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Among the groups combining forces are Stop Heathrow Expansion, HACAN, Teddington Action Group and Brentford-based BASH Runway 3.

Their full-time co-ordinator said the campaign was funded by individuals and green groups and had no money from rival airports. “We will increase our lobbying of MPs and be mounting a major campaign to get as many residents as possible to respond to the current consultation,” she said.


This piece in The Independent showed that aircraft noise and pollution was dangerous in 2013.
Now, in 2017, the noise and pollution is worse.
You have to be clinically insane (or paid by the aviation lobby) to say another 260,000 flights and millions more car journeys will be less noisy and less polluting.
With thanks to Charlie Cooper;
Researchers are warning for the first time that there may be a real health risk associated with aircraft noise.
Two studies, published today in the British Medical Journal, found evidence that people living in areas with high levels of noise pollution from passing aeroplanes had a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.
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Deutsche Bank confirms plans for new City HQ

Deutsche Bank has handed the City a Brexit boost by confirming plans to move into new London headquarters in 2023.
With thanks to the Wall Street Journal;



With thanks to Salina Patel at Get West London


New anti-expansion group claims residents are unaware their homes will be under the approach path.


People need to know how much noisier their area will be if the third runway does go ahead, how much more traffic there will be and what Heathrow is offering in terms of noise insulation and other forms of relief.


The consultation forms are opaque and seem to be deliberately drafted to be difficult to answer unless you think a third runway is the best thing ever.


Local residents have a voice and should use it!.


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Action Fraud is warning people of a new trend that has hit the UK where fraudsters contact victims claiming to be from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and trick them into paying bogus debts and taxes using iTunes gift cards. 




With thanks to Brendan O’Neill, editor of Spiked, writing for The Australian. 

Has there ever been a tantrum as tinny and irritating as the one thrown by the chattering classes in response to Brexit and Donald Trump? It’s the mother of all meltdowns. The huff heard round the world. A hissy fit of historic proportions.

Children who don’t get their way normally foot-stomp and wail “I hate you” for three or four minutes before collapsing into a knackered heap. The liberal elite has been at it for nine months, ever since Brexit last June pricked the sealed, self-satisfied bubble they live in and reminded them that – brace yourself – there are people out there who think differently.

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With thanks to Jack Montgomery, writing for Breitbart London.


Toyota has announced a £250 million investment in East Midlands facilities, in a move welcomed as “very positive” by local business leaders.


Despite much speculation that car manufacturers would abandon the UK following the Brexit vote, Toyota Motor Europe CEO Dr. Johan van Zyl said the company was “very focused on securing the global competitiveness of our European plants”.

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Hillingdon Council encourages residents to respond to the latest aviation lobby (Tory Government) consultation and make sure they understand how flawed it is and the devastation this option will bring.

The council, with its partners, has published its own information on the consultation for residents, which outlines the detrimental environmental impacts that the government’s publicity leaflet failed to include.

The council’s information highlights how the consultation is misleading, rushed and doesn’t provide sufficient information to allow consultees to make a proper informed response on issues, such as increasing aircraft noise levels, illegal pollution levels, health impacts, costs to the taxpayer, traffic increases or the loss of noise respite periods.

The government also hasn’t told people the location of the airport’s new flight paths, so people cannot tell if their home, schools or communities will be beneath a new landing or take-off route or how many times a day flights will occur.

Full press release; 




LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – MARCH 19: U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne attends the launch of the National Loan Guarantee Scheme (NLGS) at a Barclays Plc bank branch on March 19, 2012 in London, United Kingdom. Osborne won the backing of all except one of Britain’s major banks for his credit-easing plan that aims to funnel cheap loans to small and mid-sized companies. (Photo by Simon Dawson-Pool/Getty Images)



With thanks to UKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn.


As UKIP media spokesman I am actively thinking about what my recommendation will be for future policy. It looks like the next election is still a long way off, but it would be good to settle policy some way in advance of that.


There are certainly issues occurring at the moment which strengthen the arguments for abolishing the licence fee altogether.


In my view, the concerns about the bias in the BBC’s news and current affairs output have become more acute.


After the Brexit vote, I would have thought that BBC high-ups would have realised they had failed in their coverage of the EU over many years. More than half of licence fee payers voted to Leave.


This was similar to the BBC’s failure to adequately cover arguments for sharply reducing immigration.


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Gina Miller to continue the rich folk’s fight against democracy and Brexit.


From Islington, the home of champagne Socialists, you can hear the cries of,

“What do we want?,

Cheap nannies, cleaners and minicab drivers,

How much will we pay?,

As little as possible.”


Real Lefties voted Leave EU. These fakers just want to get rich while the rest of us pay for it.




A poisonous conviction is taking root in the Left.  


Democracy — the cornerstone of our way of life — is being undermined, its very survival put at risk. 


Its modern enemies are mustering from all corners — but most worryingly from the Left, the very area where its stoutest defenders should be.


Some of us might naively have imagined that majority rule was the very essence of democracy. But not, it seems, when millions vote against the wishes of a tiny political elite.


It was, of course, George Orwell in his 1945 novel Animal Farm, who described how ‘All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.’


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The latest US anti-Establishment saying is “Drain the swamp”


We prefer “Flush the toilet”.



The Conservatives are running a bankrupt economy while increasing taxation and cutting Hillingdon council services.
While we suffer austerity, Hillingdon Conservative Councillor David Simmonds is happy to invite 20,000+ more economic refugees to the UK.
Guaranteed that none will be living in Simmonds’s Ickenham ward.
From the pro-open borders champagne socialists at The Guardian (hold your nose);
Local councils have pledged enough homes to accommodate almost 22,000 Syrian refugees, according to a comprehensive Guardian tally. The government originally committed to providing places for 20,000 Syrians in September 2015, at the height of the European migration crisis.
“The mission has been fulfilled,” said David Simmonds, chair of the asylum and refugee task group for the Local Government Association (LGA). “The response from councils around the country has been really positive. They have shown they are willing to provide homes to refugees.”
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Note from our Hillingdon Chairman – Hillingdon Council stated that they would not be taking any of the economic migrants from the camps in Calais. Contacts of ours within the NHS have advised that they are regularly signing up people with Home Office documentation from the camps in to GP surgeries, indicating that they are doing so and allocating them property that is sorely needed by those already here and on the waiting lists.

None of these migrants are women or children from Syria with the vast majority being young men of sub-Saharan African origin.


A message from Cranford Park Friends.


1. This Sunday (March 12) the Friends have our first volunteer session of 2017 in the Secret Garden, note new times (2:30-4:30pm). All welcome, even spectators! Situated next to the stables, near the car park.


2. We are assembling a team to start spring cleaning and clearing the centre Stable Block on Saturday March 18. If you are able to lend a hand on that date please reply to this.


3. At the last meeting we discussed the proposals for Heathrow Airport’s expansion. There would be an affect on Cranford Park. The Department for Transport is running a consultation and you are urged to take part.   

This link provides information about the DfT consultation


The list at top left of that page takes you to a number of other pages including the posters on show at consultation events. There is also a link to the response form.

Any completed forms or other comments can be sent by email, or paper copies can be posted to: Freepost RUNWAY CONSULTATION – that really is the whole address! 

The deadline for submitting comments is 25th May 2017.



Cranford Park Friends



Harlington crash: Five people injured after bus and cars in High Street collision

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More elitist nonsense from luvvie la-la-land.


Arts Council luvvies use our money to discriminate against 90% of us.


Applications have opened for a new theatre leadership programme that will allow 10 black, Asian, minority ethnic and refugee artists to take on creative roles at the Bush Theatre and Battersea Arts Centre.


Arts Council England awarded £295,000 through the Sustained Theatre Fund to the Up Next development programme from Artistic Directors of the Future, which aims to increase diversity in mainstream theatre leadership.


Working class white kids need not apply. Up Next says Up Yours.


Read more in The Stage; 

Bush Theatre and BAC to host minority and refugee leadership programme.



Labour Socialists on the Welsh Assembly ticked off for repeated use of National Socialist rhetoric.


In a debate in February, Labour AM Dawn Bowden referred to “Goebbels-like propaganda from the right-wing media”.


Presiding Officer Elin Jones said: “However passionately members feel about a subject, do not consider that comparisons with the Nazi regime in 1930’s and 1940’s Germany are appropriate.”


“Normalising the use of such references risks trivialising the horrors perpetrated by that regime.”


Read more; 

Avoid Nazi references in debates, Elin Jones tells AMs – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-39141353




More alleged criminality from South Thanet. If you thought a Tory £200,000 election overspend to beat Nigel was bad, this will horrify you.


A Tory aide has been charged with rape in an attack that allegedly took place in an MP’s office.

Samuel Armstrong, 23, of Danbury, near Chelmsford, Essex, is accused of two counts of rape and one count of sexual assault.

Mr Armstrong, chief of staff to Craig MacKinlay MP, has been bailed to appear at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Friday March 31.

In October the the office of the MP for South Thanet, Kent, was raided by six uniformed officers and sealed as a crime scene.


Full article; 



Nearly three-quarters of Welsh voters think only EU citizens with the right skills should live and work in a post-Brexit UK, a BBC Wales poll suggests.

On the freedom of movement to live and work in the UK post-Brexit, the poll showed 74% agreed that only those EU citizens with the “right” skills or qualifications should be allowed in, with 19% believing that nothing should change and just 6% wanting the doorfirmly shut to EU immigrants.


Read more;  EU migrants should have skills, public tells BBC Wales poll – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-39114914

Another reminder of upcoming events at the local jewel, Cranford Park. 


Saturday March 4. 

‘Hidden Cranford Park’. Find out why the park’s star sign is Pisces, see the memorial to a famous comedian, discover a hidden bridge and more! Our first guided walk of the year…join the Secretary of Cranford Park Friends on a 90-minute (approx.), free guided walk, highlighting lesser-known features and some curious facts about the park. Meet beside car park at 11am (TW5 9RZ). Approx 90 minutes. Refreshments served (thanks to St. Dunstan’s). Please wear boots or wellies!

Saturday March 4 (evening). Just a few places remaining at our Quiz Night. Bring your own snacks and drinks and join the fun. Doors open 6:15, starts 6:30pm at Crane Community Centre, Fuller Way, Harlington UB3 4LW. You can reserve your place by replying to this. Quizmaster: Gowan Clews 

Come into the garden…Sunday March 12. 

Secret Garden Opening – 2:30pm until 4:30pm. Come and help us prepare the garden for spring or just for a look at the well and vine; meet the volunteers. Tools and refreshments provided for volunteers. Our first session this year… from now until the summer we meet on the second Sunday of each month (note new times). Come and join us! Situated next to the stables and courtyard (TW5 9RZ).






Latest news from the Uberloo on Sipson Lane.

Uber’s lawyers in the UK have argued against rules requiring minicab drivers to pass an English literacy test – because many of its cheap cyber cabbies would fail.

In the High Court in London, Uber’s lawyer Thomas de la Mare said that, by the government’s own figures, about a third of the capital’s private-hire drivers – 33,000 of 110,000 – would fail the test, because it’s too difficult. 

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Vote Labour, get Nazis.


Plymouth Council Leader Ian Bowyer said: “I think the council’s monitoring officer will doubtless wish to investigate further – there are potentially serious consequences here. Although Councillor Morris apologised for his behaviour in my opinion this constitutes hate crime, which is totally unacceptable.”





News from Uber’s Heathrow HQ/doss house in Little Harlington Playing Fields public car park. 


With thanks to Dominic Lawson writing for The Times.


With a name like Uber, a business could not make the scale of it’s ambitions clearer. 


Uber, valued at almost £55bn by those investors funding its assault on the world’s urban transport markets, is suddenly looking a little less fashionable.


Uber has not created a totally new product or dramatically redefined a traditional market. Nor is Uber ‘disrupting’ incumbent operators with a totally new way of doing business.


Uber is driving passengers from A to B in cars just like traditional car service operators always have.


It is, obviously, the right of investors in Uber to waste their billions. 


But let’s not fall for Uber’s claim that their definition of minicab hire is a sign of technological progress. 


Uber is a low wage sweatshop employer using predatory pricing and welfare subsidies to unfairly crush legitimate competition. 


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Heathrow lackey Len McCluskey wants to demolish his members’ homes while receiving a half price London home subsidised by his members.


Under the deal, Unite members contributed £417,000 to help it’s general secretary buy the flat near London Bridge. 


Please show your displeasure by voting against McLackey in the upcoming Unite leadership election.


Read more ; https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/work/trade-unions/news/83454/len-mccluskey-dubbed-greedy-boss-union-rival-over-%C2%A3400000-flat


Two Conservative Spelthorne Councillors have seen sense and moved to UKIP.

Cllr Saliagopoulos, who will serve as the leader of the UKIP group, said: “The conduct of some of the Tory councillors during the meeting made me realise that I had made the right decision”.

“What is the point of being a councillor if you don’t change things? The only way for me to do that was to form an opposition group”.

Full article; 



The views of James Delingpole writing for The Spectator.


Who do you think was responsible for Europe’s biggest environmental disaster of the past three decades; one that caused more widespread damage and killed more people than even the nuclear accident at Chernobyl?

Was it a) greedy and selfish capitalists, probably linked to Big Oil, riding roughshod over the stringent health and safety regulations our wise, caring politicians have designed to protect us and our natural environment?

Or b) an alliance of fluffy green activists, campaigning journalists and virtue-signalling politicians, united on a noble mission to save the planet from the greatest environmental threat it has ever known?

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In the new age of revolts against elites and “professional politicians”, Oxford PPE no longer fits into public life as smoothly as it once did. 


With corporate capitalism misfiring, mainstream politicians blundering, and much of the traditional media seemingly bewildered by the upheavals, PPE, the supplier of supposedly highly trained talent to all three fields, has lost its unquestioned authority. 


More than that, it has become easier to doubt whether a single university course, and its graduates, should have such influence in the first place. 


To its proliferating critics, PPE is not a solution to Britain’s problems; it is a cause of them.


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You are invited to the next meeting of the Friends Group, on Thursday 23rd February at 7:30pm. Come and hear the latest news in what promises to be an exciting year ahead. Tea/coffee will be available. The venue is our usual one, the Crane Community Centre, Fuller Way (off Cranford Drive), Harlington UB3 4LW. I am attaching an agenda. 

Diary date: Cranford Park Friends’  Quiz Night is fast approaching, on Saturday March 4th. It will be a fun evening in aid of our work, and a chance to get together before spring arrives. The quiz master is our own Gowan Clews. Bring your own drinks and snacks, invite friends or family and come as a team of up to six or as an individual (we’ll make up teams on the night). The venue is the Crane Community Centre (address above), from 6:30-9:30pm and the cost is just £6 each (reduction for teams). Book your place now by replying to this email.  





British workers down by 120,000 while migrant workers increase by 430,000. 


In a deeply troubling revelation of the state of the UK’s job market, the number of British workers is dropping whilst the number of migrant workers increases. 


Full article ;



In a parallel universe, ex Labour Foreign Secretary David Miliband expects UK taxpayers to pay for Labour’s Middle East wars.


Children are not stranded in Europe, especially those hairy men mascquerading as 14 year olds. 


Ask yourself how many children has Miliband invited in to his home?


Dont forget that Miliband is on a disgraceful £400,000+ a year, taking charity donations that are destined to help those children he pretends to care about.


With thanks to Labour List.


Miliband says, “The expectation was that 3,000 children stranded in Europe would be helped, but the government seems set to have paused the programme with a little over a tenth of that number arrived in the UK. “


Full article ;





With thanks to Airport Watch. 


The DfT has sent out 1.5 million leaflets to households in areas not too far from Heathrow. The leaflets make no attempt whatsoever of balance and are merely advertising the runway plans and promoting them. Many of the claims are misleading, or so abbreviated as to be unclear. Below there is a critique of the claims, point by point, and links to evidence backing up the criticisms. If anyone has received a leaflet, and wonders about the facts, this webpage may give some useful information. 




Meet the winner of Labour’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. 


Labour PM Tony Blair lobbied for his release as he wasn’t dangerous.


Labour peer Shami Chakrabarti wrote in support of this suicide bomber to protect his human rights (to kill innocent Iraqis?) and was pleased he was released. 


What is it with Labour and their terrorist sympathisers ?



Breaking news. 



More from today’s Heathrow Tunnel protest.




UKIP noticeboard 180217Christine Taylor writes :-

I am furious! A third runway would destroy a huge part of our Heathrow Villages ward and force thousands of residents out of their homes but our Labour councillors are taking no interest whatsoever. They did not even realise there has been a consultation involving the third runway going on for the past two weeks!


Residents from Harmondsworth and Sipson turned up to the monthly surgery/meeting on Saturday 18th February to discuss local issues. Many of us have given up on these councillors’ ability to achieve anything so attendance has dwindled to about half a dozen or so.


Only two councillors turned up, Cllr June Nelson and Cllr Manjit Khatra turned up and neither could announce any progress on previously raised issues. I’m told that residents then began updating on the continuing problems that never get resolved. After nearly two hours, at about 11.50am, a resident who is distraught at the prospect of losing her home asked about the consultation.


The response was, “What consultation?”  This total lack of interest in such a serious issue is inexcusable.


Even when the resident handed them a consultation document from the Department for Transport titled, “Draft Airports National Policy Statement: new runway capacity and infrastructure at airports in the South East of England”, the penny didn’t drop that this was a government consultation that they should know about and should be telling residents about. They blamed their ignorance on John McDonnell MP and his staff for not telling them.


They are our paid representatives but obviously not one of them had attended the Uxbridge consultation event last Tuesday, which was not far from Cllr Khatra’s house.  By contrast, I was at the first public event in Southall on Monday 17th February. I also spent most of Tuesday speaking to the DfT officials. In addition, I spoke to Sir Jeremy Sullivan who has been tasked with ensuring the consultation is “full and fair”.


I had spoken to Sir Jeremy Sullivan before and, amongst other things, raised the issue of transportation to any events that are not easily accessible. It later turned out that Heathrow Villages, the area that would be most affected by a third runway, had no consultation venue at all. After further conversations and correspondence with the DfT, I hope to have information soon on DfT buses to some of the local consultation events – particularly the West Drayton event on Saturday, 4th March.  This will also be posted on www.stopheathrowexpansion.co.uk


I am wearing my Harmondsworth and Sipson Residents’ Association hat to obtain this assistance for residents, as I am a co-opted member of the committee to support Harlington, which hasn’t had a functioning residents’ association for over a decade.





Read more ;



The Government has issued a clear threat to the House of Lords that it will face calls for abolition unless peers wave through the Brexit bill.


Full article ;



New data for your area has been published on Police.uk.

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months:

November 2016 December 2016
All crime 136 196
Anti-social behaviour 32 33
Bicycle theft 1 0
Burglary 16 14
Criminal damage and arson 8 22
Drugs 1 7
Other crime 3 5
Other theft 22 14
Possession of weapons 1 0
Public order 5 3
Robbery 2 0
Shoplifting 0 4
Theft from the person 0 1
Vehicle crime 17 52
Violence and sexual offences 28 41


With thanks to Emma Haslett @ CityA.M.


An appeal against the third runway has been delayed by the High Court.


The coalition of councils, including Hillingdon, Richmond, Wandsworth and Windsor, accused the government of “putting off the inevitable”.


“The government has taken a colossal gamble by delaying this court action for at least a year”, said Ravi Gothindia, leader of Wandsworth Council.


“The country is now going to waste more time developing a scheme that will never pass a simple legal test on air quality”.


Full article ;



With thanks to Salina Patel @ Get West London.


Outrage as no consultation event in villages set to be wiped out.


Full article ;



With thanks to Ben Riley-Smith, Assistant Political Editor @ The Telegraph.


Heathrow third runway ‘unlawful’ because locals made life choices after Tory promises, opponents claim in legal bid.


In legal documents seen by this newspaper, four Tory councils challenging the Government are arguing their residents had a “legitimate expectation” the project would not be approved. 


They have identified 19 “broken promises” made by David Cameron, Theresa May and other political figures saying the third runway would be scrapped. 


Full article ;



Rebuke for Heathrow as residents warned responding to survey could see them excluded from compensation.


86-year old residents within the area earmarked for demolition have been “bombarded” with demands for information, and “harassed” by six-strong teams of door-knockers collecting information


With thanks to Colnbrook Views community website.




Hillingdon is the ‘rat capital’ of London, with Hayes&Harlington the worst affected. Take note Cllr Gardiner – you accused us of being divisive when we raised this on the Gazette letters page months ago

Data from eight councils in west London has revealed the best and worst places for rat sightings
getwestlondon.co.uk|By Alexander Ballinger


More support for Heathrow Villagers as new Hammersmith and Fulham campaign group is set up to fight Heathrow’s third runway plans.


“H&Fnothirdrunway” was formed by concerned local residents Victoria Timberlake and Christina Smyth and will hold its inaugural meeting on January 30.


The meeting takes place at Holy Innocents Church, Paddenswick Road, Hammersmith and begins at 7.30pm.




The experts admit to getting it wrong.

The Bank of England’s chief economist has admitted the Bank’s economic predictions for the UK post-Brexit were confounded by the behaviour of the British consumer.

The Bank had issued dire warnings against a vote to leave the European Union, with governor Mark Carney even saying the country could slip into recession.

Instead, the FTSE 100 closed on a record high for the sixth consecutive time on Thursday, the same day figures were released suggesting Britain was the fastest-growing of the advanced economies last year, with the services sector hitting a 17-month high.



Confirmed by the BBC ;




Updated crime figures for Heathrow Villages – December 2016

Here is a brief summary of the crime information for the past two months: