The Lord Haw Haws of the EU must Go!

Reproduced from the website of UKIP BREXIT spokesman Gerard Batten MEP which was posted earlier today  

The resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers, the UK Ambassador to the EU, is a positive step forward for Brexit.  He realised his position was untenable and he did the decent thing and resigned.

Next, we need to lose our EU Commissioner Sir Julian King.  If he does not want to resign, Mrs May should reassign him or pension him off.

We don’t need and EU Ambassador and or a Commissioner – what we desperately we need someone interfacing with the EU who actually wants to leave and will get on assisting Brexit and not hindering it.

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BREXIT means exit

The following is a guest post by our London MEP and UKIP BREXIT spokesman, Gerard Batten

The 17.4 million people who voted to leave the European Union on 23rd June 2016 expected that to happen without delay.  But six months later Prime Minister Theresa May has done nothing to make it happen.  What is more she does not intend to do anything for another three months, and even then she will not commit to what Brexit actually means.


We have no reason to trust Theresa May.  She was a Remainer in the Referendum campaign, and had Remain won she would be telling us it was the right decision and in our best interests.  Having been on the losing side, she now finds herself in charge of implementing the winning sides decision.  But instead of outlining her EU exit strategy, she merely mouths the slogan ‘Brexit means Brexit’ without explaining what it means.

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Dispelling the myths about BREXIT

DSC_1191There are a number of questions that come up time and time again about our membership of the EU and how leaving could harm the UK. Here, Gerard Batten MEP (pictured left) dispels the myths –
1) Would leaving the EU endanger jobs and trade, and could the EU put up trade barriers against the UK?

When we leave the EU it cannot put up arbitrary trade barriers against the UK as that would against World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules, which all EU countries agree to and which govern world trade. And even if they could why would they want to? We have a massive trade deficit with the EU – they sell us far more than we sell them.
Britain currently exports goods and services to the EU to the value of £228.9 billion, whereas their exports to us amount to £290.6 billion: therefore we have a trade deficit with the EU of £61.7 billion. Germany, Spain, France and Italy etc.will still want to sell us their cars, wine and holidays etc. Trade will continue as normal. [i]
And remember, Britain is the fifth largest economy in the world and we are a world trading nation: and while we have a trade deficit with the EU we have a trade surplus with the rest of the world.   Our trading success lies in four hundred years of experience; English being the international language of business and science; and the trust that foreign companies put in the English legal system and contract law.

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“Playing Russian roulette with the lives of our citizens “

gerardheader22Gerard Batten MEP
Donald Trump – and playing Russian roulette with the lives of our citizens
11th December 2015
I was interviewed on Ian Collin’s LBC show on Wednesday evening regarding Donald Trump’s comments that America should ban Muslims from entering the USA until further notice. Trump has been condemned, and a ridiculous on-line petition started demanding that he be refused entry to the UK.

What I said was that while it was hard to take seriously anyone with a hairstyle like that he nevertheless had a serious point.

I made a speech in the European Parliament in November in which I said that we should end “all mass-immigration from Islamic countries”. For a similar reason that Trump gave. We already have a serious problem with home-grown Islamic terrorists so why would be allow in millions more people from Islamic countries when we have no idea whether they are fundamentalist fanatics or not?

I think that we should end all mass-immigration anyway because as the first or second most densely populated country in the EU we simply cannot continue to absorb any more vast waves of people.

I think it is sad state of affairs that Trump is a serious contender for the American Presidency but to try and ban him from the UK for voicing an opinion, shows just how far the lunacy of political correctness and the new puritanism has taken hold.

I was interviewed along with Peter Tatchell who ended by making the point that ‘the extremists and terrorists are just a minority among Muslims’. unfortunately I was not given the time to respond on that point.

If I had been then I would have said, quite right the majority are not the problem, but we don’t know who the minority are until it is too late to do anything about it. Therefore to allow continued mass-immigration from Islamic countries is playing Russian roulette with the lives British and European citizens.

Denmark Votes NO in EU Referendum

with thanks to UKIP Daily

ukip daily

Mere EU? Nej Tak – More EU? No thanks!

You may not have heard about it but Denmark has just voted No in an EU Referendum.

The Referendum was on whether Denmark should opt-in permanently to a range of Justice and Police measures, such as the European Arrest Warrant.

The Danes voted No by 53% to 47%.  The Danes actually had a referendum on this issue whereas we the British did not. Why not?  Because the Coalition Government decided to bulldoze these highly contentious and controversial measures through Parliament twelve months ago.

The adoption of these Justice and Police measures is a key factor in the EU creating its own system of criminal law that will supersede our own centuries old system of English law.  The European Arrest Warrant is the best known of a whole range of legal institutions and legal instruments that have come into force over the last two decades.

Unlike Britons the Danes were given a choice in this matter and they wisely rejected it.  I have been campaigning on this issue since I became an MEP in 2004.  I wrote about this in detail a few years ago in a little booklet. It needs to be updated but the essentials are still valid.  You can read it by going to this link Freedom, Security and Justice?

The Danes have made the right decision on this issue – let’s hope the British make the right decision in our long awaited referendum!


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Public meeting this week in Ickenham

UKIP Hillingdon are pleased to announce our latest public meeting.

Titled “Should Britain Stay in or Leave the EU ?” it will feature speakers putting both sides of the debate.

W Drayton Jul 15 GBSpeaking for the Leave position will be UKIP MEP Gerard Batten (Left), whilst putting the case to remain will be Liberal Democrat spokesman and general election candidate Mike Cox.

The venue is Ickenham Village Hall, 33 Swakeleys Road, Ickenham, UB10 8DG – Doors open at 7.15pm on Thursday 15th October.

A Q&A session will follow opening speeches.

We look forward to seeing you there!

A solution to the Syrian refugee crisis!


A solution to the Syrian refugee crisis! | Gerard Batten MEP

There is a solution to the Syrian refugee crisis waiting to be implemented.

Saudi Arabia has 100,000 air-conditioned luxury tents sitting empty.  They were built to house the millions of annual pilgrims to Mecca and are only used five days of the year.

The solution is simple: the millions of people fleeing ISIS should go to Saudi Arabia where they can be housed in the great tent city.  The Saudis can then process these people and the fantastically oil-rich Gulf States can work out a scheme of resettlement in countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Brunei, and other Muslim countries.

It would make far more sense for the refugees to go and live in Islamic countries where they would feel more at home. The Gulf States are rich enough to look after these people without even noticing the expense, and to build the new cities and towns they would need.

You can see the great tent city by going to this link, which is published on Alex Jones’ website, to whom we are grateful for this information.

Saudi tentsThis solution would also reduce the occurrence of such things as Muslim refugees throwing Christian refugees into the sea because they did not want to share a boat with them; and refusing food because it was given in a Red Cross box and might not be halal.   The very much smaller numbers of Christian refugees could then be accommodated in western countries.

TTIP Update

I received the following earlier today from our London MEP, Gerard Batten, regarding the shadowy Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)


You recently wrote to me about your concerns about TTIP.  I was pleased to tell you that I will be voting against this treaty when this comes before the European Parliament, and I would now like to update you on the latest situation.

On Wednesday 9th September Jean-Claude Juncker, President of European Commission, gave his annual State of the Union speech  to European Parliament.

In his speech Mr Juncker referred to TTIP and said unequivocally that he was “in favour of the TTIP treaty”.   I felt that you should be aware that this was his, and the European Commission’s position.

Mr Juncker further remarked that that we wanted “international representation for the euro-zone” on such bodies as the “Bretton Woods Institute and the International Monetary Fund”.  He said that he wanted a “single representation by the European Union” on these bodies.

While the UK is not part of the euro-zone, his remarks demonstrate the EU’s ambitions to replace national representation on international bodies still further, thereby further reducing the democratic accountability of national governments to their electorates’.

I will update you further on the TTIP issue as things develop.

Yours sincerely,

Gerard Batten MEP