A message from your candidate for Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner

“Soft Brexit” means fake Brexit. Our vote to leave the EU is in danger of being ignored. It was the most important vote of our lives, and most Tory MP’s did not vote with the majority.

I am the candidate you can trust to make sure that government finally follows the simple instruction given by the British people in last year’s referendum. I have been voting to save Britain from the EU for twenty-five years.

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A message to the voters of Uxbridge & South Ruislip

National and local newspapers said last week that we would not be standing a candidate in Uxbridge & South Ruislip and would be backing Boris as a ‘Brexiteer’. That was never going to happen as not only does Boris have a chequered history on the subject, there are many areas where the Conservatives will do harm to our local community with their policies.

Here, our candidate Elizabeth Kemp explains why…..

My name is Elizabeth Kemp and I would like to offer you a choice in the Uxbridge & South Ruislip constituency.

The Conservative government have made swingeing changes to many areas of the benefits system but at what price?

Are these modifications efficient or cost effective?

Have they shown how these changes have made things better?

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Gerard Batten says “There are signs that Theresa May intends to betray BREXIT”

At least three Tory ‘eurosceptic’ MEPs have been passed over for a winnable seats at Westminster.

For example, Dan Hannan, Syed Kamall and David Campbell Bannerman were prevented from accepting nominations in seats where local Tories wanted them.

One of them told me last week he had been “shafted” by central office.  All they are being offered are unwinnable Labour safe seats. Why would that be?

The answer is obvious. Mrs May does not want them in Parliament. She does not want them arguing for real Brexit from the front or back benches.

If she were serious she would want their knowledge and experience.

The next two years will reveal how Mrs May will betray the Referendum decision. She intends to deliver a Brexit where we leave the EU in name but not in substance.

Only UKIP will be standing up for a real Brexit – unilateral and unconditional withdrawal!