carney even saying the country could slip into recession.

Instead, the FTSE 100 closed on a record high for the sixth consecutive time on Thursday, the same day figures were released suggesting Britain was the fastest-growing of the advanced economies last year, with the services sector hitting a 17-month high.



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Updated crime figures for Heathrow Villages – December 2016

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months: