German MP said EU wants to “set an example” to prevent others leaving.

German MEP blasts Verhofstadt and Barnier for trying to punish UK


Hans-Olaf Henkel, deputy chair of the European Parliament’s industry and research committee, said European Union negotiators Mr Verhofstadt and Mr Barnier were attempting to “set an example” to prevent other members from leaving the Brussels bloc.

Exactly How much do we contribute to the EU annually ?

The N.A.O. (National Audit Office ) concludes that the UK is a NET contributor to the European Union of £13.8 billion each year!

Have a look at this Link. It is a report written by the national audit office –  it is public information and available on the main website as are other interesting documents.

The national audit office is independent of government. they report to parliament. the reports are politically neutral. the N.A.O. was setup over 100 years ago to provide independent assessment of financial issues.

If you read the report the NAO concludes that the UK is a NET contributor of £13.8 billion each year.

The point is while lots of different organisations argue about the amount of our contribution this one is based on official information, assessed by trained auditors.