A message to the people of Hayes & Harlington

Hayes, Heathrow Villages and West Drayton can be wonderful places.

I remember when Hayes FC played at Church Road, when we had EMI, Nestles and Fairey Aviation supplying good jobs, when we had a community spirit and hope.

It is time for a change and to throw off twenty years of a Labour MP who cares more about political ideology than a unified and successful local community.

This General Election has been called because the Prime Minster says she needs a solid mandate to make sure that our exit from the EU (BREXIT) is carried out correctly.

The reality is very different – we only got the EU Referendum because of the electoral threat of UKIP and the majority of Conservative MP’s (The PM included) backed the remain side in the campaign.

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Desperate Labour playing the ‘English’ card in Stoke

Last weekend saw a massive mobilization of UKIP supporters for the Stoke Central by-election, with over 200 members turning up on Saturday and another 70 on Sunday to support our party leader and candidate, Paul Nuttall.

I spent two days on the doorsteps with Freddy, Jim and Patricia as a four man canvassing team, talking with local residents and receiving a tremendous reception – I was even greeted with a big sloppy kiss on one occasion, albeit from a very friendly fox terrier!

The Labour campaign team had been around one street before us and what I found left me absolutely incredulous.

Playing the ‘English Card’

Left in the road was a Labour leaflet carrying the image of their candidate, Gareth Snell.

To my immense surprise, the Cross of St George was prominent at the top of the leaflet – did anybody run this past Lady Nugee, Emily Thornberry MP, who openly sneered at the sight of an English flag during a previous election campaign in Essex?

Indeed, I find the whole idea of Labour putting the flag of our country on their leaflets quite ridiculous in view of their disdain for our national identity as shown in their policy.

Let me explain……

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UKIP Hillingdon press release – EU Referendum

UKIP Hillingdon Press release – Weds 24th Feb

For immediate release


With the date for the EU Referendum now set for 23rd June, the campaign on both the Leave and Remain sides can begin in earnest.

One of the most puzzling aspects of this referendum has been the complete U turn of Hayes & Harlington MP and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell from an opponent of EU expansion to a proponent of remaining in the EU.

This is even more curious when he is the Parliamentary representative for the RMT Union who have always maintained a position of supporting an exit from the European Union.

CD leaflet image jpegCommenting on his change of position, UKIP Hilllingdon Chairman Cliff Dixon (Pictured) said, “I am amazed at the change of heart shown by John McDonnell regarding our membership of the EU, especially with his RMT links.

It would be interesting to hear the full reasons behind his new stance and why he thinks we would be better off remaining in an institution that is undemocratic to the core and has harmed the prospects of millions of working people across the continent.

To this end, I challenge John McDonnell to a debate on our membership of the EU at a time and venue of his choosing where either myself or a senior member of the Leave campaign will be happy to put the positive case for an independent, forward looking and free Britain. “


Press Release Ends

Something for John McDonnell to ponder on……

Real socialists vote leave