UKIP Hillingdon announce General Election candidates

UKIP Hillingdon Press Release – 11th May 2017

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UKIP name candidates for the General Election in Hillingdon

With the deadline for nominations passing at 4pm today, UKIP can now announce that we are standing candidates in all three Parliamentary constituencies in Hillingdon.

Hayes and Harlington will again be contested by Hillingdon branch chairman Cliff Dixon who received nearly 6000 votes in the previous contest in 2015.

Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner will see newcomer Richard Braine take on sitting MP Nick Hurd. The entrepreneur and photographer is also chairman of UKIP’s West London branch.

Finally, Uxbridge & South Ruislip will see the return of a familiar face – former Councillor Elizabeth Kemp will be contesting Boris Johnson’s seat in her home constituency.

Further information will be forthcoming shortly

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A message to the people of Hayes & Harlington

Hayes, Heathrow Villages and West Drayton can be wonderful places.

I remember when Hayes FC played at Church Road, when we had EMI, Nestles and Fairey Aviation supplying good jobs, when we had a community spirit and hope.

It is time for a change and to throw off twenty years of a Labour MP who cares more about political ideology than a unified and successful local community.

This General Election has been called because the Prime Minster says she needs a solid mandate to make sure that our exit from the EU (BREXIT) is carried out correctly.

The reality is very different – we only got the EU Referendum because of the electoral threat of UKIP and the majority of Conservative MP’s (The PM included) backed the remain side in the campaign.

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Fat Cats avoid the cuts

Press ReleaseThis morning saw the release of a report by The Taxpayers Alliance highlighting the amounts paid to council executives across the country.

Our council here in Hillingdon were shown to have 19 executives paid over £100k per year, ranking number 17 on the list for the highest paying boroughs across the country.


Commenting on this, UKIP Hillingdon Chairman Cliff Dixon (Pictured) said –

“Once again, our council are exposed as using taxpayers money in an inappropriate way.

Large numbers of staff on council maintenance teams have been laid off over the last few years leading to crumbling roads, overgrown verges and rubbish problems that have made Hillingdon the rat capital of London.

Meanwhile, senior officers are enjoying levels of pay and generous pension arrangements paid for by the people of Hillingdon who are seeing cuts to services dressed up as ‘efficiency savings’.

How can Council Leader Ray Puddifoot justify such largesse whilst children’s centres are cut, the disabled are hit with withdrawal of council tax benefit and his administration continue to ship our money to projects such as the Lee Valley Park outside of our borough? “


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Public meeting – No Third Runway

The Heathrow Third Runway – how it affects you

With the Government now looking to approve expansion at Heathrow Airport, come and find out how a Third Runway would affect us and what you can do about it.


John Stewart – HACAN Clearskies

A prominent campaigner against airport noise for many years, John will be outlining the history behind Heathrow expansion and what is happening in the coming months.



Cliff Dixon – UKIP Hillingdon

UKIP’s local representative in Hayes and an outspoken critic of expansion plans, Cliff will explain the harm that will be caused to our area if the Third Runway goes ahead.






Christine Taylor (Below), Rob Barnstone, Neil Keveren – Stop Heathrow Expansion

The SHE team will run through their campaign and explain the impact a Third Runway will have on the south of the borough.

Date – Monday 6th February, doors open at 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start

Venue – Charville Community Centre, Bury Avenue, Hayes, UB4 8LF



This is a non-aligned meeting and not a UKIP Hillingdon event – all welcome.

Whether you are pro or anti Heathrow Expansion, or have not yet made up your mind, come along to hear the case against and have your say in the Q&A session.

For further details, please contact Cliff Dixon on 07939 223659

Rumours of our demise have been widely exaggerated

With the media whipping up a frenzy about alleged rifts in UKIP (they have advertising space/newspapers to sell after all), it is business as usual here in Hillingdon.

Residents have again been getting in touch with issues in the area and to this end our teams have been out following up on the streets and trying to improve the local environment.

Road Damage

Cliff canvassing

Last September, our ward rep contacted Hillingdon council about the poor state of the road surface in Goshawk Gardens and Adelphi Crescent, Hayes. The slabs are breaking apart and moving, with the problem exacerbated by the buses that now use the roads – indeed, when buses travel across the slabs the movement can be felt quite violently by anybody standing nearby. This has led to structural damage on a number of houses with plaster cracking and falling off and residents complaining of vibration throughout their houses.

As the road deteriorates, surface noise also increases and many tales of late night disturbance have been relayed.

The Council maintenance team replied in February that a repair had been booked (Ref 4601969/4601978) but no timescale was given. When followed up and the point pressed that a resurface rather than a repair was needed, the maintenance team confirmed that it would only be a repair and no timescale was given.

With the Referendum and GLA elections out of the way, a petition was organised and the team canvassed the area last Sunday (7th August) garnering treble the amount of signatures needed to force the council to address the issue. (Ward rep Cliff Dixon is pictured above with the petition board)

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UKIP Hillingdon press release – EU Referendum

UKIP Hillingdon Press release – Weds 24th Feb

For immediate release


With the date for the EU Referendum now set for 23rd June, the campaign on both the Leave and Remain sides can begin in earnest.

One of the most puzzling aspects of this referendum has been the complete U turn of Hayes & Harlington MP and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell from an opponent of EU expansion to a proponent of remaining in the EU.

This is even more curious when he is the Parliamentary representative for the RMT Union who have always maintained a position of supporting an exit from the European Union.

CD leaflet image jpegCommenting on his change of position, UKIP Hilllingdon Chairman Cliff Dixon (Pictured) said, “I am amazed at the change of heart shown by John McDonnell regarding our membership of the EU, especially with his RMT links.

It would be interesting to hear the full reasons behind his new stance and why he thinks we would be better off remaining in an institution that is undemocratic to the core and has harmed the prospects of millions of working people across the continent.

To this end, I challenge John McDonnell to a debate on our membership of the EU at a time and venue of his choosing where either myself or a senior member of the Leave campaign will be happy to put the positive case for an independent, forward looking and free Britain. “


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Something for John McDonnell to ponder on……

Real socialists vote leave

Working together as a community, we can get things done

During the many leafleting sessions that UKIP Hillingdon carry out, our ward reps are encouraged to keep their eyes open for issues in their area including damaged roads, flytipping and overgrown and dangerous undergrowth.

Langdale drive 2Back in late summer, I was out leafleting in Charville ward and noticed the terrible condition of the road surfaces in Langdale Drive. Some of the cracks and emerging potholes were deep enough to almost swallow a credit card (Pictured) and with Winter on the horizon and a recent history of flooding it was a concern that water would get in, freeze and break the whole surface open.

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Davies Commission Recommends Heathrow Expansion

UKIP Hillingdon Press Release – 1st July 2015


For immediate release


Davies Commission recommends Heathrow Expansion


The long awaited Davies Commission report in to aviation in the South East has been released this morning and recommends expansion at Heathrow.

UKIP Hillingdon reject the need to build an additional runway at Heathrow based on a flawed business case which is all about the profits of big overseas investors and not the needs of the UK economy and local people.


CD leaflet image jpegCommenting on the news, Hillingdon Chairman and spokesman for Hayes & Harlington Cliff Dixon said, “The figures show that both business and ‘hub’ flight numbers are in decline as new aircraft enable longer distance point to point flights with the trend moving from business to leisure travel.

The case for one ‘super airport’ when we already have excess capacity in the South East at Stansted, Southend and Luton and a runway that can be re-activated at Manston for larger aircraft is unproven. Indeed, the old BAA was broken up to stop one company having a monopoly on air travel around the capital yet expanding Heathrow will effectively reinforce the dominance of one site.

New York is a similar city to London and operates with multiple airports yet the Davies Commission was instructed to look at a single airport expansion only rather than consider upgrades across the South East that would put less strain on surface infrastructure and the communities that have to live around an expanded Heathrow”

Bryan sensibleUKIP Heathrow Villages spokesman Bryan Tomlinson stated, “Our community in the Villages has suffered blight, noise and pollution from Heathrow with the two runways, adding a third will make our environment impossible to live in.

Air pollution is already double the maximum safe limits – On a bad day it can be up to nine times that limit with many people suffering adverse health conditions because of the aircraft emissions and the increased traffic levels that the airport brings.

To add a third runway to benefit the pockets of rich overseas investors at the expense of our historic local area is unacceptable”


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