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Gerard Batten to take on Theresa May’s Heathrow and Brexit stance.
Mrs May was a lifelong supporter of the EU, she was an enthusiastic enforcer of EU legislation as Home Secretary (and indeed still is a Prime Minister), she was a Remainer in the Referendum and had Remain won she would be telling us that it was the right decision.

The Tories have betrayed Britain time and time again over the EU since 1972.  They are now going to try and do the same thing again. They want to achieve an ‘exit’ where nothing changes very much at all.

Over to Gerard;


BREXIT means Exit


The 17.4 million people who voted to leave the European Union on 23rd June 2016 expected that to happen without delay.  But six months later Prime Minister Theresa May has done nothing to make it happen.  What is more she does not intend to do anything for another three months, and even then she will not commit to what Brexit actually means.


We have no reason to trust Theresa May.  She was a Remainer in the Referendum campaign, and had Remain won she would be telling us it was the right decision and in our best interests.  Having been on the losing side, she now finds herself in charge of implementing the winning sides decision.  But instead of outlining her EU exit strategy, she merely mouths the slogan ‘Brexit means Brexit’ without explaining what it means.

If Mrs May were serious she could have taken immediate action and triggered Article 50 the day after she was appointed Prime Minister, merely by writing a note to the European Council to that effect. Instead she did nothing, except to give the Remain camp the time to re-group and counter attack, which they duly did by taking their delaying tactics to the High Court.


Having dilly-dallied and delayed, what does Mrs May propose?  When she eventually gets around to triggering Article 50 she will enter in to two years of protracted negotiations with the EU regarding our terms of exit.  Bear in mind that the EU does not want to negotiate with us, it has no incentive whatsoever to offer us the fabled ‘good deal’ Mrs May hopes for and at the end of the process the European Council and/or the European Parliament can veto that deal, putting us back to square one.  Not so much negotiations as a game of snakes and ladders.


If Mrs May is serious she should adopt UKIP’s policy.  She should forget Article 50 for a start. Parliament should immediately repeal the European Communities Act (1972).  This would return law-making supremacy to our Parliament.  All EU Directives and Regulations have been transposed into our law by Acts of Parliament and they would remain in place. Chaos would not ensure, but we would then be free to repeal or amend those laws according to our own priorities and in our own timescale.  The British Government would be in control of the leaving process and not the EU.


She should offer the EU continued tariff-free trade, or World Trade Organisation rules with low tariffs, just as they prefer.  Thy will ultimately make that decision anyway. If they chose to impose the EU’s Common External Tariffs on us it would impact on continental businesses far more than ours since we have a £70 billion trading deficit with the EU.  Meanwhile our businesses would be freed from EU bureaucracy and we can once again make our own international trade deals.


What we must fear is that Mrs May will prevaricate until mid-2019 and then agree an EU deal along the lines of the Swiss or Norwegian models. Under such a ‘deal’ we would have to pay the EU billions every year, continue to obey many of their laws, and have open borders to all EU citizens.  She might then go for an early general election and put Her ‘deal’ to the people wrapped up in the threat: vote Tory and for my deal or get Jeremy Corbyn.


UKIP is now needed more than ever.  Just as UKIP achieved and won the Referendum campaign, now we have to fight to win a genuine exit from the European Union.  The Referendum of 23rd June was just the end of the beginning.  The real battle only began in June.






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UKIP attacks the Government over Litvinenko Inquest and deal with Putin

Posted on June 21, 2013 by 


Gerard Batten MEP, UKIP spokesman on justice and home affairs, and UKIP’s ex-leader Lord Pearson of Rannoch, joined Alexander Litvinenko’s widow and friends at a press conference in the House of Lords today to talk about the Government’s  ’appeasement’ of Russian President Putin and failure to deliver on its promise of justice to the family of Mr. Litvinenko.

Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian political exile who became a British citizen, was killed in London in November 2006 by a fatal poisoning with radioactive Polonium-210, which is widely believed to have been a Russian ‘state-sponsored’ assassination. Following a summit meeting between David Cameron and Vladimir Putin in May, the Government obtained permission to withhold evidence of ‘Russian state responsibility’ from the Coroner’s Inquest. At the same time, the two countries’ security agencies have resumed cooperation, which had been suspended after the death of Mr. Litvinenko.

Mr. Batten said: “The government has broken its earlier promises to help to achieve justice in this case, and has instead done a deal with Putin. How can we seriously have any security or legal cooperation with a gangster regime which murders people on the streets of London? All this secret evidence must be released to the Coroner. The Government must do everything it can to help the Coroner’s Court uncover the truth about this matter. UKIP firmly believes that justice and security of British citizens must be a priority over international deals.”

The support from Britain’s fastest growing political party is a new boost to the campaign for justice led by Mr. Litvinenko’s widow Marina. Mrs. Litvinenko has accused the Prime Minister of going back on his promise to help achieve justice, and added: “I am grateful for all the support from friends of any political persuasion, and the sympathy I receive from the British society at large.”

Vladimir Bukovsky, former Soviet political prisoner and a friend of late Mr. Litvinenko, angrily described the deal between Mr. Cameron and Mr. Putin as a “conspiracy to subvert the course of justice.” He added: “I have been used to living under a criminal government in the Soviet Union, but you in Britain are yet to learn. Nowadays, UKIP is the only honest force in British politics.”





The ONLY reason that the Bilderberg meeting is now reported in the BBC and the media in general is because Gerard Batten (our London MEP)  reported the meeting in the EU “parliament”.

This is part 3  Gerard Batten is out side the Watford Hotel being interviewed by Alex Jones.


and this is part two of Bilderberg


Gerard Batten’s latest bulletin from Brussels and Strasbourg is now available;
click on the image below to read i

A strange voting system



UKIP Response to Abu Qatada Re Trial

Gerard Batten MEP, spokesman on Home Affairs:

“It just goes to show the paradoxical nature of our courts system when this foreign terrorist can be prevented from being sent back to his home country to be tried for horrendous crimes, yet British nationals can be sent to any country in Europe without any safeguard through the European Arrest Warrant.

The Human Rights Act has become an umbrella protecting foreign terrorists and criminal suspects from facing justice in their own countries, with the British taxpayer having to fund both their protection and the costs of the case being brought against them. It is totally and utterly ludicrous. If UKIP were in power, this man would have gone years ago.”

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Marta has betrayed not only the Party but also the cause she supposedly believed in.

Posted on February 23, 2013 by 
“The news that Marta Andreasen MEP has defected to the Tories sadly comes as no great surprise.
“This betrayal of UKIP and its voters shows that she was never anything more than an opportunist carpetbagger. Her defection has nothing to do with principle, or even politics, but is because she fears not being re-selected as a UKIP candidate in 2014.
“She was elected in 2009 as a UKIP MEP, not a Tory. She should immediately do the honourable thing, resign her seat and make way for the next candidate on the UKIP list.
“UKIP should learn a lesson from this, and in future only select candidates for the European Parliament who are proven Party loyalists.


David Cameron is wrong (yet again) about restricting benefits

David Cameron has said that he “wants to reform the system allowing immigrants access to housing, the NHS, the justice system, and benefits”. But what can the Government do even if it wants to? UKIP MEP Gerard Batten presents the facts in his latest briefing.By Gerard Batten• David Cameron cannot restrict benefit payments, housing, or access to the NHS to EU citizens as he has promised to do.

EU Legislation means that EU citizens cannot be discriminated against on the basis of nationality. The linked document (PDF) lays out the situation not only regarding EU citizens but non-EU citizens.

It would certainly be a good idea and a desirable thing for benefits to non-citizens to be restricted . UKIP policy is that migrants should not be allowed access to benefits until they have paid taxes for five years – emergency treatment on the NHS would of coruse still be available, but visitors would be required to have private health insurance.

It is seldom the case that a UKIP spokesman can agree with an EU Commissioner, but Viviane Reding, EU Justice Commissioner, has said that Britain cannot discriminate against Romanians or Bulgarians or any other EU citizens on the basis of their nationality. This is EU law– as fully subscribed to by successive Tory, Labour and Tory/Lib-Dem Governments. They cannot have it both ways – in Europe but not run by Europe!


Bilderbergers Meet Again

Posted on June 12, 2012 by 

Did you know that from 31st May to 3rd June there was a meeting of world figures from the realms of politics, finance, business and academia, held in the Westfield, Marriott Hotel in Chantilly Virginia, USA?

No you probably didn’t, because amazing as it may seem Britain’s (so-called) mainstream media doesn’t report these meetings. Last year when I wrote to the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, to ask them why they did not report the June 2011 meeting they replied that ‘it wasn’t news’ .

The BBC said that since they didn’t know what was discussed so consequently there was nothing to report. Fancy that: the world is facing the biggest economic crisis since 1929 but when world leaders meet to discuss a secret agenda it isn’t worth reporting on.

The Bilderberg group meetings have taken place every year since 1954. This highly secretive group of world leaders acquired its name from the first hotel where it met – the Bilderberg.

This year’s meeting was attended by about 145 people. The official list can be found at the following site:

The list includes: Two EU Commissioners, Almunia and Kroes; Henry Kissinger (a perennial favourite), and our own Lord Peter Mandelson and Justice Minister Kenneth Clarke MP. Mr Clarke is said to be a member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee.

Rumour has it that it was also attended by Mitt Romney, Republican Presidential candidate, and none other thanPresident Obama himself, although they do not appear on the official list.

The Bilderberg group is attended by those who already have the most power and money, or who look like they may acquire political power. Indeed some think that no one is allowed to assume positions of power in western ‘democracies’ unless they have already been deemed acceptable by the Bilderberg group, e.g. Tony Blair and David Cameron.

People who ask what these meetings are about are usually dismissed as conspiracy theorists. But how can the media in a so-called democratic society ignore the deliberations of the world’s most powerful figures when the doings of minor celebrities are splashed all over the newspaper and TV screens to fill the 24 hour news agenda?

The Bilderberg group now has its own website because its meetings can no longer be kept secret. But when will they release their agendas or minutes or action points?  Until they do then many people will think that the distinctly undemocratic and un-populist policies pursued by practically all western governments are fuelled by a hidden agenda.  The Bilderberg group are prime candidates for owning that agenda.








Taken from the website of UKIP London MEP Gerard Batten (below) just after David Cameron’s EU Referendum speech –

Gerard Batten

David Cameron’s EU Referendum speech is a re-run of Harold Wilson’s 1975 referendum – only  this time in slow motion.

Mr Wilson sought election in 1974 promising a referendum on continued membership of the European Economic Community.

He obtained some minor cosmetic concessions, and in 1975  told the British to vote ‘Yes’ to keep the Common Market. Mr Cameron hopes to repeat the same trick this time talking about preserving the ‘Single Market’.

Mr Cameron’s plan is just the latest in a long line of Tory con-tricks regarding the EU.  What he outlined in his speech is unachievable. The EU will never agree to any meaningful reofrms or return of significant return of powers to nation states.

Mr Cameron will seek a mandate to renegotiate in the General election of 2015. He then promises to put the results to a referendum in mid 2018. By that time Britain will have had hundreds more Rules, Regulations and Directives  inflicted on it, and we will have opened our doors to potentially to at least another 29 million migrants.

If Mr Cameron sincerely wanted to address the issue he would ask Parliament to authorise an In-or Out referendum later this year or early next year.  Britain could then decide if it wants to be a region of a United States of Europe or restore its status as an independent, democratic nation state.

This entire exercise is about the Tories trying to hoodwink the voters into voting Tory in 2015.

Of course Ed Miliband could spike his guns by offering a simple In-or-Out referendum on EU membership in his 2015 manifesto with a referendum in 2015/2016.

Whatever happens UKIP will continue to tirelessly campaign for Britain’s exit from the EU.

Gerard Batten 2

For more information on Gerard Batten please visit




we can never trust the Tories


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