Nigel Farage Slams BBC over ‘Anti-Brexit’ Proms




July 18, 2017 / 0 comments
Farage Slams BBC over ‘Anti-Brexit’ Proms

Former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage (pictured above) has launched a blistering attack on the BBC today, accusing the national broadcaster of using its showcase BBC Proms event at the Albert Hall to provide a political platform for Anti-Brexit bias.
Yesterday acclaimed conductor Daniel Barenboim interrupted his performance to make a statement from the conductors podium calling for ‘European Unity’. Mr. Barenboim said:-
“When I look at the world with so many isolation[ist] tendencies, I get very worried and I know I’m not alone.
‘I was married in this country and I lived here for many years and I was shown so much affection whilst I lived here, that this gave me the impetus to say what I would like to say.
“The main problem today is not the policies of this country or of that country – the main problem of today is that there is not enough education.
“That there is not enough education for music, we have known for a long time. But now there is not enough education about who we are, about what is a human being, and how to relate with others of the same kind.
‘If you look at the difficulties that the European continent is going through now you can see why that is: because of the lack of a common education.’
He described the current wave of ‘nationalism in its very narrow sense’ as something ‘very dangerous’.
Mr. Barenboim’s outburst comes just a day after pianist Igor Levit used his Proms appearance to play an improvised version of the EU anthem, Ode to Joy.
Commenting on the developments Mr. Farage said:
‘The BBC are now using the Proms to fight Brexit, when will the lunacy stop?’
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