Cuts to Children’s Services whilst your money goes to the TOWIE set

UKIP Hillingdon Press release – Friday 10th March


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Cuts to Children’s services whilst your money goes to the TOWIE set

Much has been written recently about cuts to services that our Conservative Council brand as ‘efficiency savings’

Amongst those ‘savings’ are the closure of two childrens centres and cuts to transport for youngsters  with learning disabilities.

Yet last year, Hillingdon Council paid £273,625.08 for the upkeep of Lee Valley Regional Park Authority in Essex, with a further £255,316.32 budgeted for this year. *
Commenting on this spending, UKIP Hillingdon Chairman Cliff Dixon stated –

“It beggars belief that whilst cutting services to local residents, Hillingdon Council are sending taxpayers money to one of the most wealthy parts of the East of England, made famous by the reality TV show ‘The Only Way is Essex’.

Whilst I am in favour of upkeep of green spaces for the public good, why are Hillingdon taxpayers doing so for areas away from our borough and perfectly capable of funding such incentives for themselves?

I understand that the money has been mandated by an old Act of Parliament, but why have Hillingdon Council not brought this up and why are the three Hillingdon MP’s who can overturn this legislation in the House saying nothing? “

Once again, Hillingdon taxpayers are not getting value for money whilst our Council sit on their hands and wave such spending through

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Police send Tory “fraud” file to CPS

Monday, 6 March 2017

Police send Tory election fraud file to CPS

Police investigating allegations of dodgy election spending in the 2015 general election have sent a file to the Crown Prosecution Service to consider criminal prosecutions.

The 24 elections that were initially under investigation have reportedly been whittled down to 12 with Thanet South in the list of cases to be considered for charges. The investigations all relate to alleged overspending in elections, primarily as a result of claiming local spending as national and failing to declare expenditure.
The Tories are now faced with the prospect of having to contest several by-elections without cheating.