The truth about Hillingdon Council’s ‘Financial Prudence’

Hillingdon council cabinetOur national debt recently exceeded the £1.5 trillion mark – We spend more money in interest payments on the debt annually than we do on defence. Locally, our Conservative Council constantly tell you about their outstanding financial record in much the same way as their national party do at Westminster. ‘Council tax frozen’ is one of their favourite cries, neglecting to mention that Hillingdon levies one of the highest council tax bills in London already.

Their ‘financial prudence’ claims are further tested by the write off of £2.5 million of your money in 2011 in a failed Icelandic Bank, with millions still owing from Landsbanki and Heritable.

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The truth about The Conservatives and HS2

No to HS2HS2 – Both Nick Hurd and Boris Johnson vowed to support local residents in the fight against HS2.

Our local Conservative council have campaigned against it, yet in the The Queen’s Speech a green light was given on construction of the first phase. Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin MP recently stated that the return of a Conservative Government at the General Election was ‘A vote of confidence in HS2’.


Voting Conservative in Hillingdon has brought HS2 a step closer to devastating our area.

UKIP policy at both national and local level is to scrap it.