The six key tests of BREXIT

Will Brexit mean Exit?  UKIP’s six key tests

Gerard Batten MEP


The UK Independence Party does not want to leave the European Union by means of ‘negotiating’ our way out under Article 50.  The EU had absolutely no incentive to negotiate a ‘good deal’ for Britain. Instead, it has every incentive to delay and impede the leaving process in the hope that our political class at Westminster will find a way of overturning the decision of the Referendum.


Instead of using Article 50 UKIP wants Her Majesty’s Government and Parliament to seize the initiative and take control of the leaving process. It can do this by repealing the European Communities Act (1972) as a first step – not a last step – in the leaving process.  This would mean we are no longer members of the EU under our law.  We can then tell the EU the conditions under which we are leaving and not ask them to dictate them to us.


However, Mrs May has chosen the Article 50 route. That being the case, UKIP therefore lays out our six key tests that will demonstrate if, at the end of the process, we have really left the EU or not.

UKIP’s Six Key Tests

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