We have a membership where less than half of us ever voted Tory. This has a huge influence on our party, the days of being an ex conservative protest group are long gone. We retain our core values and we get on remarkably well, with a leadership we support, clearly so since we get to elect them, one member one vote, one third every year. No other party does this, it allows rapid evolution.

Think about it, a party where the leadership HAVE to listen to members.
We have no whips in local government. Our councillors act as independents but with a national party behind them and a broad policy outline to guide them and electors. We want local referendums on major issues, like big housing estates, wind farms and industrial development.

That is UKIP democracy in action. We are not a bunch of top down “do what we say we know best” professionals. We’re the Plebs. We’ve given up on the political establishment, we’re going to do it ourselves. Join us.

If you would like to  JOIN our ever growing  membership you can do the following

1/.Contact us here :-

  • Email:
  • Phone: 01895 633669
  • Mail:  address 
  •    Martin Shelvey

       UKIP Hillingdon Branch Secretary

        43 Crosier Road, Ickenham, 

         Middlesex. UB10 8RR

  •            then :-

2/. Click on this link and print off the following membership application form –

Membership Application Form 

(if you don’t have a printer we will send you a membership application , contact me at the above address )

To pay :-

Send Cheque and application form to the above address

or simply

Use  Paypal

Please choose your membership type, Our standard annual subscription is £30; please select Standard 1 year – £30

if you can’t afford this, please select ” Concessionary 1 year £15″

By applying for membership of UKIP  here you agree that you have not and have never been a member of :- The British National Party, the National Front, the British Freedom Party,the British People’s Party,the English Defence League, Britain First ,or the UK First Party.

UKIP reserve the right to reject application or terminate membership if these criteria are not met

Constitution of UKIP  (available here)


Standard 1 year – £30

================================================================================ Concessionary 1 year £15


Standard 5 year – £125


Armed Forces 1 year – £5



 Under 22 – members receive electronic communications only  £2

For terms and conditions of membership,    (available here)                                                

If paying by cheque , please make cheques out to UKIP


Perhaps you would like to DONATE to UKIP Hillingdon to help us spread the word…….INDEPENDENCE ! 

==============================================================ALL proceeds from donations and membership go to pay for leaflets,brochures and other stationary. There are NO labour costs, NO admin costs and NO other fees to be taken out. ==============================================================


To contact Head Office:-

UKIP Head Office

Newton Abbot  Devon TQ12 6UT

0800 587 6 587


43 thoughts on “JOIN UKIP HERE

  1. I would like to be a member of UKIP I live in Leicester please inform me of what to do I am willing to do door to door posting

  2. Hello Phillip, To join UKIP You can 1/.simply click on to the JOIN UKIP HERE box and then click on to the attachment, this will print out an application form, or 2/. contact me at my address and I will post a form to you.

  3. I have just sent an ( Email ) to David Cameron ( prime minister ) to inform him that I will not be voting for the party any more or any other party. I am 80yrs old and not very happy with the flat -rate pension I like other pensioners have worked from age of 15 up to now. and also because he will not pull out of the ( E U ) so I am ( voting for ( UKIP)
    REGARDS Margaret Stones

  4. I left the UK because of the politics and the sad state of decay of our once beautiful
    I will be returning this year to join UKIP in the hope that they will stay in touch with the people of the country and work within Norfolk to work hopefully promoting your party.
    Maybe there is hope for my children and grand children .

  5. How is someone selected to stand in local election for 2014 in the west Yorkshire

  6. im voting for ukip because our country is over populated our jobs and housing are given away, and ukip will pull out of europe. labour and conseratives dont care about what the british think. all the money thats been pumped into europe could of put everyone in a job in the uk.

  7. Thanks Waine, I have sent you an email and I will contact UKIP Head Office today
    Best Wishes

  8. Wow we only see you when you want our votes, when it comes to people in trouble you disappear back down south, be careful the northern vote can mean a lot more important ask the conservatives

  9. Good evening Derry. UKIP are now the main opposition to Labour in the North, and unlike that party the majority of our front benchers are not Oxbridge educated and parachuted in to safe seats a la David Miliband.

    Our deputy leader and NW MEP Paul Nuttall is a local and has put a lot of time and effort in to his constituency. I speak with our northern members regularly, where they are out street stalling and getting involved in local community issues.

    Only UKIP provide an alternative to Labour in the north, a Labour party who have betrayed the working class whilst taking their votes for granted. You speak of UKIP ‘disappearing’ back down south, but Labour have just nominated Neil Kinnock’s son for a ‘safe’ seat in Aberavon in Wales, despite him being married to the Danish Prime Minister and living in that country for much of the time. Even if your proposition was true, at least our candidates live in the same country as the constituency they wish to represent.

    The party are running a series of public meetings across the north of England in the run up to the EU elections – To find out what we are about and to air your questions, pop along and have a frank discussion. You may be pleasantly surprised

  10. Hi
    I am Treas of UKIP Milton Keynes North. I was very encouraged to see the coverage of your promotional activity on the BBC politics show today. I’d appreciate the opportunity to get some advice from you about the materials you have put otgether and strategies that have worked.

    We are a small, new branch and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Best wishes

  11. Hello Jeremy,
    We have already emailed you , I am willing to help in any way that I can

  12. I would love to be a member, but I’m not in a position to become one at this moment in time, due to being laid off at work. 10 weeks now unemployed. Finding it hard out there right now. Even with my qualifications. I have not showed an interest in UKIP and have been blind or asleep, but have realised, you stand for everything I believe in and I do not believe the media in the way they portray the party. Discrediting and disrespectful.

    I have volunteered to help the party spreed the message across my own town and county this at the moment will be the only way I can help. I time when back on my feet I want to be serious about the campaign and be much more involved and even run as a councilor for UKIP.

    I’m running my own campaign at the moment against a privatised business taking away the right of the people, they promised will always be in the peoples hands and decisions made by the people, they have lied and made a lot in my local town angry. I need help from a political party that understands our problems. I hope that to be UKIP.

    Lastly, would like to commend you on your efforts to re-build UK back to its former power and control over our own country again. It should be for the people not for the corrupt money makers and takers in this country that are killing us at a now fast rate.

  13. I am an Orthopaedic Consultant and ex GP and have some unique proposals which would solve the NHS Black Hole and revitalize it for the future benefit of all.
    My proposal is radical but would save millions and probably billions and improve the availability of health for all and put the NHS on a new sensible path and save it from enevitable self destruction.
    Mr. Farage is famous for his radical but rational proposals and I believe he could add this to his manifesto and which all sensible far-sighted voters would applaud as the future for Healthcare in the UK. I would be happy to enlarge on my proposal.

  14. I am really disappointed. Nigel Farage is obviously no different at all from other politicians. The same ‘I’ve done nothing wrong’ answers to the same sleaze questions. He’s just another politician after all… Anni, York

  15. Hi Anni.

    UKIP seem to be under far more scrutiny than any of the old establishment parties at present as part of the drive to put people off voting for us.

    To clarify, MEP’s receive allowances that are dictated by the EU and do not claim expenses. Therefore, Nigel receives the same allowances as all other MEP’s along with a list of things it is acceptable to spend them on.

    He does not have to submit receipts for these, but does so for transparency reasons (Which many do not). UKIP are the only party who campaign to leave the EU, and therefore are the only party who wish to do away with this system.

    To give you a better idea of how this works, please find attached a link to the website of our London MEP, Gerard Batten. You will see from this link that Gerard has refused a pay increase that he was entitled to as he did not think it appropriate considering the current economic circumstances – How many politicians could you say that about?

  16. What is the UKIP’s Policy on stamp duty for foreign buyers?

    Until very recently this was set at 0%. Does UKIP agree that foreign buyers should face a vastly increased stamp duty on UK property to protect hard working English families from being priced out of the market?

    Currently the vast majority of newbuild and upscale properties being sold in the UK are going directly to foreign investors. This has led to the financial times, New York Times and The Guardian (among others) to declare that london property is a global currency.

    The party that first proposes a vastly increased stamp duty for foreign property purchasers would gain a great deal of support among every day Londoners and UK citizens in general. Indeed many parties would find it very hard to explain their reasons for not doing so.

    Refusing to levy such levies would likely leave some parties highly exposed to the following accusations

    1) favouring the needs of wealthy party donors in the construction industry over normal English citizens

    2) favouring the investment interests of foreign millionaires and organisations from corrupt, militant and non-democratic countries over normal English citizens

    3) protecting the property values of the rich at the expense of generations of normal English citizens who may never be able to join the property market

  17. Guys never before have I felt an infinity with politics and ukip in particular . I hope your party has more ambition than just to be a protest party .You are absolutely right on Europe it’s time to treat the electorate like adults and let us have a referendum on wether we want to be ruled from Brussels.And you are spot on, with the concerns of people like myself about border controls out of control immigration on the services that are stretched to breaking point , oh and by the way I’m of mixed race half Heritage , half west Indian and English and very proud and patriotic of these great islands , am I a racist ???

  18. Good evening.
    I am a Headteacher in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh. One of your candidates is standing in the local district elections. He was joined in his campaigning by Mr Hamilton. A major issue which was featured by the local candidate in a YouTube video was that of education. The plan of the local education and library board is to facilitate an amalgamation between two single sex grammar schools to form a co-educational grammar school of 900 students, that is, a school selecting students by means of an entrance assessment (formerly, the 11 plus). Mr Hamilton related how he was the fortunate product of such a system. Both schools have 500 students and are the smallest 11-18 grammar schools in Northern Ireland. Amalgamation is favoured by all of the governors of one school and opposed by a majority of the governors of the other. Your local candidate in the video refers to the girls’ school as the top performing school in Northern Ireland. That is factually incorrect. Rather more importantly, Mr Hamilton did not appear to understand the brief and referred to the plan as that of establishing a non-selective (comprehensive) school. That is also factually incorrect.
    I follow politics. I appreciate a party which seeks to rejuvenate and reconfigure a system which has become over-bureaucratic and somewhat murky. I am surprised and disappointed that candidates from that party failed to master the brief and peddled inaccuracy.
    I would be delighted to offer Mr Hamilton a more accurate description of the situation. I suspect he would not have time to engage in an argument in a distant corner of the country. However, I am sure he understands the value of getting the facts right.
    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

  19. What are UKIPS views on the 2014 Finance Bill which allows HMRC to access peoples bank accounts and withdraw what they believe are sums owed to them?
    Guilty until proven innocent)
    What are UKIPS views on ‘Accelerated payments ‘ due under the Finance Bill and being implemented in October 2014 for all cases which it as yet cannot prove are due?
    And which are backdated until 2002 (Retrospective Legislation)
    There are thousands of voters would like to hear your responses.

  20. Good evening Dennis

    UKIP have always been against the further expansion of state intervention in to peoples personal affairs, plus we are strong believers in Habeus Corpus – Therefore, taking money from people before proving that it is owed would be a breach of our principles.

  21. I have always voted con for 30 years no more just need some one to care about our green land and ways .I voted last time because David said we will control our boarders he did nothing we need some one to fight for us all i know its the end for David and he knows it .

  22. I am living in UK last 30 years as a British Citizen. I am chairman of Indian overseas congess UK last 18 years. I like to join your party and support you much we can from our community all over the U.K. My based in Birmingham including my business. if you take me in your party. I promise you more than 90 percent Asian votes come to your party.
    Ninder Singh Chohan
    3 Walnut Drive, Smethwick, West Midlands B66 3RS

  23. Thank you Mr Chohan,
    I have sent you a UKIP membership application form in the post
    We very much look forward to hearing from you
    Best Regards
    Martin Shelvey

  24. I would like you to sort out the new rules on driving.I have been a driver for years and like many other drivers we are being stung yet again.
    Sittin a roroom dodoes not improve our skilles

  25. Good morning . Could someone please give me details off how I can help ukip . I can not afford to pay a membership. However I canpost leafletts in my area .if i post one thousand leaflets and aquire one vote it would be worth the effort .thank you .

  26. Thank you Mike for your enthusiastic message in

    If you would contact me either by phone or email
    I will find the branch nearest to you and I am sure that we can
    Find some arrangement for your best convenience

    My details are underneath

    Best Wishes and Thank you again

    Martin Shelvey
    43 Crosier Road,
    Ickenham, Uxbridge,
    Middx UB10 8RR
    01895 633669

  27. Hi Mick. Yet more EU regulation, I trust that our MEP’s will vote against as it is not in the best interests of UK HGV drivers and would be unnecessary if it were not for the varied levels of skill set required to get a license in different member states

  28. Well done for Rochester and strood you have got my vote in the general I’ve voted only once before I am 46 and voted ukip I have a shop in bexhill on sea and I am willing to promote ukip through my shop I will even give a discount to ukip voters thanks for giving me hope that my kids can have a future out of Europe
    Regards steve

  29. As a founder member of UKIP – although now resident in Gibraltar – I must
    warmly congratulate you on the wonderful web site of Hillingdon UKIP – and
    even more important the professional way you answered your 36 enquirers

    BRILLIANT – but sadly most of the web sites and the Head Office efforts
    are an absolute shambles and a BETRAYAL of Nigel and members like your


    TO COME as well


    We will contact you on the phone on Monday/Tuseday next week


    Founder member of UKIP
    00 350 20073613

  30. Hello Steven,
    My apologies for the delay, I have passed your kind message of assistance on to Cllr Phillips (UKIP councillor on Bexhill Council)
    Good Luck and Thank you

  31. Dear Mike,
    Thank you for your kind comments, I look forward to hearing from you

  32. I have never voted in my life, however, this year, its gonna be UKIP all the way as they stand for all i believe in!.. One thing i know for sure, my Grandfather nor our Forefathers fought in the war for the state our Country is in today..
    I would also like to get involved if possible by leaflet dropping in my area!, i am actively raising awareness on Social Media Sites along with thousands of other UKIP Supporters & our Network is increasing dramatically each day 🙂 The very best of luck to all Ukipians 🙂

  33. Please can you let us know what criteria qualifies us for concessionary membership, we have voted you today, and would like to become members of ukip.

    Regards, James and Gary.

  34. Dear James ,
    Thanks for contacting us to possibly apply for membership.
    In answer to your question concerning concessionary membership.
    As long as you comply with the following :- By applying for membership of UKIP here you agree that you have not and have never been a member of :- The British National Party, the National Front, the British Freedom Party,the British People’s Party,the English Defence League,or the UK First Party.

    You may apply either through PayPal or via printing off an application form and sending us a cheque
    Minimum (concessionary) payment £15 p.a
    Any problems with printing ,just telephone me (01895 633669) and I will send you a membership application


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