Conservatives commit to destruction of Hillingdon

The Conservative party manifesto was launched earlier today – this was contained on pages 23 and 24 (red highlights added) –

We are working through one of the largest-ever investment programmes in our roads and railways, putting some £40 billion into transport improvements across the United Kingdom over the rest of this decade. We are investing to reduce travel time and cost, increase capacity and attract investment here in the UK. We will continue our programme of strategic national investments, including High Speed 2, Northern Powerhouse Rail and the expansion of Heathrow Airport – and we will ensure that these great projects do as much as possible to develop the skills and careers of British workers.

HS2 will devastate the North of our borough whilst the Third Runway will destroy over 800 homes, render thousands uninhabitable due to noise and pollution whilst making our already dangerous air quality even worse.

Labour are open to the Third Runway subject to ‘certain conditions being met’ whilst John McDonnell supports the construction of HS2 according to The Independent.

Only UKIP of the major parties oppose both projects whilst having sensible policies to improve air and rail transport.

You have a choice on 8th June – vote UKIP.


The People rally against the Runway

heathrowpassengersWith the government announcing their preference for a Third Runway at Heathrow to increase aviation capacity in the South East, the opposition groups are now mobilised to stop expansion once again.

Yesterday (Saturday 19th November) saw two demonstrations where people from both the local area and further afield came together to show their opposition.

Richmond Park Demonstration

Local MP Zac Goldsmith honoured his pledge to step down if the Government again pushed for Heathrow expansion and his team organised the first event.


A good crowd gathered to hear the speakers, made up of local residents and supporters of the various campaign groups – CHATR, SHE, HACAN and TAG were all in evidence, as were members of political parties from across the spectrum.


Compere for the event was former MP and now media celebrity Gyles Brandreth (Left) who introduced the various speakers to the stage.




Impressionist Alastair McGowan was one of the first speakers to appear.

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An aviation expert comments on Heathrow Expansion

Following on from today’s news that the Government is proposing a Third Runway at Heathrow, aviation expert Captain Peter Elliott gives his view……



“Burning Injustice” to Londoners.

“The only problem with common sense, is, it is not very common” Anonymous Pilot.


Common sense has been well and truly left in the Departures terminal on this “flight of fantasy” by Theresa May and the DfT.

This perverse and unlawful Heathrow decision today is gravely dangerous to all Londoners.

For those of you who may not know me, I am deemed by the UK High Court to be an Aviation Expert and am an ex CAA Law Examiner. Frankly however, you do not need to be an expert on this one – all one needs is some common sense.

The decision today by Theresa May is a ludicrously unsafe decision. She is putting money before innocent human life. She is playing “Russian Roulette” with Londoners lives.

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Rumours of UKIP’s demise are greatly exaggerated

The following article is the opinion of the author and does not necessarily represent the official view of the party

DSC_0404It is often said that a week is a long time in politics – with the events of the last seven days it has certainly seemed that way!

Following on from the surprise resignation of leader Diane James MEP after just 18 days in the role, we have now seen media headlines surrounding an altercation between two of our MEP’s in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg.

The Party is currently investigating what actually happened and as such it would be wrong for me to speculate before that investigation is concluded. I feel sure that we all wish Steven Woolfe MEP, a personal friend and a thoroughly decent man, a speedy recovery.

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Airport Expansion needed elsewhere

The following letter from our Heathrow Villages ward representative, Bryan Tomlinson, was published in today’s Uxbridge Gazette

Bryan sensibleThe Heathrow Expansion supporters keep trotting out crazy projections of job creation. Even Sir Howard Davies was doing it.

It is impossible for Heathrow to have any correct projections as they have no actual start date of building or flights arriving.

Heathrow have no idea of how upturns and downturns will affect the UK economy.

They cannot predict how air travel will react to lack of fossil fuels, terrorism, improved business use of conference calling or increases in staycations.

Also, one aircraft disaster in Central London will shut Heathrow.

For instance, a jobs boost of 120,000 between 2030 and 2080 is only 2,400 per year.

These jobs would happen and be spread more evenly around the UK if Manchester and Birmingham were encouraged to share UK aviation infrastructure growth.

Manchester and Birmingham airports and chamber of commerce are crying out for investment.

A large NHS Hospital built every year all around the UK would also provide a similar jobs boost.

With 29,000 people annually dying due to air pollution, we need more hospitals not runways.